Holding Hands Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Are you interested in Holding Hands Dream Meaning? Then this guide is for you!

Have you ever dreamt of holding hands with anyone? Or, have you ever dreamt of people holding hands in a way that aroused in your interest?

Generally, a dream about holding hands bears positive messages. It has a lot to do with your emotions and personal growth.

This dream puts you in touch with your personal realities.

You have likely ignored some important aspects of your life This dream comes to draw your attention to this.

When you have this dream, take it that you are being guided in the areas of love, affection, and future prospects.

Here’s a look at some common holding hands dreams and their meanings:


Some Specific Holding Hands Dream Meanings

#1 – Dreaming of Holding Hands with Your Loved Ones

This means that your family will go through a tough period. There will be many trials and temptations going forward. The very foundations of your love and unity as a family will be put to the test.

This dream reminds you of the importance of your family. Now more than ever, you need to strengthen your bonds.

#2 – Dream of Holding Hands with Someone You Like

This is a sign that you will form partnerships with the right people. Your instincts are quite strong, and you can rely on them to settle on the right personal and professional partners.

Also, this dream points to your feelings about a particular person. You can accomplish a lot with this person, and your subconscious wants you to be aware of this.

#3 – Dream of Holding Someone Hand’s Firmly

You have a lot of power and authority; this is easily acknowledged wherever you go. This is a special gift that you can use to bring positive change to your world.

Be the leader that other people want you to be. After all, you have all the resources you need to carry out this responsibility quite well.

#4 – Dream of Holding Hands with a Stranger

This dream shows that you need emotional support. You feel lonely and vulnerable, and you could do with the support of someone interested in your growth.

#5 – Dream of Holding Hands with Your Parent

You are going through some issues that have affected your sense of stability and security. You need assurance and protection from someone whose authority you recognize.

It could also mean that you long for the love and protection of your parents or guardian. You miss how they fussed over you and were concerned for your every need.

#6 – Dream of Holding Hands with a Random Person in the Streets

Dreaming of holding hands with a person you have just met in the streets shows that you are ready to try new relationships.

You are likely to have this dream when you feel that you’ve had enough of your romantic relationship. Your subconscious is subtly sending you the message that it’s okay to move on.

#7 – Dream of Holding Hands with a Disabled Person

Is your relationship strong enough to withstand tough trials and temptations? This dream tells you that your relationship will undergo various tests in the future.

Whether it survives or collapses depends on how well you have nurtured it. This is your cue to create even stronger bonds with your partner.

#8 – Dream of Holding Hands with a Long-lost friend:

This is a sign that you miss the good old days. You had trustworthy friends in whom you could confide.

Your days were marked with laughter and you looked at the world innocently without any hatred and resentment.

You are likely to have this dream when someone you had confided in breaches your trust.

#9 – Dreaming of Holding Hands with an Authority Figure

In this dream, you see yourself holding hands with someone you hold in high regard. This could be your teacher, doctor, or someone in the local government administration.

It means that you have something confidential to share, but you are not sure whom to confide in. it could be that you are holding an important secret about something in your community.

The best you can do in this situation is to listen to your guts.

#10 – Dream of Holding Hands with Your Ex-Partner

This is a sign that although you are no longer with this person, you have never really let go. You still hold on to the memories you shared at the height of your relationship.

This dream could also mean that you are nostalgic about some things that happened in your past. You desire a taste of your former life.

#11 – Dream of Holding Hands with an Enemy

What does the future hold for you and your loved ones? Will you be able to overcome all the challenges that come with growth?

Such thoughts keep crisscrossing your mind because you are apprehensive. You believe that the future portends nothing good, and that you are likely to fail.

This dream reminds you that it is such thoughts that keep you rooted on the same spot. How can you ever progress when your life is full of negative energies?

#12 – Dream of Holding Hands with Your Friend

The people close to you mean a lot, and you are afraid of losing them. You fear that you’ll wake up one day to find yourself abandoned by the people you hold closest and dearest.

This dream comes to assuage your fears. It tells you not to be overly reliant on others, and that you should cultivate your emotional strength.

#13 – Dream of Rivals Holding Hands

This dream draws attention to the conflicts and rivalries going on all around you.

Although these disagreements may not touch on you personally, they will affect the environment in which you have to operate.

They create discord in your community, and any positive thing that’s done here goes unnoticed.

Dreaming of rivals holding hands urges you to use your diplomatic skills to resolve as many issues as you can in your community.

#14 – Dream of Holding Hands with Your Business Competitor

Soon, you’ll arrive at a win-win arrangement with your partners, colleagues, and business rivals. Your positive efforts will make them see that there’s enough for everyone in this world.

Through your diplomatic skills, you’ll convince them that greed and jealousy bring about unhealthy business practices.

Although you may not be able to win over all your competitors through this strategy, your efforts will create a semblance of normalcy.

#15 – Dream of Holding Hands with a Non-Existent Person

If you see yourself holding hands with a fictitious character in your dream, you are quite imaginative. This dream encourages you to explore your creative and artistic nature.

You’ll discover that you have some unique qualities that give you an advantage in this life. Use them to create positive change as you enter the next phase of your life.

#16 – Dream of Interlocking Fingers While Holding Hands

This dream shows that you enjoy a strong love bond with your partner. Your partner looks up to you for guidance and support, just as much as you rely on them for the same.

Having this dream assures you that you are on the right course. Your love is safe; you should continue with the good things you have been doing to make it stronger and healthier.

#17 – Dream of Holding Hands with a Child

This is a good sign. It shows that you have finally found a way to solve the problems giving you sleepless nights.

Also, this dream asks you to take a good look at your life to determine the source of your inner conflicts.

Why do you keep blaming yourself for everything wrong in your life? How comes you are unable to follow one course to its successful completion?

#18 – Dream of Holding Hands in a Movie Theatre

The collaboration between you and your partner has a positive impact on your businesses.

Your relationship is doing so well that your productivity levels have gone up. You are happier and more satisfied with your life, thanks to the positive influence of your love life.

#19 – Dream of Holding Hands While Taking a Stroll

If you dream of holding hands while taking a stroll with someone you trust, it shows that you need to keep a close eye on your investments.

Anything can happen to the market during these uncertain days. Get to know where your investments are, and what kinds of returns they guarantee you.

This is your cue to be in constant communication with your financial advisor.

#20 – Dream of Holding Hands with a Great Religious Leader

Holding hands with a powerful religious leader in your dream points to a weakness in your integrity. You have found yourself caught up in integrity issues.

Your moral and ethical issues are being questioned both in your private and public life. You need to realize that your current situation did not just come out of nowhere.

It came from the thoughts and decisions you had recently. It is the consequence of your actions.

#21 – Dream of Holding Hands While Jogging

Despite the many challenges you have to contend with, your eyes should be firmly fixed on the prize.

Use your inner energy and positive attitude to rise above the difficulties on your path.

#22 – Dream of Someone Holding Your Hand to Guide You

In this dream, someone holds your hand to help you cross a physical obstacle. This dream tells you to create meaningful relationships.

You are surrounded by good as well as bad people. Use the power of discernment to identify and create partnerships with the good ones.

This dream reminds you that you need the support of others to make it in life.

#23 – Dream of Someone Holding Your Hand to Protect You

In this dream, someone holds your hand because you feel threatened. This is a good sign, for it shows that your efforts are not in vain.

It encourages you to keep working hard. Before long, you’ll be able to solve the challenges and difficulties in your life.


The symbol of holding hands is associated with love, affection, encouragement, and support. We desire to hold hands with people that we like or love.

We would also like to hold hands with people that we admire. We feel drawn to the kind of people that support us when we are down.

As such, a dream of holding hands generally conveys a positive message. It tells you that you can make your life easier and more manageable by forming meaningful partnerships.

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