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East Asian philosophies, such as Buddhism, have grown in popularity in the western world in recent years.

A good number of people in the West have an idea of what the teachings of Buddha entail.

Buddha, the father of Buddhism, spent most of his time and energy in search of the secrets to lasting peace, contentment, and happiness.

With time, his teachings became so popular that they were captured in symbols through artwork.

Among the more popular Buddhist symbols are the lotus flower, the dharma wheel, and the Unalome.

The Unalome features widely in many Buddhist rituals and ceremonies. They are used as decorative symbols and in the world of fashion and beauty.


What Is the Unalome?

The Unalome is a symbol that is held in high regard in Buddhist culture. It stands for the journey one takes from birth until such a time they attain spiritual enlightenment.

The Unalome indicates a person’s journey to perfection. This symbol is used to illustrate the special connection that exists between the physical realm and the spiritual one.

People with the Unalome symbol are acutely aware of the roles they are meant to play in life. They are able to evaluate their thoughts, feelings, and actions effectively.

This symbol sets them on the path to understanding the true meaning of kindness, generosity, compassion, and benevolence.

In the culture of Buddhism, the Unalome stands for the path each one of us must take in this life. This symbol is a reminder that your life path will never be straightforward.

You’ll have to navigate through circles, winding paths, and straight stretches. This encourages you to be courageous in the face of the ups and downs you encounter in life.

Symbolic Meaning of the Unalome

The journey that is predestined for each one of us is beautiful and different. We don’t all share the same meaning of growth, progress, and enlightenment.

We are affected differently by the things we encounter in our journeys of life. Our peace, happiness, and suffering are affected by different things.

All the same, we do have some shared qualities as human beings. The Unalome reminds us that though our journeys are unique and personal, we are not so different from each other.

We are united in some of the things we experience as the human race. The Unalome reminds us that:

  • We are on the same path
  • No one is better than another
  • Our actions have consequences.
  • Good thoughts and deeds bring positive results
  • Bad thoughts and actions result in pain, suffering, and failure
  • Your fate and destiny is in your hands

The Unalome encourages you to cultivate the tools that will enable you to find perfect peace and happiness.

You can make your life on earth easier by embracing the practices of yoga and meditation.

Understanding the Unalome Symbol

The symbol of Unalome is made up of various parts. Each of these parts has a symbolic meaning concerning your life.

The Base of the Unalome

This part of the Unalome indicates the beginning of life. Your life begins the day you are brought into this world.

The base of the Unalome also indicates the start of your spiritual awakening.

The Loops of the Unalome

This captures the ups and downs you will experience in life on your journey to spiritual enlightenment.

The loops remind you that life is never a straight line. There will be setbacks and hiccups that you have to contend with.

Oftentimes, you’ll have to retrace your steps to correct some mistakes. This part of the Unalome encourages you to make wise decisions in everything you do.

Don’t settle for instant gratification at the expense of long-term goals. In everything you do, keep your goals and dreams in focus.

Towards the end, the loops become tighter and close together. This shows the attainment of maturity.

It indicates that your mind is expanding, and that you have learned to react appropriately to what’s going on in your world.

The Straight Line of the Unalome

This line indicates your desire to overcome the struggles you face as a person. At this point, you have gained greater consciousness, and your awareness is growing rapidly.

This means that you no longer struggle with self-centeredness, and you have aligned your thoughts, feelings, and activities with your soul mission and divine life purpose.

The straight line of the Unalome indicates that one has found a firm footing on the journey to spiritual enlightenment.

The Dots of the Unalome

These dots appear at the top of the Unalome. They show that you have progressed well on your journey to spiritual enlightenment.

It means that you have conducted yourself well on this journey, and you can now enjoy the goals you have been working for.

The dots of the Unalome indicates that you are ready for Nirvana. This means that you’ll no longer be subject to the process of birth and rebirth.

You are finally free.

Symbol of Unalome Paired with Lotus

Sometimes, the Unalome symbol is paired with the Lotus flower in certain designs. Usually, the lotus flower is placed on the straight line of the Unalome.

This symbol is quite significant in Eastern religions and philosophies.

The Lotus is one of the most resilient flowers on earth. It grows deep in murk and mud, but manages to push out towards the sunlight where it displays its splendor and beauty.

As such, the Lotus-Unalome pair is taken as a symbol of peace, light, enlightenment. The loops in the Unalome indicate our struggles.

The Lotus aspect of this pair tells us that we will overcome the hardships we are going through if we put in the right effort and attitude.

With the right mindset, you will be free to bloom and show the world your beauty.

The Lotus-Unalome pair encourages us to keep pushing towards enlightenment and freedom. This symbol affirms that you have what it takes to eradicate anything that is denying you light.

Those with the Lotus-Unalome symbol are keen to work for freedom and spiritual enlightenment.

Meaning of the Male and Female Unalome Symbols

If you are thinking about getting an Unalome tattoo, decorative item, or piece of jewelry, you need to understand the latest variations of this symbol.

Equally importantly, you need to understand that there’s a difference between the male Unalome symbol and the female one.

However, one symbol can be either male or female depending on its placement.

If the base (the spiral bottom) of the Unalome is facing right and outwards, it is said to be masculine according to Buddhist culture.

If the spiral bottom of the Unalome is facing left and inwards, it is considered feminine. These are important aspects to consider especially if you are hoping to have the Unalome as your totem.

The type of Unalome you wear will determine the kind of energies you desire to exude. If you want to exude feminine energy, you’ll go for a Unalome that has the base facing inwards.

If you desire to indicate masculine energies, you’ll opt for a Unalome with the spiral bottom facing outwards.

Unalome in Fashion and Beauty

In the modern world, the Unalome has become a much sought-after design in fashion and beauty.

It is widely used in jewelry and tattoos. It is a meaningful symbol when used in elegant pendants and earrings.

Most of the Unalome designs are crafted in the bohemian style. They use copper or silver to make various pieces of Unalome jewelry designs.

However, the design of this symbol is not limited to copper and silver. One can craft it to suit one’s desires.

It can be personalized using any fine materials that you believe to be of high value. Apart from the aesthetic beauty the Unalome design offers, it can be used to make spiritual statements.

A present with the Unalome symbol can be a thoughtful gift in many scenarios. For example:

  • As a good luck gesture to a traveler who’s out to achieve their life goals and dreams
  • A friend going through a rough patch in life
  • To encourage someone by reminding them that life is not a straight line
  • As an encouragement to someone seeking spiritual nourishment and fulfillment
  • To encourage a friend who finds themselves at crossroads in life
  • To a graduate to remind them to focus on their chosen path in life
  • To remind a loved one of their personal responsibility in inviting happiness into their lives
  • To celebrate an anniversary
  • To celebrate the accomplishment of a particularly tough task or assignment

Those who wear Unalome tattoos do so for the beauty and spiritual significance this symbol brings into their lives.

It is a sign that the wearer can be relied upon to carry out their responsibilities without fail.

All the same, some people are not comfortable with using the Unalome symbol frivolously. It is held to be sacred and should thus not be misused for mundane gains.

This means that it’s important that you have a clear understanding of what the Unalome stands for before you start using it.

In conclusion…

The Unalome is one of the most versatile symbols in meaning and significance. Apart from its basic meaning, the Unalome stands for spiritual growth and progress.

It indicates that each of us has a unique and beautiful path to follow towards our individual destinies.

In some camps of Buddhism, the Unalome is seen as a physical representation of Arahants – those who have attained Buddhahood.

The Unalome is a great symbol to have as a personal talisman. It enables you to focus on your yoga practice and during meditation.

This symbol is a powerful tool in reminding you of the path to take to achieve the highest potential of your existence.

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