What Are Angel Numbers? How To Build Your Spiritual Connection

What Are Angel Numbers How To Build Your Spiritual Connection


Angel numbers, we often hear about these, but what are they? Do you ever see the same numbers occurring around you often, perhaps you have looked at the clock and seen it is 11:11am?

Angels 777,1111,333

Maybe your favorite piece of music is 3:33 minutes in length, and suddenly you get a $3:33 bill for a subscription.

These numbers that repeatedly show up in your life have a name… Angel numbers. In the realms of spirituality and mathematics, there is no such thing as a coincidence. Ancient Greek mathematicians often used to look at these numbers too!

Angel numbers are an example of there being no coincidences, and social media and the internet nowadays is filled with reference to angel numbers.

Today, we will talk to you about exactly what these numbers mean and why they are relentlessly showing up in your life, as well as the meanings behind them.

What Are Angel Numbers?

What Are Angel Numbers

So, first of all, what are angel numbers?

Well, angel numbers lie within the realms of numerology, they are sequences of numbers, often around 3 or 4 numbers that repeat themselves, this could be 333, 1111, or 6666, or they may appear in a pattern such as 432, or 9191.

They could occur in the most ordinary places, but they will usually grab us, even if for only a moment, and make us curious. This reason is that they extend into our curiosity due to their symbolism.

Many hold the belief that these numbers are messages from the universe, and spiritual planes offering us advice, wisdom, and insight

You might believe they come from spirits, guides, angels, ancestors, or even your ‘third eye’ or high consciousness. Whatever the case, these numbers confirm to us, we are on a good path, or offer wisdom when we are in difficult situations.

This is a belief that has been around for a very long time, even Pythagoras himself took note of the significance of repeating numbers, and that our reality is just a manifestation of the vibration of numbers.

What Makes Angel Numbers Special?

What makes angel numbers special

So, how are these numbers special exactly? Well, there are a few things. They are unlike the zodiac, or tarot, or runes, or anything like that. Out of these aforementioned, you could say zodiac signs are the closest, but that’s still a stretch.

Angel numbers are something unique, you cannot craft them, or plan them like you could with tarot or runes, nor are they handed to you as soon as you enter the world, like your zodiac signs.

They are unique, and they send you messages in a way no other spiritual practice does.

A Message Directly From Your Spirit Guides To Encourage You

An angel number approaches you. You could be followed around by an angel number for years, or it might be a brief but memorable occurrence. There is no more or less important way in which you can experience an angel number.

These numbers just appear to you, so if they approach you for a long period, this does not make them better than if they appear as a one off occurrence.

Like everything else metaphysical, numerology can also be very subjective. It is a practice of free will. It is not prescriptive, but it is more about perception. You cultivate your own ideas, interpretations and impressions.

So, the way you understand these mystical messages is totally unique to your reality, so consider your own personal truths to build up your spiritual understanding.

Different To Zodiac Signs As They Can Appear At Any Time, And Aren’t Connected To Birth Time, Place, Month, etc.

Angel numbers are different to the zodiac in many ways. They are not determined by the time, place, date, or anything in relation to your birth. However, zodiac signs might offer insight into your persona, taste, likes and dislikes, but not on situations.

Angel numbers do not tap into your personality, but instead they highlight the way in which you are functioning in the world, and how situations approach you.

Another way that angel numbers are unique is that they can be extremely fluid, unlike zodiacs you will not be followed by one angel number forever. They can appear once, or multiple times, they can be long-term or short-term.

They differ from many other metaphysical forms in this regard.

Where Can You Find Angel Numbers?

Where can you find angel numbers

This might make you wonder where you can find your angel numbers. The thing is… you cannot just ‘find’ them, they will appear to you, and they will feel highlighted and defined, unavoidable per se.

They can show up in very ordinary places, you might find that they show up on clocks, alarms, timestamps, addresses, phone numbers, and a license plate. They will appear in mundane places, but will not feel mundane.

You might even find them on a price tag, receipts, or even on your travel itineraries. Sure, you could say this is the illusion of frequency, or you could also note that nothing is a coincidence.

Consider this: the reason that these numbers appear in mundane settings is because the universe is offering this gentle nudge intentionally, it’s putting it in your path in places you will notice, but without putting it in flashing lights.

It gives us remembrance that we are going through something that is more than just typical cliché day-to-day drivel, you’re on a journey, and you have purpose. This can be extremely helpful, especially when the future feels hopefully, unknown, or dazed.

Angel numbers can be a warm hug in difficult times.

Are Angel Numbers Biblical?

Are angel numbers Biblical

Some people believe that angel numbers have biblical ties and that they are a fashion in which to communicate with angels of the heavens.

It is said that when we see a particular sequence of numbers that it is an angel here to tell us that they are with us and intend on helping us.

Angel numbers are even noted in the Bible, and just as in numerology, each number has a particular vibration and a particular meaning.

There are some notions of angel numbers in the title with meaning. They are as follows;

1 – This number is a representation of new beginnings as well as strength and independence.

2- This number is a representation of partnership, duality, and balance.

3- This number is a presentation of creativity, being optimistic, and joyfulness.

4- This number is a representation of order, security and having stability.

5- This is a number that is a representation of freedom, progression, and changes.

6- This is a number that represents compassion, love, and healing.

7- This number is a representation of connecting to divinity and being spiritually enlightened.

8- This number is a representation of abundance, success and power.

9- This is a number that represents being human, selflessness and humanitarianism.

Why Do I Keep Seeing Angel Numbers?

Why do I keep seeing angel numbers

It is not uncommon for us to often see the same angel number on repeat. You might be walking around, and you notice the number on a particular sign, or an address, or something.

You might sigh and say ‘why is this number harassing me?’. The universe is sending you a message, that’s why!

Some people might believe that these numbers are just coincidence, but we do not think so. If you consistently see these numbers on repeat then this is usually a sign of good luck, and it is a sign your guiding spirits or the universe is telling you that you’re not alone.

Or, at least is giving you a heads-up on what’s to come.

The task that these numbers have to help you on the road you are on and help you get there by letting you know these things via these numbers.

What Do They Mean?

What Do They Mean

So, what do these numbers actually mean? Well, that is not so simple to explain, angel numbers each have their own meanings. They mean different things depending on the number.

Remember, angel numbers are not a warning, they are not negative, they are just numbers trying to gain your trust and spiritual connection with the universe you are in, giving you a gentle nudge or a heads-up.

The concept that drives this is that every sequence has its own unique meaning, as well as an even deeper meaning if it is combined with other sequences as well.

If you see more angel numbers, regularly you will slowly start to learn more of your own self, your spirituality and your path ahead.

This can be especially helpful if you are at a point in your life in which you are feeling a little lost, confused, or could really use a helping hand to get where you need to go in life.

These numbers could be coming from your guardian angel, the divine, the universe, your higher state of consciousness or ancestors, but whatever the case they are there to help.

Pay attention to the numbers, write them down even, and note what they are saying.

Most Common Angel Numbers Explained

Most Common Angel Numbers Explained

One of the best things about angel numbers is how they are personal. While someone might see the number ‘333’ they may note this as a sign that they are heading in the right direction, for another it may be a confirmation of your instincts.

It is totally unique, as it rightly should be since we are all different and our lives are all different.

It is recommended that should you come across an angel number you should get a pen and paper or a note app on your phone and note this down, as well as anything you feel from it, including ideas and impressions that you get from the number.

So, what are the most common numbers?

Well, the most common are the most basic, such as 111, or 555, note that these can mean sequences of a number in sets of 3 or 4, so 333 could also be relevant for 3333.

Angel Number: 111

The number 1 is very powerful for manifestation. If you encounter this number as a set of 3 or 4, then you should rejoice to take the opportunity to make a wish, set your intentions, or sow seeds.

The number 1 is in many ways like a green light telling you to go ahead with your dreams.

It is saying that you’re getting plenty of spiritual and universal support in your endeavors and your timeline is deeply interconnected.

The number 1 is connected to the planet-Mercury, and this is a planet that is intertwined with our most divine natures.

Similarly, it is also kept in association with independence, ambition and being a leader. In a sense it is telling you to take action and be brave, now is the time to act, so do it.

It can also be a harbinger for a time of miracles and great results, a time of new opportunities and for things to come to fruition.

The number 1, found in a sequence such as 111 or 1111 is seen as an ‘action’ angel number.

Angel Number: 222

Angel Number 222

2 is a number of balance, alignment and trust, you must like how you must have 2 people to have a partnership.

If you find that 2 keeps appearing to you in a sequence, such as 222, 2222 or so on, then this may mean that someone in the physical or spiritual realm is assisting you in getting where you want to be.

2’s appearing to you as an angel number can also represent that now is a great time for you to be reaching out to those you trust and seek out collaborations and teamwork.2 is basically the angel number of assistance.

We all know that 2 is better than 1 in facing challenges, and so, it is about togetherness. Similarly, it is also a reminder that things will get better. Your angels might also be telling you to help someone else who is in need or to volunteer.

Togetherness and collaboration does not need to be in assisting you but in assisting others as well. It works both ways.

Angel Number: 333

Angel Number 333

3 is the number of being creative. If you should notice this as 333, 3333 or otherwise this can be a sign that it is time for you to add your abilities, skills, and unique touch to a particular situation.

Even More So, the appearance of the 3 may be showing that if you take heed of your gifts and use them then you will find more value and abundance in your life and whatever situation is most dominating your life right now.

In a sense it is a sign of your artistic abilities and creative expression being of the utmost importance in your life right now.

Your talents in a creative sense will be vital to your mental, physical, and situational well-being, as well as the potential healing of humanity in general.

This may be telling you that you need to get started on that art project you have been putting off, or maybe it is time to write that book, or start that blog. It could also be telling you that you need to apply your artistic side for your current circumstances.

Angel Number: 444

4 as an angel number is a representation of stability, or things becoming stabilized. If you should see this as 444, 4444 or in a pattern of sorts, this will succeed that you are currently, or are approaching, part of the process of rooting, grounding, or creating a structure to last.

Of course, this does not mean you are an architect, it can mean that these are structures in work environments, home environments, or in your relationships.

However, it does mean that you are cultivating a structure, in some form, that you are building to last in the long term. This could mean that by keeping up your efforts you will gain extra security in your job.

It could also mean that if you continue to put in effort with your relationships you will build a strong bond that will survive the test of time.

This is basically an angel number that reminds you to establish trust that will build and empower you to better reach newer, greater heights in your life. Do remember that you can and should still ask for help, especially if your goals are long-term enterprises and may need expertise.

Angel Number: 555

5 is telling you that there is potential for major changes in your life and on the horizon. Perhaps if you have been feeling a little lost, stuck, or left behind, less inspired or confused, this number can be telling you that this stagnant period will end soon.

It may appear as 555, 5555 or in another pattern, but regardless it is revealing to you that there will be major shifts and changes ahead for you. A bit like a heads-up telling you to enjoy the quiet while it is there because things are going to change for you soon.

The transformations it refers to may be working in ways you have not yet noticed, or perhaps those who are in need of making decisions are still weighing up their options, but regardless, good things are on the horizon, and you should expect great changes.

This also suggests that you are being watched over by the Divine as well, perhaps it is this divine observation that is bringing you these changes when you need it most.

Angel Number:666

Many people wrongly associate 666 with being the devil’s number, it has a bit of a bad reputation for this, however, in angel numbers 666 does not mean that the devil is giving you a phone call.

Instead, in angel numbers, 6, appearing as 666, 6666, or otherwise is compassionate, supportive, and empathetic. It can be a gentle number, and it sits as a reminder to be treating ourselves with understanding and kindness.

In a sense it is like the self-love angel number, reminding us not to be harsh with ourselves, and to remember to practice self-care, self-love, and understanding of self.

Things do not always go to plan in our lives, and that is why sometimes the number 6 comes along to remind us that we are the ones who choose how to see a situation, and to remind us that everything happens for a reason.

The number 6 is basically screaming at you ‘You’ve got this!’ It cheers you on and reminds you that you’re human, and it’s okay to take time to process situations.

Angel Number: 777

Angel Number 777

7 is generally a lucky number, it is lucky at the casino, and it is lucky in many cultures too. It retains this luck in angel numbers as well. If you see 7 as 777,7777, or in a sequence of some sort, then it is a sign of good fortune.

It is especially fortunate in finance, it likely means that fortune in your finances is on its way.

You may be soon getting a new financial opportunity, and the appearance of this 7 is telling you that it is time for you to spread your feelers and go out and beyond your comfort zone to explore new opportunities  and find new ways to gain what you wish.

Short-term plans and ideas become more lucrative in your finances, you may start to gain more consistent streams of income, and so it is wise to integrate your spirituality with your beliefs and values outside of this to fully express and take advantage of this.

As well as being the harbinger of financial luck, it is also the angel number that is strongly associated with spiritual awakenings as well. So, if financial luck does not seem likely, perhaps it is a nudge to better explore your spiritual side.

Angel Number: 888

8 is a very important number, and it is another number that is greatly revered in many cultures. It is one of the most divine numbers there is. It will appear to you as 888, 8888, or in some pattern or sequence of some form.

It likely reflects a connection to spirituality and the spiritual universe in a new and powerful way.

For those who hold belief in the afterlife, and life beyond death often see 8 as a symbol that they are receiving support in a supernatural or paranatural way from a loved one who has moved on beyond this world.

Let’s not forget what 8 is in itself, it is also the symbol of infinity turned upright, so this also reminds of the endless loop that goes beyond the singular lifetime we are so attached to.

So, it is wise to take heed and not be scared of diving head first into your intuitive senses when an 8 crosses your path.

Angel Number: 999

9 is the last digit in numerology, and 9 can suggest the presence of endings. This does not mean negatively though. 9 can appear as 999, 9999, or in other ways.

It is a sign that a chapter you have been very familiar with for a while is coming to an end, and new beginnings.

It is a symbol that a cycle in your life is coming to a close, and soon you will be venturing out on a new journey.

Hence, this is telling you that this is a good time for you to branch out and step out beyond your comforts and broaden your horizons. It could be a sign that you should start a new journey, mentally, physically, or even go on a vacation somewhere new.

It may be a sign for you to pick up a new career, head back to school to learn, perhaps move to a different town, city, or state, it is a sign that things are due to change, possibly in a big way, and 9 is just there to give you a heads-up and tell you it is okay.

Angel Number: 1111

This number is one of the most powerful messages you can get. We have briefly gone over this in 111, but 1111 is different. It has many different meanings depending on the specifics of the situation you are in.

However, this is typically associated with being creative, motivated, and starting innovative practices.

It is also very promising though as it also represents the meaning that your prayers will be answered, and you will achieve your dreams. However, this angel number is also a reminder to check yourself, not in a bad way, but to check your heart and think about what you truly want.

1111 could be trying to tell you that you are not seeing your truest potential and that you keep seeking approval from others when you do not need to. It is reminding you to realize your own self-worth.

You may feel doubt, confusion, and perhaps a little down in yourself, but it is reminding you that this is not the true you, and you will soon be taking a huge leap forward, you just need to believe in yourself.

Spiritual Meaning Of Mirrored Numbers

Spiritual meaning of mirrored numbers

Angel numbers are many things, they are part of numerology, recognized by ancient greats such as Pythagoras, but they are also spiritual in many ways, regardless of your root beliefs, they sit in importance in many ways.

However, if you are not quite familiar, or have not yet grasped the spiritual meaning of these mirrored numbers, like the ones mentioned above then we will help.

Mirrored numbers are ones that repeat themselves, 1111 is one of these, but so is 1313 or 2424.

You can often see these on your clock, consider when the clock may strike 12:12 or so on. In this the minutes match the hour, and so it is horrified. It could not only be this way, but it could be backwards as well, so it could be 12:21.

This would be a direct mirroring.

When we see numbers and hours that are mirrored or reversed regularly, we often associate occurrences like this with God, or spirits and ancestors carrying a more important message to us through these numbers.

Truthfully though, these numbers are less like a message and more like a sly hint. It is more like the universe is giving you a thumbs up to keep at what you are doing. It is like a reassurance.

Of course, these numbers are not restricted to appearing in minutes or hours, they can appear in anything, and there may even be patterns in your phone number, address, birthday, and so on. 

What Should I Do When I See Them?

What Should I Do When I See Them

First of all, recognize that your angel numbers are personal, they are direct to YOU and this message is for you.

You can look up the meaning of your numbers, but they will always be tailored to you and the situation you’re in, only you can know what they are saying to you.

You should also be grateful, you’re being lent a helping hand, and so it is a time for gratitude. Consider your mantra, make a list of things to do. You can perform exercises, such as meditation, or asking the universe questions and being patient for answers.

Do not forget to participate in your journey, listen to signs and heed them, and always track your progress. Sometimes it is good practice to look back and see where you came from and where you are now. It is reassuring too.

Forwards is the best way.


Angel 777

Angel numbers can mean many things, but it is important to remember that they are targeted to you, and are significant to you and to your life path. They will approach you directly affiliated with whatever situation you are currently dealing with.

Your angel numbers are your own, and are for you only. It is wise to heed them as well, as they can help you in your journey through life. Accept them and enjoy their help on your journey. Are they from God? The Universe? Your Ancestors? Who knows…. Only YOU!

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