Are you interested in Skeleton Dream Meaning? Then this guide is for you!

Dreaming of a skeleton or skeletons indicates deep-seated fears that find expression in your waking life.

It could be that you are scared of the bad decisions you made in the past. You fear they will resurface to rob you of your joy and happiness.

Or, it could be that you have witnessed the ravages of a particularly bad disease, and you are scared of contracting it.

Dreams about skeletons could indicate good or bad things in your life. It all depends on the finer details presented.

Here’s a look at some common skeleton dreams and their meanings:


Some Specific Skeleton Dream Meanings

#1 – Dream of Finding a Skeleton

This means that someone close to you – a friend or a family member – has been hiding something important from you.

You likely have a major fallout with this person unless they are willing to apologize and come clean.

Dreaming of finding a skeleton tells you to look for worthy company. Likely, the person you have been with does not love or respect you as they claim to do.

#2 – Dream of Burying a Skeleton

There’s so much you are hiding from a loved one, that you’re scared you’ll lose everything should the truth come out.

As such, you’ll do impossible things to keep your secrets hidden. You don’t realize that the more you keep secrets from your partner and loved ones, the colder you become.

Confide some of your deep secrets in someone you trust to keep them – a professional counselor, for example.

You will feel lighter and happier with some of this weight off your chest.

#3 – Dream of Someone Seeing a Skeleton

This is a sign that someone you have not been seeing eye to eye is willing to reconcile with you.

They have seen the errors of their ways, and they are ready to have a sit down with you to make amends.

If this is what you have been looking for all along, it means your relationships will be stronger and more stable.

#4 – Dream of Someone Burying a Skeleton

Someone close to you wants to confide their secrets in you. Are you ready to handle them? You must tread cautiously here, considering that some of these secrets can be quite explosive if let out.

If you are not a good keeper of secrets, come up with a good reason not to be the custodian of these secrets.

#5 – Dream of a Laughing Skeleton

Regardless of how hard you push; you are unable to get out of a rut you are currently in. It seems that problems keep mocking you no matter how hard you try to escape them.

This could be a sign that you are working on the wrong things. Your priorities are warped, and that’s why you waste so much energy and resources.

Pause what you are doing and go back to the drawing board. What do you need to retain, and what should you cut out?

#6 – Dream of a Skeleton Attacking Someone

You are concerned about some recent troubles in your family. Your loved ones are affected, and you are not sure they can maintain focus on their goals.

This dream suggests you may have to intervene to save your loved ones.

Also, dreaming of a skeleton attacking someone indicates you may have to intervene to save your loved one from succumbing to disease.

Likely, you will have to donate your blood or an organ to save them.

#7 – Dream of a Skeleton Killing People

Your family is affected by negative energies from the past. You have allowed the negative energies of resentment, anger, and hatred to rule over your lives.

This dream challenges you to create harmony and peace in your life. Help your loved ones to come to a common understanding.

Considering your rich array of skills and abilities, you are in a unique position to achieve it.

#8 – Dream of a Skeleton Trying to Kill You

The dark part of your personality is becoming more and more prominent. Your subconscious is alerting you to take remedial action before things get out of hand.

It’s time to deal with those aspects of your personality you find less attractive.

#9 – Dream of Digging a Skeleton Out

Someone will discover your secrets, and this will put your life in danger.

Some of your secrets are too deep to be let out in the open – unless you are at the right place with the right people.

This dream also shows that your bad habits are rubbing some people the wrong way. You keep stepping on people’s toes each way you move.

This is your cue to make better life choices.

#10 – Dream of Talking to a Skeleton

This dream points to a severe lack of self-confidence.

You feel left out of important decisions that affect you. Likely, people don’t perceive you the right way.

You at times feel lost, isolated, confused, and alone.

Work on your self-esteem; everything in your life will begin to make sense.

#11 – Dream of Arguing with a Skeleton

You do things that some people around you find strange.

Your loved ones can’t seem to understand the source of your inspiration and how you arrive at the decisions you do.

At times, you are perceived to be selfish and egocentric. This may not be true; this judgment is made based on how you present yourself.

This dream reminds you that you are not an island; you live amongst people. As such, you must learn to communicate effectively.

#12 – Dream of Your Partner Talking to a Skeleton

This s a sign that you have fears concerning your partner. You are not sure they love you for you or for what you have.

You fear that your partner will jump out of the relationship should you hit a financial bump, leaving you to crash alone.

These fears stress you, and you are unable to enjoy being in this relationship fully.

#13 – Dream of Seeing Your Skeleton

This dream indicates you are too hard on yourself. You think you are not good enough to pursue certain goals or lead a high lifestyle.

It could be that you readily lower your standards to accommodate the situations around you.

You can do better than this. Start by having more faith in your abilities. You have the resources to turn your life around.

#14 – Dream of a Skeleton in the Mirror

You believe that you are not beautiful or handsome enough. This is probably because you have suffered body-shaming attacks in the past.

Seeing a skeleton in the mirror could also be a sign that your past is rising to taunt you. This is more so if you had a chaotic past characterized by decisions you now find regrettable.

Well, don’t allow the past to ruin your future. It’s time you dealt with these issues from your past once and for all.

#15 – Dream of Fighting with a Skeleton

This dream shows your determination to get rid of injustice from your community. You are bold enough to stand up to people who mistreat others.

You don’t want to see anyone taken advantage of because of their race, gender, faith, and creed.

Of course, you’ll make lots of enemies trying to liberate the weak. But this is a price you are willing to pay.

#16 – Dream of Running Away from a Skeleton

This dream indicates that you keep stressing yourself over small issues and matters. Instead of focusing your energies on life-changing issues, all your days are spent on trivialities.

This dream exposes your pessimistic nature. You always think that the worst will happen in every situation.

Change your thinking. It’s time you embraced a positive mindset.

#17 – Dream of Your Partner Running Away from a Skeleton

You fear for the health and well-being of your partner or family. Likely, they are showing some symptoms that clearly show everything is not okay.

Encourage them to see a doctor and take the relevant tests.

This dream reminds you that your loved ones are in your life for a reason. You have a role to play in their overall growth and progress.

#18 – Dream of Killing a Skeleton

In this dream, you kill a talking or moving skeleton. This is a sign that you are determined to overcome the failures of your past.

You have realized that these failures are not a prison sentence; you can overcome them.

This dream suggests the need to embrace a positive mindset in dealing with your past. You will realize that a positive mind enables you to focus on possibilities.

#19 – Dream of a Dancing Skeleton

This dream asks you to live your life to the fullest. Go ahead and have lots of fun – after all, you are as old as you feel.

Dreaming of a dancing skeleton tells you that life is not as serious as some people want to make it. Inculcate a sense of humor in your everyday life.

Pursue things that make you happy and feel your days with laughter.

#20 – Dream of Kissing a Skeleton

Your relationship has gone cold, and you feel at a loss. You don’t know how to go about bringing back the warmth and love you once enjoyed.

Perhaps, you should start by finding out what went wrong. Then, find out what your partner feels about it.

This will enable you to decide whether your relationship is salvageable.


Did you see skeletons in your dream? How would you describe this dream? Did it give you the feeling that something scary and unwelcome is about to happen?

Or, was this encounter humorous?

Was the skeleton that of a human or animal? Who else was involved in the dream and what were they doing?

It is details like these that open your mind’s eye to the meaning of your dream.

The meaning of your skeleton dream largely depends on what you are going through in life. It also depends on how you interact with skeletons in real life.

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