Dreaming About Your Crush Meaning and Symbolism

Are you interested in Dreaming About Your Crush Meaning? Then this guide is for you!

Dreaming about your current crush is likely to bring good memories. This dream is likely to highlight the good times you’ve shared with this person.

It is a sign that your relationship will grow stronger, and that you’ll have many reasons to celebrate as love partners.

Dream about your crush carries messages that respond to your life situations and circumstances.

Generally speaking, dreaming about your crush is a reflection of your feelings. It talks about the unique circumstances you are going through, and what you can do to overcome them.

Here’s a look at some common crush dreams and their meanings:


Specific Dreaming About Your Crush Dream Meanings

#1 – Dream of Meeting an Old Crush

If you are on good terms with your old crush, this dream means progress. You will experience a series of lucky events that will bring you closer to your goals and dreams.

This dream tells you that new opportunities are soon knocking on your door. This is the chance you’ve been waiting for to show the world what you are truly capable of.

If you are on bad terms with your old crush, however, this dream indicates that you are in a rut. You are trying hard to extricate yourself but you can’t see to achieve much.

This is your cue to seek help.

#2 – Dream of Crushing on Same Gender

In this dream, you crush on someone of your gender. This is a sign that you need to infuse new energies into your life.

This dream calls on you to open your eyes to the opportunities around you. Some of the opportunities you’ve been looking down on will open doors for you.

#3 – Dream of Kissing Your Crush

This is a sign that you suffer from a lack of love and affection. You desire to be more intimate and passionate with your partner.

It could also mean that you long for your partner’s kiss. You are constantly thinking about making love to your partner.

Well; it’s always wise to listen to your heart.

#4 – Dream of Your Celebrity Crush

This is a sign that you admire a certain high-profile person. You wish you could get to know them better.

In your search for the ideal partner, you’ll look for someone whose qualities match those of your celebrity crush.

This dream could also mean that you are looking for fulfillment in some area of your life.

#5 – Dream of Re-Uniting with Your Ex-Crush

This dream indicates that you feel remorseful about some mistakes you made in the past. You have seen the need to make peace with those you have wronged.

This is a good move considering that you’ve been unable to move forward because of baggage from your past.

#6 – Dream of Your Crush Falling Madly in Love with You

This is a fulfillment of your most dear dreams. You have been fantasizing about your crush falling for you for some time now.

This dream confirms that this can become your reality. You need to keep pushing to achieve your goals and dreams.

Where your crush is concerned all possibilities are on the table. You’ll achieve your goals if you are positively motivated.

#7 – Dream of Someone Crushing on You

This is a sign of self-love. You hold yourself in high regard, and you won’t allow anything to put you down.

This dream encourages you to use your skills and talents to make life happen. You don’t have to wait for a miracle to achieve your goals – you are the miracle.

You have the resources to enjoy life to the fullest. Go ahead to courageously unleash your full potential.

#8 – Dreaming of your Crush Repeatedly

This dream exposes your deep-seated desire to be with this person. You can’t stop thinking about them, and you wish they’d feel the same way for you.

Well, you never know. Let your crush know what you feel about them – and move with the flow from there.

#9 – Dream of Crushing on a Stranger

You are becoming more and more self-aware. This dream encourages you to keep paying attention to your inner being.

It also reminds you that your thoughts have power. You become who you constantly think you are. For example, if you always think yourself a failure, you tend to attract negative energies.

You end up not meeting your targets.

The reverse is also true. Those who are driven by a winning mentality are achievers. They attract positive energies with ease.

#10 – Dream of Being Ignored by Your Crush

You are reeling under the effect of rejection. It could be that some people you expected to be there for you have refused to stand with you.

You feel lonely and unwanted.

This dream challenges you to find out the source of your psychological issues. You’ll discover that they are likely rooted in your childhood.

#11 – Dream of Your Crush’s Death

This dream is likely to be a nightmare. It may leave you confused and thoroughly shaken.

According to dream symbologists, this dream indicates that you are slowly losing interest in your partner.

Your heart no longer leaps in joy every time you see this person. Do you think it’s time to move on?

#12 – Dream of Being Too Shy to Approach Your Crush

Are you in touch with your strengths and shortcomings? Do you know how to deploy them to your advantage?

This dream indicates that you are too scared to pursue your goals. You have this misplaced notion that everything you pursue will end in failure.

You need to have faith in yourself. You have the gifts and abilities to make your life colorful.

#13 – Dream of Crushing on Your Teacher

This dream is likely to occur to a college student or a teenager. It can be quite confusing especially if you have no romantic feelings for the teacher in question.

Symbolically, dreaming of having a crush on your teacher means that you are moving in the right direction.

It’s a confirmation that you are using the lessons from your past experiences to good use.

#14 – Dream of Making Wild Love to Your Crush

On the simplest level, this dream means that you want to have sex with your crush. This is more so if you find yourself thinking about them most of the time.

On another level, it indicates that you want to make your love relationship stronger and healthier. You want your partner to feel well cared for.

#15 – Dream of Being Unable to Reach Your Crush

In this dream, you can’t get in touch with your crush no matter how much you try. They have moved homes, and their phone goes unanswered.

They also don’t reply to your emails.

This is a sign of spiritual depravity. When last did you engage in activities that promote your spiritual health?

#16 – Dream of Quarrelling with Your Crush

Now, this is not good news.

It means that you are wasting time on someone that doesn’t love you. No matter how much you try, this person will never acknowledge you as a worthy partner.

This dream reminds you not to keep flogging a dead horse. It’s time to move on to something better. The Universe has a lot in store for you.

#17 – Dream of Crushing on Your Friend’s Parent

You’ve not had a very stable childhood, and you’d like someone older to guide and advise you. This dream shows that you are confused about the next steps in your life.

This is a good time to seek the counsel of your mentors or elders.

#18 – Dream of Nose Bleeding in Front of Your Crush

You have been pinned down by low self-esteem. You can seem to do anything right because you keep stepping on other people’s toes.

Your clumsiness is due to a lack of confidence. To move forward, you first need to sort the inner person.

#19 – Dream of Going Out with Your Crush

Dreaming about going out with your crush means that you have a lot of hope on them. You feel you’ll have a long, happy life together.

This dream also indicates your readiness to make your relationship work. You understand that a successful love partnership does not just happen.

It is made through careful nurturing.

#20 – Dream of Receiving a Call from Your Crush

Dreaming of your text communicating with you via calls, texts, or social media means you long to be in a stable relationship with them.

It could be that they have not made their mind about you, and you so desperately want them to.

#21 – Dream of Your Crush Being with Your Rival

This dream indicates that you are not so sure about your crush. You are confused as to whether to move on with it.

When it comes to matters of love, listen to your heart. It will never misguide you.


It’s common for most people to dream about their crush. This dream usually points to your emotions and how you’re handling them.

Having a crush on someone means that your thoughts are constantly on what you’d like to achieve in life.

It could be that you want to be together with this person. Or, it could be something else – totally unrelated to your love life.

Dreaming about your crush carries important messages from your subconscious. As such, it’s important that you pay close attention to the details presented in this dream.

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