11 Bird in the House Meanings (When a Bird Flies in Your House)

Are you interested in Bird in the House Meanings? Then this guide is for you!

It is not a coincidence that a bird flies into your house. This phenomenon has deep spiritual meanings, especially if it happens repeatedly.

The Universe tries to communicate important messages through such happenings.

As such, open your mind and heart to receive the message borne by these airy creatures when they make their way into your home.

All the same, you should consider the fact that a bird can enter your house by mistake. For example, if your window or door is open, a bird may inadvertently find itself inside your room.

They may also get into your house to escape danger or hide from the vagaries of nature. However, such incidences are rare, and are easily explained away.

However, what happens when birds keep coming to your house, again and again?


What’s the Spiritual Meaning of Bird in Your House?

The significance of a bird flying into your house depends on a number of factors. For example, what type and color of bird are we talking about?

How does it get into the house? Does it seem calm, agitated, or passive? What are your spiritual and cultural beliefs about birds?

Because of their airy nature, birds are said to be closer to the angelic and spiritual realm than other creatures.

As such, they are messengers of the Universe, shuttling important messages between the physical and spiritual worlds.

Birds are closely associated with such stellar qualities as joy, wisdom, knowledge, safety, freedom, and fertility.

However, some birds are linked to negative happenings such as accidents, sickness, and death. Others are believed to bear bird news about bad luck and failure.

When such a bird comes to your house, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are doomed. Instead, the Universe tries to give you a heads-up to set your things in order.

A bird that bears morbid news tells you to cleanse yourself to avert a catastrophe. It is a sign from the Universe that you need to be more prayerful.

Birds in your house urge you to eliminate negativity by chanting mantras, burning sages, and leaning on your spirit guides for support.

This is the time to forge a closer relationship with your angels and divine guides.

What to Do When a Bird Flies in Your House

If you have never encountered this, you may be shocked when a bird flies into your house. This is more so when you receive a number of feathered friends simultaneously or repeatedly.

All the same do not panic. Instead, keep calm and tap into what the Universe is saying. You’ll realize the Universe is reaching out to you through your feathered friend.

As you try to decipher the news borne by this creature, show it some kindness. Consider keeping a breeder in your backyard or building a birdhouse for them.

This goes a long way in turning the message borne by the bird in your favor. For example, the bird brings misfortune, illness, or death news.

Showing a little kindness persuades this bird to appeal to the Universe in your favor. A calamity may be averted because of your kind-heartedness.

Hidden Symbolic Meanings of a Bird Flying into Your House

#1 – Good Luck and Fortune

Do not panic when your feathers friends come into your house. This bird is that brave because it bears good news from the Universe.

Since the beginning of time, birds have acted as goodwill ambassadors of the divine realm. So a bird flying up into your room indicates good fortune.

According to some Native American legends, bright-colored birds brought positive news. They showed the efforts you had put into place toward a specific agenda would bear fruit.

A bird flying into your house could also indicate the end of a financial crisis.

#2 – Love is in the Air

Some birds, such as the sparrow, are associated with love and romance. Such birds come into your house to ask you to prepare for wedding bells.

Love is blossoming in your life. If you are already taken, this visit symbolizes fresh energy in your love life.

Your relationship will receive new direction from the Universe to make it stronger and healthier. The appearance of this bird tells you the Universe wants you to be happy.

#3 – Divine Presence in Your Home

If a bird gets into your house and is not interested in flying out, it could be there’s a divine presence in your home.

This bird has identified a kindred spirit and wants to bond with it. This phenomenon doesn’t have to be ominous.

It indicates that the help you need from the divine realm is closer than you think. However, to be on the same side, consider increasing the intensity of your spiritual activities.

#4 – Change is Coming

You are about to experience a change as you have never before. Your life will undergo a paradigm shift that will compel you to do away with old thinking patterns.

In some cultures, the Hermit Thrush Bird is associated with positive growth. It is a sign that the projects you’ve been working on will finally come to fruition.

This calls on you to think of new projects and devise new ways of carrying out your responsibilities.

A change is as good as a rest. Birds flying into your house make your life more enjoyable.

#5 – Misfortune, Sickness, or Death

Not all birds bring good news when they fly into your house. In some cultures, blackbirds are associated with misfortune and other bad news.

Among the ancient Celts, ravens were thought to bear bad news because of their association with dead rodents and decaying bodies.

In traditional African culture, it is a calamity when a vulture finds its way into your home. You have to go through specialized cleansing to remove the negative energies associated with this bird.

Even innocent-looking and otherwise harmless birds can also bring sad news. Therefore, you need to evaluate each case on merit, depending on your personal beliefs and circumstances.

#6 – Trouble in Your Love Life

It’s bird news when a bird enters your house through the bedroom window. This indicates trouble in your love boat.

They are about to worsen if things have not been rosy with your partner. The Universe wants you to take the proper measures to avert an acrimonious fallout.

The bird may be a benevolent messenger urging you to use your talents to protect your marriage. But instead, this is an excellent time to create stronger bonds with your partner.

The bird flies into your house to help you solve the recent quarrels that have characterized your relationship.

If this defines you, be assured that help is at hand.

#7 – Open Your Mind’s Eye

By sending you birds into your house, the Universe wants you to open your mind’s eye to your life’s purpose.

In other words, align your thoughts and activities to your divine plan. This is akin to saying you should think long and hard before taking some action.

If what you’re about to do does not support your goals and dreams, it is of no use.

#8 – Your Help is Needed

The Universe wants you to know you are uniquely positioned to create positive changes in your world.

By sending birds into your house, the divine realm wants you to be proactive. So get out of your comfort zone and look into ways of improving your world.

The good news is that you have the skills and abilities for this task. You just need to ignite your willpower, and you’re good to go.

The presence of a bird in your house indicates you’ll get all the support you need to carry out your mandate.

#9 – Spiritual Freedom

Your divine guides send birds into your house as a sign you need to claim your spiritual freedom. So many things may not be the way they should be because you have spiritually constrained yourself.

A visit from your feathery friends calls on you to work for spiritual enlightenment. This is the pathway to peace, safety, and freedom.

When a dove flies into your home, it wants you to eliminate anything interfering with your peace. A visit by a seagull tells you to get rid of old habits and poor thinking patterns.

Anything that mars your spiritual growth and progress needs to go.

#10 – Work on Your Emotional Quotient

A bird coming into your house from the West indicates you need to stabilize your emotions. You’ll handle the obstacles on your path by engaging your emotional intelligence.

This calls on you to have the dexterity to rise above those determined to put you down.

If the bird flies in from the South, your emotions are intertwined with your finances. Positive feelings attract financial progress.

#11 – New Career Opportunities

A bird flies into your house to alert you of significant changes in your career path. You need to get ready because the big break you’ve been praying for is just about to happen.

This is a heads-up to sharpen your skills. If you are scheduled to attend an interview, have an experienced person walk you through what to expect.

Your feathery friend wants you to know this is an excellent time to ask for a pay rise, promotion, or transfer.

The stars are in perfect alignment, and your activities have your divine guides’ blessings.

Meaning of Birds in the House in Different Cultures

Ancient Celtic Culture

Seeing a bird in your house was a sign of growth and progress. Birds brought good tidings from the Universe.

However, the presence of some bird species was associated with ominous news.

Ancient Greco-Roman Culture

Ancient Greeks and Romans believed that birds were divine messengers. A bird flying into the house was a sign of visitation from an important deity.

Christian Culture

To a Christian, a bird visiting your house could signify that God is either happy with you or displeased.

This means you have to pay close attention to the circumstances in your life to correctly decipher this visitation.

In some cases, birds are sent by God to provide hope and reprieve to a family going through tough times.

Native American Culture

Because of the diversity of the Native American culture, there are various meanings of birds flying into your house.

Generally, it is taken that bright-colored birds bear good news, while the darker ones carry news of misfortune, pain, hardship, and death.

Traditional African Culture

The smaller breeds of birds were thoughts to bear good news from the spirit world. Some bigger birds were also regarded as good omens, especially if they had no history of conflict with humans.

However, it was thought that ill luck would fall on any home visited by a scavenger.

Message Borne by Different Species of Birds

A Visit by Sparrows

A sparrow flying into your house suggests good luck. It also brings positive news about your love life.

In ancient Greek culture, this bird was associated with Aphrodite, the goddess of romance and love.

A Visit by Ravens

In many cultures, ravens are associated with misfortune, illness, and sorrow. Perhaps, this is because their black color is equated to gloom and hopelessness.

Ravens also have a poor reputation because of feeding on the dead, decaying carrion. Therefore, you should take immediate spiritual measures when this bird flies into your house.

A Visit by White Birds

In Western cultures, white birds are believed to bear news of peace, love, and harmony. They encourage unity within the family unit.

The presence of a white bird in your house indicates the divine realm wants you to be a success case.

A Visit by Black Birds

A black bird comes into your house to alert you of a divine presence. Likely, you have been visited by a dead loved one.

Blackbirds may also reveal the presence of malevolent spirits in your house. So listen keenly to the energies coming from your home.

You’ll realize the kind of spirit that has paid you a courtesy call.

A Visit by Crows

Although crows are dark birds, they are associated with many positive things. For example, they are thought to bring wisdom and intelligence into your house.

Crows encourage you to expand your knowledge base to effectively deal with the challenges in your life.


Overall, birds don’t fly into your home to shatter your dreams. Regardless of how ominous a message the bird carries, it will always provide you with a way out of your predicament.

You’ll realize you need to make a few changes to avert any looming danger.

The good news is that most birds bring good news when they fly into our house. They push you to connect consciously with the divine realm to better understand your purpose in this world.

The next time feathery friends come flying into your room, quiet your life and listen to what the Universe wants you to do.

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