Being Lost in a Foreign Country Dream Meaning

Are you interested in Being Lost in a Foreign Country Dream Meaning? Then this guide is for you!

Dreams about being lost abroad can have diverse meanings. Each of these dreams should be interpreted within its unique context.

For example, did you get lost in a place you have never visited before? This is a sign that you are not afraid of changes.

Indeed, you welcome them with open arms because you know they are avenues to growth and progress.

Those who experience these dreams are being reminded to remain focused. It’s likely that with everything that’s happening around you, you feel kind of overwhelmed.

This dream calls on you not to allow changes to derail your focus on your goals. You must always remain true to your life purpose.

Here’s a look at some common being lost in a foreign country dreams and their meanings:


Being Lost in a Foreign Country Dream Meanings

#1 – Dream of Being Lost in Familiar Foreign Country

This dream indicates that some old problems are slowly creeping back into your life. Likely, you didn’t deal with these problems exhaustively the first time.

Or, it could be that you swept them under the rug in the hope they’d magically disappear. Well, they didn’t.

You now have to handle them the way you should have initially. This is clearly a problem of your own making!

#2 – Dream of Being Lost in a Strange Foreign Country

This dream depicts major changes coming your way. This means that you should be more aggressive with the opportunities being brought to your doorstep.

Additionally, dreaming of being lost in a strange foreign country tells you not to give in to external pressures that affect your emotions.

You should remain emotionally stable regardless of what’s happening in your life.

#3 – Dream of Your Airplane Going Missing in a Foreign Country

How spiritually strong are you? This dream encourages you to strengthen your spiritual base because you’ll need it in the days ahead.

Having this dream calls on you to work towards higher consciousness and greater awareness. This is possible if you are driven by a positive mindset.

#4 – Dream of Authorities Trying to Find You in a Foreign Country

In this dream, you get lost in a foreign country and your family raises an appeal to help find you. This is a sign that you need to involve your trusted relatives and friends in your plans.

You see, it is a tall order to try to accomplish your goals all on your own. You need to collaborate and create meaningful linkages.

This is what this dream is encouraging you to do.

#5 – Dream of Being Lost in a Crowd in a Foreign Country

In this dream, you are lost in a sea of faces in a foreign land. These people could be either familiar or total strangers.

This is a pointer to the distress and confusion that characterizes certain aspects of your life. You feel insecure about your professional and social connections.

You are not sure if your job will be there tomorrow when you wake up.

This dream suggests that you should take each day as it comes. Don’t crowd your life with too many worries and anxieties about things you have no control of.

#6 – Dream of Your Partner Getting Lost in a Foreign Country

Unless you change your approach to your relationship, you may lose your partner. This dream indicates you have lost track of what’s happening in your love life.

Likely, you have been too busy with hardly any time to spare for your partner. This means that you are growing apart fast.

Take quick action to save your relationship while you still can.

#7 – Dream of Being Lost While Vacationing in a Foreign Land

What starts as a nice vacation in a foreign country in your dream takes a weird twist when you get lost.

This dream calls on you to be ready for the unexpected. Your experiences will not always be linear and well laid out.

There will be turns and twists. This means you must be open to new experiences and viewpoints. It’s important, also, that you get exposed to other cultures.

#8 – Dream of Seeing Someone You Know After Being Lost in a Foreign Country

In this dream, you heave a sigh of relief after seeing a familiar face in a foreign familiar. Being lost and confused, you believe that this person can help you find your way home.

This dream tells you that regardless of what you are going through, you are never alone. You should never allow your problems to have the upper hand in your life.

Remember, you are surrounded by people who are willing to help you if you can open up.

#9 – Dream of Being Lost in a Foreign Country and Having to Learn a Foreign Language

In this dream, you find yourself having to learn a strange language to survive after being lost in a foreign country.

This dream indicates that although you disagree with your business associates on many fronts, you have to put up with them.

You have put the larger good above your own selfish interests. You are willing to sacrifice for the sake of shared goals.

#10 – Dream of Being Lost in the Wild in a Foreign Country

This dream challenges you to take the path to self-discovery. There’s much that you need to learn about yourself.

Take your strengths and shortcomings, for example. Do you know how best to employ them to your best advantage?

You can accomplish a lot when you are in full control of your emotional and mental faculties.

#11 – Dream of Being Lost and Settling in a Foreign Country

What starts as a misfortune of getting lost in your dream ends up opening a world of opportunities. This dream encourages you to broaden your outlook on life.

You’ll find plenty of opportunities in places you previously thought hostile or uncomfortable. It also tells you that some of your major blessings will appear disguised as challenges.

This dream calls on you to be open-minded about trying different experiences.

#12 – Dream of Being Lost at Sea in a Foreign Country

In this dream, your ship or other sea-going vessels gets lost at sea and you find yourself in a foreign country.

This dream reflects your current state of emotions. This is more so because water (the sea) signifies your emotional health.

If you are happy with what’s happening in the foreign country in your dreams, you’ll enjoy peace and happiness.

If you are not, this points to emotional turmoil. You’ll have to work hard to put your emotions under control.

#13 – Dream of Being Lost and Married in a Foreign Country

In this dream, you find a suitable marriage partner while trying to find your way in a foreign country. This means you are keen to incorporate new ideas.

You are ready to accept changes as you know they bring many new opportunities into your life.

#14 – Dream of Being Lost and Learning a New Culture

This dream is a reflection of the good and the bad you’ll encounter in life. You’ll experience lots of growing pain as you try to occupy the rightful position in the order of things.

But, this is alright. It’s only by facing tough challenges and uncertainties that you truly understand what you are capable of.

Difficulties enable you to acknowledge and appreciate your natural gifts.

#15 – Dream of Being Lost in a Hostile Foreign Country

You are likely to have this kind of dream if you have been thinking about life in a hostile country. This dream indicates your desire to touch as many lives as possible in this life.

You are empathetic, kind, and generous, and this reflects well on your relationship with everyone you come into contact with.

This dream draws attention to your larger purpose in this world.

#16 – Dream of Being Lost and Found in a Foreign Country

You’ll go through a period of pain, chaos, and confusion before you discover your mission and purpose in this life.

Don’t worry about all the challenges you are currently going through. Strive to sort them out, for they give you a good platform to face the rest of your life.

#17 – Dream of Being Lost and Seeking Help in a Foreign Country

Dreaming that you are appealing for help from locals after being lost in a foreign country, shows you are likable.

You easily make friends, and this is good for your overall goals and plans. People with this dream tend to have a large pool of people they can rely on should they fall into trouble.

They are also keen to welcome new changes and encounters.

#18 – Dream of Getting Lost in a Foreign Country and Ending Up Poor

This can be a very scary or disheartening dream.

It’s a sign that you are unsettled with your current lifestyle, and you are looking for an opening to break the routine.

If you have been considering changing your work environment, this is a good time to go for it. Anything positive that you engage in will attract positive results.

#19 – Dream of Being Lost and Jailed in a Foreign Country

This dream shows your willingness to work through the differences between yourself and someone close to you.

Likely, you’ve been feeling disheartened that you have not been so intimate with your partner. This dream tells you it’s possible to resolve your issues if both of you are determined to do so.

#20 – Dream of Being Lost and Having a Good Time in a Foreign Country

You need to lose yourself in the joys and beautiful trappings of life. It seems that you have been too uptight, suffering quietly under the weight of unending burdens.

This dream encourages you to let go of the cares of the world. It’s time to listen to the cares of the inner being.

This is a good time to take a vacation far away to an exotic location.

#21 – Dream of Being Lost in an Unknown Foreign Country

Dreaming of getting lost in an unknown foreign country shows some significant changes to your personal life.

This dream shows that you are ready to take your relationship to the next level. You will likely get engaged or married soon.

Having this dream asks you to open your eyes to a new or foreign situation in your life. It urges you to keep abreast with what’s going on in your world.


Dreaming of being lost stands for your willingness to learn. We often make mistakes as we try to embrace new concepts.

This dream encourages you to take it easy should you falter in your baby steps. Keep pressing on; you’ll soon have the hang of making successful choices.

At the same time, this dream shows that you are not afraid of experimenting with the unknown. It is by being daring that we manage to explore the depths of our lives.

This dream encourages you to become fully self-aware.

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