Are you interested in Ferret Dream Meaning? Then this guide is for you!

Your ferret dream draws attention to important issues in your life. This dream calls on you to pay close attention to things that have a bearing on your future.

Also, a ferret dream warns you of false friends. It exposes deep-seated trust issues between you and someone close to you.

This dream warns you against sharing your secrets with just about anyone. Some people in your life are pretending to be good, while all they want is your downfall.

Keep an eye out for two-faced friends. These are the kind of people that sing your praises in your presence, but are quick to stab you once you turn your back.

Having a ferret dream confirms that you are destined for greatness. To possess this promise, however, you must be ready to overcome the challenges on your path.

This entails keeping an eye out for what’s happening in your environment, and reacting promptly when called upon to do so.

Here’s a look at some common ferret dreams and their meanings:


Specific Ferret Dream Meanings

#1 – Dream of Seeing a Ferret

This is a sign of luck and good fortune. If things have not been going your way lately, this dream alerts you that the tide is about to change for the better.

You’ll soon be debt-free.

#2 – Dream of Catching a Ferret

This dream shows that your relationship with your neighbors will deteriorate. This is a heads-up that you need to be more proactive in conflict resolution.

You had this dream because you are in a unique position to make your neighbors agree to co-exist.

#3 – Dream of Hunting a Ferret

Why do you waste your time on things that add no value to your existence?

This dream shows that although you are determined, persistent, and aggressive, you go about this the wrong way.

You need to apply use qualities in pursuing things that add value to your existence.

#4 – Dream of Ferret Running Away

In this dream, a ferret runs away from you as you approach it. This means that someone intends to harm you.

You’d better be very careful with the people you are dealing with – particularly if there’s someone whose intentions are not very clear.

#5 – Dream of a Ferret Approaching

Something will happen to put you in touch with your realities. You’ll be shaken to the core, and you’ll see the need to build a firm foundation for yourself and your loved ones.

Also, this dream tells you that you are important. Regardless of what other people tell you, know that you have a special place under the sun.

#6 – Dream of Meeting a Hunter of Ferrets

You’ll soon get the help you need to expand your business.

Do you need someone with more financial expertise than you? Such a person is close by, and they are looking to partner with you for increased profits.

This dream encourages you to seek help when you need it.

#7 – Dream of Feeding a Ferret

You’ll soon meet a true friend: someone who’ll stand with you through thick and thin. This person will help you sail through your worst crises.

They will be there during the most important occasions of your life.

#8 – Dream of Someone Else Feeding a Ferret

Your skills and talents are needed to help sort out an issue in your neighborhood. It could be that one of your acquaintances is stuck; unable to move on.

This dream calls on you to step in and build their confidence. Guide the people in your life to believe in their own abilities.

#9 – Dream of Fostering a Ferret

In this dream, you have taken a ferret as your pet. This indicates that you are unique. You have many special qualities – and you don’t fear flaunting them.

This is okay as long as everything you do adds glory and honor to your name. Your thoughts, words, and actions should build your character, not destroy it.

#10 – Dream of Ferret Licking Your Face

Many of your so-called friends are sycophants. They will keep heaping praises on you even when you go wrong.

They associate with you to benefit from your good name and solid reputation. Sadly, you won’t see them around should things get bad for you.

#11 – Dream of Ferret Licking Your Hands

This is a sign that you’ll get many opportunities to do something for your community.

If there’s a project you’ve always wanted to start but you didn’t know how to go about it, this dream shows you the way.

It tells you to align your skills and talents with the needs of your community. In so doing, you’ll realize you are living your purpose in this world.

Fulfilling your purpose is your most important project, and you can’t substitute it for anything else.

#12 – Dream of Running Away from a Ferret

Do you feel that you work too hard with little or nothing to show for it? This dream tells you to get rid of all negative energies.

Knowingly or unknowingly, you have surrounded yourself with toxic energy. Some of the people that hang around you don’t want to see you prosper.

Their intention is to know your secrets so that they can bring you down.

#13 – Dream of Chasing a Ferret

You have a genuine interest in people. You desire to know all about their hopes and dreams. This dream calls on you to use your innate gifts to help others deal with their fears and worries.

Your unique understanding of people will come in handy in resolving personal and collective conflicts.

All the same, you must take care that some people don’t take advantage of your gifts. Some believe you are naïve, and they may try to use this against you.

#14 – Dream of Your Friend Chasing a Ferret

Not everyone is as honest as they are meant to be. Take the friend in your dream, for example. They pretend to be very close to you yet they are the first ones to sell you out to your enemy.

This dream calls on you to vet your friends carefully. Not everyone that claims to love you actually does.

#15 – Dream of Someone Chasing a Ferret Away

This dream shows that you have made a partnership with the most unlikely character. Your goals are not aligned and rarely do you read issues from the same script.

You need to do something about this relationship before it blows up on your face.

#16 – Dream of Being Attacked by a Ferret

Someone close to you wants to take unfair advantage of you. They want to provoke you into doing something that will soil your good reputation.

Since they have nothing much to lose, they are willing to confront you into getting into a fight with them.

This will give them a platform to attack you even further.

#17 – Dream of a Ferret Attacking Your Loved Ones

You have a sacred responsibility to protect your loved ones. This dream encourages you to be there for those who look up to you.

Be ready to stand up for your partner should they need you to defend them. You can be sure that your efforts will not be in vain.

#18 – Dream of Seeing a Wounded Ferret

This dream tells you that your problems are not as big as they seem. As such, you should not avoid them.

You have all the resources to deal with whatever life throws your way. For example, you are determined, focused, and intelligent.

Also, you have a big pool of genuine friends, mentors, and professionals that you can turn to for assistance.

#19 – Dream of Wounding a Ferret

This is a sign of encouragement. You have done well for yourself so far. It’s commendable how you have dealt with some of the toughest challenges in your life.

But, you are not yet done. You have a long way to go before you achieve all your goals. As such, you must keep working hard with your dreams firmly fixed in your mind.

Dreaming of wounding a ferret means that you should work with a single purpose of mind.

#20 – Dream of Killing a Ferret

Do you sometimes feel stuck and directionless? You have wonderful resources that you can turn to during such moments: your intuition and inner wisdom.

This dream calls on you to rely on these powerful tools in making critical decisions. This way, you can never go wrong.

#21 – Dream of a White Ferret

This means you’ll lose something or someone close to your heart. This means that you should pay very close attention to your loved ones – even your pets.

Also, keep a close eye on your financial affairs. Your prompt intervention could save the day.

#22 – Dream of a Black Ferret

This is a sign that you are worried or scared about something. Your dream shows that you have been handling some pretty heavy emotional stuff, and this is taking its toll on you.

You must get to the source of your worries to resolve them bottom-up.

#23 – Dream of a Dead Ferret

Soon, you’ll get a chance to handle all the issues that have been giving you sleepless nights. You’ll receive a fresh, unexpected boost of support from someone.

It could be that your mentor will step up and guide you during this trying period of your life.

Or, it could be that your boss will allocate you more resources to handle the work-related issues you’ve been battling with.

It could even be that your partner finally makes sense of what you have been telling them all along.

This dream predicts happy times ahead.

#24 – Dream of Seeing a Caged Ferret

This dream calls on you to use your inborn intelligence and wit to out-maneuver your enemies. Being the wiser person, you have what it takes to expose your rivals for the evil they represent.

#25 – Dream of a Ferret in Your Bed

This is a sign of betrayal. Someone close to you will turn their back on you when you need them most. This will be so painful that it will force you to be very picky concerning friends and associates.


What are your goals and dreams in this life? A ferret dream wants you to focus on the important aspects of your life.

Your world is replete with many distractions and detractors. You must make a point of maintaining focus on what truly matters for you and your loved ones.

Also, this dream asks you to understand events at a deeper level. You’ll realize that some things are not always as they appear.

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