Reading Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Are you interested in Reading Dream Meaning? Then this guide is for you!

Reading dreams mean different things to different people. This means that the meaning of your dream applies only to your individual circumstances.

The very same dream may mean something totally different to someone else. Thus, it is very important that you relate your dream to what’s happening in your life.

However, as with all dreams, reading dreams have a common strand. They may point to something good or negative happening in your life.

They talk about problems, peace, luck, and happiness – or lack of these things.

Pay close attention to what you remember in your dream to decipher its meaning.

Here’s a look at some common reading dreams and their meanings:


Some Specific Reading Dream Meanings

#1 – Dream of Learning to Read

This dream indicates you are keen to learn from your mistakes. You willingly take responsibility when things go wrong.

This means you put yourself in a good position to get it right the next time.

People with this dream capitalize on other people’s experiences. You don’t have to go through painful experiences to gain wisdom.

You learn by what others are going through.

#2 – Dream of Teaching a Child to Read

This dream draws attention to your diligence, tolerance, and patience. This is a wonderful combination of skills at your disposal.

You maintain your cool even in a trying environment. Few other people can contain themselves the way you do in the face of trouble.

The only thing you can’t put up with is injustice or unfairness.

#3 – Dream of Teaching an Adult to Read

This dream indicates your need to prove yourself in front of your peers. You believe it’s only when you get their validation that you’ll succeed.

This is a form of mental slavery that you need to break away from. You don’t need anybody’s approval to deal with the obstacles and challenges on your path.

All you need is willpower and a positive mindset.

#4 – Dream of Reading an Old Book

Some unfinished issues from your past keep cropping up whenever you want to move forward. This dream calls on you to firmly deal with your past to make peace with the future.

This is a good time to face the challenges you have been avoiding all along. What is it about your past that makes you stagnate?

It’s time to close the old chapters to concentrate on the new.

#5 – Dream of Someone Reading You an Old Book

This is a sign that you have created powerful bonds with your past. Regardless of how far you travel, you’ll never forget your culture and traditions.

You enjoy telling your new friends about your past, and what a wonderful place you come from.

People with this dream are usually nostalgic about a past era. Be careful that this does not blind you to what lies ahead.

#6 – Dream of Reading a Letter

The meaning of the dream depends on the content of the letter.

If this letter brings good news, this is an approval of the plans you’ve been making concerning your personal and business projects.

If the letter bears bad news, however, this tells you to go back to the drawing board. Your current path will expose you to obstacles that may kill your plans.

You need to think of a better, safer route.

#7 – Dream of Reading Comics

This signifies that you have refused to let go of your childhood. In everything you do, your desire is to resurrect old memories; memories you had as a child.

You need to move away from this and start creating fresh memories.

One way of going about this is by taking up your responsibilities with pride. Take on new challenges and venture to new territories.

#8 – Dream of Reading Picture Books

This dream draws attention to your imagination and creativity. Although you are gifted with these talents, you hardly put them to use.

This is a wake-up call to use these gifts to propel your life forward. There’s a lot of ground you can cover by using your creativity to generate money.

If these skills are not needed in your current job, you can use them in your hobbies. Gradually, you’ll see the need to transform your hobbies into a money-making venture.

#9 – Dream of Someone Else Reading Picture Books

If you have been planning to travel far, this dream asks you to put those plans on hold. You first need to make sure that your travel plan is sound.

Consult the weather and traffic to determine the right period to make your trip. Also, double-check that all you need on this trip is in order.

This dream encourages you to plan for contingencies in case you encounter setbacks on the way.

#10 – Dream of Reading a Will

This is a sign that you are avoiding solving a major problem in your life. Dreaming of reading a will asks you to deal with your problems as soon as they occur.

Never postpone anything that can be done today. Unsolved issues pile up and gather strength, and they are likely to strike when you are least prepared to handle them.

#11 – Dream of Reading a Digital Book

You welcome challenges in your life with open arms.

You know that challenges and difficulties provide you with a good opportunity to discover and use your hidden skills and abilities.

Those who experience this dream love exploring. This dream encourages you to use this to discover more about yourself.

Do not be afraid to explore new avenues and ways of making your life better.

#12 – Dream of Reading a Dictionary

This dream suggests the need to further your education to improve the quality of your life. You don’t have to take a full-time course to achieve this.

You can consider enrolling in part-time courses or online classes to increase your knowledge base.

This dream also suggests the need to attend work or family-related seminars. In the modern world, there are a lot of skills you can gain in a relatively short time.

#13 – Dream of Reading in a Foreign Language

You are having a hard time trying to communicate something important to your family. Maybe, you fear rejection from your loved ones once they learn what you have to say.

This dream also calls on you to demystify your message based on your target audience. Package your message to suit the tastes of those you are trying to reach.

The same message should sound differently to adults than when told to children.

#14 – Dream of Someone Reading You Something in a Foreign Language

This is a sign that you find it hard to merge your wishes with what’s happening in your life. It could be that you have set your targets unreasonably high.

Or, you may want to change your approach in dealing with your goals.

Either way, this is an issue that requires urgent attention. You see, the longer your goals remain unfulfilled; the more frustrated you become.

#15 – Dream of Not Being Able to Read

You feel embarrassed by something you did or said in the recent past. This is more so if you were very vocal about it, only to be proved wrong by the turn of events.

You believe that you exposed your inadequacies and incompetency this way. If this feeling continues unchecked, you’ll suffer from severe low self-esteem.

Take positive action to correct your mistake and move on.

#16 – Dream of Reading Scripture

This dream assures you that the problem you are going through is not as bad as they seem. This means you should not lose hope.

You just need to look at the issue from a different angle, and everything will fall into place.

Dreaming of reading scripture also tells you to reach out when the going gets tough. Talk to those who’ve had similar experiences, and let them guide you on the best way forward.

#17 – Dream of Reading a Newspaper

This dream encourages you to invest in yourself if you want to attract success. Part of this investment should be to equip yourself with knowledge of what’s happening around you.

This dream calls on you to keep abreast with the latest affairs. This enables you to better understand your role in this world.

#18 – Dream of Reading a New Book

This is a sign of growth and progress. The positive actions and hard work you put into your projects are finally paying off.

This should motivate you to keep going strong. There’s a lot you can accomplish if you put your skills and talents to good use.

You just need to expect positive outcomes from your labor.

#19 – Dream of Someone Reading You a Newspaper

What is it that you truly desire to achieve? This dream calls on you to think about it constantly. Envision yourself living the kind of life you’ve always wanted.

The positive energies you put out there will attract what you want. This does not mean, however, that your wishes and desire are enough to give you your dream life.

You should be ready to roll up your sleeves and work for the changes you desire to see.

#20 – Dream of Reading Aloud

This dream you know what makes you happy, and you are determined to get it. You are keen not to allow negative energies anywhere near your plans.

Dreaming of reading aloud also means you speak out when things are not right. You are the kind of a person who says things as they are – you call a spade as such and not a big spoon.

#21 – Dream of Someone Else Reading Out Aloud

You will be castigated or chastised for a mistake you made. This is more so if you are not willing to acknowledge these mistakes and make amends.

This dream could also mean that someone will call you out for your pretentious way of life. This is your cue to straighten your life.


Dreaming of reading shows you are interested in making the right decisions.

This dream draws attention to the need to increase your knowledge base. You have the opportunity to acquire new skills in your professional and social life. Take it.

The meaning of your reading dream depends on the details accompanying it. For example, what’s the nature of the book you are reading?

Is it big or small? Are you reading for entertainment, information, or knowledge? Such details will help you arrive at a clearer understanding of your dream.

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