Brushing Teeth Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Are you interested in Brushing Teeth Dream Meaning? Then this guide is for you!

Usually, dreams about brushing teeth convey positive meanings. This is more so because teeth signify strength, confidence, vitality, and aggressiveness.

Teeth play the role of protecting the mouth, which is an important tool in communication. As such, dreaming about teeth encourages you to express yourself fully.

This dream warns you against bottling up your emotions. Keeping pent-up feelings is like sitting on a time bomb.

It is bound to explode destructively when you least expect it.

Brushing your teeth in a dream shows that you are considerate of the people around you. You are keen not to use foul language in front of children.

As with all dreams, this one presents various scenarios that require different interpretations.

Here’s a look at some common brushing teeth dreams and their meanings:


Some Specific Brushing Teeth Dream Meanings

#1 – Dream of Being Made to Brush Someone Else’s Teeth

This dream indicates you are inundated by recurring feelings of low self-esteem. This could be so bad that you are at the point of losing your sense of independence and individuality.

Take care that you don’t start following people blindly. Take charge of your life, and never allow yourself to be left behind.

#2 – Dream of Flossing Teeth

This dream encourages you to face the stubborn problems in your life. For some time now, you have been postponing these problems for ‘later’.

Unfortunately, your ‘later’ never comes to pass, and the problems still persist.

Dreaming of flossing your teeth asks you to drop everything else and concentrate on rooting these problems out of your life, once and for all.

#3 – Dream of a Colleague Brushing Their Teeth

You are headed in the right direction. Actually, many of your colleagues admire your way of doing things, and they desire to be like you.

This should tell you that your standard is higher than you imagined. You have a role to play in shaping the other members of your community.

#4 – Dream of Brushing Rotten Teeth

Something seems to be worrying you and giving you sleepless nights. You might be worried that you are not strong enough to take on the next phase of your life.

You could be worried that you have no control over the future of your family and loved ones. It could be that other people’s feelings and opinions give you sleepless nights.

Whatever the source of your worry, you need to break free from it.

#5 – Dream of Brushing Loose Teeth

In this dream, you are brushing your teeth ever so lightly for fear that they might fall off. This is a sign that your love relationship is teetering on a precipice.

You don’t even know whether you’ll still be together with your partner tomorrow.

This dream alerts you to take quick action to save your relationship. If there are things about your partner you can’t do without, your relationship is worth fighting for.

#6 – Dream of Teeth Crumbling While Brushing

This signals that you need to change your tact and approach to a problem. The method you are using in given situations is not producing any tangible results.

This dream encourages you to think outside the box. Go back to the drawing board and come up with more innovative ways of tackling your challenges.

#7 – Dream of Being Unable to Brush Your Teeth

If for any reason you can’t brush your teeth, you are allowing negative energies to control your life. They have a big say on what you think and do.

This is not good at all because as you know, it will lead to disappointment and failure. Actually, negative energies could be the source of most of the pain you are going through today.

#8 – Dream of Using Someone’s Toothbrush

Ordinarily, toothbrushes are very personal items. Dreaming of using someone else’s toothbrush can leave you feeling disgusted.

This dream shows that your life hinges on someone else’s feelings and opinions. This person practically runs your life, and your happiness oscillates to follow their feelings.

Try as you might, you can never achieve your goals and dreams unless you address this matter.

#9 – Dream of Brushing Teeth with Soap

In this dream, you add soap instead of toothpaste to brush your toothbrush. This is a sign of misplaced priorities.

You should take a close look at your life and determine whether everything is as it should be. You probably need to re-align your resources with your goals and dreams.

You need to set right the things you’ve neglected and abandoned.

#10 – Dream of Brushing Teeth with the Right Toothbrush

This dream reminds you that you have the right tools to solve your problems. As such, never allow problems to camp in your life.

Take advantage of the opportunities in your life to get the right solutions to the issues in your life. Dreaming of using the right toothbrush tells you that no challenge is too big for you to handle.

#11 – Dream of Brushing Teeth with a Dirty Toothbrush

This is a sign of difficulties, pain, and disease. You need to be very careful going forward; you never know when misfortune will hit you.

This dream encourages you to take care of your health. There’s much you can do to safeguard yourself from calamities.

Chiefly, you need to watch your diet. Ensure that your diet constitutes well-balanced meals. Also, take care of your physical and spiritual needs.

#12 – Dream of Toothbrush Making Teeth White

In this dream, you brush your teeth to sparkling white. This is a sign that persistence and hard work will help you resolve an issue.

This dream motivates you to keep working hard towards your goals. Be determined to find solutions to the troublesome patches you’ll encounter on the way.

#13 – Dream of Buying a Toothbrush

This dream calls on you to watch your tongue. Although the tongue is a small organ in the body, it can seal the fate of your relationships.

In other words, the words you use can either create, sustain, or destroy relationships.

Dreaming of buying a toothbrush warns you against using words that can permanently scar others people.

Remember, you can’t take back your words once you speak them out.

#14 – Dream of Being Gifted a Toothbrush

Although presents are given to people we love, receiving a toothbrush as a gift shows that the giver hates you.

Likely, this person is fond of spreading false rumors about you and your family. You need to critically examine their role in your waking life.

You’ll realize that you are better off without this person hanging around you.

#15 – Dream of Brushing Teeth at the Dentist’s

This dream asks you to assert yourself if you want people to understand you. You won’t achieve much by seeking attention through a pity party.

If you feel overwhelmed by stress and other negative energies, courageously seek help. Don’t cower somewhere in darkness hoping that someone will discover and rescue you.

#16 – Dream of Adding Toothpaste to Toothbrush

This dream points to your careless use of words. You don’t filter your words, and you are fond of saying anything in front of anyone.

If this does not alienate you from your friends, it will put you in trouble with your superiors at work.

Dreaming of adding toothpaste to a toothbrush tells you to weigh your words.

#17 – Dream of Children Brushing Teeth

When was the last time you paid close attention to your child? Are you aware of what they are going through in their young lives?

This dream calls on you to take care of your child’s needs. Apart from their physical needs, your child needs lots of psychological, emotional, and spiritual support.

Be there to console and support them in their pains, losses, and setbacks. Create the time to celebrate with your child their milestones and achievements.

#18 – Dream of Strangers Brushing Your Teeth

You need to be healed from the stress, pain, and trauma you have accumulated in this journey. Having this dream calls on you to speak out about what you are going through.

You’ll be surprised to find that someone, albeit a stranger, is willing to walk this journey with you. With time, this person is going to be part of your support system.

#19 – Dream of Strangers Brushing Their Own Teeth

A number of people in your inner circle have health concerns, and you are called upon to assist. Understandably, some of your friends don’t want their issues aired in the open.

This means you have to be subtle as you go about supporting them. You don’t have to announce from the rooftops what you are doing for your friends.

#20 – Dream of the Opposite Gender Brushing Teeth

Someone in your life is pretending to be who they are not. They came into your life under the pretext of helping you with the challenges you were facing.

Before long, you’ll discover that their agenda is more sinister.

This dream calls on you to flush this person out of your life. Be wary of two-faced friends or family members.

#21 – Dream of Gums Bleeding While Brushing Teeth

Although this dream may seem alarming, its meaning is positive. It indicates that you are on the right path to growth and success.

The blood you shed stands for the effort you are putting into making your life better. Your hard work will pay off handsomely.

#22 – Dream of Being Happy About Brushing Teeth

You’ll receive some good news about a project you’ve been working on. This dream indicates that you’ll achieve better results than you anticipated.

Likely, you outdid yourself in making sure that every aspect of the project was flawlessly executed. The results will be soon out for everyone to see.

#23 – Dream of Losing Teeth While Brushing

You urgently need to work on your self-confidence if you hope to compete favorably with your fears.

Although you are richly talented, your low self-esteem is preventing you from fully expressing yourself.

This dream encourages you to be bold and decisive in making your stand known.


Dreaming about brushing teeth may leave you feeling odd. But, not to worry. This feeling disappears as soon as you get the meaning of your dream.

We hope that this article has helped you to discover what your dream is all about.

Brushing teeth dream is not something to fill you with dread.

If anything, this dream opens your eyes to the good things happening in your life and relationships.

Dreaming of brushing teeth tells you to confidently express every aspect of your life. After all, you have no apologies to make for being alive!

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