Wings Symbolism and Meaning

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It is common knowledge that although all birds and insects have wings, not all can fly. Flightless birds use wings to aid their movements and incubate eggs.

Some flightless birds also use wings to show off during courtship dances.

Wings are used by insects and birds (and anything else that soars in the sky) to aid in flight. Without wings, it would be impossible for airy creatures to grace our skies.

Apart from these obvious functions, wings have deep spiritual symbolism. They indicate such stellar qualities as liberty, clarity, motivation, success, and ambition.

What’s the Spiritual Meaning of Wings?

To fully understand the spiritual meaning of wings, you need to acquaint yourself with the context of their presentation.

This is more so because wings mean a lot of different things in various cultures. Wings also appeal to various people differently.


In many cultures across the globe, wings are equated with divine messages from heaven. For example, Christians regard wings as a representation of angelic presence.

Wings convey the unconditional love and care Christians receive from God. Angelic wings indicate that God has dispatched his finest forces from heaven to watch over you.

In other cases, however, wings represent malevolent beings. Some demons and satanic agents are said to have wings.

Granted, the wings of these satanic agents cannot be said to be as beautiful as those of angels. Seeing these agents circling above represents malice, disease, pain, suffering, and death.

All the same, many cultures welcome the symbols of wings as indicators of good things.

Many regard wings as symbols of escape from trouble and danger; they represent the spiritual freedom we all yearn for.

The meaning of dreams about wings can also go either way depending on what you are currently going through.

For example, imagine dreaming about wings flying off to the sunset. This could either mean that you have finally broken your chains and gained your freedom, or that you are flying right into trouble.

As with all dreams, seeing wings in your sleep requires a very personal interpretation.

We’ll give general guidance on the interpretation of wings dream symbolism later on in this article.

Hidden Messages Behind Wings Symbolism

#1 – Purity and Innocence

In many communities, winged creatures are regarded as good-natured, pure, and innocent. Take the dove, for example.

This bird is the picture-perfect symbol of peace and innocence. In fact, the white breed of the dove is used on occasions and celebrations that mark peace, happiness, and reconciliation.

It is common for white birds to be released after peace meetings, at weddings, and during other celebrations.

#2 – Protection from Evil

Almost every culture in the world has legendary, winged, all-powerful creatures that the communities call on for protection.

Good examples of these creatures include the phoenix, griffin, and dragon. These creatures are found in many mythologies and folklore in one form or another.

People call on these legendary creatures for protection in their homes and businesses. These animals are protective of their masters, but menacing towards anyone else.

#3 – Escape from Confinement

The famous Greek myth of Daedalus and Icarus has been retold many times throughout the world.

Daedalus and his son Icarus used wings to escape from their prison on the island of Crete.

For many people, wings indicate the ability to fly over walls to escape physical confinement. This can be further taken to mean that wings enable you to escape your troubles and problems.

They are the solution to any form of confinement – physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, or otherwise.

#4 – Source of Salvation

In myths and legends, saviors are depicted to appear to us with wings.

According to the Bible, the Angel Gabriel descended from the sky on his wings to deliver the news that Mary would carry the Savior of the World.

Angels arrive with the special powers of flight to deliver salvation to God’s people.

#5 – Success and Accomplishment

In almost every field of human endeavors, success is seen as soaring high like birds on wings. Almost everyone believes that taking a flight in any field indicates you have achieved your goals.

Tumbling to the ground on broken wings, on the other hand, symbolizes failure.

#6 – Independence and Liberty

What would you do if you had wings? You’d fly wherever you fancied, right? You’d be free to fly over mountains, soar over deserts, and cross dangerous rivers and oceans.

Wings give us the idea of liberty or freedom. People with tattoos of wings are very familiar with this concept.

They want the world to know that nothing can take away their freedom.

#7 – Refuge and Support

When someone takes you under their wing, it indicates their willingness to guide and support you.

In other words, they want to shield you from unwanted elements and give you a chance to live your life well.

This is a common notion in a mentor-mentee relationship. The senior, more experienced person takes the younger person under their wing as a sign of love, care, and support.

#8 – Showing Off

Animals with colored, beautiful wings often use them to show off to their potential mates. They spread or flap their wings as if to tell their mates “Hey, look how beautiful I am!”

This is akin to a human being showing off their beauty, muscles, wealth, or property in a bid to impress a prospective partner.

What Do Wings Mean in Dreams?

As noted earlier, dreams about wings are a very personal thing and should be interpreted as such. However, let’s look at some general meanings of having a wings dream.

Divine Message from Heaven

When God wants to communicate with you, he will send winged celestial beings to get in touch with you.

You may see an angel hovering over you in your dreams or vision as a special envoy from God.

Most Christian works of art and literature depict angels with wings flying down from heaven to deliver God’s message to humans.

Focus on the Big Picture

Seeing wings in your dream could be a sign that you have lost sight of the big picture. Wings tell you to look up to the sky; stop focusing below or behind.

Wings in a dream allow you to soar up into the sky, from where you can see the bigger picture of things below.

Without wings, your perspective tends to be narrow and confined to your immediate environment.

Take a New Direction

Dreaming about wings tells you it’s time to embark on a new direction. Perhaps, you have been inin the same spot, doing the same things for far too long.

Wings in your dream tell you to take a flight into the horizon; new opportunities await you there.

To see a winged animal is a sign that you need to move fast. Likely, you have been going about your endeavors too slowly for your own good.

Keep Aiming High

To see wings in your dreams indicates that you need to aim higher. This is an opportunity for you to work harder to accomplish your ambitions.

Wings remind you that if your goals and ambitions do not scare you, there are not high enough. Set goals that will make you wake up early and sleep late.

These are the kind of goals that keep challenging you to better yourself each new day. Seeing wings in your dream indicates you need to push yourself to unleash your full potential.

The Meaning of Wings in Various Cultures

Wing Symbolism in Eastern Culture

In Asian cultures, wings symbolize spirituality, lightness, and the ability to ascend to the place of the gods.

It’s no wonder, then, that most eastern cultures believed that birds had a direct link to God.

Wings indicate the human aspiration to rise to the highest level of accomplishment. Spiritually, this means a manifestation of the soul to attain a higher-than-human existence.

Wings indicate our inherent desire to overcome the frail, human condition.

People in these cultures also look at wings as symbols of victory, freedom, thought, creativity, and intelligence.

Wing Symbolism in Christianity

Christians believe that wings are a manifestation of God’s love, care, and protection. In the Biblical book of Psalms, humans are said to be under the shadow of God’s wings.

Christian literature and art show that angels are winged celestial beings that have a close working relationship with God.

In essence, this means that wings are a good thing – desirable, even.

Winged animals such as birds are thought to have a close relationship with heaven.

Some Christians believe that birds can be trusted with divine messages because they have the means to access the divine realm.

Wing Symbolism in Ancient Greece

The story of Icarus and Daedalus shows that wings give one the power to soar above human confines.

In this mythology, Daedalus and his son Icarus made some wings so that they could escape from the Island of Crete, where they were being held captive by King Minos.

Unfortunately, Icarus refused to heed the warning from his father and flew too close to the sun. His wings melted as a result, and he fell to his death in the sea.

From this analogy, it can be deduced that wings do not only represent, freedom and intelligence, they also stand for responsibility.

Another Greek myth indicates that Hermes, the god-messenger, had wings with which he flew to deliver divine messages to man.

The Greeks also associated powerful animals such as the Pegasus with wings. In this case, wings stand for understanding, intelligence, and sublimation.

Final Thoughts…

The wing symbolism is so powerful that it has found its way into art, literature, and the world of fashion and beauty.

As popular motifs, wings offer artists the leeway to exercise their creative talent and artistic license.

Wing motifs are also popular with fighter plane squadrons across the world and in corporate logos.

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