Fish Swimming Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Are you interested in Fish Swimming Dream Meaning? Then this guide is for you!

The dream interpretation of fish swimming is both positive and negative. However, most people derive positive meanings from these dreams.

To fully understand your fish swimming dream, take into account what happens in it. What sizes, colors, and types of fish are we talking about?

Generally, how do you feel about the dream? Which area of your life do you think it touches on?


Some Specific Fish Swimming Dream Meanings

#1 – Dream of Fish Swimming in Clear Water

Dreaming of fish swimming in clear water indicates your future is bright. You are sure of what you need to do and you are well motivated to do it.

This dream encourages you to stay the course.

#2 – Dream of Fish Swimming in Muddy Water

You are going through a tough phase in your life. This dream asks you to maintain your positivity; your challenges will soon come to an end.

This dream could also be a pointer to uncertainty in your financial standing. Perhaps, you invested in some ventures that are not doing as well as you’d hoped they would.

#3 – Dream of Fish Swimming in a Fish Tank

Although you have some great ideas, you don’t allow them to see the light of day. Whether this is out of fear or a lack of commitment, you need to overcome it.

There’s much you can accomplish in your community by sharing your thoughts and ideas with others.

#4 – Dream of Colorful Fishes Swimming

Look to the future with hope and great expectation. The good work you have been doing is slowly opening a world of possibilities for you and your loved ones.

Also, this dream indicates that the life ahead is full of excitement and color.

#5 – Dream of Dead Fish Swimming

This is a warning. Be on the lookout for possible problems in your family, health, or finances. It could be that an unfortunate event will turn your loved ones against you.

Or, a health condition that has been lying hidden will flare up and put you into trouble. It could also be that some investments you recently made are not going according to plan.

#6 – Dream of a School of Fish Swimming

This is a sign of wealth, abundance, and growth. You’ll soon be happy and content with the rewards that are about to stream in.

Your investments are finally paying off and you have no reason to regret having chosen to put your money into risky ventures.

In matters of the heart, this dream indicates that your relationship is making headway.

#7 – Dream of Swimming with Fish

If you see yourself swimming with fish in your dream, it shows you’ll go through some trying times in the days ahead.

But you will come out of this period unscathed if you rely on your skills and talents to maneuver. The challenges ahead are solvable if you don’t panic.

#8 – Dream of Fish Swimming in an Aquarium

You keep thinking about things you have not accomplished and missed opportunities. This dream encourages you to stop living in the past and start living in the present.

Your dreams are still very much valid if you have a positive mindset.

#9 – Dream of a Huge Fish Swimming

This is a sign that you’ll go through some major changes that will destabilize your current life. While this may sound scary, it is actually a good thing.

Change comes with great opportunities to transform your life for the better. The bigger the change; the better for you.

#10 – Dream of Fish Swimming During Pregnancy

This dream draws attention to your love for your family. It is a good thing you are responsible for those who look up to you.

The little things you do for them go a long way in improving the quality of their lives. Keep up the good work.

#11 – Dream of Fish Swimming on Land

Well, this can only happen in the hallowed world of dreams! It means that you feel lost, rejected, and alone.

The people who once understood and supported you no longer seem to care. This dream suggests the need to seek help from a counseling expert or a spiritual minister.

#12 – Dream of Fish Swimming Against the Current

This is a sign of your determination to win against all odds.

You know what needs to be done to turn the tide in your favor, and you are willing to pull all the stops to see it done.

This dream reminds you that your greatest potential for growth lies in adversity.

#13 – Dream of a Black Fish Swimming

Try to pursue as many things as you can to discover your true calling in this life.

It is only when you attempt everything around you that you understand what you are truly capable of achieving.

Also, this dream asks you not to allow your life situation and circumstances to limit your dream.

#14 – Dream of Fish Swimming in a River

For good health, ensure that you eat a well-balanced diet. It is often said that you are what you eat. This is very true as far as your health is concerned.

Put your health concerns first when it comes to the right choice of diet for yourself and your family.

#15 – Dream of Fish Swimming in a Lake

Your prayers for growth and expansion have been heard, and the Universe will soon start responding to them.

This tells you to get ready to accommodate an influx of abundance in your life. Get rid of any form of negativity that may cloud your judgment at this time.

#16 – Dream of Fish Swimming in an Ocean

This is a good omen. It indicates that your efforts and positive attitude will enable you to achieve the results you seek.

Keep working hard with your personal and professional goals in mind. The more you keep pushing yourself; the more you attract positive energies into your life.

#17 – Dream of Fish Swimming Upstream

This dream foretells important news coming your way. Likely, something you have been working hard to achieve is about to mature.

This dream calls on you to align your thoughts and feelings to the upcoming success. After all, you’ll be able to retain this success only if you are well equipped to handle it.

#18 – Dream of Fish Swimming Downstream

Your financial struggles will become less, and things will get easier going forward. The hard times you have been battling are coming to an end.

Soon, you’ll heave a sigh of relief as you look forward to better times.


Spiritually, seeing fish swimming in your dreams indicates good luck and fortune. It is a sign that your plans will turn out as expected.

Your efforts to create a better life will lead to wealth, abundance, and growth.

Dreaming of fish swimming encourages you to create the right emotional balance to achieve your goals.

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