Bathtub Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Are you interested in Bathtub Dream Meaning? Then this guide is for you!

When it comes to bathtub dream symbolism, it generally indicates growth and progress in life. The exact interpretation of the dream depends on its context.

The meaning of this dream also relies on the finer details you see when dreaming.

For example, was the bathtub full, half full, or empty? Was it clean or dirty? What actions are you doing in this dream? Are there other people involved?

And, most importantly, what are your feelings about this dream?

You’ll realize that paying attention to such details gives you a clear understanding of what this dream has to do with your waking life.


Here’s a look at some common bathtub dreams and their meanings:

Some Specific Bathtub Dream Meanings

#1 – Dream of an Empty Bathtub

This dream indicates that you are highly respected at home. Regardless of your age or position in society, your family members are keen to involve you in all family affairs.

They consult you over small and big affairs.

#2 – Dream of Cleaning an Empty Bathtub

You don’t have to be reminded of your duties and responsibilities in the family. You carry them out willingly, and with pride in your heart.

It is no wonder that your family and loved ones trust you. They hold you in high regard.

#3 – Dream of a Full Bathtub

Dream of a bathtub full of water means that you have been too busy for your partner and loved ones. Likely, you have sacrificed your social relationships chasing money and fame.

If this were to continue, you may end up losing the most important people in your life.

#4 – Dream of Cleaning a Full Bathtub

You feel guilty about something you have said or done to your loved ones. You feel compelled by your guilt to make amends.

This is a good time to come clean and apologize for your errors. This dream encourages you to unburden your heart by speaking out.

#5 – Dream of Your Partner Cleaning a Bathtub

This is a pointer to hidden danger in your relationship. It could be that either you are your partner is hiding secrets.

Secrets in a love relationship are a time bomb. And, the longer these secrets remain hidden, the more explosive power they accumulate.

#6 – Dream of Someone Else Cleaning a Bathtub

This symbolizes doubt in this person’s loyalty.

Although they pretend to care for you by walking and drinking with you, something at the back of your mind tells you that they are not genuine.

This dream reminds you to listen to your intuition. Your heart will never lie to you.

#7– Dream of Taking a Bath in a Dirty Bathtub

This dream alerts you that some aspects of your life could be deteriorating. Likely, you have neglected your health because you are too preoccupied with other things.

Dreaming of taking a bath in a dirty bathtub reminds you that your body is your most important asset. Take care of it.

#8 – Dream of Taking a Bath in a Clean Bathtub

Your conscience is at peace because you have been doing your best to make things better for yourself and your community.

You feel that you are spending your days well. You are happy with the progress you are making in many areas of your life.

#9 – Dream of Selling a Bathtub

This dream shows that you are ready to let bygones be bygones. You have realized that holding on to negative emotions from your past does not help you in any way.

You have decided to forgive those who wronged you, and to seek forgiveness from those you wronged.

Dreaming of selling a bathtub reminds you that life is too short to be spent on negative things.

#10 – Dream of Buying a Bathtub

This is a sign that you are looking to the future with hope and confidence. You are willing to invest your time and energy in the kinds of activities that will shape your future.

This dream is a reminder that your destiny is in your hands. What you do today determines the kind of tomorrow you create for yourself and your loved ones.

#11 – Dream of Being Gifted a Bathtub

If someone gives you a gift of a bathtub in your dream, it means that you will prosper. This is your cue to keep working hard towards your goals and objectives.

This dream also predicts good health. The things you have been doing to make your health better are working.

Keep it up!

#12 – Dream of Cold Bathtub Water

If you feel good about this dream, it means that your efforts to make your romantic relationship stronger are paying off.

This dream encourages you to maintain this track, as it leads to a stronger and healthier relationship.

#13 – Dream of Hot Bathtub Water

This is a sign of trouble brewing in many areas of your life, including your love life. The unfortunate this is that these problems are being caused by your recklessness.

The good news is that you can’t stop this downward spiral at any time. You just have to put control over your carelessness and negligence.

Take responsibility for your life.

#14 – Dream of Finding a Bathtub

Soon, you will receive some good news that will positively transform your life. If there’s an important project you have been working on, you’ll achieve great results in this area.

This dream also confirms that your secret prayers, hopes, and wishes have been heard. The desires of your heart will soon be fulfilled.

#15 – Dream of Losing a Bathtub Mysteriously

If you dream of mysteriously losing a bathtub, it means that there’s a lot you are yet to discover about yourself.

Your subconscious is pushing you to release yourself from self-defeating attitudes and negative thoughts.

This dream alerts you of your stellar qualities. This is the time to discover your inner strength and determination.

It’s also the time to face the truth about who you really are, and what you are truly capable of.

#16 – Dream of Stealing a Bathtub

This is a sign that you crave attention. You want people to listen to you even when you have nothing of importance to say.

This dream encourages you to think before you talk. Otherwise, you’ll expose your weaknesses to other people, and you may soon lose the sway you hold over them.

Remember; you gain more information and knowledge by listening rather than talking.

#17 – Dream of Your Bathtub Being Stolen

Something about your choice of lifestyle and behavior will cause you to lose lucrative deals in the business world.

This dream is a warning that you need to tame your behavior. It also tells you to be careful about your choice of friends.

Walk and associate with the kind of people that want to see you grow and progress.

#18 – Dream of Taking a Bath in a Broken Bathtub

This dream hints at unfaithfulness in your relationship. You are being lured into an illicit affair.

If you succumb to this temptation, you are creating a vicious cycle of lies, deceit, and betrayal in your love life.

You’ll be setting yourself up for failure.

#19 – Dream of Seeing Someone Else Using a Broken Bathtub

This is a sign of your hidden desire to experiment in bed. You have hidden fantasies such as group sex or partner swapping.

Well; how this goes in your waking life depends on your beliefs and those of your partner.

#20 – Dream of Taking a Luxurious Bath in a Tub

Having this dream means that you approve of the things you have been doing in the recent past. after taking stock of your life, you have realized that things couldn’t be better.

You are satisfied with your progress. This is a good time to pause in what you are doing and give yourself a pat on the back.

You may want to consider taking a small break from your schedule to celebrate your milestones.

#21 – Dream of Your Partner Taking a Luxurious Bath in a Tub

You have great ideas and plans about your relationship that you should share with your partner.

Failure to involve your partner in running your relationship may lead to stagnation, confusion, and even resentment.

Happy and successful couples work together. You need to embrace this if you hope to see your ideas and plans grow to fruition.

#22 – Dream of Bathtub Full of Mud

Your rough actions and abrasive behavior is driving people away from you. You are likely to lose your authority at home because your loved ones will stop confiding in you.

They perceive you to be hostile and unapproachable, and they feel that they’d rather get advice and counsel from some other quarters.

#23 – Dream of Immersing Your Head in a Bathtub

If you dream of dipping your head in a full bathtub, it is a pointer to your wise, knowledgeable nature.

This dream shows that you are in a good place to offer advice and guidance to those who look up to you.

This is a noble responsibility that you should take up with pride.

#24 – Dream of Dipping Only Your Feet in a Bathtub.

The good old memories keep flooding your thoughts every time you find yourself alone. You are nostalgic about your childhood.

You miss the innocence and unbridled happiness that marked this phase of your life.

This dream reminds you that you can create good memories even today. You don’t have to tie your happiness to the past.

#25 – Dream of a Bathtub Full of Bugs

This is a sign that you’ll meet some important people soon. Important because they have the resources to help you advance your life to greater heights.

Keep your eyes open not to miss this opportunity. Some of the people that come into our lives are meant to teach us, mentor us, and lead us to a place of healing.

This is about to happen for you!

#26 – Dream of an Old Bathtub

If you dream of an old bathtub or one fashioned in an old-style, it means regret. You have likely allowed far too many good opportunities to pass you by.

You are looking back and wishing that they’d come back, for there’s a lot you can accomplish with them.

This dream reminds you of the futility of crying over spilled milk. Focus on the possibilities ahead.


If you’ve recently encountered a bathtub dream, carefully look at all the details it presents. You’ll realize that it carries a powerful message concerning your life.

Generally speaking, bathtub dreams bear positive messages. They help us to decipher where we are heading and what we should do to take advantage of the opportunities we come by.

These dreams encourage us to discover the origin of the burdens we are carrying. They talk about our love relationship and how we can keep negative energies at bay.

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