Are you interested in Egg Dream Meaning? Then this guide is for you!

People who have an egg dream can look forward to a life of plenty. Dreaming about eggs stands for hope, new beginnings, wealth, and fertility.

This dream encourages you to embrace change and the life cycles you’ll have to go through during your time in this world.

You are likely to have his dream when you find yourself at crossroads. You are wondering what lies ahead and what you should do to reap maximum benefits from it.

This dream could also mean that you desire to re-evaluate your past to make better decisions about your present and future.


Here’s a look at some common egg dreams and their meanings:

Some Specific Egg Dream Meanings

#1 – Dream of Trading in Eggs

If you dream that you are buying eggs to sell them for profit, it means that you are keen on your investments.

This is good, for you are unlikely to get involved in shady deals and questionable investment schemes.

#2 – Dream of Egg Shells

This dream encourages you to have a personal space where you can retreat occasionally to listen to your inner being.

It also means that you should not allow other people to invade your privacy.

#3 – Dream of Stealing Eggs

People are avoiding you because of your anti-social behavior. For example, you tend to take advantage of others to advance your own causes.

#4 – Dream of Throwing Eggs

Watch what you say or what you do. Your words and actions have power, and they can cause real damage if they are misplaced.

This dream tells you to mind the feelings or emotions of those close to you.

#5 – Dream of Walking on Egg Shells

You are quite fragile emotionally, and you should not expose yourself to situations that will break your heart.

It could also mean that you choose your friends wisely. Associate with those who want to see you grow.

#6 – Dream of Carrying Eggs

You carry an important vision about your future and the future of your loved ones. Go ahead and boldly implement this vision.

This dream suggests that you will face opposition as you go about this. You need to be courageous as well as confident as you implement your vision.

#7 – Dream of Eggs Falling on the Floor

Avoid acting in haste when it comes to the important things in your life. otherwise, you may make the wrong decisions that could result in long-term loss.

#8 – Dream of Eating Eggs

This is a pointer to your many skills and talents. You are creative, intelligent, and wise. This dream encourages you to use these stellar qualities to turn your life around.

Your ideas are sought after in your community. As such, you must be bold enough to air your opinions on crucial matters.

#9 – Dream of Pre-Mixed Eggs

If you dream about eggs that are beat, it means that you are hiding some aspects of your personality from the world.

This can be either a good or bad thing; it all depends on your intention and its impact on the world around you.

#10 – Dream of Egg Whites

Create strong social and professional networks that you can lean on when the going gets tough. Although you are richly endowed with skills and talents, you cannot succeed on your own.

You need to reach out to others if you hope to unleash your full potential.

#11 – Dream of Egg Yolks

This dream refers to your intimate life. It encourages you to conduct yourself with honor and integrity even when you are doing things away from the public limelight.

#12 – Dream of Clearing Broken Shells

The actions you did in the past have followed you to the present. This dream suggests that you decisively handle the consequences.

This will ensure that you don’t see the same problems in the future.

#13 – Dream of Scrambled Eggs

If you see a scrambled egg (or dream of scrambling one) in your dreams, it shows commitment. You are being encouraged to show commitment and dedication to your ideals in life.

Be true to your family, friends, and other partnerships you have formed.

#14 – Dream of Cooking Eggs

This dream tells you to expect some good news. Something is about to happen that will positively transform the way you view the world.

It could also mean that your life is about to change for the better.

#15 – Dream of Peeling Hard-Boiled Eggs

Some aspects of your life seem to be running out of control. You need to have a critical look at your life and see where things are going wrong.

This dream suggests that you are too hasty in decision-making, and you need to do something about this.

#16 – Dream of Laying an Egg

This is a sign that you tend to procrastinate too much. This is a dangerous trend, for it will deny you the peace and happiness you seek to achieve in this life.

You’ll never really settle when you keep postponing your goals and dreams. This dream suggests that you need to act promptly on all your plans – time is limited, you know!

#17 – Dream of Cracking an Egg

This dream suggests that you need to cast your eyes further beyond the horizon. Many great opportunities await you if you are willing to move out of your comfort zone and face the world.

Get out of your shell and boldly embrace what the Universe presents.

#18 – Dream of Eggs Hatching

You are on the right course to achieving your goals. Your faithfulness to your values and personal truths is finally paying off.

This dream encourages you to maintain this course, for success is just around the corner.

#19 – Dream of a Tray of Eggs

Your ideas and thoughts are on point. You are good at making decisions related to your finances and material possession.

If you continue this way, you’ll establish a very comfortable life for yourself and your loved ones.

#20 – Dream of a Basketful of Eggs

You are keen to make the right investments to cushion your retirement years. This dream underscores the importance of making long-term investments.

Secure your future and that of your loved ones by making prudent financial plans.

#21 – Dream of a Nest Filled with Eggs

This dream strongly suggests that you create a strong financial net as it will come in handy in the days ahead.

#22 – Dream of Spider Eggs

Some unscrupulous people in your life are out to take advantage of your situation. If you are going through a rough period, be keen on whose help you accept.

Be watchful for people that are out to manipulate you to their advantage.

#23 – Dream of Bird Eggs

This meaning of this dream largely depends on the type of bird we are talking about here, and how you view it in your waking life.

Generally, this dream indicates your desire to soar high; to achieve the highest level of growth and development.

It suggests that you need to nurture your talents to achieve this.

#24 – Dream of Fish Eggs

Your ideas and dreams are very much valid, and you should not discard them because of the hardships and setbacks you’ll face.

This dream is all about patience, flexibility, and persistence. You need to embrace these qualities as you go about your goals and dreams.

#25 – Dream of Snake Eggs

You are afraid of making any meaningful moves in life because of some painful past experiences. This fear is getting in the way of your goals and plans.

This dream suggests that you need to let go of the past. Deal with any pending issues from your past so that you can pay full attention to your present and future.

#26 – Dream of Crocodile Eggs

Someone close to you will conduct themselves dishonestly and taint your name in the process. This could be one of your employees if you run a business.

Or, it could be a close friend that you have come to trust with your secrets.

Either way, you should be ready to do damage control after the fact.

#27 – Dream of Turtle Egg

Your attitude and conduct are stifling your growth. Your chances of achieving your targets are becoming slimmer and slimmer as the days go by.

This dream opens your eyes to the need to change your ways. If you desire to turn your life around, you must embrace positivity.

#28 – Dream of Goose Eggs

This dream warns you of the dangers of acting without a second thought. Take your time to consider how your words and thoughts affect others.

It’s also a reminder that your actions have consequences.

#29 – Dream of Dragon Eggs

In this dream, you see or handle giant eggs belonging to the dragon. This means that your goals, no matter how big, should not scare you.

It confirms that you have the resources to achieve these goals, and nothing should deter you from your chosen path.

#30 – Dream of Dinosaur Eggs

Since dinosaurs are extinct, you are likely to have this dream if you have come across these giant creatures in moves, dinosaur-themed parks, or in written literature.

This dream tells you to take risks. However, don’t just take risks for the sake of it. your risks should be calculated and well-thought-out.

#31 – Dream of Quail Egg

Your efforts and positive attitude will empower you to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle in the days to come. All the same, remember to share your blessings as you look forward to better days ahead.

#32 – Dream of Duck Eggs

This dream suggests wealth, prosperity, and abundance. Good things will happen to you soon.

#33 – Dream of Ostrich Eggs

Try as you may, you can’t seem to make much headway accomplishing your plans. This is because some problems you avoided tackling in the past are pulling you back.

This dream suggests that you iron out any pending issues from your past. Only then will you be able to fully concentrate on the future.


Dreaming about eggs usually carries positive meanings. However, as with all dreams, the meaning of the egg dream depends on several factors.

For example; what does the egg in your dream look like? What is its size, color, and origin? What were you doing with it – eating, cooking, or just handling it?

What do you feel about this particular dream?

Paying attention to these – and other – details guides you on the correct interpretation of your egg dream.

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