Are you interested in Poop Dream Meaning? Then this guide is for you!

Seeing poop in your dream stands for many things. It all depends on what you are going through in life and the context of the dream.

Most dreams about poop indicate balance in life, financial gain or loss, acquisition of wealth, and good fortune.

Spiritually, poop dream meaning has something to do with your redemption from loss or lack of material progress.

You may also have frequent poop dreams if you are suffering from some form of digestive disorder. In this case, the dream is pushing you to seek a lasting solution to this problem.


Here’s a look at the meaning of common poop dreams:

Some Specific Poop Dream Meanings

#1 – Dream of Human Feces

This dream shows that you are sad and disappointed about some choices you made in the past. You could be so ashamed at the result of your actions that you can’t seem to concentrate on anything else.

This dream reminds you that you can move forward by making amends. It’s time you learned to forgive yourself for past errors of judgment.

#2 – Dream of Feces with Weird Colors

Seeing orange, blue, green, multi-colored, or white poop means trouble. It means that you will face some tough challenges in your personal and professional life.

#3 – Dream of Seeing Poop in the Toilet

This is a sign that a loved one is in trouble and they need your help. This is your cue to reach out and find out how your family and friends are doing.

#4 – Dream of Overflowing Feces

This indicates that you should watch your steps in social gatherings. Don’t do anything that could embarrass you or put your reputation to question.

You will have some difficulties trying to pass your points across in social meetings. It’s important that you remember to think before you talk.

#5 – Dream of Baby Poop

This is a sign that your baby is doing well. This dream encourages you to keep taking care of your baby’s health and overall wellbeing.

#6 – Dream of Rabbit Poop

This dream urges you to keep working hard. Soon, you will reap the handsome rewards of your efforts and positive attitude.

#7 – Dream of Cat Poop

This dream tells you that your dreams are valid. You can achieve whatever you set your mind on.

A dream of cat feces means that your efforts will enable you to achieve everything you’ve ever promised yourself.

This should motivate you to take charge of your life.

#8 – Dream of Dog Poop

This indicates that this is a good time to expand your circle of friends. Dogs are reputed for being man’s best friend.

This is a good time to invest in worthwhile friends. Don’t be afraid of opening your heart to people that want to see you grow into a better person.

#9 – Dream of Monkey Throwing Feces at You

This is a sign that your clients and customers will be very generous to you. As such, you should not despise anyone who seeks your services or products.

Treat everyone you encounter in your work respectfully and with consideration.

#10 – Dream of Someone Throwing Poop at You

This is a sign that your attitude and bad habits are slowly but surely alienating you. If this goes on, you’ll have fewer and fewer friends.

Eventually, even your family and loved ones will abandon you. The sooner you change your behavior, the better for your future prospects.

#11 – Dream of the Smell of Stool

If you dream that you smell stool everywhere you turn, it means that you will re-capture your lost glory.

This dream tells you that you will recoup your losses. Your financial state will improve greatly.

#12 – Dream of Smelling Your Feces

This is a sign that you are ready to deal with the darker parts of your life. You should dig out your hidden thoughts and emotions and face them squarely.

This is the time to unleash your full potential. This dream reminds you not to leave any stone unturned in cleaning your life.

#13 – Dream of Smelling Someone Else’s Feces

This means that something is amiss in your waking life. You need to pause in what you are doing to find out what you could be doing wrong.

This dream calls on you to focus your energies on the right pursuits.

#14 – Dream of Poop Stuck in Tub or Sink

This dream foretells that you will regain the money that you had lost. This money will come in the form of tax refunds or massive profits.

However, you need to keep working hard to make this a reality. Nothing will happen on its own. You need to seal all loopholes that could be draining your coffers.

#15 – Dream of Stepping on Human Poop

This dream indicates that you will soon receive a financial windfall. This may come from an inheritance, dividends on your investments, or a lottery win.

You need to get ready to put this money to good use.

#16 – Dream of Seeing Human Poop on a Path

If you are walking along a path and you see human feces in your dream, the mistakes of your past are finally catching up with you.

This dream is a reflection of your past failures and mistakes. You need to be courageous and confident in dealing with this aspect of your life.

Make amends where necessary, and turn your focus on the present and the future.

#17 – Dream of Being Unable to Poop

If you are unable to discharge feces in your dream, it means that you are slowly becoming a miser.

You are too stingy with your resources. Unless you check on this, your loved ones will suffer under your watch.

You need to be kinder, more compassionate, and more generous.

#18 – Dream of Diarrhea

This s a sign you feel unappreciated. It’s like your efforts don’t count for anything in your community.

This dream encourages you to keep doing good even when no one seems to notice. There’s a divine force out there watching your every move.

#19 – Dream of Pooping in Public

This is a sign that you are being flashy and with your life. This dream warns you against flaunting your wealth in public.

Remember, not everyone is as blessed as you. Learn the importance of humility.

#20 – Dream of Pooping on the Floor

This dream tells you to control your emotions. Likely, you are creating commotion everywhere you go through your outbursts.

You need to learn how best to deal with negative feelings.

#21 – Dream of Pooping in Bed

This is an indication that your marital life will face some hurdles. Likely, you and your partner will experience some disagreements over financial matters.

One of you is likely to make a financial decision that will have a negative impact on your relationship.

#22 – Dream of Pooping in Pants

If you dream of pooping in your pants, it means that you have some dirty secrets you are hiding from your partner.

This is likely to turn against you unless you decide to come clean.

This dream could also mean that you feel enslaved by addiction or a disgusting habit. It’s time to break these chains and reclaim your freedom.

#23 – Dream of Seeing Someone Dirty with Feces

This is a sign that you are worried about your partner. Your partner seems to be going through tough times but they are unwilling to open up to you.

Solving this puzzle calls on you to put your diplomatic skills to use.

#24 – Dream of Seeing Poop Everywhere

In this dream, you see feces spread everywhere in your house – on walls, floor, and ceiling. This is a sign that you will soon encounter a financial breakthrough.

The rewards you have been working for will soon locate you.

#25 – Dream of Eating Poop

If you feel okay in this dream, it means good luck and fortune. Although the thought of this dream is disgusting, it means that you will overcome the challenges in your life.

However, if you feel disgusted in this dream, it means that someone is forcing you to do things you don’t like.

This dream encourages you to fight for your independence.

#26 – Dream of Pooping in the Mouth

This dream can leave the dreamer feeling revolted. It indicates that you will be attacked by unwelcome diseases in the near future.

This dream could also be a warning about the effects of moral corruption. It tells you to be wary of ill-gotten wealth.

#27 – Dream of Collecting Poop

This is a sign that your life will go according to plan. If you have been considering starting new ventures and projects, this is the time to go for it.

Dreaming of collecting feces shows that you will reap impressive profits in your undertakings.

#28 – Dream of Cleaning Poop on the Floor

This indicates the cleansing and purification of your soul. This dream points out that this is a good time to turn your life around.

You can change and rise above the effects of your past failures and mistakes. This is akin to getting a new life after repenting your sins.

#29 – Dream of Wiping Feces off Shoes

This dream tells you to be ready to work hard to turn your life around.

If you desire to invite wealth, abundance, and prosperity into your life, you should be ready to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty.

#30 – Dream of Smearing Feces on Your Face

This is a sign that someone is forcing you to do something you don’t like. This could be your boss, colleague, client, or acquaintance.

You are being reminded to stand your ground whenever you are confronted with such a situation.

#31 – Dream of Smearing Feces on Someone

This indicates that you are willing to do everything in your power to create peace and happiness in your home.

Although you often go through tough and trying times fending for your loved ones, you are happy to do it.

#32 – To See Someone Smearing Feces All Over Themselves

This is a sign that you will argue and probably fight with a close friend. Your disagreement will stem from financial dealings gone wrong.

You need to watch out when it comes to mixing friendship with business.

#33 – Dream of Holding Poop

This dream encourages you to take calculated risks. If you have been thinking about starting a new venture, this is the time to go for it.

#34 – Dream of Stool in Your Food

You will experience an increase in your finances and material possessions. This dream also means that you’ll always have enough provisions for yourself and your loved ones.

#35 – Dream of Working with Manure Poop

A dream of working with animal dung as manure means wealth and prosperity. It indicates that your investments will grow, and your business ventures will be profitable.


Although dreaming of feces seems repulsive at face value, its deeper meaning is actually positive. Most people with this dream end up being successful in life.

This is a perfect sign if you are looking to propel your life forward. It indicates that you will soon encounter good luck and fortune.

The next time you have a poop dream, consider the direction it’s giving you in life. You’ll discover that you need to change some aspects of your life to achieve your goals and dreams.

Poop dream tells you that with the right effort, you’ll attract the positive energies of wealth, abundance, and prosperity.

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