Are you interested in Breastfeeding Dream Meaning? Then this guide is for you!

It’s common for people with babies or those planning to have babies to have breastfeeding dreams. It is also possible for people who don’t even think about babies to experience these dreams.

Dreams about breastfeeding babies usually indicate what’s going on in your life. These dreams may have something to do with your baby, or something totally unrelated to this.

Although most breastfeeding dreams occur to girls and women, they can also happen to boys and men.

Dreams about motherhood, nurturing, feeding, and breastfeeding usually leaves the dreamer unscathed.


Here’s a look at the symbolism of common breastfeeding dreams:

Some Specific Breastfeeding Dream Meanings

#1 – Dream of Breastfeeding

If a pregnant girl or woman has this dream, it means they are about to enter a new, exciting phase of their life.

This dream indicates the growth and expansion of your love life. It’s time to consider getting engaged, married or having children with your partner.

#2 – Married People Dreaming of Breastfeeding

This means that the union with your partner will lead to growth and progress. This dream indicates that you and your partner can work for the same goals and dreams effectively.

Soon, you will invite the positive energies of wealth, abundance, and prosperity into your lives.

#3 – Unmarried People Dreaming of Breastfeeding

This dream indicates good luck and fortune when it comes to your love life. It inspires you to have a heart-to-heart talk with your partner about your future.

This dream encourages you to go ahead and make a marriage proposal to your partner. This is the right person to start a family with.

#4 – Dream of Nursing a Baby

This is a most welcome dream to most women. It is a positive sign. The plans you have for your family and loved ones will come to fruition.

This dream assures you that your efforts and positive attitude are not in vain. Soon, you’ll start reaping the fruits of your good work.

#5 – Dream of Breastfeeding a Stranger’s Child

This dream appeals to your kindness, generosity, and compassion. It asks you to reach out to the less fortunate in your community.

This is a sign that you have the resources to get someone close to you out of trouble.

#6 – Dream of Seeing Someone Breastfeeding

This dream indicates your desire to bring up a healthy, well-adjusted family.

It could also indicate that something good is coming your way. Soon, you will receive some good news concerning your home.

#7 – Dream of Breastfeeding at Your Workplace

In modern times, most offices have breastfeeding centers for lactating mothers. If you dream that you are breastfeeding in such a center, it means you can create the right balance in your life.

This dream encourages you to work for harmony in your personal and professional life.

#8 – Dream of Expressing Milk for Breastfeeding

Girls that have this dream long to be mothers. This dream indicates that you should acquaint yourself with everything you need to know to be a good mother.

If you already have children, this dream means that you are looking for ways to make your home more comfortable.

There’s much you can do to guarantee the peace and safety of your loved ones.

#9 – Dream of Breastfeeding Your Neighbor’s Baby

This dream indicates that you have an important role to play in your family. Also, a lot is expected of you in your community.

This sign reminds you that you have the resources to shoulder your responsibilities. However, do not take too much on yourself.

Learn to delegate where necessary. Don’t forget your own needs as you help others to achieve their goals and dreams.

#10 – Dream of Someone Breastfeeding Your Baby

This means that some of your friends are not who they say they are. They are working behind the scenes to bring you down.

Dreaming of someone breastfeeding your baby is a sign of disloyalty and treachery. Someone close to you is motivated by jealousy to kill your dreams.

#11 – Dream of Breastfeeding Your Daughter’s Baby

This is a sign that you are not ready to let your grown-up children go. You are scared of losing control over their lives.

You are worried that they may make the wrong decisions without you. The truth is that a time comes when you have to release your children to the world.

This dream reminds you of this.

#12 – Dream of Being Unable to Breastfeed

This is a sign that you have a deep-seated desire to protect your child or children. This dream indicates that you are not ready to separate yourself from your full-grown children.

#13 – Dream of Breastfeeding Your Sibling

This shows your desire to play a central role in your teams. You look forward to collaborating with your teammates in your social and professional circles.

This dream shows your readiness to offer help to your family, friends, and associates.

#14 – Dream of Man Breastfeeding a Baby

If a man dreams that he is breastfeeding (or that milk is dripping from the breasts), it means good times ahead.

This dream signifies financial growth and prosperity.

#15 – Dream of Visiting a Breastfeeding Mother

This is a sign that you depend on others to run your life. They feed you with information and show you ways of making money.

The problem here is that you have allowed them to make all the decisions for you. You can no longer be said to be independent-minded.

This dream calls on you to take charge of your life.

#16 – Dream of Helping a Breastfeeding Mother Calm Her Crying Baby

This dream indicates good tidings. You’ll receive news from someone close to you about the progress they are making in life.

This is a sign that your effort to help your family and friends has not been in vain. Soon, you will see the results of your work.

#17 – Dream of Arguing with a Breastfeeding Mother

This dream alerts you that someone in your family or inner circle is feeling resentful towards you. This could be because you no longer allow them to run your life.

You have proved that you can be independent, and someone is not happy about this.

#18 – Dream of Fighting with a Breastfeeding Mother

This dream indicates that you will face stiff competition at your workplace. Someone as qualified as you (if not better) will start pitching your clients.

This dream alerts you that you could get kicked out unless you up your game. This is a good time to work on improving your skills set.

#19 – Dream of Killing with a Breastfeeding Mother

This dream tells you to give others the room they need to grow. Allow your children, friends, and colleagues to have their say.

Having this dream means that you’ve been acting like you know everything. You need to change your attitude if you hope to have healthy relationships with others.

#20 – Dream of Kissing a Breastfeeding Mother

This dream indicates your desire for wild sexual adventures. It encourages you to tell your partner all the things you’d like to do in bed.

Open up to your partner to know what they think of your ideas.

#21 – Dream of Making Love to a Breastfeeding Mother

This dream draws attention to your ability to protect your loved ones. You have everything you need to keep your loved ones safe and secure.

All the same, try talking to them not to fall into trouble because you may end up protecting a guilty person.

#22 – Dream of Breastfeeding a Baby Girl

This is a positive sign. It means that the work you are doing will bring peace, harmony, and happiness into your life.

Soon, your worries and uncertainties will be a thing of the past.

#23 – Dream of Breastfeeding a Baby Boy

This is a sign that your skills and abilities are required to help save someone. It could be that someone known to you is going through serious emotional turmoil.

This is your cue to find out how your friends and relatives are doing.

#24 – Dream of Breastfeeding Twins

This dream reminds you to take care of your needs and desires. Likely, you are spending all your time and energy on others, forgetting your own needs.

#25 – Dream of Being Breastfed

This is a sign that you desire to change the life of your mother or female guardian. You feel that you owe them a lot, and you are waiting for a good opportunity to do something memorable for them.

This dream tells you that such an opportunity is soon coming up. Get ready.

#26 – Dream of Being Unable to Express Breast Milk

This sign indicates that you are about to enter a phase of hardships and loneliness. You will undergo some experiences that will test your faith to the bone.

This is a time to stay close to your family and the people you love. It’s also a good time to double your efforts at achieving spiritual enlightenment.

The good news is that we tend to grow best during times of adversity. Use this period to discover your hidden skills and talents.

#27 – Dream of Breastfeeding Your Spouse

This signals that your partner is in a unique position to help you out of your confusion. This dream encourages you to confide in your partner.

There’s no way they can contribute to your healing and growth if you don’t let them know what you are going through.

#28 – Dream of a Breastfeeding Mother Crying

This is a sign that someone will seek your help to get out of a tight situation. This person will come to you because they believe you have the experience and skills to deal with their situation.

Even if you have never been in a similar predicament, don’t let them down. Guide them in the best way to get the help they need.

Their trust and faith in you should count for something!

#29 – Dream of a Breastfeeding Mother Laughing

This dream brings good news. It indicates that your life is about to change for the better. If you have been planning to get into a business venture, this is the time to go for it.

It’s a good time to express your love to your partner.


Dreams about breastfeeding bring out strong maternal instincts. These dreams draw attention to your role in your marriage, family, and community at large.

However, dreams about breastfeeding can also mean something totally unrelated to love and family life.

You’ll be able to capture the meaning of a breastfeeding dream if you remember all the details about it when you wake up.

Dream psychologists advise writing down the dream on paper the moment you wake up – before you engage in anything else.

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