Ox Symbolism & Meaning (+ Spirit, Totem & Omens)

Are you interested in the Ox Spirit Animal? Then this guide is for you!

From birth, the ox is trained as a work animal. This means it gets strong and muscular as it grows. As your spirit guide, the ox asks you to train your skills and talents.

If you leave your innate abilities unused, they soon become dormant and worthless. This goes for your spiritual gifts as well.

What’s the Ox Meaning and Symbolism?

Perseverance and Determination

Because of the nature of its upbringing, the ox becomes perseverant and determined. This spirit animal tells you not to give up until your goals are in your hands.

Hard Work and Industry

Oxen are valued across several cultures because of the work they do. They are made to pull carts or made to till the land for the owners.

This ex is often associated with the virtues of hard work and industry. They are responsible for bringing wealth and abundance into our lives.


Strength and Power

The ox has been featured in many works of literature as the emblem of power and symbol. This animal tends to be bigger, more muscular, and stronger than other members of the bovine family.

Because of this, it has become a popular symbol of strength and power in astrology, astronomy, and ancient religions.

Calm Temperament

Unlike bulls, which are known for their stubbornness and obstinacy, oxen exude a calm temperament. As long as they are well-fed, they are willing to follow commands and do the same kind of work day in, and day out.

Symbolic Meaning of Ox Spirit Animal in Various Cultures

Ox Symbolism in Christian Culture

The ox was a common beast of burden in ancient Palestine. During the time of Jesus, this animal was used as a means of transport and also to draw ox-plows on farms.

The ox worked alongside the donkey to ensure the people’s needs were well taken care of.

To Christians, the ox symbolizes hard work, strength, and self-sacrifice. The Bible advocates for every Christian to uphold these three virtues.

Laziness, in all its forms, is frowned upon.

Also, Christians are urged to be strong in their faith as they face the hurdles and temptations placed on their path by the devil.

The ox also reminds Christians that the ultimate gift you can give to God is self-sacrifice. Christians are urged to follow the perfect example of Christ, who sacrificed himself to save the world.

The virtue of self-sacrifice is not something new to the Christian faith.

Since the days of Stephen, the first martyr from the Early Church, devout Christian men and women have laid down their lives for the sake of their faith.

Finally, Christians hold the ox in high regard because together with the donkey, it witnessed the birth of Christ in a manger.

Ox Symbolism in African Culture

Most African tribes placed a high value on cattle, as this was their measure of wealth. Among these animals, the ox was one of the most valued.

The Zulu of South Africa gave more fodder and water to ox than the other animals.

This was not only because these animals needed to be fed after a hard day’s work, but as a sign of appreciation for the value they brought to the community.

Among the farming clans of the Kenyan Maasai, the ox was included as one of the mandatory gifts to a Maasai Moran (warrior) was to give his potential in-laws before marrying their daughter.

The Dinka of South Sudan took pride in the possession of quality oxen, as this enabled the clan to effectively plow their large millet and sorghum farmlands.

In many parts of Africa, the Ox was seen as a special spiritual messenger of the gods.

For example, the ancient Egyptians believed that the ox had been sent to the world by Osiris, the god of agriculture and fertility.

In West Africa, the ox is closely associated with Oko Oko, the god of planting, weeding, and harvest.

Ox Symbolism in Native American Culture

The Native American’s value of the ox is pegged on the economic importance of this beast in this region.

The Natives could not accomplish much on their farms without the ox; as such, it was seen as an omen of abundance, fertility, and increase.

It provided the clans with food security, safety, and stability. It was also a valued draw animal especially when a clan had to move large logs and other materials for construction work.

Because of their hard work and agreeable personalities, oxen were associated with modesty and humility.

Unlike the steer, which is known to be hard-headed, oxen will do as they are told.

To the Native Americans, the ox was an excellent emblem of strength, resilience, and tenacity. A good number of clans adopted the ox as their totem animal.

The ox was an integral component of Native American spirituality.

Ox Symbolism in Celtic Culture

The ox was of great importance to the ancient Celts.

This can be seen in the number of place names, iconographies, ritual deposits, and tribal names than depict or make reference to these animals.

The ox was also an important sign of the Celtic zodiac.

In the Celtic culture, the male ox/ bull is said to convey masculine energy. This beast is connected to the power of the sun.

On the other hand, the female ox/cow depicts feminine energy, and is closely connected to the power of the moon.

It was believed that the Sacred Masculine energy of the ox and the Sacred Feminine energy of the cow must work in tandem for the right synchronicities to occur in the Universe.

The ox features prominently in mythologies and folklore, where it is depicted as a protector of kinship, wealth, and industry.

Some Celtic clans described their history and ancestry based on ox characteristics. Such clans tried to outdo the others in the number of oxen and bulls they owned.

Ox Symbolism in Eastern Culture

The ancient Chinese believe that the first oxen fell from the skies at the behest of the gods.

Legend has it that these animals were stars, but the Emperor of Heaven took pity on all the toil people were being subjected to on Earth.

He commanded the oxen to come out of their high pedestal and proceed to help humans with all the hard work.

The emperor also sent a message to the people that they would not starve or suffer anymore if they paid attention to their connection with the deities.

The Tibetan people took the ox symbolism to mean strength, hard work, and wealth.

They believed that if they followed the example of this spirit animal in all affairs of life, they would succeed in all areas of their lives.

In Feng Shui, the ox is regarded as a symbol of success in your professional space. It was also believed to bring good luck in a person’s financial life.

When the Ox is Your Spirit Animal

People with the ox spirit animal have no trouble achieving their targets. They are self-driven; they don’t have to be supervised to carry out their duties and responsibilities.

The ox spirit animal opens your eyes to your immense potential. You have the power to transform your world in ways many people can’t.

These are some of the best people to hang around with. They are fully in charge of their emotions, and rarely will they speak anything out of turn.

However, one must be careful not to interfere with the ox spirit animal’s work schedule.

The Ox Power Animal

Call on the ox power animal when you feel you are not doing your all to achieve your goals. Maybe, you have been pushing too hard but with little to show for it.

This power guide will help you unleash your hidden skills and talents. You’ll discover that you can accomplish things most people think impossible.

This is because the ox power animal is all about unleashing your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual power.

The ox power guide makes it easy for the right energies to flow in and out of your life.

The Ox Totem Animal

The ox vibrates with lots of Yang energy. It allows you to put your Scared Masculinity into play to achieve your goals and dreams.

People with the ox totem find nothing too hard for them. They are willing to push themselves to the limits to make a difference in the world.

If you were born with the ox totem, you’ll have a natural inclination to fend for your family. Your loved ones take your first priority in everything you do.

Ox Encounters and Omens

The ox spirit crosses your path to give you precious lessons about your work ethic. This spirit guide urges you to uphold integrity as you go about your pursuing your source of livelihood.

Be patient, positively motivated, and focused. Do not allow the hindrances you’ll encounter on the way to kill your fighting spirit.

Seeing an ox reminds you to focus on the job at hand. Ensure that every responsibility or assignment is carried out to perfection before you start considering other things.

Ox Tattoo Meaning

An ox tattoo is a sign of strength. It is a favorite with strong-spirited people – those unlikely to give up no matter how tough the going gets.

Having an ox tattoo means you are willing to use your Sacred Masculinity to protect your loved ones and the community at large.

People with the ox tattoo are willing to support others who seem weak in spirit. They take it as their personal responsibility to ensure that everyone is well taken care of.

Final Thoughts…

Unlike the bull/steer, which is bred for further breeding, the ox is a work animal. It knows the nitty-gritty of putting food on the table.

When the ox is your spirit guide, you are well motivated to work for the changes you desire to see in your life.

The ox spirit animal says you have the power to transform your world.

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