Intruder Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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If you have had an intruder dream recently, your subconscious wants you to venture into areas you don’t want to.

This dream shows that there are things about your life that you have been ignoring. You need to face them to create more clarity in your life.

This dream could also mean that you feel violated. Someone – or something – has invaded that part of your personal space that you consider hallowed.

Of course, you’ll never be comfortable with this. The more it remains unsolved; the more destabilized you become.

Most dreams about an intruder urge you to embrace a positive mindset. This enables you to have better control of your behavior, emotions, and life in general.


Here’s a look at some intruder dreams and their meanings:

Some Specific Intruder Dream Meanings

#1 – Dream of an Intruder Breaking into Your House

Your life is hurting because of your poor choice of habits and lifestyle. This dream warns you against getting engaged in activities that will ruin your life.

#2 – Dream of Intruder Eating Your Food

If you dream of an intruder breaking into your house and eating your food or raiding the wine cabinet, it means that your career is in danger.

The saddest bit is that this threat to your career originates from the harmful habits you have engaged yourself in.

Unless you make an about-turn, you’ll end up causing irreparable damage. You are likely to cause harm to your plans and to the people around you.

#3 – Dream of Coming Face-to-Face with an Intruder

This is a strong warning sign that everything in your family is not okay. Likely, you have been ignoring some signs of discontent from your partner, parents, or loved ones.

This dream alerts you that this will cost you big time if it’s allowed to continue. Listen attentively to what your loved ones are saying.

You’ll realize that the problem they are facing can be dealt with if it comes out early enough.

#4 – Dream of an Intruder Strangling You

Although this dream is quite scary, it gives you the advice and guidance you need to thrive.

It points out that you are slowly killing your plans and dreams by allowing self-defeating attitudes and doubts to take over your life.

#5 – Dream of the Intruder Being Your Colleague

This is a clear sign that you are distracted at the workplace. Your level of productivity is likely fast falling, and this has put you in bad standing with your clients, suppliers, and employees.

You have to decisively deal with these distractions if you don’t want to face massive losses in the days ahead.

#6 – Dream of the Intruder Being Your Neighbor

If you dream that your neighbor has raided your house, it means you are not happy with the way that person treats you.

Maybe, they give you too much attention or no attention at all.

It’s also unlikely that you’ve had unpleasant experiences with them, and thinking about them makes you feel uncomfortable.

#7 – Dream of the Intruder Being Assisted by Someone You Know

This dream warns you not to trust just about anyone that comes into your life. You should have a unique way of vetting your friends to weed out the false ones.

If they know enough of your secrets, two-faced friends can push your dreams to crumble down.

#8 – Dream of Shooting an Intruder Dead

If you dream of repulsing off a home invasion by shooting an intruder dead, it means that you’ve managed to overcome a debilitating habit.

You have likely been battling some form of addiction, and you can feel the chains that bound you breaking.

It is a new dawn for you and your loved ones.

Your efforts to overhaul your old thinking patterns are bearing fruit.

#9 – Dream of Encountering a Knife-Wielding Intruder

This means that some force is aggressively – even violently – invading your privacy. You feel that the knife wielded by the intruder is cutting into your personal space.

You are being robbed of the things you consider most precious.

#10 – Dream of Seeing the Same Intruder Repeatedly

Your problems stem from spiritual deficiency.

You spent too much of your time and energy on worldly issues, that you have forgotten to tend to your soul.

This is a good time to turn your attention to your spiritual needs.

If you are not well versed in this aspect of life, you may want to seek the assistance of those who have been there before you.

#11 – Dream of the Intruder Being Someone Famous

If a celebrity invades your home in your dream, it means that you desire public attention and recognition.

You feel that you are not getting acknowledged for the achievements you have accomplished. You believe you deserve applause for the good things you have been doing.

#12 – Dream of Driving Off with an Intruder

You no longer feel that you are in control of your life. Something or someone has taken over, and they are pretty much messing up with your emotions.

This dream suggests that you need to get to the root of this problem and solve it from there.

#13 – Dream of an Intruder Sleeping on Your Bed

This is a sign that your relationship is in trouble. There will be accusations of unfaithfulness and feelings of betrayal.

A third party has likely invaded your relationship with the sole purpose of wrecking it.

If you are already aware of this, it could be that you are the one that has allowed it to happen.

#14 – Dream of an Intruder Tying You Up

Someone is trying to wreak havoc on your well-organized routine life.

You’ll immediately notice when this happens because you are highly disciplined and you can’t miss anything that falls out of line.

This dream tells you not to allow anyone to mess up with your life.

#15 – Dream of an Intruder Beating Up Your Partner

You’ll be rudely shocked by some things that will happen to your relationship in the days ahead. For example, you’ll be shocked that your partner might have been cheating on you.

Or, it could be that you’ll be shocked when your partner discovers your philandering ways.

Either way, this dream alerts you that it’s time for change. You need to have a healthy dialogue with your partner to set things right.

#16 – Dream of Intruder Stopping You from Raising Alarm

In this dream, the intruder stops you from calling 911 or raising an alarm. This means that you’ll be unable to resist the avalanche of changes that are soon coming your way.

This dream reminds you that the best way to handle changes is to accept them. Feel free to move on with the flow of life.

#17 – Dream of Being Sexually Molested by an Intruder

Your unconscious holds fears of being sexually abused in an unfamiliar place. This is your cue to take care of yourself whenever you are away from places you consider safe.

#18 – Dream of an Intruder Threatening to Kill You

This is a sign of conflicts and disagreements in the family.

Whether you are the source of these conflicts or not, you have a responsibility to enhance peace and harmony within your family.

You should use your diplomatic skills to champion a peaceful resolution to this problem.

#19 – Dream of Being Scared by an Intruder

You need to keep an eye out for a friend who has changed their character in the recent past. They are likely planning to betray you.

Although they feel guilty about the move they are about to make, the rewards they have been promised as compensation seem to muddy their conscience.

They may come to realize their mistake when it is too late.

#20 – Dream of a Gun-Wielding Intruder

Someone you consider respectable and powerful has turned against you. In all likelihood, this person is not who they say they are.

They create a false image to endear themselves to unsuspecting people.

This person that you have become a competitor, and they are unable to put up with your superior way of doing things.

#21 – Dream of Intruder Stealing from Your House

Although you have been treated unfairly by people that you trusted, you won’t accept defeat. You are willing to work hard to recoup your losses.

This dream is a reminder from your subconscious to work to recover from adversity. You have the resilience and fortitude to make it happen.

#22 – Dream of an Intruder Unable to Steal from Your House

You have gone through some tough experiences in life, but you are not bowed. This dream encourages you to use the lessons from these experiences as stepping stones to greatness.

With everything you’ve had to deal with, you have enough resources to carve the best life for yourself and your loved ones.

#23 – Dream of Fighting Off an Intruder

Your efforts to resolve issues from your past have been commendable. Your subconscious is urging you to now focus your energies on the present and the future.

Use the same zeal and determination to transform your family and your community.

#24 – Dream of Being Over-Powered by an Intruder

In this dream, you try to fight off an intruder but they are too strong for you. This indicates that you can’t wish away the challenges you’ve been avoiding.

By shelving your problems, you are giving them time to mature and become more vicious. You should deal with your issues as soon as they crop up – before they become too complicated.

#25 – Dream of Saving Your Family from an Intruder

This dream exposes your feelings of guilt. You feel that you are not doing enough to elevate your family.

You feel bad about the times you had opportunities to do something for your family but you didn’t.

Although this dream can leave you feeling bad about yourself, it is a good starting point. It shows that you are ready to mend things with your family.

#26 – Dream of Being Hurt by an Intruder

This is a sign of inner conflict. There’s a negative aspect of your personality that you have to urgently deal with because it is causing you inner pain.

#27 – Dream of an Intruder Escaping with Wounds

In this dream, you manage to fight off the intruder and they escape with injuries. This brings to the fore your loving, caring, and protective nature.

It’s a sign that you are willing to put your life on the line for the sake of your loved ones.


Seeing an intruder in your dream shows that you are dealing with something unwelcome and unwanted.

It could be that you are struggling with addiction, or with situations that keep pushing you down. This dream could also be a pointer to your false friends.

Don’t be happy that you have such a huge following.

Until you are certain of someone’s intentions in your life, don’t go about celebrating your friendship with them.

Having an intruder dream counsels caution. It tells you to tread carefully and do everything in moderation.

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