Phone Call Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Are you interested in Phone Call Dream Meaning? Then this guide is for you!

What does the image of a phone call mean to you? Some people believe it is a sign of seeking attention to oneself.

Yet others say it signifies being too dependent on others.

Another group believes that a phone call symbolizes your willingness to solve issues in your life through effective communication.

In some cases, dreaming of a phone call brings unexpected news. You will perceive this news as either good or bad depending on your mental disposition and life situation.

Here’s a look at some common phone call dreams and their meanings:


Some Specific Phone Call Dream Meanings

#1 – Dream of Making a Long Distant Phone Call

This means you can be of value to people living far from your immediate environment. This dream asks you to cast your net far and wide in extending your influence.

Think broadly; your skills and benefits can create a positive impact the world over. This dream asks you to think of ways to reach as many people as possible.

#2 – Dream of Making a Cellphone Call

This dream warns you against being possessive and short-tempered. Your emotions are getting in the way of quality relationships.

You are unwilling to leave your partner on their own, fearing that a rival will take over in your absence.

This means that neither of you can accomplish much. Your self-limiting attitude is limiting your dreams as a couple.

#3 – Dream of Being Unable to Make a Phone Call

Something keeps coming up when you want to make a phone call. Perhaps, the phone loses signal just when you are about to call.

This means you need to re-consider the plans you have in mind. Something does not add up, and unless you identify it, your projects will face stiff challenges.

#4 – Dream of Making a Phone Call in the Elevator

There’s something you desire to tell your partner although you don’t know how to go about it.

It could be that this issue is so sensitive that it may destabilize your relationship if your partner misunderstands it.

Approach your partner with a positive mindset. Let them know in the simplest way possible what you have in mind and the way forward.

#5 – Dream of Your Phone Call Being Intercepted

In this dream, you suspect that someone – other than the intended recipient – is listening to your communications.

This is a sign that someone is working behind the scenes to sabotage your relationship. They will spread malicious rumors about you to make it hard for your partner to trust you.

#6 – Dream of Making a Phone Call in the Basement

People are locking you out of their inner circles because of your poor habits. You may want to examine your personality cut off the aspects that people find distasteful.

However, take care that you don’t compromise your beliefs and values. Some people may want to cause you distress to make you compromise your principles.

#7 – Dream of Receiving a Prank Phone Call

Someone is making it difficult for you to concentrate on your goals and dreams.

Just when you think you have settled down to pursue your ambitions, they bring up something that draws your attention away.

This dream urges you to be careful about the kind of people you associate with. Not all those who come into your life want to see you grow and prosper.

#8 – Dream of Making a Prank Phone Call

This dream warns you against taking life too seriously. You need to create the time to rest and relax. Life’s not all about gunning for your ambitions – it’s also about having fun with family and friends.

Dreaming of making a prank phone call tells you that becoming a millionaire is not a matter of life and death.

Go out, make friends, and have fun. You’ll come back to serious business reinvigorated.

#9 – Dream of an Official Phone Call

Your good demeanor and positive attitude are powerful assets; they’ll enable you to create the right connections.

People are attracted to the positive aura wherever you go.

Before long, you’ll have a rich network of friends and professionals that you can rely on whenever you are stuck for ideas.

#10 – Dream of an Unofficial Phone Call

This is a reminder that real success does not happen overnight. Don’t allow anyone to lie to you that they can help you become an instant success case.

You’ll appreciate this better when you understand that success is not all about material wealth and making money.

Real success is borne of hard work, patience, and a positive mindset.

#11 – Dream of Receiving Phone Call Spam

This dream asks you to be on the lookout for people out to take advantage of your kindness. Your compassion and generosity have propelled your good name to the public limelight.

Some unscrupulous people will try to defraud you by pushing fraudulent causes your way.

This dream also tells you to be alert when making new business deals. When a deal looks too good to be true, think twice about being involved in it.

#12 – Dream of Making a Call with a Cracked Phone

Your beliefs have been compromised. This may have happened without your knowledge. Perhaps, you got mesmerized by new ideas being peddled around that you forgot to be on guard.

Someone took advantage of this, and you are now on the path to being fully indoctrinated. This dream wants you to come back to reality.

Remember who you are and what you stand for.

#13 – Dream of Making a Call with a New Phone

Life is changing fast, and this dream wants you to keep abreast of the changing trends. Keep upgrading your knowledge on the important things in your life.

This will empower you to remain relevant in the dynamic global village.

#14 – Dream of Scrolling Through Your Phone to Make a Call

Dreaming of looking for a contact in your phone list shows your desire to link up with someone important in real life.

This could be a person you know well, or someone you have been referred to by a trusted friend. This dream encourages you to create the links necessary to work for your goals.

#15 – Dream of Making a Phone Call on Slow Data Speed

You are being slowed down by unexpected challenges and setbacks.

You feel that you don’t deserve this kind of treatment considering that you have worked hard to get where you are.

This dream also points to your sense of entitlement. Perhaps, you have been given preferential treatment in the past.

You are being reminded that this privilege is no longer yours.

#16 – Dream of Buying or Borrowing a Phone to Make a Call

This dream calls on you to take action concerning the challenges you are going through. The hardships you face will keep growing bigger unless you choose to act on them.

Going forward, think of ways to solve your problems. You have the requisite resources to make your life more fulfilling and better.

#17 – Dream of Making a Distress Phone Call

This dream asks you to respect your limits. Granted, you can achieve anything you set your mind to. But you can’t do it all at once.

You must understand when you need to pause in what you are doing and relax. Create the time to listen to your inner being, refresh, and restock lost energy.

Your body will tell you if you push it too hard for comfort. Don’t ignore these signals.

#18 – Dream of Speaking to a Ghost on the Phone

The meaning of this dream largely depends on the accompanying feeling. Is this someone you know and miss?

Or, were you talking to a ghost that feels you with dread.

Dreaming of talking to the ghost of a loved one means you have some unfulfilled wishes. There are things you would have wanted to accomplish with this person, but they are not gone.

If you dream of speaking on the phone with a hostile ghost, it means something from your past is draining your emotional energy.

#19 – Dream of a Phone Call Late in the Night

You are overworking your body, and your subconscious is asking you to slow down. This dream draws attention to the importance of your body in accomplishing your goals.

Your body is the most important asset. Take good care of it – you wouldn’t want it to let you down when you need it most.

#20 – Dream of a Phone Call in a Crowded Place

This dream points to the effect of poor organization. You will lose most of your plans if you don’t get your act in order.

Your resources will go to waste unless you get the right priority.

Dreaming of making or receiving a phone call in a crowded place reminds you that success favors orderly people.

#21 – Dream of a Phone Call Early in the Morning

This is a sign that you are ready to open yourself to new experiences. You have seen the need to break off the past and to look to the future with hope.

This dream encourages you to move closer to people you can trust. There is a lot you can learn from those who have different experiences from yours.

#22 – Dream of Forgetting to Make an Important Phone Call

Someone you trusted to come through for you has let you down. You feel betrayed, and you wonder whether you’ll be able to trust anybody again.

This dream calls on you to calm down. Get some time off to connect with nature. Try to get answers through meditation and prayer.

After some time, you’ll get a clear way forward that you should embrace.

#23 – Dream of Dropping Your Phone During a Call

This dream shows you are unable to express your feelings fully. You can’t get the right words to express what you feel.

Once you get started, you get lost in your own thoughts.

This dream points to a trauma that has resurfaced from a past ordeal. You should have this taken care of by an expert counseling psychologist or spiritual healer.


You can solve your problems by being open to people that want to see you grow.

Communicate with them candidly about your fears, hopes, and aspirations.

This also applies to your love relationship. Have an open way of sharing with your partner.

You see, the strength and health of your love life are determined by how free you are with your partner.

It’s only by being open about the deepest desires of your heart that you cultivate love.

Pay attention to the details borne by your dream, for this empowers you to correctly decipher its meaning.

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