Are you interested in Cutting Hair Dream Meaning? Then this guide is for you!

This is a popular dream among men and women of all ages. You are likely to experience this dream if you have had a haircut, or if have a strong desire to have one.

It’s also common for hairdressers and barbers who work in beauty parlors and salons to experience this dream.

So, what does a dream about cutting hair mean? Well; this largely depends on the context of the dream, and your feelings about it.


Here’s a look at some common cutting hair dreams and their meanings:

Some Specific Cutting Hair Dream Meanings

#1 – Dream of Cutting Someone’s Hair

This dream suggests that there’s some contention between you and someone well known to you. It’s high time you made the right moves to bury the hatchet.

It will not help you in any well if you insist on holding on to grudges.

#2 – Dream of Tresses Cut Off Your Head

This is a sign of bad luck. It is a common dream amongst couples looking to have a child. It may either indicate barrenness or miscarriage.

#3 – Dream of Cutting Short Hair

This is a pointer to your strong personality. If you feel overwhelmed by the challenges and hardships in your life, it’s because you have allowed them to overwhelm you.

You have the strength to create the life you want for yourself and your loved ones.

#4 – Dream of Cutting Your Child’s Hair

You are nostalgic about your childhood. You miss the innocence and carefree attitude that characterized your early years.

This dream tells you not to ignore the child in you. It’s healthy to play silly games with your loved ones and generally have fun.

#5 – Dream of Cutting Long Hair

This is a sign of change. Some of the experiences you are going through will push you to significantly change your love life, career, and personal engagements.

#6 – Dream of Cutting Your Hair to Change Your Look

You have seen the errors of following the old ways and you are determined to change for the better.

This dream encourages you to get rid of negative thinking patterns and old habits.

#7 – Dream of Your Hair Being Cut Terribly

If you dream of visiting an incompetent hairdresser, it means that you are aggressive. You don’t allow anyone to treat you shoddily.

All the same, this dream dissuades from being too aggressive in handling other people. There are other options you can use before you show your aggressiveness.

#8 – Dream of Cutting Your Sibling’s Hair

You are concerned about the overall welfare of your family and loved ones. You are quick to remind them to make healthy choices because their future depends on it.

Having this dream urges you to maintain this course.

#9 – Dream of Getting a Hair Cut in a Barbershop

This is a sign that you have incurred unexpected experiences, and you have found yourself in a rut.

As you wonder what to do next, you should not forget that you have the inner strength to get out of your current predicament.

You just need to believe in yourself.

#10 – Dream of Cutting Your Hair in Front of a Mirror

This is a sign that you need to watch your health. Not everything that’s on sale at your local grocery is good for your health.

#11 – Dream of Cutting Your Son’s Hair

Your hard work and positive attitude are gradually bringing to the life you’ve always wanted. This dream encourages you to keep going strong.

Success is just around the corner.

#12 – Dream of Cutting Your Daughter’s Hair

Someone in your family could be in trouble. You need to carefully monitor your family members for behavior change.

Also, keep a close watch on their health.

#13 – Dream of Cutting Your Hair by Yourself

This dream indicates that you are going about things the wrong way. It could be that you are stuck in a career that does not make you happy.

This dream suggests that you need to pursue things that make your life more meaningful.

#14 – Dream of Gifting Someone Your Cut Hair

This dream is common amongst people that pride themselves on having long, beautiful hair. It is a sign of your high self-esteem and success.

It encourages you to share your blessings with others in your community.

#15 – Dream of Being Gifted Hair by a Stranger

This is an ill omen. Someone is out to tarnish your name by spreading rumors about you. Well; you don’t have to listen to everything people say about you.

You have to be strong enough to maintain your focus and prove your detractors wrong.

#16 – Dream of Cutting a Stranger’s Hair

A close friend is in trouble. They have found themselves in unfamiliar territory, and they don’t know how to proceed.

This dream calls on you to reach out to your friends and relatives. Find out how they are doing.

#17 – Dream of Cutting Hair Halfway

You have allowed other people to meddle in your life. You have to bring this to a stop if you hope to maintain focus on the important things in life.

Otherwise, most of these people will misguide you to failure and ruin.

#18 – Dream of Cutting Your Enemy’s Hair

This is a warning. Watch out whom you associate with. Not everyone that comes into your life has your best interests at heart.

Some will be driven by jealousy to destroy you.

#19 – Dream of Cutting Your Partner’s Hair

You are worried that a certain matter you have been pursuing will not go according to plan. Maybe, it’s time you re-strategize and looked into new ways of bringing this matter to fruition.

#20 – Dream of Your Hairdresser Visiting Your Home

You are charismatic and generous, and this endears you to many people. Many of them have no problem confiding in you.

This dream suggests that you should be keen not to break this trust.

#21 – Dream of Cutting Pubic Hair

If you are in a loving relationship, this dream suggests that you should do everything in your power to nurture it.

#22 – Dream of Cutting Your Dog’s or Cat’s Hair

This is a sign that you are keen on matters to do with hygiene and good grooming. Keep it up!

#23 – Dream of Cutting Your Hair at Night

This dream is a heads-up that you will soon experience some nasty upheavals. You need to get ready for these challenges to deal with them in the best way possible.

#24 – Dream of Cutting Your Hair During the Day

Things on your financial front are finally looking up. You are not out of the woods yet, so you have to keep making prudent financial moves.

This dream encourages you to choose your investments carefully. Avoid those schemes that promise overnight success.

They are fronts for scammers.

#25 – Dream of Being Handled Roughly by Hairdresser While Cutting Hair

Although you have brilliant ideas that can make your community better, some people will oppose them for the heck of it.

This dream tells you that you have hidden enemies. As such, you must be very careful whom you confide in.

Not everyone you come across is to be trusted with your ideas and secrets.

#26 – Dream of Married Woman’s Hair Being Cut

This is a sign that your partner, male or female, is being lured into an illicit affair. You need to be very cautious going forward not to be involved in nasty fights with your husband.

This is a good time to put your diplomatic skills to good use.

#27 – Dream of a Pregnant Woman’s Hair Being Cut

This is a sign that you will get lucky. The tide of fortune and wealth is on your life path. As such, you will record impressive achievements in your personal and professional life.

#28 – Dream of Your Hair Being Cut by Your Partner

Something’s not right in your relationship. It could be that you have been too busy with hardly any time to spare for your partner.

Or, it could be that their attention is distracted by other things and you feel neglected.

#29 – Dream of Your Hair Being Cut by Your Partner’s Enemy

You are in big trouble. Someone is working behind the scenes to ensure your love life crumbles. Be very careful with whom you share your intimate details about your romantic life.

#30 – Dream of Cutting Your Hair with a Knife

This dream indicates that you need to move away from toxic people and situations.

It reminds you that you are a pure soul, and you should have nothing to do with anyone or anything that fills you with negativity.

#31 – Dream of Cutting Your Father’s Hair

You are too nosy in your parent’s affairs. This dream urges you to stop meddling in things that don’t concern you.

Leave your parents in peace, and let them lead the life that makes them happy. Remember, you have your own life to run.

#32 – Dream of Cutting Your Mother’s Hair

You miss home and you have never accepted the fact that you have to leave to go to college or work. This dream encourages you to embrace your independence and individuality.

It is a sign that you need to carve your own path in this world.

#33 – Dream of Cutting All of Your Body Hair

This dream is drawing attention to your finances. You’ll experience massive losses unless you take quick action to mitigate this.

You need to keep a close watch on your money and investments. If something doesn’t seem right, don’t hesitate to move your money or change your investment.

#34 – Dream of Your Boss Cutting Your Hair

Your boss has been keen on your work in recent days. If this dream made you happy, it means that your work has been impressive and your boss is happy.

If this dream makes you uncomfortable, however, it shows that things are not going very well for you at the workplace.

#35 – Dream of Cutting Your Boss’ Hair

You feel that your boss is not keen on following acceptable labor practices. You feel aggrieved by the way you are being treated at the workplace.


Have you experienced a dream about cutting hair recently? How does it make you feel? Who else was involved in the dream and what was their role?

What other concepts were at play in this dream?

The answers to these questions will provide you with a good idea of the symbolic importance of your cutting hair dream.

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