Eyes Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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It’s often said that the eyes are the windows to our souls. This is taken to mean that your eyes help you to understand the principles of life.

As such, it is quite a significant thing when you see your eyes – or someone else’s eyes – in your dream.

Dreaming of eyes has different meanings. It all depends on your personal circumstances and the issues you are grappling with in your waking life.

It also depends on the color or type of eyes you are dealing with in your dream.

This dream indicates what you desire to admit or cast out of your life. It can draw attention to your interconnectedness with the various elements in your environment.

What you see in this dream prepares you for what lies ahead. It advises you on the changes you need to make to elevate your life.


What’s the General Meaning of Eyes Dreams?

It’s important that you contextualize the dream to fully understand its meaning in your life.

Generally, an eyes dream indicates a deeper connection and reflection with the spiritual world.

Through this dream, your subconscious is asking you to take positive action about your life. There are certain things you are reluctant to do, yet you need to do them to move your life forward.

This dream also asks you to put your knowledge and wisdom to good use.

These gifts are supposed to help you make positive decisions about your life and the lives of your loved ones.

Dreaming about eyes can carry a subtle warning. This dream asks you to choose wisely the kind of people you admit into your life.

Not everyone deserves your trust and confidence. You’d better form a habit of looking out for your interests.

A dream involving eyes calls on you to trust your instincts.


Some Specific Eyes Dream Meanings

#1 – Dream of Green Eyes

The color green is often associated with deceit, lies, and jealousy. That’s where the phrase ‘green with envy’ is coined.

This dream could be an indicator of a turbulent relationship. Likely, things in your love life are not rosy.

There are fears of disloyalty and mistrust. This dream calls on you to take action to remedy this.

#2 – Dream of Blue Eyes

Blue eyes symbolize romance, longing, and love. This dream indicates you long to see your partner, family, or friend.

They have likely been away from you for long. This dream alerts you that they are about to re-enter your life.

#3 – Dreams of Brown eyes

This dream indicates filial love and care. You are being alerted about the warmth coming from your family and loved ones.

Be careful not to treat those who love you badly. This dream encourages you to perpetuate positivity in the family.

#4 – Dream of Looking Deeply into Someone’s Eyes

This indicates that you have met – or will soon meet – someone with whom you share a mutual understanding.

This dream gives you the green light if you are considering getting into a joint venture with this person.

It is a sign of trust and progress.

#5 – Dream of Blood from Eyes

This dream is a warning of impending trouble at the workplace. You are being asked to tread carefully and to proactively deal with any difficulties that may crop up.

#6 – Dream of Bloody Eyes

Likely, you have surrounded yourself with toxicity. This dream challenges you to break free from toxic situations.

It’s time to get rid of all the negative things in your life.

#7 – Dream of Closed Eyes

A dream of closed eyes indicates that you will soon receive good news. Get ready for this, for this news will come with great opportunities for growth and development.

#8 – Dreaming of the Object of Your Passion

This means that your partner could be keeping some secrets from you.

Although they think that they are doing this for your own good, it could lead to problems in your relationship.

#9 – Dream of Vision Loss

This dream carries a powerful message about loss or failure. It encourages you to take the measures necessary to ward off any negative influences from your life.

Although this dream can be scary, it asks you to take action to make things better.

#10 – Dream of Black Eyes

If you see black eyes in your dream, it means that you need to watch out for false friends. Not everyone in your life wants to see you grow.

Be on the look-out for two-faced friends and unscrupulous partners.

#11 – Dream of Gray Eyes

This dream asks you to be wary of flattering speeches and unwarranted praises. Don’t believe everything that people say about you.

Have a standard that you can hold yourself up to.

#12 – Dream of Red Eyes

You need to take a break from your busy schedule. This dream indicates that you are extremely fatigued and you need to take a vacation.

#13 – Dream of Eyes of Different Colors

This is an indicator that you could be losing control in the home. This is more so if you have teenage children who have turned rebellious.

This dream asks you to re-assert parental control in the best way possible.

It could also mean that you feel betrayed by your partner or another family member.

#14 – Dream of Big Eyes

This is an indicator of good times to come. This dream asks you to be prepared for a windfall. You are on the right course to getting an inheritance, wealth, and prosperity.

#15 – Dream of Gouged Eyes

If you saw someone with gouged eyes in your dream, it means that you may experience some form of loss in the near future.

If you personally gouged out your eyes in the dream, it means that some of your habits and behavior are wanting.

You need to change to fit in your community.

#16 – Dream of Bruise Under the Eye

Someone is out to publicly humiliate you. This dream asks you to remain firm on your values and principles.

Do not allow anyone to make you compromise your dignity.

#17 – Dream of Seeing with Borrowed Eyes

If you are seeing with eyes that are not your own, it means that you are faced with uncertainties. You feel confused and lost.

This dream alerts you to reach out for support.

#18 – Dream of Sore, Lifeless, and Dull Eyes

This dream indicates that some bad omen is creeping into your life. It may affect your finances, health, career, and relationship.

This asks you to take measures to safeguard yourself against any form of trouble.

#19 – Dream of Meeting a Blind Person

This dream is indicative of separation in the family. It could also mean the end of a business partnership. You need to prepare for this transition.

#20 – Dream of Seeing Beautiful, Kind Eyes

You long to create a strong, healthy, and stable love connection. This dream opens your eyes to the possibilities in your love life.

#21 – Dream of Worms in the Eyes

This dream indicates that there will get into great trouble if you continue postponing doing important activities.

This dream encourages you to be proactive.

#22 – Dream of Three Eyes

There will be an increase or expansion in your family. If you have been looking to have a baby, this is the time to go for it.

What’s the Spiritual Interpretation of Eyes Dreams?

Dreaming about eyes has a powerful symbolic meaning. It’s important that you decipher your dream concerning the circumstances in your life.

If the eyes are the most important feature in your dream, think of what they could be telling you about yourself.

They may also be communicating an important message about your loved ones and your environment.

Most dreams about eyes talk of the changes you need to make to take your life to the next level. This dream opens your mind’s eye to the possibilities in your life.

Also, the dream about eyes touches on your professional and personal visions. It reminds you to remain focused on your goals and plans.

Try to connect this dream with what you are supposed to be doing to make your life better. You will realize that you have all the skills and talents to achieve your goals and dreams.

What’s the Hidden Meaning of Eyes Dreams?

Eyes enable us to perceive the world through the gift of sight. They help you to make sound judgments based on what you see in your environment.

In the same way, eyes dream empowers you to see your situations as they truly are.

This is a gift that enables you to make decisions based on your personal truths and beliefs. When you experience an eyes dream, it means that you have come to a point of realization.

This dream encourages you to deal with the issues you have been avoiding. In other words, it makes you to ‘open your eyes’ to what’s going on in your life.

Dreaming of eyes indicates that you are curious to see what lies ahead. It gives you the motivation to keep moving on towards your goals.



Some dreams can be confusing – they leave us seeking more answers than they provide us with solutions.

Eyes dream is one of the easiest dreams you can decipher. This is because it has a close bearing on your intentions, thoughts, plans, and goals.

This dream is meant to help you question your line of thought and action.

It empowers you to have a clear understanding of your circumstances as you navigate through life.

Generally, this dream empowers you to ‘see‘ your life from an elevated perspective. Things that are usually closed to you in your waking life are brought to life.

Dreaming of eyes prepares you for the difficult times ahead. In essence, this empowers you to live your life to the fullest.

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