Is There Energy in Cremated Ashes?

Are you interested in whether there is Energy in Cremated Ashes? Then this guide is for you!

Different cultures hold different opinions about how the remains of the dead should be interred. Some prefer burials, while others opt for cremation.

Some cultures have no fast and hard rules for going about this. The departed’s family is given the leeway to decide the best way to handle the remains of their dead.

But, almost all religions subscribe to the notion of life after death.

This article examines whether there’s any form of spiritual energy in cremated ashes.

We also look into the best ways to handle the cremated ashes, and whether it is okay to keep them in your home.

But first, let’s look at the question of what happens when we die.

What Really Happens When We Die?

Some people believe that the soul of the dead hovers around the body for some time upon their death.

Others opine that your entire life flashes in your mind like a kaleidoscope of colors just before you give up the ghost.

The question of what happens the moment we die has occupied some of the best minds since the dawn of time.

A school of thought opines that when a person dies, nothing much happens. Their life ends there, and that is it.

Another school has it that the dead return to the Universe in the form of spiritual energy. Yet another thought has it that the souls of the dead are held in a special place awaiting Judgment Day.

Some cultures and religions believe in the notion of rebirth.

They opine that a soul continues to be reborn into this impure world until such a time they attain perfection; then, they ascend to higher forms of beings in heaven.

Considering all these propositions and schools of thought, what actually happens when the ashes of the dead are cremated?

Are they just dust, or do they hold special power or energy? Are they anything more than mere biological compounds?

What’s the Spiritual Meaning of Cremated Ashes?

Cremation can be looked at from either the cyclical belief angle or the materialistic one. Proponents of worldly belief believe that life ends at the point of death.

To them, the human body is like a well-oiled engine or an efficient computer, with the brain being the CPU.

However, when something goes wrong, and the CPU shuts down, that’s the end of the matter. Life ceases to exist at this point, and it will never be heard from again.

This school of thought holds that cremation is done as a means of disposing of the body and not for any other purpose.

The cyclical beliefs angle asserts that life does not end at the point of death. According to this thought, death is only the getaway to another phase of our existence in the Universe.

Death provides us with the means to transcend the physical realm to the spiritual one.

Proponents of this view hold that our existence is marked by three recurring phases: life, death, and rebirth.

This view was widely held in many of our forefathers’ traditional religions and spiritual practices.

In modern times, it is upheld in a good number of cultures, including Buddhism, Hinduism, and Shintoism.

The cyclical view indicates that a dead body is not worthless or devoid of all life, so to speak. As such, cremating such a body provides it with an excellent avenue for returning to the world.

This means that cremated ashes have energy as they have the potential to bring forth another being.

Of course, these two schools of thought are not the only ones to explain the state of cremated ashes. Many fall between worldly and cyclical beliefs, while others are outside the metaphysical.

Is It Bad Luck to Keep Cremated Ashes at Home?

This is a matter that largely depends on personal beliefs and religious inclinations.

A good number of people like to keep the ashes of their loved ones with them at home, at least for some time.

For others, keeping such ashes with you in your home is an abomination. As such, there are no hard and fast rules on this one.

You must examine your conscience and beliefs and do what works best for you. At the same time, you may want to consult with your spiritual leader for further guidance on this matter.

This decision is best made with the purpose in mind. Why are you keeping the ashes with you in the first place?

Do you feel better when your dead loved one is that close?

Suppose you can feel their presence and energy. In that case, you may opt to keep the ashes until such a time that both you and the departed feel comfortable enough to disengage from each other fully.

The truth is that no one can tell you the best way to grieve your departed loved ones. Also, only you can decide how long the grieving period will last.

Of course, your departed loved ones may help you make this decision if they appear to you in any form.

Biblical View on Keeping Cremated Ashes at Home

The Bible does not support keeping the cremated ashes of loved ones at home.

Although we can’t point to a particular chapter or verse that forbids this, there’s no record of anyone that was cremated in the Bible.

Christians believe that when someone dies, their souls go to hell or heaven. This means they do not hang around waiting to be reborn.

When you die, your time on this earth is done, and you move on to the spiritual realm. For this reason, Christians believe that the cremated ashes do not contain any energy to speak of.

For this reason, Christians are more into burying the dead than cremating them. The Bible further warns against spending all your time in the deceased’s company.

Many believe it is wrong to keep the ashes of the dead in your home. However, opinion about this is divided amongst Christians.

Some believe that as long as you don’t idolize the ashes, you commit no sin.

They believe you can hold on to the ashes for the departed’s memory–until you are strong enough to let go.

All in all, death, loss, and grief are very personal matters and should be handled as such.

Where the Energy in Cremated Ashes Comes From

The Spirit of the Dead

The cremated ashes have to keep attracting the spirit of their owner. This means there’s always energy around these ashes for as long as they remain unburied or intact.

You will sense the energy of the dead person around the ashes. This can be either a good thing or a bad one, depending on the influence this person exerts in the space of room.

The Energy the Dead Wielded While Alive

After burning the body of the dead, the ashes retain residual energy that can be perceived by the living.

This energy is felt wherever the ashes go – at home or in the workplace.

Cultural Rituals and Ceremonies

In some cultures, some rituals are performed on the body before the cremation or on the ashes.

These rituals release a high level of energy that is palpable on the ashes wherever they are kept after the ceremony.

Should the Ashes Be Kept Together or Separated

Some people prefer to keep the cremated ashes of their loved ones together in one place. For example, they may keep them in the house in a special urn, or bury them in a grave.

However, others prefer to scatter the ashes of their loved ones from a cliff, in a water body, or any other place they feel will honor their dead loved one.

Either way, your choice with the cremated ashes of your loved ones boils down to your private belief system.

In doing so, you are guided by what your departed loved one would have wanted. You may also wish to consult your spiritual leader for guidance in case you feel lost or confused about this matter.

The Catholic Church holds that cremated remains should not be scattered. Instead, they should be placed in one container in a columbarium or grave.

This church believes this is a befitting send-off for someone that meant a lot to you.

On the other hand, Hindus have been scattering the remains of their loved ones in the Ganges River, which they consider sacred.

The Hindus used to cremate their dead at funeral pyres on this river.

The root you choose on whether to separate or keep the ashes of your loved one together should be well thought-out since it’s a personal matter.

Final Thoughts…

Cremated ashes carry an amount of energy from the departed. While this energy cannot be said to be a consciousness, it can summon the spirit of the dead.

This means you need to have good reasons for keeping the cremated ashes of the dead close to you. For example, you would not want to keep ashes that can summon an evil spirit into your house.

However, keeping cremated ashes can be a great way of staying close to your dead loved one as you process your grief.

They will give you the positive energy to handle challenging and uncertain times.

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