20 Balloon Symbolism & Meanings (Yellow, Black, and Purple)

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Don’t we all love to see balloons floating lazily in the air? Riding hot air balloons over natural landscapes feels like being in paradise.

Also, balloons make any party more enchanting. They are the color, flavor, and life of important celebrations.

Spiritually, balloons stand for peace, independence, and freedom.

Seeing a balloon gives you the idea you can be truly free if you let go of your negative feelings.

Floating balloons signify the joy and peace you invite into your life when you drop baggage from your past.

Seeing a balloon can mean different things, depending on its contents, structure, shape, and color.

What’s the Spiritual Meaning of Balloons?


Since balloons were invented, they have been closely associated with freedom and happiness.

In addition, they indicate relief when you realize that heavy luggage is off your shoulders.

A balloon has a deeper spiritual meaning than meets the eye. They symbolize your deep-seated desire to release negative emotions.

Dreaming about a balloon tells you to release your worries, fears, sorrows, and anxieties. Seeing a balloon signifies you’ll be truly free by doing away with anger, resentment, and hatred.

Your heart should have no room for jealousy.

Additionally, seeing a balloon symbolizes the need to exert your individuality and independence. A free-floating balloon easily cuts off its ties to the earth.

This balloon can flow in any direction and for long distances. Indeed, if you were to blow and release tens of balloons high up in the sky, they’ll likely end up in different geographical areas.

Each will respond to the forces of nature in its own way. This is the independence the divine realm wants you to embrace by sending you balloons.

The Universe is concerned that you seem tied to your past. Although the lessons you got from your experiences are priceless, avoid living in the past every time you think about it.

What’s the Symbolism of Balloons by Color?

#1 – White Balloon Meaning

White is the Universal color of peace. Just like white doves are used to mark peace, white balloons are released to mark the cessation of hostilities.

Also, white balloons stand for spiritual enlightenment and awakening. This means you’ve received the guidance you need for your next life phase.

Seeing a white balloon urges you forward; your concerns have been addressed by the highest authority in the Universe.

This means your chances of success are guaranteed; the danger ahead has been neutralized. As such, boldly explore all the options at your disposal.

#2 – Black Balloon Meaning

In many cultures, black is associated with dark energies and forces. It is the direct opposite of the white color symbolism.

Seeing or dreaming about a black balloon prepares you for the tough times ahead. But, unfortunately, this will change, and you’ll likely lose critical areas of your life.

This does not mean, however, that you should panic. Instead, the Universe uses a black balloon to give you a heads-up.

This reminds you of the time-tested adage to be forewarned is to be forearmed.

The Universe wants you to align your thoughts and actions with your divine plan. This renders any negative energies against you powerless.

#3 – Purple Balloon Symbolism

Seeing or dreaming about a purple balloon has two sides to it. First, it means you are unique. You were brought into this plane to carry out an important assignment.

Your duties and responsibilities have the blessings of the Universe. This is your cue to do your best in every assignment.

Never settle for mediocrity.

Second, it is a reminder that pride comes before a fall. Your angels and divine guides say you’re too conceited.

Tame your pride if you desire to see your projects thrive.

#4 – Pink Balloon Meaning

A pink flying balloon encourages you to move out of your comfort zone. Set the adventurous side of your personality free.

Allow your soul to soar high and reach the highest levels of growth.

At the same time, a pink balloon reminds you of your role to those around you. Use your unique gifts and talents to push for healing and recovery in your world.

#5 – Yellow Balloon Meaning

Yellow is widely accepted as the color of joy and happiness. So if you see a yellow balloon, the Universe wants you to eliminate the hurdles to your happiness.

It could be that some traumatic events have left you feeling down and out. Maybe, you’re still smarting from a significant loss of some critical aspects of your life.

The yellow balloon symbol indicates you have the power to reclaim lost happiness. Trust in the faith the Universe has in you.

This symbol should motivate you to believe in yourself. After all, you’re the best-placed person to determine the direction of your life.

#6 – Red Balloon Meaning

Red balloons symbolize love and romance. The Universe wants you to know your love situation is about to change for the better.

If you’re single and searching, this symbol urges you to position yourself to find love. Then, mingle with the right people – those with the qualities you desire in a life partner.

Your angels and other divine guides will work with you to find the right fit.

To married couples, a red balloon indicates an injection of new energy into the relationship. Seeing this symbol tells you to resolve the conflicts in your relationship.

#7 – Blue Balloon Meaning

Blue is regarded as the color of inner clarity and peace in many colors. So spotting a blue balloon indicates you’ll invite the energies of peace and calm into your life.

This symbol suggests you’re about to enter a peaceful phase of your life. This is your cue to eliminate bad blood between you and those around you.

A blue balloon advocates for a peaceful co-existence with the environment. To achieve this, however, you must find your inner peace.

Other Symbolic Meanings of Balloons

#8 – Focus on Your Goals (Flying Balloons)

The Universe wants you to focus on your goals. Seeing balloons soar high in the sky reminds you of your life’s trajectory.

You need to keep rising by achieving your targets and accomplishing set milestones. This symbol encourages you to aim high continually.

Seeing balloons tells you one thing: the sky’s the limit to your personal and professional growth.

#9 – Joy and Happiness (Birthday Party Balloons)

Birthday party balloons are used to mark celebrations. They are released or hung to symbolize joy and happiness.

They are symbols of accomplishment. By sending you this image, the Universe wants you to give yourself a pat on the back for the far you have come.

Look back and appreciate the far you have come. You’ll be motivated to have an attitude of gratitude. This symbol encourages you to enjoy your life’s small and big blessings.

This is an excellent time to touch a needy soul around you.

#10 – Live Life to the Fullest (Hot Air Balloon)

Hot air balloons travel at high altitudes to give passengers an unfettered view of the world below. In addition, riding on a hot air balloon gives you access to beautiful natural sceneries.

This symbol tells you to enjoy life to the fullest. The Universe has dispatched fresh energy in all areas of your life.

As such, move through life with lots of enthusiasm and passion. Work towards your goals and dreams with unmatched zeal.

To achieve your ambitions and life objectives, you must go through life courageously and confidently.

#11 – Have a Positive Mindset (Deflated Balloons)

You’re likely to see this image when going through a rough patch. Unfortunately, things have not worked as well as you’d have hoped.

You feel deflated, worn out, and defeated.

A deflated balloon urges you to keep fighting. It is not yet over; you rise again and accomplish your goals and dreams.

This is your cue to embrace a positive mindset regardless of how bad things seem. Because the Universe has not given up on you, why should you give up on yourself?

Having a positive mindset allows you to focus on possibilities. You can see beyond the current situation what your life can be.

This will convince you to embark on the healing and recovery process to get you back on the right footing.

#12 – Tame Your Emotions (Water Balloons)

The Water element has an immense influence on your emotions. Spotting a water balloon indicates the need to work on your emotional health.

Likely, negative emotions from your past keep suppressing your growth and progress. You are chained to the unforgiving weight of resentment, anger, and hatred.

Seeing a water balloon indicates it is time you broke off these shackles. You deserve to be emotionally free and happy.

Balloons in Dreams Meaning

#13 – Holding Balloon in Hand

Dreaming of holding a balloon in your hand tells you to focus on your goals and ambitions. But, unfortunately, this dream confirms that although you have a lot of potential, you seem distracted.

Make your mind and heart focus on what truly matters in your life.

#14 – Stranger with a Balloon

Someone is working behind the scene to delay your progress. But, on the other hand, it could be this person is hoarding important information you need for the next step of your journey.

This dream could also mean you have allowed someone to run your life. A big mistake!

#15 – Balloons Filled with Water

In the spiritual world, water has something to do with your emotions. Dreaming of balloons filled with water indicates you need to pay closer attention to your emotional needs.

It could be that repressed feelings have finally found an outlet, and they’re wreaking havoc on all aspects of your life.

This dream also points to the need to let go of emotional baggage from your past.

#16 – Bursting a Balloon

This dream spells trouble in your relationship. The Universe is concerned that you have neglected your relationship.

You need to reflect on the reasons that brought you and your partner together in the first place. Then, pay close attention to your partner, and express the desire to resolve the issues in your relationship amicably.

#17 – Multiple Colored Balloons

The Universe wants you to open your eyes to the many opportunities around you. But, unfortunately, although a lot has been going well for you, you seem oblivious to everything.

Likely, your focus has been on things with no bearing on your future. But then, the Universe sends you a dream of multi-colored balloons to alert you about what you’re missing.

#18 – Dream of High-Flying Balloons

Good things are coming your way. The Universe urges you to look to the future with hope and great expectation.

This dream gives you hope that your life is changing for the better. Gradually, the Universe will release the blessings you’ve been praying for. Then, it’s your time to soar high.

#19 – Balloons at a Party

The Universe wants you to mark your milestones. So it’s good to pause every now and then and congratulate yourself on your accomplishments.

Dreaming of balloons in a celebration reminds you that success is a journey, not a destination. Therefore, every accomplishment, no matter how minor, should be celebrated.

The small steps you make every day contribute to the big success you desire to see.

#20 – Crashing Balloons

Your angels and other divine guides urge you to set realistic targets. However, your frustration arises because your targets are unattainable within the stipulated timeframe.

Your targets should be specific, measurable, realistic, and time-bound. In other words, set SMART goals and targets.

Seeing Balloons: Is It a Good Omen?

As a spiritual indicator, balloons are a good omen. The rule of thumb applicable here is one. No sign from heaven can portend evil.

Your angels and other divine guides bring this symbol to guide, instruct, correct or warn you.

For example, seeing a balloon in flight indicates the need to detach yourself from the pain and hurt that characterized your past. The balloon symbolism tells you to be truly free.

This is possible only if you have good thoughts about yourself. Have faith in your skills and abilities to handle the many opportunities in your life.

Don’t allow stress and the fast-paced nature of our world to interfere with your goals and dreams. Whenever you see a balloon in the air, take it to mean you deserve to be happy and free.

The Universe wants you to let bygones be bygones. Therefore, your past traumatic experiences should have no place in your current life.

And they certainly have no bearing on your future.

Releasing air from a balloon shows the need to deal with your pent-up emotions. As long as you keep your feelings bottled up, you can be sure trouble will gradually build up.

Deflate your emotions by getting in touch with your realities. To achieve this, you must create more time for your spiritual needs.

Dealing with your emotions makes you feel more positive, better, lighter, and more accessible.


The Universe uses the balloon symbol to transform our lives for the better. Seeing a balloon fills you with hope if you have been through hard times.

It shows you the possibilities of solving your problems, breaking free, and soaring high. This symbol calls on you not to confine your thinking.

Broaden your mind and heart to see life from a different perspective. Whenever you encounter the balloon symbol, move away from the crowd mentality.

Stand tall on your values and principles to be counted.

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