Goldfish Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Many cultures across the world associate the goldfish with positive things. The goldfish motif in dreams indicates good things that you can expect to see in the future.

This dream encourages the dreamer to focus on elevating their lives. It lays emphasis on possibilities as opposed to impossibilities.

Dreaming of goldfish encourages the dreamer to work on their abilities. It indicates that you can thrive through whatever circumstances because you have the resources to do so.

A goldfish dream could also serve as a warning of potential danger ahead.

Here’s a look at common goldfish dreams and their meanings:


Some Specific Goldfish Dream Meanings

#1 – Dream of Turning into a Goldfish

This dream warns you of some threat to your life. It asks you to protect yourself against negative influences.

This is a good time to evaluate your environment and the kind of friends you keep around you. If there’s any hint of toxicity, you need to take quick action to change things.

#2 – Dream of Talking to a Goldfish

Although the going could be tough for you right now, look at the brighter side of life. You’ll always do better when you acknowledge the possibilities in your life.

Think of what you can do to make the world around you better. Your life will gradually improve as you think about positive things.

#3 – Dream of Swimming with a Goldfish

The freedom you have been praying for is finally granted. You have the leeway to control your life in the best way you desire.

As such, your efforts will bear good fruit. This is your cue to pay more attention to things that add value to your existence.

#4 – Dream of Buying a Goldfish

Have you made some losses in the recent past? This dream tells you that your situation is only temporary.

This means that you should not give up on your undertakings. The bad investments or purchases you made do not indicate that you are destined to fail.

Probably, you just need to be more careful in your undertakings.

#5 – Dream of Selling a Goldfish

This is a sign of healing and recovery. You are likely to have this dream if you have been going through a period of pain and suffering.

Dreaming of selling a goldfish tells you that your troubles will soon be over. You can look to the future with optimism and great expectations.

#6 – Dream of Seeing a Huge Goldfish

A significant change is about to happen in your life. It’s important that you pay close attention to your thoughts and actions during this phase of your life.

The quality of your thoughts will determine the trajectory of your life. Positive thoughts lead to positive outcomes as you go through change.

#7 – Dream of a Dying Goldfish

This dream wants you to prepare for some bad news. Someone that you’ve been trusting to come through for you will disappoint you.

This means that you’ll have to struggle on your own for a little while longer. Take this positively, for it goes into strengthening your character.

#8 – Dream of a Dead Goldfish

You feel overwhelmed by all that’s happening in your life. Things seem to change faster than you can process them.

If this continues unabated, it could dampen your fighting spirit. You may be demoralized and fail to pursue what truly matters in your life.

This dream calls on you to regain control of your life by taking care of your emotions.

#9 – Dream of Saving a Goldfish from Death

This signals great success after a period of hardships and challenges. this dream should motivate you to hold on even when the going seems impossible.

It assures you that the good things you are doing to change your life do count. Soon; the tide will turn in your favor – thanks to your efforts.

#10 – Dream of Catching a Goldfish

Have you been thinking about starting a business or a new business venture? This is a good time to embark on such plans.

The conditions are right for you to flourish in the world of business.

#11 – Dream of Playing with Goldfish

Finally, the rewards you’ve been working for are in sight. You can now pause in what you are doing and celebrate your achievements.

You of all people know that it has not been easy to achieve these milestones. You deserve a pat on the back.

This is the time to savor the sweet success of your hard work.

#12 – Dream of Using a Goldfish as a Gambling Chip

This is a sign that you are taking risks in some commercial ventures. While this can be very profitable for you, it’s good that you tread cautiously.

This dream encourages you to conduct all due diligence on commercial enterprises before you sink your money into them.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

#13 – Dream of Keeping a Goldfish in your Office

If you dream of keeping a goldfish in an aquarium in your office, it means luck. Lady luck has turned her attention to your business ventures.

You’ll encounter success upon another in your undertakings. This should encourage you to keep working hard.

#14 – Dream of Keeping Goldfish at Home

You have made it your responsibility to know what everyone in your home is going through. This dream indicates that your loved ones trust you.

To them, you are a symbol of peace, harmony, happiness, and stability.

#15 – Dream of Seeing Lots of Goldfish

This dream encourages you to take it easy. Despite the many setbacks and hiccups you’ve had to suffer, everything will end well.

As such, sit back and relax. Don’t exhaust yourself trying to change things you have no control over. Sometimes, you have to let go to enjoy peace.

#16 – Dream of a Goldfish Flying

Dreaming of a goldfish jumping, flying, or leaping out of water indicates your efforts. You are determined to make it in life despite the many impediments on your path.

This dream encourages you to keep up. Soon, your efforts will pay off handsomely.

#17 – Dream of Holding a Goldfish

Have you been struggling to find a way out of some boring routine? This dream tells you not to give up: the end of your struggles is in sight.

Dreaming of holding a goldfish announces the good news of a fresh start. You’ll soon be given the opportunity to re-write your life afresh.

#18 – Dream of Eating Goldfish Meat

Goldfish meat is associated with growth and prosperity.

This dream encourages you to get your priorities right, as this enables you to work for the big rewards you want to see in your life.

#19 – Dream of a Useless Goldfish

You have been misled into making the wrong investments. As such, you may find yourself with useless share stocks and loss-making securities.

This dream could also mean that some of your relationships are counter-productive. It’s time you took stock of your social assets and liabilities.

#20 – Dream of a Goldfish Swimming with Another Fish

If you have been thinking about starting a love relationship, this is a good time to go for it. This dream tells you that conditions are right for romantic couples to thrive.

If you are married and would like to take your relationship to the next level, this is the best time to do it.

#21 – Dream of Feeding a Goldfish

Your subconscious is urging you to take care of your spiritual needs. It’s only by tending to your soul’s needs that your mind’s eye is open to your true purpose in this life.

If you desire to create a strong connection with the Universe, nourish your soul with the right spiritual food.

#22 – Dream of Goldfish Fighting

Dreaming of goldfish fighting amongst themselves points to possible conflict within the family. This dream comes your way because you are in a good position to set things right.

It is your responsibility to create harmony and stability in your family. Work closely with the other members to achieve this goal.

#23 – Dream of a Calm, Peaceful Goldfish

This is a sign that you are confident about the future. Despite the many hurdles you have to overcome, you are not worried about what tomorrow holds for you.

You know that you have the power to determine your destiny.

#24 – Dream of an Agitated Goldfish

There’s an issue that gives you sleepless nights. You worry too much about what could be; you have too many what-ifs in your life.

This dream calls in you to get in touch with the realities of your life. Worries, fears, and anxieties add no value to your life – they only usurp your energy.

#25 – Dream of a Happy Goldfish

This dream indicates good times in the days to come. You will soon celebrate the achievement of a great milestone.

This dream signals that the good work you are doing is not in vain. For every positive action, you attract positive energies into your life.

#26 – Dream of Goldfish Slipping Away from Your Hands

This is a sign that you’ll lose something precious. You may lose a possession that you have worked hard to acquire. Or, you may lose awards that you have won over the years.

This dream asks you not to take the opportunities in your life for granted.

#27 – Dream of a Sickly Goldfish

If you see a sickly or suffocating goldfish in your dream; it means that your love life could run into trouble.

This is your cue to evaluate the benefit of your relationship. Does it make you happy? Re you confident that you’d like to be with this partner for the rest of your life?

If you answer in the affirmative, you need to work at bringing your relationship back to life. If not, you may want to let your partner go.


If you have been looking to decipher your goldfish dream, we hope we have been of use. We hope you have come to realize that this dream stands for harmony, freedom, and happiness.

Generally, it predicts good things about your life and the lives of those you care for. Of course, there are exceptions to this based on the dreamer’s unique circumstances.

That’s why we insist that you pay close attention to the details presented in your dream. This will give you a more specific interpretation of this dream.

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