Are you interested in Clothes Dream Meaning? Then this guide is for you!

Dreams about clothes are a powerful symbol of your freedom and individuality. They indicate your desire to let the world know who what you stand for.

Your choice of clothes in the dream shows your desire to stand out in the real world. You desire to exert your influence on all those you come into contact with.

This dream also touches on your communication skills. It encourages you to use this gift to understand your world and what other people are going through.

Having a dream about clothes could also mean that you are hiding some truth about your life. It is quite unfortunate if you are hiding it from yourself.


Here’s a look at some common clothes dreams and their meanings:

Some Specific Clothes Dream Meanings

#1 – Dream of Getting New Clothes

You need to come up with new, more exciting activities to indulge in after a hard day’s job. This dream indicates that you are getting bored by your old hobbies.

You need to infuse fresh energies into your life.

#2 – Dream of Putting On New Clothes

This is a sign that you are going through some life-changing experiences. This is good for you, for it will help you to discover your true strengths.

#3 – Dream of Buying New Clothes

This dream encourages you to deal with the challenges in your life by looking for new opportunities. You’ll effectively deal with your stresses if you are willing to start afresh.

#4 – Dream of Buying Old Clothes

Your relationship is slowly becoming undone because you are not doing anything new in it. You and your partner are bored by the same routine, and this is slowly killing the fires of romance.

You need to have a friendly sit down with your partner to find out where the rain started beating you.

#5 – Dream of Being in White Clothes

This is a sign that you are taking life too seriously. It is a reminder that being in this world is not a prison sentence, and life is not all about work and more work.

You need to lighten up and take life as it comes. It is never that serious!

#6 – Dream of Soiled White Clothes

Some bad things you did in the past are catching up with you. These consequences are slowly drawing your attention away from your goals and dreams.

This dream could also indicate bad luck and misfortune.

#7 – Dream of Changing Clothes in the Middle of the Day

This shows that some of your more negative traits are getting in the way of your growth and progress. This means that you have to change some aspects of your personality.

This change will do you good in the days to come.

#8 – Dream of Stained Clothes

This dream alerts you to deal with your situations and circumstances. Only you can make the transition you desire to make in your life.

This dream also relates to your problem-solving skills. It confirms that you have the resources to deal with the challenges you encounter as you move towards your goals and dreams.

#9 – Dream of Bright, Shiny Clothes

This is a sign of hope. Dreaming of white-colored clothes is a sign that you will overcome your predicaments.

Tap into your intuition and inner wisdom for advice and guidance on how to proceed amid chaos and confusion.

#10 – Dream of Being Gifted New Clothes

Your family and friends are happy with the role you are playing in their lives. This dream urges you not to belittle your efforts.

Every small thing you do to put a smile on someone’s face counts.

#11 – Dream of Being Gifted Old Clothes

You need to be more communicative to your family and friends.

It’s likely that they find you to be quite aloof, and this is getting in the way of any meaningful engagements between you.

#12 – Dream of Wearing the Wrong Clothes

If you dream of wearing clothes not suited for the occasion, it means that you need to watch your behavior.

Some important people in your life are not amused by the way you have been carrying yourself of late.

It could be that you are treating others disrespectfully, or that you are too arrogant for your own good.

Either way, you need to make some changes to your behavior.

#13 – Dream of Being in Black Clothes

Black clothes are common at funeral parlors when people are mourning. Also, the color black indicates the presence of all colors.

Dreaming of black clothes, therefore, shows sadness, confusion, and feelings of getting lost. It is a sign of spiritual deficiency, and it requires a spiritual solution.

#14 – Dream of Being in Ill-Fitting Clothes

This is a sign that you are not being true to yourself. You have turned your back on your values, principles, and beliefs.

This dream warns you that if this continues unchecked, you’ll end up living a hollow life.

#15 – Dream of Being in Torn Clothes

You are going through tough times, and this is hurting your ego and sense of wellbeing. This dream encourages you to keep going strong.

Don’t concentrate too much on what’s hurting you or the negative aspects of your life. rather; focus on the possibilities.

#16 – Dream of Wearing Unique Clothes

If dream that your clothes are different from your friends’ clothes, it means that you are moving with the wrong company.

This dream pushes you to look for like-minded individuals with whom you can interact and share ideas.

#17 – Dream of Being in Tangled Clothes

Ordinarily, well-ironed clothes give an impression of order and good organization. Conversely, tangled clothes indicate a don’t-care attitude, carelessness, and negligence.

Dreaming of wearing tangled clothes means that you are involved in socially unacceptable practices and activities.

It could also indicate that you are uncertain and even apprehensive about your future. You are afraid of making any bold moves because you fear making mistakes.

In this respect, this dream indicates that you are suffering from low self-esteem.

#18 – Dream of Being in Filthy Clothes

The activities and people you have recently come to be associated with are ruining your reputation.

You need to change the company you keep, and engage only in legitimate business to redeem your image.

#19 – Dream of Tight Clothes

You feel that someone or some people are infringing on your freedom and individuality. This dream indicates your desire to regain your freedom.

You feel that you can’t work effectively for your goals in a restricted environment.

#20 – Dream of Loose Clothes

This is a sign that you are pursuing the wrong ideas. You can see this by the way you seem to be working so hard with little to show for your efforts.

It could also mean that your confidence and self-esteem levels are too low. You probably need expert help to appreciate your true worth.

#21 – Dream of Seeing Lots of Clothes

Your life is full of clutter and you need to do something about this if you don’t want to be overwhelmed.

This is a good time to take physical and emotional stock of your life to see what you should retain and what needs to go.

You’ll realize that you have accumulated too many unnecessary things from your past. Be kind enough to give them out to a needy person.

You also have to deal with the emotional baggage you have carried from your past.

#22 – Dream of Baby Clothes

Do you miss the good old days when you were a small child? This dream exposes your nostalgia. You long for the innocence and happiness you enjoyed in your earlier years.

It is possible to create your own happiness even today. You just need to listen to your heart.

#23 – Dream of Pants

You desire to keep your private affairs away from your public life.

#24 – Dream of Socks

This dream tells you that your love relationship will settle in an easy and comfortable space. You can look forward to happy and peaceful days ahead.

#25 – Dream of Being in an Overcoat

This indicates that you take your professional engagements seriously. You are ready to spend long hours and even forgo your weekends to achieve your goals and dreams.

It could also mean that you are hiding your true nature from your friends and colleagues. In particular, you keep your emotional side well under wraps.

#26 – Dream of Wearing a Tie

You are afraid of airing your thoughts and feelings in the open. This might arise from some negative experiences you endured sometime in the past.

It indicates that you need to be bold enough to express your true self wherever you are.

#27 – Dream of Being in a Skirt or Blouse

You are not ready to share your emotions with strangers. This makes it hard for other people to penetrate your life or befriend you.

You need to loosen up a bit to make headway in the world of relationships.

#28 – Dream of Being in an Underwear

Avoid sharing your private matters with just about everyone in your life. You are likely seeking counsel about your sex life from the wrong people.

#29 – Dream of Clotheslines

This indicates that you prioritize cleanliness and hygiene wherever you go. You are particularly keen to get rid of any germs you may have gathered if you were out in public.

#30 – Dream of Cross-Dressing

If you dream that you are in the clothes of the opposite gender, it means that you like being around the opposite gender.

You find their talks and activities more fun than those of your gender.

#31 – Dream of Clothes on a Hanger

You are going through some wonderful changes that are filling you with hope and optimism. The future looks bright, and your goals look tenable.

#32 – Dream of Clean Clothes

Your efforts to find inner peace are bearing fruits. If you maintain the course you are on, you’ll come to know the true meaning of peace, happiness, and harmony.

#33 – Dream of Clothes in the Closet

Someone is digging about the hidden aspects of your life. This may be a good thing or a bad one, depending on this person’s intentions.

It could be that they want to know you better, or take advantage of your weaknesses.


The meaning of dreams about clothes depends on a number of things. For example, what kind of clothes are we talking about?

From what material are they made? What color are they, and what is their condition? What is your overall feeling about your particular dream?

By taking these factors into consideration, you’ll realize that your dream is talking to your life. In all likelihood, there are some changes you need to make to enjoy life to the fullest.

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