What Does It Mean Spiritually When You Hear Knocking?  

Are you interested in knocking symbolism? Then this guide is for you!

Whenever you hear knocking on your door, don’t take it for granted. This is a clear sign that an important spiritual occurrence is taking place in your life.

A knock on your door makes you reflect on the purpose and direction of your life. What do your divine guides want of you? Is there an area of your life they’d like you to check on?

Quiet your life adequately to decipher the divine message that comes in the form of a knock on your door.

Spiritual Symbolism of Hearing Knock by Numbers


What’s the Significance of Hearing a Knock?

Many cultures indicate that hearing a single knock on your door means salvation and redemption. For example, Christians attribute this knock to seeking divine intervention

According to the Bible, Christians are urged to ask and it shall be given, to knock; it shall be opened, and to seek; they shall find.

The Bible tells Christians that knocking (seeking the kingdom of heaven) will gain them admittance into eternal life.

What’s the Significance of Hearing 2 Knocks?

Hearing two knocks relates to your love life. This is a sign that you’ll soon find the love you’ve been praying for.

Also, this sign urges you to back up your prayers with action. After all, it is often said that faith without action is dead.

Position yourself well for love to locate you.

What’s the Significance of Hearing 3 Knocks?

Hearing 3 knocks appeals to your soul. How healthy is your spiritual life? Are you having any problems connecting to the angelic and spiritual realms?

Three knocks tell you to tend to your spirituality. Be sensitive enough to read from the signs of the Universe.

Your angels and spirit guides may send you this sign if you have been unreceptive of signals from the spirit world.

This sign encourages you to yield, to listen attentively to the guidance being sent your way from heaven.

What’s the Significance of Hearing 4 Knocks?

Four knocks indicate reliability and consistency. The Universe wants you to acknowledge that success calls for consistency.

You have to be good at what you do every day. A one-off spectacular performance may win you admiration, but it won’t take you far if you can’t replicate it.

Hearing four knocks indicates you have to be good – not once, but every time.

What’s the Significance of Hearing 5 Knocks?

Hearing five knocks tells you that change is in the air. Get ready because your life is about to take a whole new direction.

Whether this works in your favor depends on your mental disposition. You see; all kinds of changes, the good and the bad, come with a price tag.

Change can be uncomfortable, unsettling, and even painful. If you are positively motivated, you’ll take everything in your stride, and the results will be in your favor.

Hidden Spiritual Meanings of Hearing Knocking

#1 – God is Calling Out to You

Whenever you hear knocking on your door, know that your divine guides want to save you from a life of rebellion and sin.

In the Bible, humans are encouraged to knock whenever they want divine assistance. This is another way of telling them they are not alone, they have all the help they need to achieve their goals.

The next time you encounter this phenomenon, know that the Universe is highly interested in your life.

#2 – It’s a Warning Sign

The Universe might use this sign to warn you of danger ahead. This warning is not meant to scare you. Rather, it gives you time to gather your spiritual weapons to face whatever perils coming your way.

Remember, your higher Power wouldn’t put you through experiences that would kill you.

#3 – What’s Missing from Your Life

An important link is missing from your life. This is more so if you’ve had recent problems trying to get in touch with your Higher Power.

Hearing knocking on your door could be a sign that you are trying to find answers to an important thing you can’t seem to locate where it disappeared to.

#4 – Unleash Your Full Potential

You hear knocking on your door because your divine guides want you to move forward courageously. There’s so much you can achieve if you are willing to lay down your fears and anxieties.

Hearing a knock on your door asks you to open your eyes to the destructive nature of doubt and low self-esteem.

#5 – Sense of Urgency

A knock on your door signals that you need to get started on your projects, assignments, or tasks.

Perhaps, you have been procrastinating for too long, and you risk losing the opportunities that come with what you are meant to do.

Waste no more time; roll up your sleeves and get started.

#6 – Shut Out Toxic People

A knock on your door is a sign that you have the power to choose who comes into your life and who doesn’t.

You also have the power to determine the relationships that are viable and that you should keep, and the ones you need to cut off.

This is another way of telling you to get rid of all negative people and situations in your life. You don’t have to live with anything or anyone that makes you miserable.

#7 – Fear Runs Your Life

This meaning is applicable if the knock on your door fills you with apprehension. Likely, you have allowed traumatic past experiences to occupy center stage in your life.

As such, you are perpetually fearful that someone or something is trying to harm you.

This sign indicates you need deliverance and healing from your past.

#8 – Open Your Heart to Divine Communication

You angels and the Ascended Masters may choose to send this sign your way when you are oblivious to other promptings from the Universe.

To hear a knock on your door means you have not been receptive to signs from the Universe. You have tightly shut any channels of communication between you and your heavenly minders.

All is not lost, however. You can still open these channels by cleansing your heart and mind of all negative energies.

#9 – Love Will Soon Come Calling

If you are single and searching for a soul mate, hearing a knock on your door indicates your search is almost over.

The efforts you have put into finding the right partner will not go to waste.

If you are married or in a relationship, hearing a knock on your door indicates you have the keys to the health and strength of your relationship.

This should motivate you to work closely with your partner to create a strong union.

#10 – Expect Good Tidings

A gentle knocking on the door alerts you that the blessings you’ve been waiting for have arrived. Your angels are making a special delivery for you and your loved ones.

This should inspire you to maintain a positive attitude in everything you do. Going forward, everything you touch will bear the desired results.

This sign assures you that all the hard work, patience, and positive attitude have not been for nothing.

The next time you hear a gentle knock on your door, expect something good to come your way.

#11 – You Feel Rejected and Alone

If you hear someone persistently knocking on your door yet you don’t want to answer, it shows you feel isolated by those you love.

Seemingly, their physical presence does not give you any comfort. This is likely to happen when you are always looked down upon and taken for granted in your circles.

Maybe, you need to consider whether you are in the right circles to start with. Anyone that doesn’t value your worth has no business being in your life.

#12 – Death May Take Away a Loved One

A knock on your door may also be a harbinger of bad news. Although this is not common, hearing a knock on the door could be a sign that a loved one has passed on – or is about to pass on.

However, this sign is usually accompanied by supporting signs, such as a call to break the news. If you hear a knock on your door but no call is forthcoming, relax.

This knock could have a totally different meaning.

What Does It Mean to Hear a Knock and Nobody is at the Door?

This is a special occurrence; it indicates your angels’ interest in your life. The Universe has dispatched its best messengers to make contact with you.

In the Bible, Samuel was called by God as a young boy in a similar fashion. The Bible records that he had a voice calling him.

He rushed to his father, Eli, thinking it was he that had summoned Samuel. His father told him to go back to sleep, that he hadn’t called him.

Three times the voice called Samuel; three times he ran to his father. Eventually, Eli told the young Samuel to wait for the voice once more, and when it called, to say the words’ speak Lord, your servant is listening.’

This is how he came to know that it was God calling him, and that’s how he started his ministry as a Prophet of God.

Hearing knocking on your door with no one present works pretty much like the story above. The next time this happens to you, calm yourself and tap into the divine messages being sent your way.

Final Thoughts…

Whenever you hear knocking on your door, know this is a sign that requires your attention. Remember, knocking does not have to happen in your waking life only.

You also can hear it in your dreams.

Either way, there’s a powerful message behind this phenomenon. It is a clear sign that you are not alone in your endeavors.

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