Rat Spirit Animal Symbolism and Dreams

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The rat is captured in many myths from around the world. in modern times, narratives about this animal are featured in paintings, movies, books, poems, and urban myths.

Most people regard rats as symbols of taboo and distasteful connections. This stems from the fact that rats are unclean, and they live in unhygienic environments.

Rats and mice are blamed for the outbreak of global and regional pestilences such as the plague. Some urban myths allude to rats bringing apocalypse to the world.

The rat is believed to spread germs and diseases wherever it goes. As such, people use traps and cats to ensnare these creatures.

Their tarnished image makes them unwelcome in homes.

However, one thing that people forget is that the rat is a true survivor.


If you desire strength to go through a particularly rough patch in your life, look to the rat spirit animal for support.

The rat stands for strength, determination, flexibility, and resilience. This animal flourishes in the toughest conditions possible.

In some parts of the world, the rat symbolizes good luck in business ventures.

This animal would be a most beneficial addition to your collection of animal totems, especially if you desire to prosper in your career.

What’s the Symbolic Meaning of the Rat Animal Totem?

The rat spirit animal scurries into your life to teach you the importance of using your skills and talents.

This spirit guide is pointing out that you are intelligent enough to make the right decisions about your life.

The rat animal totem calls on you to work hard for what you believe in. it urges you to open your eyes to the opportunities and possibilities in your life.

Having this totem animal reminds you that your life is in your hands. If you want to enjoy a great future, work for it.

Give considerable time and effort to planning your life. Then, take action to make your dreams a reality.

The success that comes through hard work is sweet and long-lasting. This is another way of asking you to avoid shortcuts.

The success obtained through dubious means is short-lived, fleeting, and is likely to end in tears.

The rat animal totem reminds you to set high spiritual standards for yourself. Keep your thoughts, words, and actions positive in everything you do.

This is the key to shaping your destiny in the most desirable way.

Symbolic Meaning of Rat Totem Animal in Various Cultures

Symbolism of the Rat in Christian Culture

In Palestine, most rodents are referred to as ‘akbar’. This term captures all manner of rodents – jerboas, hamsters, mice, and rats.

Early Christians considered the rat to represent evil because of the wanton destruction it brought to monasteries and other places of worship.

Most Christian texts equate the rat to destruction, pain, disease, suffering, and death.

In Christian works of art, the rat is captured in a painting that was made in honor of St. Seraphina. It is said that as a young Christian girl, St. Seraphina developed the condition of paralysis from rats.

She spent the rest of her days in bed and died in 1253 AD. Christians blame the rats for her pain, suffering, and disease.

Paintings in Templar churches indicate black and white rats eating each other. The white rats manage to devour the black ones.

This signifies the power of day over night. It shows the superiority of truth over lies and falsehood. Here, the Templars are passing a message that good will triumph over evil.

Symbolism of the Rat in African Culture

Ancestors would take the form of lizards, snakes, and rats to visit their clans. As destructive as the rats were, African mythologies indicate that they were not to be killed.

They were given the space to co-exist with humans. The best that one could do was to keep a cat to check the spread of these rodents.

It was believed that cats could tell which rodents were ancestors, and which ones were not.

According to Egyptian mythology, rats were revered as deities who spread knowledge and destruction.

People looked to the rat spirit animal for guidance when they had critical decisions to make.

At the same time, an infestation of rats in ancient Egypt was a warning that things were about to get worse.

Such an infestation indicated famine, disease, or death.

Failure to see rats in your house for long periods showed the presence of an evil spirit. It meant that your house needed cleansing, and one was supposed to consult a priest for this purpose.

In some African communities, finding rats or mice in one’s serving pots was a warning about drought and famine.

It was a way of telling people to keep enough food in their granaries in readiness for the tough times ahead.

If you found a rat or mice on your sleeping mat, it meant death. This was a warning that you were likely to lose a family member or a close friend.

Dreaming of rats in the African context was a bad omen.

It indicated that the dreamer or their loved ones would come face to face with some real damage in the near future.

Rats and mice are eaten in some parts of Africa. In these cultures, these rodents were regarded as sources of nourishment and good health.


Symbolism of the Rat in Native American Culture

Rats and other rodents are of great spiritual significance amongst the Native Americans. They were seen to be messengers from the divine realm.

They warned of severe changes in weather. If a clan experienced a surge in the number of rats and mice, they knew that things were not going to be very good.

There would be a long period of drought followed by famine.

If the rodents wreaked havoc by destroying things in the households, it meant the onset of diseases and suffering.

This motivated the people and their shamans to offer sacrifices to avert pain and death. Gods were consulted for guidance on the root to be taken by the clan or tribe.

Ordinarily, the behavior and conduct of the rats taught the Native Americans a great deal. For example, these animals were able to move out of tight places with ease.

This taught people to use their flexibility and intelligence to solve thorny issues in their lives. The rat spirit totem was respected for its speed, skill, nimbleness, and aptitude.

Shamans used potions made from rats to bless people with the energies of wealth and prosperity.

It was believed that taking this medicine and keeping some of it in your home would make you wealthy and successful.

However, rats were not condoned in Native American homes because of the destruction they wrought on household items.

They were also regarded as unclean.

Symbolism of the Rat in Celtic Culture

Some old Celtic literature indicates that rats had magical powers. People turned to the rat spirit animal when they wanted to learn about their future.

Rats could foresee trouble and bad times ahead. For example, if rats abandoned your house, it meant hard times ahead. You’d probably find it hard feeding your family in the days to come.

Rats abandoning your house could also be a prediction of disease and death.

These rodents had psychic powers to tell them when a ship was about to capsize. Rats would abandon ship long before it sank.

The Celtic deity Cernunnos is the god of death and transformation. He is closely associated with rats and other wild things.

Cernunnos was married to Aurora, the goddess of birth and rebirth. According to Celtic mythology, this shows that rats and other rodents have the ears of the gods.

Rats played a crucial role in the cycle of birth, transformation, death, and rebirth.

In some Celtic communities, sacrifices were offered to Cernunnos for the protection of seafarers. A family would ask this god to intervene for the safety of their loved ones out at sea.

The Celts believed that they were safe as long as they could spot the occasional rat in their houses.

Symbolism of the Rat in Eastern Culture

In many Eastern cultures, rats are closely associated with financial growth and progress. The rat spirit animal was consulted before one got into business.

When the rat scurries around the house, it creates a sound akin to that of counting money. As such, it is closely associated with activities that bring money.

Among the Chines, being referred to as a ‘money-rat’ indicates that one is stingy. It shows that one was not to be trusted to be honest with money matters.

Some Eastern cultures associate the rat with the devil. They believed that rats act as agents of darkness.

Chinese mythology has it that killing a rat would turn it into a male demon.

The rat is the first sign of the Chinese horoscope. People born under this sign have very good business acumen.

In Japanese culture, the rat was thought to be a companion of the gods. This animal was particularly close to Lord Ganesha – the god of wealth and riches.

In Hindu culture, this god is called Ganapati. He is the patron of bankers and intellectuals, and is always accompanied by a rat and an elephant.

What’s the Meaning of the Rat Spirit Animal?

The rat spirit animal scurries into your life to teach you the importance of versatility. This spirit guide asks you to be flexible enough to take advantage of the resources in your environment.

This spirit animal calls on you to work smart. You can’t achieve much if you don’t plan your moves well.

The presence of this animal tells you to put your intelligence to good use.

Set high expectations for yourself and work hard to achieve them. Pay close attention to the things that bring maximum satisfaction to your life.

You have no business being involved in things that bring you pain, suffering, and frustration. Focus on what gives you the outcomes you desire to see in your life.

The resilience of the rat spirit animal tells you that your dreams are valid. Your future is bright. You just need to concentrate on your spiritual life; this will give you the grace you need to flourish.

What’s the Meaning of Rat Dreams?

To dream of rats stands for the unwanted things in your life. It could be that you are not very comfortable with some of your friends and you need to sever any links with them.

Your rat spirit guide is urging you to listen to your heart. This dream affirms that you are the best-placed person to make decisions about your life.

Having a rat dream also tells you to streamline your thoughts and feelings. Likely, you have carried some unwanted baggage from the past into your current life.

This is slowing down your growth and development, and your rat spirit animal is urging you to do something about it.

This animal wants to help you deal with the negative energies of anger, envy, pride, guilt, and jealousy.

The rat may appear as a phallic symbol in your dreams. This could be a sign that you have neglected your sexual needs in your waking state.

Your rat dream will depend on the context of the dream. To unravel its meaning correctly, you should pay attention to all the details manifested in the dream.

Relate these details to the predominant thoughts and feelings in your waking life.

Final Thoughts…

Has the rat spirit animal found its way into your life? This is a sign that you are resourceful, charming, and creative.

The rat spirit guide is urging you to share your rich resources with your family and friends. You stand to gain a lot by being generous to your loved ones.

Having the rat animal totem is a sign that you are a true survivor. You are not one to be cowed by changes in your personal circumstances.

You are ready to unlock your hidden potential and make the best of your time in this world.

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