Affair Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Are you interested in Affair Dream Meaning? Then this guide is for you!

Have you dreamt that you or someone you know is having an affair? This could suggest that you are going through some relationship issues in real life.

Dreaming about affairs points to hidden issues in your sexuality.

It could be that something is not going right, and your subconscious is trying to make you take action before things get totally out of hand.

This dream could also be a warning that your partner is not being honest with you. It may be a pointer to the possibility of your relationship being torn asunder by the threat of infidelity.

Dreams about an affair are not confined in meaning to unfaithfulness. They expose your fear about the circumstances you are going through in various areas of your life.

Here’s a look at some common affair dreams and their meanings:


Some Specific Affair Dream Meanings

#1 – Dream of Having an Affair

This dream suggests you feel attracted to someone you recently met at the workplace or in your social interactions.

This dream could also indicate you are afraid of making the first move to tell this person of your feelings.

Although you are interested in this person, you are afraid that being with them may force you to sacrifice an important part of your life.

#2 – Dream of Your Partner Having an Affair

Someone close to you has started behaving strangely of late, and you are not sure what their intentions are.

This dream asks you to carefully watch this person’s steps. It could be that they are planning to betray you.

If need be, have a serious conversation with this person about their recent change, and determine whether they are still worth keeping by your side.

#3 – Dream of Hiding a Love Affair

This dream indicates that you’ll find yourself in an open relationship. Although you’ll hook up with someone soon, you’ll never really possess them.

You’ll have to be content to allow this person to come and go as they wish.

This dream wants you to decide in good time whether this is something you’d like. If it is, well and good.

If it isn’t, take early action to avoid being ensnared in it.

#4 – Dream of Your Partner Hiding an Affair

Someone you love will tell you a secret and ask you to protect them. Likely, they have done something bad; guilt is weighing down on their conscience.

You will be tested for your ability to keep secrets. How do you protect your friend while making sure they don’t fall into further trouble?

#5 – Dream of a Couple Having an Affair

This is a sign that you feel out of place amongst your peers. It could be that they have accomplished certain things that make you feel you are lagging behind.

For example, all your friends are either married or engaged while you are not. Or, it could be that your former schoolmates have all gotten their dream jobs while you are still struggling.

The dream encourages you to think of ways you can improve your situation.

#6 – Dream of Ending an Affair

You feel betrayed by someone you love and trust. You may have to cut links with this person to avoid being hurt further.

This will be a tough call especially if you are fond of this person. This dream reminds you that your happiness should come first.

#7 – Dream of Discovering Someone is Having an Affair

This dream warns you to avoid being too meddlesome in other people’s business. Your curiosity about what they are doing with their lives is likely to land you in trouble.

Let people be; after all, you have enough problems of your own to contend with as it is!

#8 – Dream of Your Partner Ending an Affair

This is a sign that a close friend is passing through a tough phase in their life, and they could do with your support.

They may not open up about this because of the intimate nature of the issue they have to contend with.

This dream asks you to reach out; find out how your close friends are doing. You’ll soon discover where your intervention is required.

#9 – Dream of Helping Your Partner Have an Affair

Love and respect your partner because they are willing to go to great lengths for you. Your partner is ready to sacrifice a lot for your success.

This is the kind of person you’d like to have by your side for the rest of your life.

All the same, be careful not to take advantage of their benevolence.

#10 – Dream of Your Parents Having an Affair

The problems blocking your vision did not start yesterday. You have carried them with you from childhood, and they probably stemmed from your caregivers and home environment.

This dream suggests that to move forward, you need to deal with the source of your anger, resentment, and jealousy.

#11 – Dream of Your Love Affair Being Exposed

You have a guilty conscience about something you did. Although you’ve been trying to run from your past, it’s slowly dawning on you that you can’t truly be free of it.

Until you see the sense to make amends for your mistakes, that is.

#12 – Dream of Exposing Someone’s Love Affair

This dream indicates your willingness to help someone go through a particularly tough phase of their life.

You will help this person think through the options they have in solving the problems they are facing.

You will be called upon to rescue a friend in a financial rut. You may have to use some of your own money to bail them out.

Alternatively, you’ll have to help them organize their own finances.

#13 – Dream of Your Partner Leaving Because of an Affair

You are going through a bad phase with your partner. Likely, you’ve been quarreling a lot of late because of trust issues.

This dream gives you a heads-up. There’s something you can do to stop the escalation of this situation in your relationship.

Take positive action to mend the cracks in your love life.

#14 – Dream of Having an Affair with an Ex-Partner

This means you regret something you did with your ex. It seems that the impact of your relationship with this person haunts you to this day.

Likely, there are some serious, unresolved issues in that relationship. This dream suggests you need to take quick action to set things right.

You wouldn’t want negative energies from the past messing with your current love life.

#15 – Dream of Leaving Your Partner Because of an Affair

This dream calls on you to take action to resolve the issues in your love life.

You have likely been too busy at other things, forgetting to handle the small matters that keep surfacing in your relationship.

If you don’t concentrate on your partner, you may create chasms that will be too big to bridge. Take action to handle issues before they get out of hand.

#16 – Dream of Your Partner Helping You Have an Affair

In this dream, you have the blessings of your partner to have an affair with someone else. This suggests you blame your partner for the failures in your relationship.

You feel that all the sacrifices and compromises you have been making have not been recognized.

This is a good time to have a sit down with your partner and talk things out.

#17 – Dream of Having an Affair with a Celebrity

You harbor dreams of being a celebrity or public figure, but something stands in your way. It could be that you are not confident about your public image.

This dream also suggests you are afraid that some of your secrets will compromise your social status should they come out.

As such, you are willing to go to great lengths to protect them.

#18 – Dream of Having an Affair with Your Boss

You are either a workaholic, or you run the real danger of becoming one.

This dream indicates you’ve been spending too much time at work to the detriment of your personal and social life.

You must get your priorities right by creating the right life-work balance.

Create the time to be with your loved ones. This dream encourages you to hang out more often with your partner, kids, parents, and friends.

#19 – Dream of Having an Affair with a Friend

Someone close to you is willing to give you a shoulder to lean on in hard times. This dream asks you not to suffer in silence.

A close friend is ready to help you resolve the issues giving you sleepless nights. This person is unlikely to betray or hurt you.

They will keep your secrets and protect you from anyone out to take advantage of your situation. This dream encourages you to look for this friend.

#20 – Dream of Having an Affair with a Stranger

There’s a good chance you’ll meet some powerful people in the days to come. This dream gives you a heads-up to get ready to benefit from this encounter.

This is a good time to hone your diplomatic and negotiating skills. You’ll have to put them to good use soon.

#21 – Dream of Having an Affair with the Same Gender

This dream indicates you’ll be in a unique position to help someone of your gender. Likely, you cherish this person, and they occupy a sizable chunk of your thoughts.

You are quick to respond to their concerns.

This dream could also suggest you like hanging out with someone of the same sex, and you enjoy sharing beautiful moments with them.

#22 – Dream of Having an Affair with a Married Person

You feel the pain of past relationships. It seems that you have been making a series of mistakes when it comes to the choice of partner.

You wish you could get it right so that you can enjoy a happy life of marriage. Well, it is not too late to realize this.

Confide in a trusted friend or a relationship expert on the best way forward.

#23 – Dream of Having an Affair with a Prostitute

You feel that you don’t have a future with your partner.

Although you love them and your relationship looks great on the surface, certain things rule out a long-term relationship.

It could also be that you are involved in an illegitimate business relationship. The truth is that you only get to enjoy this partnership while it lasts.

It has an expiration date, and the time of reckoning is near.


Some dreams about having an affair point to actual sex. Others reveal the intricacies of other aspects of your life.

To decipher the meaning of this dream, you have to relate it to what you are going through. For example, are you happy with your current partner?

Or, are you attracted to someone else?

Pay close attention to the details your dream presents to understand exactly what it means.

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