Stones Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Are you interested in Stones Dream Meaning? Then this guide is for you!

You’ll find stones just about everywhere on the surface of the earth. They are common as the issues we go through!

Dreaming of stones is a reflection of our daily realities – what we go through, our triumphs, challenges, and losses; our hopes, dreams, and failures.

Some stones are used as jewelry to make decorative items because of their unique qualities. Such stones are not easy to find.

If you are fond of crystals and other jewelry pieces, you are likely to dream of precious stones. Generally, dreaming of rare gems shows something significant about your life.

The actual meaning of each precious stone varies depending on the context of the dream and the details it presents.

It’s possible to have a stone dream that is not a reflection of your reality. When you encounter this, you need to dig deeper to unravel its meaning.

Here’s a look at some common stone dreams and their meaning:


Some Specific Stones Dream Meanings

#1 – Dream of Huge Stones

You will go through a period of discomfort, especially when your finances don’t add up. All the same, this should not kill your fighting spirit.

This dream reminds you that happiness is not all about money. When things are particularly tough on you, don’t be shy about reaching out for support.

You’ll be surprised by the reception you’ll be given by your family and friend. This dream inspires you to invest in relationships.

#2 – Dream of Holding a Stone

This dream is a reflection of your inner strength and confidence. Dreaming of holding a stone tells you not to allow anything to stand in the path of your progress.

With the right effort, you’ll be able to reach your expectations. This is not to say that the going will always be smooth.

At times, you’ll have to battle setbacks and hiccups. Be strong enough to go through this phase of your life successfully.

#3 – Dream of Crushing a Stone

Your hard work and positive attitude will attract lots of rewards. Although you won’t achieve all the results you desire at once, keep going strong.

Everything will happen at the right time.

Keep pushing on; it won’ be long before your bosses and friends notice your positive influence. Soon, you’ll be entrusted with more responsibilities.

#4 – Dream of a Wall Made of Stones

Dreaming of seeing a wall made of stones indicates your strength. You have the energy to keep moving forward to your desired position.

At the same time, this dream reminds you that your loved ones look up to you for protection. Be there for them when they need you.

Never for a moment be tempted to abscond your responsibilities.

#5 – Dream of Glowing Stones

This dream indicates you need to listen to your inner being. Likely, it’s long since you reflected on how you are feeling on the inside.

Having this dream encourages you to be in touch with your deepest fears, hopes, and dreams. Only then can you know for sure that your dreams are not an illusion.

They are achievable.

#6 – Dream of Crushing Stones

Your advice and guidance have become invaluable in your social and professional circles. This is because you have made a name for your reliability.

You are honest in your dealings, and you advocate for everyone else to be the same.

You exude a positive aura wherever you go because of your positive life choices. It’s no wonder you are a magnet for progressive people.

#7 – Dream of Your Hands and Legs Turning to Stone

This could be a sign of ill-health. Although you may not have any symptoms yet, this dream suggests that a visit to the doctor is in order.

You need to be examined for hidden health problems.

Your issue is likely caused by poor circulation – something your doctors should be able to fix if it is arrested in good time.

#8 – Dream of Seeing Stones on the Streets

Your path is littered with pitfalls and setbacks. This dream warns you to tread carefully if you don’t want to be frustrated.

Dreaming of removing stones in the street shows you have a way to overcome your difficulties. You chiefly rely on your courage and confidence to move through life undeterred.

This dream asks you to consider all the options in your life before making a move.

#9 – Dream of Throwing Stones at Someone

Don’t be quick to judge others. Take your time to understand what someone is facing before you form a negative opinion of them.

Dreaming of throwing stones calls on you to be empathetic. Someone close to you needs your love, kindness, and compassion.

Get to identify this person and help them through their struggles. This way, you are contributing to making your world better for all.

#10 – Dream of Throwing Stones at Someone

This sign shows you are going through a tough period emotionally. You are worried about your future – and whether you actually have one at all.

This dream could also expose your plans to harm someone. Your subconscious already knows what’s going on, and it is warning you of taking aggressive action.

You won’t gain anything by verbally, emotionally, or physically assaulting anyone. If anything, you’ll soil your reputation.

#11 – Dream of Precious Stones

Take care of your health even as you go about your goals and dreams. This dream shows that you have been too busy that you have forgotten to tend to some basic areas of your life.

Also, this dream calls on you to treat other people with respect. Do your best to enhance a peaceful co-existence in your community.

To fully understand the meaning of this dream, you need to consider the precious stone you dreamt about.

#12 – Dream of Someone Throwing Stones at You

The person in your dream is working behind the scenes to destroy your reputation. This person will generate gossip topics about you knowing very well you are innocent.

This explains why some people have started changing their behavior towards you – they have been unduly influenced.

This dream calls on you to remain strong in the face of such challenges. ultimately, your good character will vindicate you.

#13 – Dream of People Stoning Your House

This is a sign that some people are plotting against you. You need to be very careful as you interact with people whose intentions are not very clear.

Dreaming of someone stoning your house tells you to cut off toxic people. You deserve to be happy, and you can’t achieve this if you continue associating with destructive people.

#14 – Dream of Carrying Stones

This dream indicates that you could be losing interest in something you started with someone. You are likely to breach a contract.

It could also mean that you’ll betray a friend by giving out their secrets.

Dreaming of carrying stones calls on you to evaluate the impact of your actions before you carry them out.

#15 – Dream of a Broken Stone

This is a sign of failure and loss. Something you have held close to your heart will move out of your life.

It could be that it will be stolen from you, or you’ll be compelled to dispose of it.

This dream reminds you that everything happens for a reason. The loss you go through has its meaning in your life.

If you are positively motivated, you’ll see the opportunities it brings.

#16 – Dream of Someone Carrying Stones

This dream calls on you to be kind to others. Don’t condemn people before you hear them out. Always give the benefit of the doubt to anyone that deserves it.

When someone makes a mistake, it doesn’t mean they are inherently evil. Remember, you, too, are flawed.

You have no right to pass judgment on people for mistakes that can be easily resolved.

#17 – Dream of a Black Stone

This dream warns you against hurting those close to you as you fight for your space. As you make decisions, consider their impact on your family and loved ones.

Ask yourself whether you are being selfish and insensitive by the choices you make. This dream reminds you that this world has enough for everyone.

But, it can never hold enough for greed and gluttony.

#18 – Dream of Throwing Stones at the Police

Your bad habits and poor choice of lifestyle are leading you to trouble. It could be that you imagine you are living a flashy, fast-paced life, but what is it doing to your health?

What about its impact on your relationship with your family and friends?

Dreaming of throwing stones at a police station also asks you to treat your partner with respect and consideration.

You need to resolve any issues between the two of you amicably. You’ll make life harder for yourself if you turn abusive or violent.

It’s time to change your approach to problem-solving.

#19 – Dream of Collecting Stones

You are dealing with a stressful situation, and you’d like someone to come to your rescue. It’s good that you have realized you need help.

The next logical step is to ask for this help from people you can trust.

This dream could also mean that you should help those who come to you for assistance. Use your time, effort, and resources to help them find solutions to their challenges.

You never know when you’ll need this kind of support yourself.

#20 – Dream of a Bleeding Stone

Dreaming of a stone that oozes blood shows that you have grievously wronged someone. This dream asks you to be more sensitive to the needs of those around you.

Avoid trampling on the freedoms of those around you as you chase your ambitions. The world has enough space for all of us to exist peacefully.

This dream warns you against making reckless moves.

#21 – Dream of a Talking Stone

This dream calls on you to change your attitude towards a certain group of people. It could be that you are prejudiced based on race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation.

You judge too harshly – yet you have so many flaws you should address.

Change your attitude to make your world a better place for you and those you encounter in this journey.

#22 – Dream of Being Buried Under a Pile of Stones

This dream indicates your struggles to gain mental stability. Your mind is in turmoil, and you can’t see things for what they truly are.

You urgently need to tame your anger and other negative emotions.

#23 – Dream of Throwing Stones into the sea

This dream encourages you to rise above your fears and worries. Your tomorrow is assured as long as you are positively motivated.

Get rid of anxiety and embrace a positive mindset instead. This is the key to winning your battles.


Having a dream about stones encourages you to work hard to shape your future. It calls on you to come to terms with the realities in your life.

This dream could take on different meanings depending on how it presents itself to you. As such, try to keep a record of the details its presents.

Dreaming about stones touches on every aspect of your life. This dream enables you to understand how best to deal with life’s challenges.

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