Watermelon Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Are you interested in Watermelon Dream Meaning? Then this guide is for you!

Dreaming of watermelons can mean different things depending on how these fruits are presented in your sleeping state.

The meaning of the dream relies on what’s happening. For example, are you picking, cutting, or eating the watermelon?

Who else is involved in the dream and what are they doing?

Again, what does this dream make you feel? Is it ‘normal’, ‘strange’, or ‘bizarre’? Paying close attention to such details provides you with useful insight to decipher this dream.

Here’s a look at some common watermelon dreams and their meanings:


Some Specific Watermelon Dream Meanings

#1 – Dream of Seeing a Watermelon

This dream alerts you that not everyone around you wants you to succeed. And not everyone will support your endeavors to make your world better.

Some of the people we see around us are joyriders. They want to rise on your success; taking advantage of your wins and gains.

However, the moment you get into trouble, they vanish into the thin air. Learn to choose your friends wisely.

#2 – Dream of Eating a Watermelon

This signifies that you love someone although you are shy about letting them know your feelings. It could also mean that you love someone who’s not very sure they want to be with you.

This dream could also be a pointer to the hot and cold games going on in your relationship.

You are all passionate and happy with your partner one moment, while you seem tired and bored of each other the next.

#3 – Dream of Someone Else Eating a Watermelon

You feel responsible for someone in your inner circle. It could be that you act as this person’s protective guardian.

You will go to great lengths to ensure this person succeeds in life.

This dream could also mean that you are passionately involved with someone you recently met.

#4 – Dream of Picking Watermelons

Although you desire to be in a loving, stable relationship, don’t rush it. Likely, you have been hurt before by someone that pretended to love you.

You know that you have to be more cautious this time around. It’s important that you get to know your potential partner better before jumping into a relationship with them.

#5 – Dream of Someone Else Picking Watermelons

This means that someone is making all the important decisions in your life. This dream warns you against allowing this to continue.

The truth is that no one can run your life better than you. You are the best-placed person to make decisions about your future.

Take back your life and determine the direction to follow.

#6 – Dream of Throwing Away a Watermelon

You have come up against unexpected challenges and impediments. Things are not going according to plan.

Although you will encounter loss and disappointment, you can still turn your life around. This setback is only temporary.

Dreaming of throwing away a watermelon asks you to do the best with the resources at your disposal. With the right effort, you will regain your lost glory.

#7 – Dream of Someone Else Throwing Away Watermelons

You are in a unique position to support someone going through a hard time. Perhaps, a friend is grieving or suffering a heavy personal loss.

This dream urges you to use your skills and talents to make this person’s life easier. This should not be too hard considering that you are naturally kind, compassionate, and generous.

#9 – Dream of Being Given a Watermelon

The meaning of this dream depends on the source of this watermelon. Are you receiving it from a friend or foe?

Being given a watermelon from a friend indicates that your plans to make your love life better are on track.

Every move you make to nurture your relationship counts.

On the other hand, receiving a watermelon from a foe indicates that this person wants a truce. They are tired of fighting you and sabotaging your plans.

#10 – Dream of Serving Watermelon at Home

You play a crucial role in the overall well-being and growth of your family. You will readily sacrifice your comforts for the sake of your loved ones.

You have contributed to the good atmosphere of love and trust evident in your family. As you go about taking care of your loved ones, however, don’t neglect your own needs.

#11 – Dream of Cutting a Watermelon

This dream indicates that you tend to complicate things as you look for solutions.

As a result, your problems become compounded and you have to use a lot of energy and time in solving them.

Learn to be simple. Most of the problems in your life require simple solutions – such as a change of attitude.

Don’t spend all your time worrying about trivial happenings.

#12 – Dream of Someone Else Cutting a Watermelon

You have started to feel the negative influence being exerted on you by some people in your life. Increasingly, they are suggesting that you take up ideas you are not comfortable with.

This dream calls on you to listen to your heart. If any suggestion goes contrary to your beliefs and principles, don’t be afraid to shoot it down.

You have a right to cut off such negative friends from your life.

#13 – Dream of Buying a Watermelon

When was the last time you checked on your long-lost friend and family? This dream challenges you to re-establish contact with this person.

Remember, they have a role to play in your life. It is not a coincidence that this person became your friend or was born in your family.

This would be a good time to call them and find out how they are doing. Better still, why don’t you pay them a visit?

#14 – Dream of Selling Watermelons

This is a sign that you will lose money to someone close to you. If this dream makes you angry, it means you’ll lose money through fraud.

If this person is going through a financial hardship and you know this, it shows their inability to pay you back the money you lent them.

#15 – Dream of a Weird-Looking Watermelon

Dreaming of a strange-looking watermelon asks you to focus on the positive aspects of those who look up to you.

This is another way of telling you not to expect perfection from the people in your life. Allow people to be themselves, and let them know they can depend on you just the way they are.

No one should live an artificial life to please you.

#16 – Dream of Stepping on a Watermelon Peel

This is a sign that you have been working too hard, and you need to rest before your body takes a hit. Move away from your busy schedule and reconnect with your family and friends.

Get to know what’s happening in their personal lives, and share with them what’s happening in yours.

Dreaming of stepping on a watermelon tells you to work closely with your friends on common social goals.

Also, it alerts you that this would be a good time to take a vacation.

#17 – Dream of Breaking a Watermelon

You have allowed negative emotions to make a home in your life. They have rapidly multiplied, and you now feel that these emotions are taking over your life.

This dream suggests the need to take a critical look at your life. Start by admitting that things have not been okay of late.

You have been anxious, depressed, and angry. What is the cause of all this? Then, look into how best to get out of this rut.

#18 – Dream of Someone Else Breaking a Watermelon

In your desire to achieve your ambitions within the shortest time, you are being too rough on people. You are particularly impatient with those who can’t seem to keep up with your fast pace.

This dream suggests the need to slow down. You have to be kinder, nicer, and more compassionate with other people because you need them on this journey.

Remember, success is not a destination; it is a journey. What you do on the way is more important than where you are going.

#19 – Dream of Rotten Watermelons

This dream warns you of danger to your health. It could be that you have been too tied up in other things that you have neglected your health.

Dreaming of rotten watermelons asks you to go back to the basics. Is your diet well-balanced? Do you go out for walks? Do you exercise regularly?

When was the last time you had a medical check-up? Pay close attention to these simple things, and your health will be back on track.

#20 – Dream of Unripe Watermelons

Someone you have come to depend on in a business arrangement will let you down. This means you may not be able to fulfill your expectations to your suppliers, clients, or employees.

This dream reminds you of the importance of having a plan B in every situation. It reminds you of the old saying: don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

#21 – Dream of Harvesting Watermelons

This dream is almost literal in meaning. It indicates you are about to reap the results of the work you have been doing for some time now.

The fruits you bear will reflect your nature and personality.

For example, if you realize an increase and growth in your relationships and finances, it means you have been making the right choices.

You have remained true and honest to your beliefs.

#22 – Dream of a Field of Watermelons

This dream reminds you that the health and strength of your relationship depend on the connection you share with your partner.

If this connection is great, you’ll have the strength to handle the challenges coming your way. If it is weak, however, even the smallest of hurdles are likely to scuttle your plans.


Generally, watermelon dreams carry a message of hope and growth. They make reference to your relationships, career, family, health, and finances.

A watermelon dream encourages you to be devoted to the important things in your life. Pay close attention to your spirituality, family, work, and leisure.

At the same time, this dream carries a message of love, passion, and fertility.

How you interpret your watermelon dream depends on a number of factors, among them, what this dream makes you feel.

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