Are you interested in Nails Falling Dream Meaning? Then this guide is for you!

The meaning of nails falling dream depends on several considerations. For example, are the nails clean or dirty?

Are they long or short? Are they your nails or someone else’s? Are the nails falling off your fingers or toes?

It’s also important you consider how the dream makes you feel.

Dreams about nails falling off have both positive and negative connotations. It all depends on the context of the dream and your life situation as the dreamer.

This dream could indicate that you have an important assignment ahead of you. You’ll have to use your hidden skills and talents to achieve your goals in this assignment.

Dreaming of nails falling encourages you to discover your wide array of gifts. You have the strength to overcome the impediments in your life and emerge victorious.

Here’s a look at some common nails falling dreams and their meanings:


Some Specific Nails Falling Dream Meanings

#1 – Dream of Finger Nails Falling

This dream indicates that you are ready to work for the goals you have in mind. You are resolute in the pursuit of your long-term agenda.

However, this dream tells you not to expect anything on a silver platter. You have to keep working hard to achieve your expectations.

Dreaming of fingernails falling off tells you to go through life courageously and confidently.

#2 – Dreaming of Dirty Nails Falling Off

This dream shows you are pushing yourself beyond the limits. You need to take a break and relax. Your body is tired and aching, you need to take time off your busy schedule.

Although it’s good to work hard for the life you’d like to enjoy, don’t burn yourself out. Remember to create time for your family and loved ones.

Your family will be there for you even when you are out of work, and you need support.

#3 – Dream of Toenails Falling Off

You always take up your responsibility despite the many challenges against you. You’ll do what’s expected of you even when you don’t like doing it.

This dream encourages you to maintain this course. Events will come and go, but your role in shaping the lives of your loved ones will not be forgotten.

#4 – Dream of Long Nails Falling Off

This is a sign that you’ll rise above the impediments that have been slowing your growth. This dream is likely to come your way after a protracted period of struggles.

It encourages you to keep pushing on. Soon, you’ll have the upper hand over financial instability and emotional turmoil.

#5 – Dream of Biting Your Nails Off

Dreaming of biting your nails off draws attention to your ability to solve some of your severe problems.

The challenges you are going through won’t last forever. As such, keep pushing harder; don’t be discouraged.

#6 – Dream of Pulling Your Nails Off

This dream indicates that you are angry about your past. You did something that you wish you could take back.

You attribute your current pain and struggles to poor decision-making in the past. You are not entirely wrong.

Dreaming of pulling your nails off asks you to be courageous enough to deal with the aftermath of the choices you made.

#7 – Dream of Your Partner’s Nails Falling Off

Your partner is ready to work with you to make your relationship stronger and healthier.

You are likely to have this dream if you have been experiencing some waves in your marriage or relationship.

If your partner has been hurting you in any way, this has come to an end. This dream shows your partner is ready to own their mistakes and change their ways.

You need to be prudent enough to encourage your partner to take the right path.

#8 – Dream of Someone’s Nails Falling Off

You are planning to invite your friends for a trip although not everyone in your family agrees with you.

Someone will want to ruin your plans because they don’t want to mingle with the people you are inviting along.

You need to consult further before you go on with your plans. It’s possible to arrive at a consensus by involving everyone in decision-making.

#9 – Dream of Cutting Your Nails

This dream encourages you to open your heart and mind to receive the positive vibes being sent your way.

You’ll discover that you have been sitting on great opportunities.

This dream calls on you to move ahead with your plans to actualize your plans. If you have been thinking of starting a big project, this is the time to go for it.

#10 – Dream of Polished Nails Falling Off

Although you have been working so hard, success is slow in coming. This dream tells you that life will not always go as smoothly as you expect.

If things keep getting hard, don’t fear coming up with new strategies. Sometimes you fail to succeed because you are pursuing the wrong agenda.

Dreaming of polished nails falling off tells you it’s okay to change your mind if necessary.

#11 – Dream of Nails Falling Off Due to Disease

Difficult times will impede the growth of your love life. Quarrels and conflicts with your partner will emerge due to the hardships you are going through.

This dream calls on you to tread carefully lest the conflicts you are going through cause a separation. Be careful with the kind of words you use to communicate with your partner.

#12 – Dream of Nails Falling Off Due to an Accident

This dream calls on you to be wary of friends that don’t want to see you grow. Your slow pace of progress is caused by all the toxicity you find yourself in.

You need to get rid of bad friends and other sources of negative influence.

#13 – Dream of Clamping Your Nails

You may be the cause of the problems giving you sleepless nights. This dream calls on you to watch your attitude.

As far as your goals and dreams are concerned, attitude is everything. This dream encourages you to embrace a positive mindset in everything you do.

#14 – Dream of One Nail Missing

This is a sign of deceit and betrayal. Someone close to you will go behind your back and sell your secrets to the enemy.

This dream suggests negative things about the people close to you. It is a sign that someone is perpetrating fraud in your inner circle, and you may lose a sizable amount of money.

At the same time, this dream alerts you that some of your relatives want to cut you off the decision-making process.

This will make you feel worthless and unwanted. However, you should not allow it to get to you.

#15 – Dream of Fingernails and Toenails Falling Off

You will soon be attacked by enemies from all angles This will cause a great deal of pain and suffering if not dealt with in good time.

This dream is not meant to make you panic.

Rather, it draws attention to your resources. You have the skills and abilities to withstand an onslaught from many quarters.

#16 – Dream of False Nails Falling Off

This dream indicates that you have come to terms with yourself. You have come to fully accept who you are and what you stand for.

This dream indicates that you’ll be more open to yourself, family, and colleagues. This will open up more opportunities for you to shine.

This dream encourages you to show your true colors to the world. You have no reason to hide from your community.

#17 – Dream of an Ingrown Toenail Falling Off

Although this dream sounds bad, it has a good meaning. It indicates that the hurdles to your goals are finally coming off.

As such, you will spend less time dealing with problems from your past, and more on creating your dream life.

This dream confirms that you have been doing well; your efforts have not been in vain. Keep up the good work.

#18 – Dream of Having No Nails

In this dream, your nails fall off one by one, and you are eventually left with no nails. This dream indicates that you have made a series of wrong decisions.

You need to move speedily to set things right before things get out of hand. Making the wrong moves at this time is likely to cost you a lot.

You need to protect yourself against masking rash decisions.

#19 – Dream of Someone with No Nails

In this dream, someone’s nails have fallen off one by one, and there are left without nails. This is an indication that you have hurt this person – either intentionally or unintentionally.

This dream calls on you to treat people more respectfully. Extend to them the same courtesy you’d like them to extend to you.

Take the measures to make amends to the aggrieved party.


Most people are keen on taking care of their nails in real life. It is a matter of concern when your nails are damaged or you lose them altogether.

Dreams about nails falling off communicate a special message from your subconscious. To fully decipher your dream, you need to consider its whole context.

Relate this dream to what you are going through in life. You’ll discover that it speaks to some of your situations and circumstances.

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