18 Blue Rose Spiritual Meanings: What does a blue rose mean?

Are you interested in what a blue rose means? This guide is for you!

Although blue roses as not as common as red roses, they have deep spiritual meanings.

The spiritual energy integral to blue rose symbolism is appreciated across all cultures.

In some cultures, these flowers signify a deep connection with the Divine.

Others believe blue roses invite peace, harmony, and calmness into our lives.

Blue roses are essential to worship tools in many meditation and religious rituals.

What Do Blue Roses Signify?


Blue roses signify peace and calmness in the spiritual world. The Universe sends you this sign to help you deal with a chaotic period of your life.

Many cultures associate blue roses with feminine energy. This symbol anywhere in your house or garden invites your angels and divine guides to protect your family.

A blue rose is a potent symbol if you are pregnant or about to give birth. Therefore, you need the positive traits associated with this flower to guarantee the safety and security of your unborn child.

Additionally, blue roses signify transformation. Through this symbol, the Universe wants you to make the changes necessary to live your life to the fullest.

The Spiritual Meaning of a Blue Rose

Whenever you encounter a blue rose, think of how healthy your relationships are. The divine realm uses this symbol to urge you to strengthen your connection with people that matter.

If you dream of walking in a field of blue roses, expect good tidings concerning your love life. The efforts you have put into strengthening the health of your relationships are paying off.

You’ll receive fewer frowns and more smiles from your partner.

At the same time, a blue rose symbolizes peace. You need this energy if you’re coming out of a trying period.

The blue rose symbol indicates you can regain everything you have lost. To accomplish this, you need to make a deliberate effort to choose right.

Don’t allow the distractors on your path to push you into choosing wrong.

The blue rose symbol urges you to embrace forgiveness as part of the healing process. You can’t recover from your past when you hold on to grudges.

Allow all negative energies to flow out of your life. This will create the room you need to admit fresher energies suited to usher you to the next growth phase.

Using blue roses in a home arrangement invites positive energies of peace, harmony, and understanding.

The Universe wants you and your loved ones to be happy.

Blue Rose Meaning in Your Finances and Career

This is one of the best signs you can receive if you grapple with the harsh economic times. By sending you this signal, the Universe wants you to know all’s not lost.

This means you’ll recover any losses you have made in the recent past. You just need to be guided by a positive mindset.

Seeing a blue rose against a black background shows the need to pay attention to your career. In particular, you need to be more responsive to your workmates.

Let them feel you are part of the team through your willingness to carry out shared responsibilities.

At the same time, the Universe wants you to be kinder and more generous with your colleagues. This entails using your skills and talents to empower others.

Take one or two beginners under your wing and show them the ropes to build their confidence and competence.

Seeing a blue rose falling from the sky indicates a financial windfall. Soon, you’ll encounter a sizable amount of wealth.

This could be through an inheritance, lottery winnings, or bonuses and dividends. Whatever the case, the Universe wants you to be a responsible spender.

What Does Blue Rose Mean in Matters of Love?

Blue rose symbolism means a lot when it comes to heart matters. An encounter with a blue rose indicates you are on the right path to finding love.

If you are in a relationship, this encounter means an infusion of fresh energy into your love life.

A blue rose awakens your capacity to love. The Universe wants you to express your romance and love in a manner that makes you happy.

This is an excellent time to show your partner you are fully committed to them. If you have issues with your lover, try to resolve them as soon as possible.

Don’t go into any new agendas before the old matters are settled. You’ll get your partner’s attention when they’re at peace with what you stand for.

The blue rose signifies that your divine guides will stand with you in your endeavors to make your relationship flourish.

An encounter with a withered blue rose flower shows what will happen if you don’t resolve matters from your past.

Your love will die naturally, and it could be long before you get an agreeable partner.

Your divine guides want you to strike when the iron is hot; handle your challenges before they get out of hand.

Hidden Symbolic Meaning of a Blue Rose

#1 – Good Health

A blue rose is a sign from the Universe that you need to take better care of your health.

Likely, you spend all your time and effort on other things, forgetting that your health counts more than anything else.

#2 – Wealth, Abundance, and Prosperity

A blue rose indicates tremendous growth in your material and spiritual life. Your angels and divine guides are positively influencing every area of your life.

Your boundaries will expand, and you’ll be able to achieve more than you have ever managed. Seeing a blue rose indicates you’ll accomplish the vision you have for the future.

#3 – Flow with Life

The best way to achieve your goals is to move with the flow of life. This entails embracing changes and doing your best with your resources.

It would be counter-productive to work against change. This is because change is inevitable; you win only by welcoming change.

#4 – Be True to Yourself

Do you know who you are and what you stand for? Are you in touch with your values and principles? The Universe wants you always to project the best version of yourself.

To achieve this, you must remain true to who you are and what you stand for.

#5 – You’re a Nurturer

A blue rose indicates you have the tender love and care of a mother. This does not mean you should be feminine if you are male.

Instead, a blue rose means you should sit all your projects through. But, have the patience and care of a nurturing mother toward your projects.

This means you must ensure that every part of your plan runs smoothly. If you have to delegate any task, ensure that you closely monitor how it is done.

#6 – Embrace Peace

The Universe understands the battles you fought and lost or won. Your mind and heart carry the scars of the tribulations you’ve had to deal with.

Seeing a blue rose holds the promise of a better future. The Universe wants you to embrace peace in your heart and mind.

Resolve any pending issues from your past to relax and enjoy life.

#7 – Take Care of Your Loved Ones

Dreaming of blue rose signals the need to care for your closest and dearest. The Universe uses this sign to gently remind you of your responsibility for your family and loved ones.

Carry your duties at home proudly, without expecting to be paid back. Do it from the bottom of your heart and not just to create impressions.

#8 – Embrace Your Shortcomings

Seeing a bouquet of blue roses means you have issues with the weaker aspects of your personality. This has pushed you to deal in denial.

The Universe wants you to own your weaknesses and work with them to improve your life. But unfortunately, many people do not realize that shortcomings can be manipulated to act as strengths.

By sending you a bunch of blue roses, your divine guides want you to realize this.

#9 – Be Single-Minded and Resolute

The blue rose plant is constantly tossed in the wind, swaying from one direction to the other. The divine realm uses this symbol to encourage you to be strong.

You need to be single-minded and resolute in pursuing your goals and dreams.

Have you ever heard that success is not for the weak or the faint-hearted? The blue rose symbolism wants you to understand this fully.

#10 – Use Your Skills and Talents

The blue rose opens your mind’s eye to your wealth of skills and talents. You have what it takes to create positive change in your environment.

Whenever you see a blue rose, know the Universe is on your case. Your angels and divine guides are busy behind the scenes tending to your needs.

They will constantly inspire you to put your resources to the best use.

Meaning of Giving or Receiving a Blue Rose

#11 – Embrace Your Femininity

Do you know that males and females have a tender, emotional side to their personalities? Giving or receiving a blue rose is a message that you need to embrace this aspect of your life.

It may be a bit difficult for males to understand this at first. However, by opening your mind and heart to energies from the blue rose, you’ll internalize what this means.

It calls for you to be kinder, compassionate, and generous.

#12 – Birth of a Girl

A blur rose is a perfect gift for someone expecting a baby girl or just delivered one. This symbol indicates pride in the female gender.

It celebrates all the positive energies associated with girls and women. By giving an expectant mother a blue rose, you want them to know you wish them well.

It’s a silent prayer that their dreams will come to fruition.

#13 – Power of the Mind

You can gift someone a blue rose in recognition of their mental prowess.

In some communities, a blue rose accompanied other prizes for the winner of important games – especially those involving mental acuity.

A blue rose symbolizes you have the mental faculty to get any job done. As such, don’t allow anything to slow you down.

#14 – Divine Blessings

In Christendom, the blue rose is often associated with the Holy Grail. This is the chalice or cup used by Jesus Christ during the last supper.

Giving or receiving a blue rose is a sign of blessings from above. The giver shows they have been praying for divine intervention in the receiver’s life.

#15 – Sign of Royalty

You recognize that your life on this plane is not an accident. This means you’ll enjoy life to the fullest, like royalty.

In ancient times, the blue rose adorned the halls of kings and queens. This symbol stands for royal splendor, regal majesty, and royal birthright.

By giving or receiving a blue rose, you affirm you’ll never settle for mediocrity. But, on the contrary, you know you deserve the best.

#16 – Accomplish the Impossible

Gifting someone a blue rose is like telling them to keep pressing on. You inspire them to fight against all odds because they will eventually emerge victorious.

Your dreams are valid if you receive a blue rose as a gift. As such, never give up; your eyes should be fixed on the ultimate prize.

#17 – You Are Sophisticated

You have a way around most of the problems you encounter in life. By giving someone a blue rose, you urge them to use their skills and talents to solve their problems.

A blue rose indicates a heightened ability to decipher and interpret natural signs. As a result, you’re always ahead of the pack because you can see through any problem, no matter how complex.

#18 – Time for Celebration

A blue rose cannot be used to celebrate any happy occasion. For example, it is a suitable gift for a successful birth or journey.

It can also be used to signify the start of a successful venture. You can also give it to a new business prospect to express hope for a long and successful engagement.


The symbolism of flowers also applies to the meaning of the blue rose. This flower carries all the good traits associated with most flowers.

In many cultures, the blue rose symbolizes good luck and optimism. Its energies keep you going even when the world around you seems to crumble.

Through the blue rose symbol, the divine realm indicates you were born for greatness. As such, hold on no matter what.

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