Red Snake Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Are you interested in Red Snake Dream Meaning? Then this guide is for you!

Dreaming about red snakes is closely linked to your life’s sensual aspects.

This dream encourages you to focus on making your romantic experiences better and more responsive to your needs.

As such, it’s very common for people going through the romantic phase of their life to have a red snake dream.

How strong and healthy is your relationship? Dreaming of a red snake is a sign that you can make it better.

Work harder at the intimate aspects of your love life; leave no doubt in your partner’s mind that they are loved and cared for.

All the same, dreams about the red snake differ depending on what’s happening in the dream.

For example, dreaming that the snake is viciously fighting you may have nothing to do with your love life.

In this case, this dream indicates that someone has evil plans targeting your projects.

Here’s a look at some common red snake dreams and their meanings:


Some Specific Red Snake Dream Meanings

#1 – Dream of Seeing a Red Snake

This dream calls on you to think about your relationship and what you can do to ignite the fires of romance.

It seems that something is missing, you no longer enjoy your partner’s company as you used to. Perhaps, you have been too busy to pay attention to your partner.

This dream wants you to prioritize your relationship in everything you do. This is your cue to re-ignite the fires of romance in this union.

#2 – Dream of Seeing a White and Red Snake

This is a warning that you need to be wary of an enemy hidden amongst your friends. Actually, you may have more than one enemy.

This tells you to keep your eyes peeled when interacting with people whose agenda you are not very sure of.

Don’t be quick to give out sensitive or intimate details about yourself or your loved ones.

#3 – Dream of Lots of Red Snakes

Be careful about the company you keep in your social and professional circles. You’d want to associate with someone that keeps fanning your ambitions.

Keep close to people that want to see you grow and prosper. The quality of your friends and acquaintances can be seen in the type of ideas you support.

#4 – Dream of Black and Red Snake

This dream is closely associated with spiritual healing and recovery. If you dream of being bitten by this snake, it means you need an antidote to the toxic energies you have been exposed to.

This is your cue to seek spiritual enlightenment and growth.

Dreaming of a black and red snake shows you’ll soon recover from the adversities you’ve had to go through.

You’ll receive new energies that will enable you to appreciate life, and desire to accomplish great goals.

#5 – Dream of a Giant Red Snake

This means that a challenge you thought would be a walkover is turning to be something else altogether.

The problems you have hitherto been ignoring are taking on impossible proportions. This dream urges you to act fast before you are utterly overwhelmed.

#6 – Dream of Two-Headed Red Snakes

Although the look of this snake can put you off, its meaning is positive. It indicates that your love life is expanding.

You should consider talking to your partner about taking your relationship to the next level. This dream indicates that this is a good time to consider getting married.

#7 – Dream of a Big Red Snake

In this dream, the snake is big, not gigantic. This is a sign that some unexpected events will force you to change your focus.

This dream gives you a heads-up to help you react fast to this change. You should not allow anything to derail your focus for long.

Although we all stumble and fall once in a while, be strong enough to quickly bounce back from your fall.

#8 – Dream of a Headless Red Snake

This can be a very scary dream. You can imagine a headless red snake following your around…terrifying!

Contrary to what you may think, this dream indicates a positive thing. It shows you are healing to a state of completeness.

This message is very appropriate if you have been broken, rejected, and alone in the past. It holds the promise of better times ahead.

#9 – Dream of a Red Snake Lurking Under Your Bed

This dream shows your relationship needs your attention. Likely, you have been caught up in the cares of the world that you’ve forgotten to take care of your partner’s needs.

It’s time you re-organized your priorities. Let your partner know that you’ll always be there for them, there’s no cause for fear and insecurity.

#10 – Dream of Keeping a Red Snake

Dreaming of keeping a red snake as your pet draws attention to your innate intelligence. This dream challenges you to discover how your intelligence works.

This will give you a good idea of the decisions to make going forward.

At the same time, this dream shows the beginning of self-awareness. It’s like your mental eye has finally opened up, and you know the direction to take towards your goals.

#11 – Dream of Wrapping a Red Snake Around Your Neck or Body

You have seen the need to take a break from your work to have some fun. You have discovered that it’s possible to enjoy life without betraying your professional obligations.

At the same time, this dream indicates you’ll start a relationship with someone you hardly know. You’ll enjoy the thrill that comes with taking this kind of risk.

This dream encourages you to be creative in this relationship.

#12 – Dream of Running Away from a Red Snake

This is a sign that you are going through a period that fills you with fear. You are unable to concentrate on your goals and dreams because of worry.

Having this dream tells you to have a positive mindset. There’s nothing you can’t deal with when you believe in yourself.

#13 – Dream of a Red Snake Coming out of Your Mouth

This dream reminds you that words have power. Watch what comes out of your mouth especially when you are angry.

Dreaming of a red snake coming out of your moth asks you to master your communication. Use kind words; be a conduit of peace, harmony, and understanding through what you say.

#14 – Dream of Killing a Red Snake

Having this dream indicates you are strong and courageous enough to achieve your goals and dreams. This means you should not allow anything to curtail your progress and growth.

This dream calls on you to take charge of your life. With all the changes happening around you, you should be strong enough to resist negative influences.

Maintain focus on your goals by holding on to your beliefs in trying times.

#15 – Dream of a Dead Red Snake

Your plans to eradicate the major problems in your life are working out just fine. This is a confirmation that you are guided by positive affirmations and visualizations.

You have maintained focus on your goals despite the negative energies thrown at you. Those who have this dream are resolute in the pursuit of excellence.

#16 – Dream of a Red Snake Shedding

This dream indicates a change of lifestyle. You have seen the need to change your old ways and adopt new ones.

This dream encourages you to get rid of old habits and poor thinking patterns. Believe in yourself, and open your eyes to the many possibilities ahead of you.

#17 – Dream of Turning into a Red Snake

A member of your team at the workplace will betray you. Spurred by jealousy and feelings of inadequacy, this person will think that they’ll advance themselves by selling you out.

If you have noticed that your competition is always a step ahead, this is what could be happening. Your rivals have been fed information about your trade tricks by someone close to you.

#18 – Dream of Being Attacked by a Red Snake

This dream alerts you that your plans will be affected by something out of your control. How this turns out depends on how positively motivated you are.

With a positive mindset, you can deal with anything that comes your way.

Dreaming of being attacked by a red snake asks you to move with the flow of life. You’ll achieve much in your lot if you work with change instead of fighting it.

#19 – Dream of a Small Red Snake

This dream asks you to be on the lookout for fake friends. Some unscrupulous people have infiltrated your inner circle, and they’ll use false friends to steal your secrets.

It’s these two-faced friends that you should be wary of. They can cause more damage than the loudest of your enemies.

#20 – Dream of Surviving a Red Snake Bite

Your desire to create peace and understanding in your family should be give birth to positive action. You see; desire cannot accomplish much on its own.

As it’s often said, faith without work is dead.

This dream points out that you have the resources to quell the conflicts in your family.

#21 – Dream of a Red Snake’s Nest

This dream indicates that your family is expanding. New members will join the family, and this will bring in more joy.

Dreaming of seeing a red snake’s nest also predicts betrayal. You are likely to be betrayed by someone you have considered a good friend for long.

#22 – Dream of a Red Snake in the Water

Your emotional energy is being usurped by people you have brought into your life. These people keep placing one demand after another, and this is taking a toll on you.

The unfortunate bit is that you find it hard to say no to them.

This dream asks you to safeguard your interests. Don’t allow anyone to deny you the joy of living.


What is the red snake doing in the dream? Does it look friendly or aggressive? Are there other people involved, and what’s their role?

Paying attention to such details gives you a clearer meaning of the red snake dream. You should also factor in your feelings about it.

In a way, this dream exposes your vulnerability. It is a wake-up call for you to take charge of your life.

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