11 Spiritual Meanings of Anklet on the Right and Left Leg

Are you interested in Anklets on the Right and Left Leg Meaning? Then this guide is for you!

Many wear an anklet because it accentuates their beauty and looks good.

Others wear it because of its profound symbolic importance. The anklet has been around for close to 10,000 years.

An anklet is a jewelry item that works around the ankle for aesthetic and spiritual reasons.

It is still valued today in many cultures and traditions.

What Type of Anklet is Good for Me?


Your skin color determines whether you look good in silver or gold anklets. Look into the symbolism of the material of your anklet to interpret its spiritual meaning.

Bead anklets are becoming popular by the day. Like bead bracelets, bead anklets can be worn by people of all ages, social statuses, and gender.

You can wear the anklet on your right or left leg depending on the message you want to convey.

Experts indicate there are spiritual reasons for the type of anklet you wear – even if you are not aware of these reasons.

You may also want to examine the superstitions linked to anklets to determine the best type of material for your anklet.

For example, some cultures believe wearing a gold anklet attracts good luck and fortune. Others believe women and girls are kept safe from sex predators by wearing silver anklets.

In East Africa’s Maasai, wearing a multi-colored bead anklet indicates a special connection to the divine realm.

Once you determine the best material for your anklet, you need to find out what it means to wear this piece of jewelry on either of your legs.

Spiritual Meaning of Wearing Anklet on the Left Leg

Worn on the left leg, an anklet conveys two critical messages. One, you are confident about your beauty, and your self-esteem is on the roof.

Two, a lot of spiritual activities take place in your life. This means you have a keen sense of where you are coming from and going.

You also recognize your spirit guides’ role in keeping you focused on your goals and dreams.

Anklets are worn on the left leg to signify protection. The wearer believes in the guidance, love, and support of the Universe.

Since ancient times, anklets have been worn on the left leg to ward off evil. However, some cultures believe that negative energies invade from the left side of the body.

By wearing your anklet on the left as a talisman, you protect your gateways; no evil can penetrate your inner sanctum.

This means that no matter how many negative energies are cast your way, you’ll not be shaken.

Spiritual Meaning of Wearing Anklet on the Right Leg

In many cultures, wearing an anklet on the right leg indicates good fortune and progress. This piece of jewelry worn on your right ankle leads you to prosperity.

This is more so because the right side of the body is associated with wealth, abundance, and material expansion.

Also, an anklet on the right leg symbolizes erotic power. Some powerful women wear this piece of jewelry as a statement of their seductive power.

They believe that no man can resist their charms. According to myths, some of the most powerful queens in the ancient world wore anklets on their right legs to sustain their magical allure.

Myth has it that the mighty queen Cleopatra maintained her hold over powerful men by using this charm.

Powerful men would also wear anklets on their right to indicate their authority. Some cultures believe that worn on the right ankle, this piece of jewelry of a testament to a man’s virility.

Some of these beliefs don’t hold much water in the modern world. However, modern myths allude to the sexual appeal and raw power of those who wear anklets on the right leg.

Meaning of Anklet in Love

In some communities, women were required to wear anklets to indicate their marital status.

For example, among some Native American tribes, a young lady could wear an anklet on one leg and a corresponding bracelet on the opposite arm to indicate she was single and ready to mingle.

Among the Samburu of Africa, a married woman was expected to wear beaded necklaces, bracelets, and matching anklets to announce her marital status.

Such a woman was not expected to mingle with unmarried men unless it was for business.

The Vikings used anklets as part of the gifts the groom gave to the bride and her family. These pieces of jewelry would attract various positive energies.

This depended on the number and type of material of the anklet.

In some conservative communities, wearing an anklet on the left leg is frowned upon. This is because they are taken to mean that one is in an unconventional relationship.

In men, these communities interpret the symbol to mean you’re stingy. However, these prejudices are fast fading as more and more people wear anklets on both the right and left legs.

How to Wear an Anklet

An anklet is a stylish piece of jewelry that you can wear to accentuate your beauty. You may also wear it in a certain way to communicate your faith and spiritual leanings.

Many people opt to wear these items of beauty to pool parties and on beach days. Anklets have been made even more popular by celebrities who don them on their red-carpet walks.

To flaunt your anklet effectively, you need to observe a few things as you wear it:

  • Wear an anklet to any social event that takes your fancy
  • Avoid wearing anklets to official or work-related occasions – unless you are a social celebrity
  • You can pack a variety of anklets for a vacation. Change your anklet as often as you deem necessary
  • Avoid cluttering your ankle with anklets and other amulets. Allow the anklet to communicate its message clearly
  • Your anklet should not be worn too tight or loose. Have the right fit to complement your leg and ankle
  • Wearing shiny anklets under trousers or long skirts makes them fade away with time. Prevent damaging or tarnishing your anklet being wearing the right clothes.
  • Anklets worn with pantyhose or tights can cause a wardrobe malfunction

Hidden Symbolic Meanings of Anklets on the Right and Left Leg

#1 – Wealth and Abundance

For over 10,000 years, wearing anklets has been associated with riches. It is believed that the right anklet can transform your life in ways you never thought possible.

For example, golden anklets ward off bad luck and create the atmosphere for the right energies to locate you.

In some communities, wealthy people wear anklets to safeguard and protect their wealth. Silver anklets are thought to stem any financial losses you may be experiencing.

#2 – Spiritual Insight

Wearing an anklet indicates you feel connected to the angelic and spiritual realms. Anklets draw spiritual powers to cleanse your soul and eliminate toxic energies from your mind.

Some spiritualists use anklets as essential tools for meditation. It is believed that focusing on the energy of this ornament awakens and accentuates your consciousness.

Dreaming of using an anklet signifies the need to connect meaningfully with your divine guides. In addition, you need to take better care of your soul by spending more time on spiritual pursuits.

#3 – Good Luck Fortune

Since the days of our forefathers, anklets have been used as good luck charms and amulets. It is believed that wearing the right anklet lets you focus on what you desire to see in your life.

You can leverage the power of the anklet to attract divine grace and favor. This is because this piece of jewelry reminds you of the need to put on integrity wherever you go.

An anklet symbolizes the need to change with the times. While others may think you are abnormally lucky, it’s just that you heed signs from the Universe and flow with life’s movements.

Dreaming about buying an anklet means good things are coming your way.

#4 – Devotion to Your Beliefs

People that wear anklets are thought to be highly responsible. This is because they operate from an inborn code of honor, and nothing can make them betray their conviction.

Wearing an anklet shows you are highly principled. You keep your word even when you have to swim against the tide to do it.

By leaning on the supernatural powers of this symbol, you keep moving towards your goals even when things become thick on the ground.

#5 – Clarity of Mind

Some people wear anklets to get a reprieve from all the chaos they have to handle daily. This symbol encourages you to quiet your mind.

It calls on you to eliminate anything that blocks your vision. A silver anklet brings cleansing energies that unclog your mind and restore your vision.

You need this kind of intervention to achieve your goals and dreams. Those who wear this anklet are more at peace, because they have assurance from the angelic realm.

They know that regardless of how things are, their focus on their dreams must never waver.

#6 – Protection from Evil Forces

Has your life been full of negativity? It could be that you were invaded by evil forces, and they have made a camp in your life.

Ankle bracelets help you identify what could be wrong with your life. If you think things are not going as well as they should, wear an ankle bracelet and have faith in its spiritual power.

Of course, you should first understand what kind of powers different anklets hold. This is informed by your cultural and religious beliefs.

The right anklet will ward off evil energy and elevate your vibrational energy.

#7 – Emotional Maturity

Anklets help restore distorted emotional balance. If you cannot balance your resources with your desires, something in your life is out of form.

The Universe gives us resources equivalent to our needs. So you’re unlikely to have too much or too little of the resources you need to enjoy life.

Wearing an anklet helps you bridge the gap between what you have and the desires of your heart. Generally, you’ll realize you have to work on your emotions to embrace your life realities.

#8 – Your Dream Are Valid

Wearing an ankle bracelet with an arrow pendant indicates you believe in your dreams. Although the going may be challenging, and the future looks bleak, you believe your goals will materialize.

An arrow-pointed pendant on your anklet shows the need to keep evaluating your goals. It’s good to monitor your progress and make changes based on the milestones you have covered.

Change your strategies as often as you’d like, but don’t give up on your dreams.

#9 – Love and Commitment

Wearing an anklet with a heart-shaped pendant indicates love and commitment.

This symbol encourages you to move out of your way to show concern, support, and love to your dearest and closest.

An anklet with a heart-shaped pendant constantly reminds you that your family comes first. Therefore, they must be at the top of your list of priorities at all times.

Anklets convey the energy of love and devotion. They show you the need to remain loyal to your partner, family, and friends.

#10 – Sacrifice Omen

Wearing anklets on both legs conveys particular spiritual messages. For example, wearing the same type of anklets on the right and left leg indicate sacrifice.

You’re willing to forgo some of your comforts and luxuries for the sake of the common good. However, you understand that personal sacrifices and compromises must be made for your team to succeed.

Some people wear anklets on both legs to show their willingness to go over and beyond to salvage a situation.

#11 – Courage and Confidence

Do you plan on starting an important project? Are you about to attempt a new venture? Then, consider wearing an ankle bracelet for the spiritual support and protection you need on this journey.

Having an anklet attracts the attention of your spirit guide. It communicates that you want your angels to prop and support you should you falter.

Also, anklets encourage you to make bold steps unflinchingly. They remind you that if your mind can conceive it, you have the potential to achieve it.


An anklet on your right or left leg communicates your inner beauty. As it accentuates your outer beauty, this ornament conveys your feelings about yourself.

People wear this piece of jewelry for its spiritual value. They yearn to exude the stellar qualities associated with this piece of jewelry.

The symbolic significance of an anklet communicates respect, wisdom, intelligence, honesty, and straightforwardness.

This symbol encourages you to work on your inner being to project the best version of yourself to the world.

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