Angel Numbers Symbolism and Meanings

Are you interested in angel numbers? Then this guide is for you!

Angels are interested in making our lives better. They are constantly trying to reach out to us with their divine guidance.

It is in their best interest to see us prosper and succeed in this life. As such, they look for ways to communicate with us so that they can help us solve the hurdles we encounter in our daily existence.

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At the same time, they try to make their presence in our lives known. Your angels know that you may have questions regarding certain aspects of your life.

They will communicate with you to let you know that they are available. They want you to ask them questions.

Of course, they’ll always provide you with the answers to these questions.

You can rely on your angels to provide you with guidance when you need it. So how do they go about this business?

They will send you special numbers. These numbers are referred to as Angle Numbers. They come straight from the divine realm, bearing the help you need.

Each angel number has a hidden meaning. This is because it bears special guidance that is out of our physical world.

Each number carries divine insight.

Why don’t angels just contact us directly? – You may wonder. Why don’t they just knock on your door and speak to you as your neighbor does?

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Why Don’t Angels Contact Us Physically?

To get the answer to this question, you need to understand the nature of angels. They are not constraint by the circumstances we humans have to work with.

They are not confined by space, time, and physicality. They operate in the spiritual realm where these concepts don’t really count.

At the same time, angels are pure in their spiritual nature. They operate under the concepts of love and light.

This means that we are unable to see, hear, or feel their high-energy levels of vibrations. In other words, we cannot understand their heavenly language, no matter how much we tried to.

Being the superior beings that they are, angels know that they can communicate with us through numbers.

Here, we are not just talking about your everyday, random numbers. We are referring to Angel Numbers.

What are Angel Numbers?

For a number to count as an angel number, it must appear repeatedly in your life. This is because the angels are sending this number repeatedly to capture your attention.

Let’s put this into perspective…

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Imagine that the number 1010 keeps appearing in your life. It seems to follow you everywhere you go.

You receive a life-changing call at 10:10 in the morning. You decide to visit your local coffee shop as you mull over this call.

On the TV, the news girl is talking about flight 1010, which has just been re-routed to your local airport. Your coffee bill comes to $10.10.

Later on at 10:10 PM, you receive a surprise call from a long-lost friend.

Do you think the appearance of the number 1010 is a coincidence? Not by a long shot!

The angels are trying to reach you. They want you to respond to certain messages they have regarding your life.

They use this special number – angel number – to touch your life.


What the Purpose of Angel Numbers?

As we’ve noted, angel numbers will come into your life as a sequence of numbers. These numbers will keep appearing in your life until you stop and take notice.

Angel numbers have hidden meanings. You can unravel this number if you take time to meditate upon what your angels want you to do.

Oftentimes, angels will bring numbers your way just to alert you of their presence. At other times, these numbers may be a wake-up call for you to take action.

Whatever the case, angel numbers are always positive. They are symbols of good luck and fortune. This means that angels will never send you these numbers as a curse.

Also, seeing the angel number may mean that you need to live your vibration so that you can connect with your Higher Power.

Such numbers call on you to realize spiritual awakening and enlightenment.

They communicate the power of the Universe in your life.

angel numbers meaning and symbolism

Are Angel Numbers Effective?

Yes, angel numbers DO work! They are quite effective in helping you to pursue your divine purpose and soul mission.

Angel numbers guide you in a particular direction. If you are faithful to their message, you will achieve very positive results in your endeavors.

Basically, angelic numbers work in one powerful way.

The angels will keep pushing a certain number your way, the whole day. You’ll encounter this number almost everywhere you go.

You’ll see it in your home, in the streets, in the store, and even at your workplace. This number will keep popping up, even in the most unexpected of places.

This may go on for weeks until you notice this angelic sign.

Once you notice this number, you’ll be curious as to what the number means in your life. You may even use a search engine to get its meaning.

You will realize that your angels are trying to pass you a message of love, guidance, and support.

Angel numbers don’t have any other purpose apart from making your life better. To achieve this, they will inform, instruct, or warn you.

When you heed the message of angel number, your life will definitely soar to greater heights.

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What is the Science of Numerology?

This is a sacred science that deals with the vibration and meanings of numbers. This means that it tells you what a certain number will affect your life.

The science of numerology looks into how numbers relate to life. How do they affect your personality?

It is not very clear when, where, and how numerology was first practiced. Historical records indicate that this science was in use in the ancient Babylonian and Egyptian kingdoms.

What’s clear is that over the years, this science has come to be heavily relied upon in the fields of astrology, mysticism, and religion.

The science of numerology provides fascinating yet very clear answers to some of the world’s problems. It’s no wonder, then, that this science plays a core role when it comes to the interpretation of angel numbers.

This science hinges on the premise that the Universe operates in mathematical precision. Every number in the Universe has a unique role to play in our existence.

When you understand fully the meaning of the key angel numbers, you will appreciate the significant meaning they have for your life.

This means that it’s important you learn how to interpret angel numbers.


How Do Humans Interpret Angel Numbers?

You’ll come across numbers every day of your life, regardless of where you are. Numbers make our world go round. We use them to count, measure, and calculate.

Angel numbers have a deeper meaning. You need to understand the vibration and meaning of these numbers, with regard to how they relate to your life.

When you keep encountering a specific number, use the guide below to understand its meaning.

Here’s a Brief Guide on the Meaning of Angel Numbers

Angel Number 0

This angel sign provides divine guidance in your life. It tells you that the Universe has offered you a limitless flow of energy.

Angel Number 1

This number calls on you to embrace positivity. The angels want you to eradicate all elements of negativity from your mind.

Angel Number 2

This angel sign bespeaks optimism and positivity into your life. The angels use this number to reassure you that everything will turn out just fine. Don’t concentrate on your current predicaments.

Angel Number 3

The angels want you to recognize the role of the Ascended Masters in your life. They want you to seek their guidance so that you don’t go astray.

Angel Number 4

When you encounter this angel sign, know that the divine realm is fully behind you. in short, you have divine backing!

Angel Number 5

This is an indicator of change. The angels want you to embrace the changes that are soon going to come into your life.

Angel Number 6

This sign warns you of the dangers of materialism. You need to create a balance between your material needs and your spirituality. In short, live for a higher calling.

Angel Number 7

This is an indicator that new opportunities are soon coming into your life. The divine realm wants you to be ready to reap from this whirlwind of good luck.

Angel Number 8

This angel sign signifies abundance. It announces that the Universe is sending good fortune into your life.

Angel Number 9

This number calls on you to be self-reliant. You need to have confidence in your abilities. The angels want you to know that you have all the resources you need to succeed.

Angel Number 11

You have a strong intuition that will guide you quite flawlessly. You need to use it as a means to connect with your dreams.

This number tells you that you have the power to illuminate the world.

Angel Number 13

This angel sign adds feminine energy to your life. It gives you the power to nurture, even as you enjoy fresh beginnings.

Angel Number 22

The angels want you to take action. Turn your dreams into reality. Your prayers have reached the heavens. You now need to take the right measures.

Angel Number 33

Be cautious as you move forward. Don’t believe everything you are told. Before you make any deals, ask the Ascended Masters for guidance. Also, listen to your inner voice.


What’s the Meaning of Triple Number Sequences?

Angel numbers that have triple sequences are best described in two words: pure magic!

This is because they are the amplified power of a single-digit number. As such, the meaning of a triple sequence number in your life is multiplied by three times.

Triplicate angel numbers are the most common. They are the easiest to perceive and are thus a favorite of the angels.

Here’s a Brief Guide on the Meaning of Triplicate Angel Numbers

Angel Number 111

The angels want you to prepare for your spiritual awakening and enlightenment. You need to relax and concentrate less on mundane issues.

Angel Number 222

You need to create the right balance in life. You have powerful personal beliefs that you can rely on to help you in this.

Angel Number 333

Learn to be more expressive. The angels are encouraging you to move forward with persistence, determination, and confidence.

Angel Number 444

You are not using your full potential. You have the resources necessary to reach for the stars. Use them. Also, you need to lay more emphasis on spirituality.

Angel Number 555

Big changes are coming your way. Get ready for them, embrace them. Your personal growth and progress will depend on how you handle changes.

Angel Number 666

You have allowed too much negative energy into your life. You have allowed your past to haunt you. The angels want you to know that it’s time to let go. Have faith in the angels to see you through.

Angel Number 777

You have done well, and your angels are happy with your progress. Congratulations! Explore your hidden talents so that you can grow even further.

Angel Number 888

This is a sign of positivity. Good things are coming your way. The Universe is sending you some well-deserved rewards.

Angel Number 999

You are closing some chapters in your life. This is good news, for it creates room for fresh beginnings. It’s time to go for what you’ve always yearned for!

Some angel numbers come in a combination of several single numbers, such as 123. When you encounter such an angel number, it carries the combined power of the single digits.


Do Angel Numbers Hold a Hidden, Deeper Secret?

When you keep encountering a certain number, you need to interpret its meaning correctly. This will enable you to receive the guidance that your angels intend for you.

Apart from this, the correct interpretation of angel numbers makes you better connected to your Higher Power.

Understanding angel numbers is a personal process. The angels will send you a particular number based on your situation.

When you relate this number to your circumstances, you’ll get the answer to your problems. Interestingly, this same number will mean absolutely nothing to someone else.

Actually, this other person may not see it at all!

It’s therefore important you take angel numbers with the seriousness they deserve. It is a sign that your angels are communicating with you.

If you can’t make sense of the number, don’t panic. Ask your angels for guidance. Then, open your mind, heart, and body to receive their guidance. Breathe, calm your mind, consciously relax, and listen.

This guidance will most likely come in the form of your intuition. That inner voice will not lie. It will guide you to understand what you are supposed to make of the angel number that has come into your life.

Also, it’s important that you consider what’s going through your mind at the time of encountering the angel number.

It’s likely that this number has revealed itself in response to your thoughts. If there’s a problem that was proving difficult to resolve, the angel number will provide you with the solution.

At the same time, observe your environment. What’s going on when you see this number? Does it relate to any aspect of your life?

Could this number be pointing you to an opportunity that you’ve been longing for? Think, consider, and act.

You receive angel numbers so that you can improve your life. This number urges you to increase your awareness.

This will help you to tune to the presence of the angels. In this manner, you are able to tap into their guidance and healing.

At times, angel numbers may baffle you when you encounter them. Let this not be a cause of worry. Rather, you need to be thankful that the angels are thinking about you.

Just pay extra attention to the numbers, and then tune in to the angels’ message.

You’ll understand the hidden, deeper meaning the angels have for your life.

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What it Means When You Stop Seeing Angel Numbers

Angel will communicate to you showing you numbers that will make meaning in your life. This meaning will relate to the circumstances you are going through.

You need to integrate the message of this number until it imparts some teachings in your life.

This is why you need to pay attention when a certain number keeps appearing in your life. It could be the answer to your prayers.

Once you have internalized the message of angel numbers, the angels will move on to deal with other aspects of your life.

This means that the number you’ve been seeing will shift. You’ll no longer see it as frequently as you used to.

And, when you do, it will not be as an angelic sign.

But, this should not worry you. Your angels have not abandoned you. It only means that the objective of the number you were seeing has been achieved.

Your angels will always be there for you. They have been tasked to show unending love, care, and compassion to you.

They will not leave you, even when you seem to be going astray. After all, it is their desire that you live your divine purpose and mission.

It’s noteworthy that angels don’t have free will. However, they will not interfere with yours. This is why they rarely interfere in your life unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Actually, angels will allow you to make mistakes so that you can learn from them. The good thing is that they don’t judge you, no matter how off-course you have meandered.

They will lovely guide you back to your true life path.



When you take deliberate efforts to understand the importance of angel numbers, angels will use them more often to communicate with you.

You will realize that your spirituality will grow. This means that you will be more at peace with yourself and with all nature.

In other words, you will enjoy a better quality of life.

So, take it as a sign of good luck when you repeatedly see a certain number. Don’t panic, but be happy that the angels want to play an active role in your life.

Heeding the message of this number means that you’ll make better choices and decisions. Also, you’ll walk in the assurance that you are under divine protection.

Remember, it’s important that you correctly interpret the meaning of the angel number you keep seeing.

You can use the universal meanings you can find online as a starting point. And then, embrace your intuition and listen to your inner voice, to really decode the divine message sent to you from above.

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