Mirrors in Bedroom and Spirits Meanings

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Does having a mirror in your bedroom invite spirits? Unfortunately, yes. Since time immemorial, mirrors have been known to have unique qualities.

Myths and fables worldwide tell of people consulting mirrors about their beauty.

A story is told of the wicked queen who would inquire of her mirror: mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?

Of course, she’d be elated when the mirror confirmed she was the fairest of them all – until the day the mirror told her otherwise.

A mirror in your bedroom can be an excellent decorative piece. However, depending on where you place it, it can invite positive and negative energies.

The impact of a mirror in your bedroom also depends on the ambiance and décor you have chosen for the room.

What’s the Link Between Mirrors in the Bedroom and Spirits?

Mirrors Invite Water Spirits

It is believed that mirrors attract spiritual forces from the water world. This is because they are transparent; suggesting they have a unique connection to water bodies.

Suppose a water spirit finds itself on land without access to a large water body. In that case, it is likely to hide in mirrors until the appropriate time.

As such, it would be more appropriate for you to keep mirrors in the bathroom instead of the bedroom.

These spirits will calm down in the bathroom because of the water. However, they will likely torment you in the bedroom because they feel imprisoned.

Mirrors Activate Dormant Spirits

Since they are reflective objects, mirrors can sense the presence of spirits in a room. If there are any dormant spirits in your bedroom, a mirror in your room will activate them.

This will not be an issue if an angel’s spirit is so activated. However, if it’s an evil spirit, you’ll likely experience nightmares and sleep disorders.

Mirrors Attract Ghosts

Mirrors are similar to smoke because of their transparency. As such, they have a great affinity for spirits that resemble smoke.

Some people have reported seeing ghost-like figures near their mirrors in the darkness.

Others spoke of breaking their bedroom mirrors to stop noises coming from the mirrors in the dead of night.

What’s Wrong with Placing a Mirror in Your Bedroom?

#1 – It Usurps Your Energy

If you get to bed feeling tired and worn-out, you are unlikely to feel any better if you have a mirror in your bedroom.

This is because the mirror will tap into the energies you exude and multiply them. As a result, it will disrupt your sleep, and you may wake up feeling worse than you went to bed.

#2 – Causes Nightmares

Mirrors awaken the spirits they find in their environments. If your bedroom has some latent evil energy, the mirror will pick them and reflect them on you in your sleep.

This is likely to disrupt your tranquility and cause nightmares.

#3 – It Leads to Depression

This is likely to happen if your mirror reflects anything in the room that makes you sad. For example, if it keeps showing the picture of your dead loved ones, sadness will creep on you without your knowledge.

You’ll start feeling bad about your life and everything about it without understanding why.

Only the very astute can connect the link between the mirror, your deceased loved one, and depression.

#4 – You’ll Be Scared of Movements

You will notice any movement that happens in your bedroom through the mirror. This may compromise the quality of your sleep as these movements are likely to frighten you.

Our eyes can detect even the slightest of movements that come into our line of vision. But unfortunately, mirrors tend to magnify anything they capture.

This means that a small and innocent movement becomes alarming when you see it through the mirror.

#5 – Mirrors Reflect Eerie Sounds

Many people think that mirrors can reflect light only. The truth is that these objects can also reflect certain types of sounds.

You will likely notice this when the mirror captures and bounces off a frightening sound. Your tranquility will be shattered, and you may keep missing crucial sleep hours.

#6 – Mirrors Attract Nightmares

The soul leaves the body during sleep; the astral body is separated from its physical counterpart.

As the soul leaves or returns to the body, it may mistake its reflection in the mirror for its physical home.

This mistake may give rise to confusion and nightmares.

#7 – Mirrors Detect False Green in Darkness

It is common knowledge that some colors are muted in the presence of mirrors, particularly in darkness.

However, it accentuates others and may even show you a color that is not in the room. For example, you may be startled to see an image in green in your mirror, yet it is nowhere in the room.

This gives you the notion you are not alone in your bedroom.

#8 – You May Be Scared of Your Reflection

Imagine starting from a deep sleep and seeing your reflection in the mirror. This experience can scare you to the very core of your existence.

What’s the Significance of Placing the Mirror in Front of Your Bed?

Placing a mirror in front of your bed can have good or bad outcomes.

The Good

It is okay to place the mirror in front of your bed if it makes you feel relaxed, happy, and peaceful. To achieve this, the mirror should be placed in a certain way to achieve the desired angle.

For example:

  • Place the mirror to reflect the sky

Placing the mirror to see the stars, moon, and other celestial bodies is beneficial. It connects you to the Universe and acts as a conduit for your angels to come into your bedroom.

Your sleep will be peaceful, and you will be protected from any evil spirits that may harm you or your loved ones.

  • Place the mirror facing you.

Experts believe that having the mirror reflect your face will dissuade evil spirits from occupying this position.

This is a good way of obstructing demons and ghosts from making a home in your bedroom.

  • The mirror should not reflect light behind the bed

Ensure to turn off all lights at the back of your bed before you tuck in. This will prevent the mirror from reflecting this light and inviting nightmares and unwanted spirits.

The Bad

An improperly placed mirror in your bedroom will cause more harm than good. Don’t place the mirror facing your bed if:

  • The mirror reflects images of a dead person

Suppose you have a picture of a dead person (such as your music idol) on your wall. In that case, its reflection in the mirror may invite ghosts and unwanted spirits.

You may not be aware of this until you start having nightmares or experiencing weird happenings in the room.

  • The mirror reflects light.

Too much unwanted light in the bedroom creates disharmony and imbalance. This may cause your body to behave erratically.

For example, too much light will make you stay wide awake when you are supposed to be sleeping and resting.

Common Myths About Sleeping in Front of a Mirror

You Arouse Negative Energies from Your Past

Sleeping in front of the mirror awakens your past mistake and failures. Your pains, regrets, and hurts will locate you once more, and you’ll be forced to relive these ugly aspects of your past.

Sleeping in front of a mirror may make you feel guilty for lost opportunities. But, of course, this is not a good thing because it’s likely to fill you with worry and anxiety.

Dragging the luggage of your past to your current life adds no value to your existence. Instead, these memories rob you of joy and peace.

If this continues unchecked, it leads to depression and other emotional and mental conditions.

It Attracts Ghosts

It is believed that mirrors have a great affinity for ghosts and other smoke-like spirits.

If you have more than one mirror in your house, their reflections and counter-reflections will draw ghosts into your bedroom.

With time, you may be forced to abandon your house when it becomes a haunted one.

Mirrors Attract the Spirits of the Dead

If the mirror in your bedroom reflects the image of a dead person on the wall, it attracts the deceased’s spirit.

This means you’ll have unwanted beings and spirits in your house. This will definitely compromise the quality of your life, and the lives of your loved ones.

Final Thoughts…

There exists a strong, undeniable link between mirrors and spirits. This is because mirrors are highly sensitive spiritual symbols.

Unfortunately, mirrors attract all kinds of spirits: the good and the bad.

It’s okay to have a mirror in your bedroom if you position it correctly. However, it should not reflect too much light on your bed or capture images of dead people on your wall.

Alternatively, you may cover the mirror with a cloth before you sleep. However, if you don’t have any issue with a mirror in your bedroom, just leave it as it is.

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