Twin Flame Ascension: 36 Spiritual & Physical Signs

Interested in twin flame ascension? This guide is for you!

Does money solve all our problems? A good number of people aspire to be wealthy to be happy. They equate money with happiness.

Ironically, some of the unhappiest people around us are affluent.

A keen observer of human life knows that although money does make life easier, it isn’t everything. True peace and happiness come from inner growth and development.

And this is what twin flame ascension is all about.

Twin flame ascension is about increasing your vibrational powers to tap into the very depths of your hidden gifts and qualities.

It is about elevating your life above the mundane requirements of an opulent life. You realize there’s more to this life than money and all its trappings.

Twin flame ascension calls on you to grow spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. You get to heal wounds from your past and look at your life from a new perspective.

This process is about focusing on possibilities instead of impossibilities.

What is Twin Flame Ascension?

A lot of people in the modern world don’t understand and appreciate the concept of twin flame ascension.

Likely, this is because we have been blinded by the unrelenting pursuit of money and material gain. As a result, we neglect to tend to our emotional and spiritual needs.

The end results are shattered dreams, broken relationships, and listless lives.

A good number of people move through life merely surviving and not really living because they are not in touch with their soul purpose.

The process of twin flame ascension calls on you to let go of the baggage you have acquired in this and other lives.

It is time for healing and aligning with your higher Self. In so doing, you’ll quickly reunite and live harmoniously with your twin flame.

Twin flame ascension begins when you stop judging yourself by how much money you make, or the wealth you have accumulated.

By letting go of the misconception that money is everything, you’ll raise your consciousness and embrace who you indeed are.

What Are the Stages of Twin Flame Ascension?

Your twin flame ascension journey can be broken down into a number of stages that we discuss here.


This is the most painful stage of this journey. Yet, it calls on you to recognize that you must release the baggage acquired in this and past lives to move forward.

It is in our nature to cling to things we are used to; familiarity has some level of comfort.

However, the next phase of your life entails you delinking from the things that have been pulling you down.

You can’t move on to the next stage if you still hold on to the people and things that have made you stagnate.

Once you accept that separation is inevitable, you’ll start working on the emotional and spiritual pain you have kept bottled up.


When you get to this stage, give yourself a pat on the back. Healing means you’re ready to work through the person, people, or things that hurt you.

You’re ready to make amends. This entails embracing the pain of your mistakes and forgiving yourself. This stage alerts you that you don’t have to be a slave of your past.

Pay attention to your errors and take the measures to put everything in its place. Then, you’ll overcome the pain of your suffering by embracing positivity and letting go of negative thoughts.

You’ll realize that your failure has resulted from wrong priorities and choices.

This stage teaches you to focus on your divine life purpose instead of mundane accolades, fame, and material wealth.

The healing state of the twin flame ascension journey is about achieving the best possible version of yourself and projecting it to the world.

Spiritual Growth

The healing process effortlessly opens up the paths of spiritual growth and progress. The more you make peace with yourself, your past, and your infirmities, the stronger you become spiritually.

The spiritual signs of twin flame ascension start manifesting as you handle and close any issues arising from your past.

Your intuition becomes more heightened, and you project inner wisdom and understanding in all your decisions.

You no longer make decisions because they’ll increase your monetary worth. Instead, you make the choices that put you in touch with your higher calling.

Spiritually, this stage ushers you onto the path of enlightenment. You become more understanding and peaceable.

Also, you comprehend the value of giving and receiving unconditional love.

Physical Signs of Twin Flame Ascension

The physical signs of twin flame ascension come hot on the heels of spiritual awakening. As a result, the physical symptoms of the process often replace the spiritual ones – though they may, at times, overlap.

Although the twin flame ascension is a powerful spiritual experience, it is accompanied by physical signs that validate your spiritual and emotional feelings.

The physical signs can be pretty intense. They may cause euphoria, pain, discomfort, and anxiety. But if you know what you’re going through, there’s no need to be taken.

Take care, however, not to mistake medical conditions for physical signs of twin flame ascension.

You need to rule out any medical issues before accepting and working with the ascension signs manifesting in your body.

Embracing Your Higher Self

This stage is one of the most important in the twin flame ascension journey. Here, you understand your actual spiritual needs at a deeper level.

You are no longer driven by the desire for validation, money, and fame. Instead, going through this stage helps you understand your role in shaping the lives of others.

You start to acknowledge that you have a role in making the world a better, safer space for everything.

As you continue moving through the process, it becomes clearer who you are, what you stand for, and what you’d like to achieve.

You no longer doubt your personal and spiritual expectations.

Embracing Your Divine Life Purpose

By the time you get to this stage, you undoubtedly know your life in this world is not an accident. You acknowledge that you were brought into this realm to fulfill a divine life purpose.

This stage of the process inspires you to serve your soul’s calling with unmatched zeal. You are determined to open your mind to learning so that you can stay on the divine path set for you.

Towards the end of this stage, you can feel the stirrings of your twin flame, and you become poised to reunite with them.

Twin Flame Reunion

This is the last and most crucial stage of the twin flame ascension journey. Hopefully, you have become the best version of yourself, and so has your twin flame.

You are both ready to re-ignite the embers of that special relationship that no one else in the Universe can provide for you.

You may reunite with your twin flame in this life or the next. However, when you don’t reunite with your twin flame in this life, you’ll encounter them a number of times in one form or another.

The Spiritual and Emotional Signs of Twin Flame Ascension

The following spiritual and emotional signs are common with people going through the twin flame ascension journey:

#1 – Strong Intuition

Completing the twin flame ascension makes you strong in every aspect of the word.

You have a clear vision of your destiny. You are ready to serve it wholeheartedly, preferably with your twin flame beside you.

Also, the completion of this journey enhances your intuitive energy. Intuition gently and firmly guides you toward your goals.

It opens your mind’s eye to the choices you should make in any given circumstance. You align yourself to your divine life purpose by attentively listening to your intuition.

#2 – Sharpened Senses

The process of the twin flame ascension journey sharpens your senses. As a result, you become more perceptive and responsive to what’s happening around you.

People that have gone through this process are more observant and understanding than others. They seem to see what’s coming before it happens.

You have a heightened ability to understand other people’s opinions, thoughts, and feelings. To many, you come across as tolerant, understanding, and compassionate.

#3 – Heightened Psychic Abilities

Going through the twin flame ascension journey fills you with tremendous spiritual gifts. You receive such stellar abilities as clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, and clairalience.

With these spiritual powers, you can telepathically reach your twin flame. This is quite important as it lets you sync your energies as you move towards a reunion.

The spiritual gifts you get in this journey keep you focused on the most essential things in your life. You are not lured by the promise of money, material wealth, or worldly possessions.

#4 – Angelic Wings

Going through the twin flame ascension attracts spiritual angel wings that anchor you to the divine realm.

You’ll know this is happening when you start consulting your divine powers before making significant decisions.

Your soul mission and divine purpose take a whole new meaning, and you start living instead of merely existing.

Physically, you may get a tingling sensation around the shoulder blades, where your spiritual wings are anchored.

#5 – Body Elevation

The process of twin flame elevation may get so intense that it blows your crown chakra open. You may feel your body spiritually floating into the air when this happens.

Try your best to remain grounded to continue the ascension journey to the end. You can achieve this by walking barefoot on grass, eating root crops, and hugging trees.

#6 – Emotional Fatigue

A time comes in this journey when the dense, negative energy gets released. This allows lighter, more positive energies to take hold in your life.

Before this happens, however, you will experience emotional fatigue. For example, you may get anxious, sad, tired, and depressed.

If you feel like crying or talking to someone to alleviate the situation, don’t be shy about it.

#7 – Inner Calm

Willingly going through the twin flame ascension process fill you with inner peace. Although you’ll encounter some hurdles on the way, they won’t shake your resolve to achieve your goals and dreams.

Everything – good or bad – happens for a higher purpose. As such, you won’t see the necessity to fight the changes coming into your life.

You work with what you have to handle life’s challenges.

#8 – Outbursts of Anxiety

People on this journey often worry too much about losing their twin flame. This is normal and is part of the spiritual growth process.

If this happens to you, have faith in your abilities to steer your life in the right direction. It is by creating winning daily habits that you arrive at your destiny.

#9 – Experiencing Unconditional Love

Do you often feel unconditional love for someone special in your life? If you do, you may have already met your twin flame.

This journey enables you to feel love for the people and creatures of this earth. You look at everything around you with eyes of love, and your greatest desire is for everything and for everyone to thrive.

#10 – Intense Emotional Pain

This is another aspect of the twin flame ascension journey that makes you wonder whether you are on the right path.

But never allow doubts to derail you from your life mission. Emotional pain is meant to help you tap into your hidden skills and talents.

#11 – Need for Healing

You are determined to face the hard truths about your life and deal with them. Although you know this is not an easy task, you know that healing will follow.

You have a great need for healing. You’re ready for it, even if it means going through the pain and shame of making amends


You start living its purpose by embracing the healing power of the twin flame ascension process.

#12 – Seeing Your Life Path

How clear is your life path? The twin flame ascension journey opens your mind’s eye to see where you’re headed more clearly.

You’ll no longer be second-guessing yourself. Your goals are crystal clear, and you know what to do to achieve them.

#13 – Sense of Direction

The twin flame ascension journey guides you in relating to your world. You have a great sense of where you’re coming from and heading.

You’re keen to learn from your mistakes. Your past no longer scares you; instead, it motivates you to project the best version of yourself to the world.

You are determined to reach the end of the twin flame ascension journey to accomplish all your desires as a spiritual being.

#14 – Spiritual Enlightenment and Awakening

This is the ultimate sign of the twin flame ascension experiential journey. You have grown into a powerful spiritual being, which is the pinnacle of your spiritual growth.

You fully comprehend the Law of Causality, and your greatest desire is to spread peace, love, and light to the Universe.

The Physical Signs of Twin Flame Ascension

#15 – Kundalini Activation

The physical manifestation of twin flame ascension starts with Kundalini Activation. First, you feel a power surge that washes over your body in waves and spirals.

You can feel these surges on all your chakra points when they are too heavy. Almost all areas of your body start tingling, which may develop into a dull pain as the surges keep rising.

This happens as negative energy is released to prepare you for the journey ahead.

#16 – Blurry Vision

This is a sign that your Third Eye is awakening. You’ll wake up and realize you can’t see clearly.

The room may look foggy, and everything in it blurry. Relax and take a breath; your sight will return to normal.

Blurry vision signals that your twin flame ascension journey is advancing to a higher level. You’re getting more precise focus on who you are and what you stand for.

#17 – Pressure Between the Eyes

This is another sign that indicates your Third Eye is opening. You’re receiving the spiritual energy to connect effortlessly with your twin flame.

With the opening of the Eye Chakra, your intuition is heightened. You begin to realize what you need to do to advance faster on this journey.

#18 – Buddha Belly

Does your stomach keep growing no matter how much exercise you put into reducing it? This is another pointer that your spiritual ascension journey is on course.

According to myth, Buddha has a big belly because he had a light body. The abdomen was a reservoir for spiritual energy that Buddha would tap into occasionally.

Your belly grows because your body is getting ready for a spiritual transformation. You are ascending to the higher levels of twin flame ascension.

This is an excellent time to firmly tether your body to the earth.

#19 – Body Chills

You’ll experience tingling, goose bumps, and shudders that indicate a particular type of energy is flowing through your body.

This psychic body chill prepares you spiritually to reconnect to your twin flame. The next time you have this experience, listen keenly to guidance from your intuition.

#20 – Body Pain

During the twin flame ascension journey, you’ll experience pains and aches in various body parts.

This indicates you’re going through karmic cleansing. Old energies are being purged to create room for new ones.

The strain on your physical body shows you’re being purified to raise your vibrational frequency.

#21 – Burping

As a habit, burping can be annoying and may cause you to lose some friends. However, burping is a critical spiritual occurrence that helps you release pent-up energy.

The Solar Plexus Chakra, your creative center, pushes out negative energy as burps. This makes you ready to connect more meaningfully with your twin flame.

#22 – Digestive Issues

The Solar Plexus, your personal power center, plays a significant role in your twin flame ascension journey.

You cannot undertake this journey successfully laden with harmful and toxic energies.

You may experience a number of digestive issues as the Solar Plexus Chakra starts to purify your internal systems.

Through this purification process, you ready your body to receive unique energies to guide you through the various phases of the twin flame ascension journey.

#23 – Ears Ringing

This sign indicates a serious spiritual download is taking place. You’ll experience a number of positive things during this time.

You’ll receive guidance, higher information, clairaudience, and energy light codes. These are geared toward better understanding the journey to your twin flame.

#24 – Eye Twitching

This is another sign to alert you about the opening of your Third Eye. Moving forward, your vision will be clearer.

You’ll receive an uncanny understanding of the journey toward reuniting with your twin flame.

#25 – Eye Color Change

This signals the merge process with your twin flame has commenced. In all likelihood, your twin flame will have the same color of eyes as your eyes have just taken.

A change of eye color indicates dense energy is leaving your body to be replaced by a lighter, more positive one.

This phenomenon shows your inner energies will soon change the auric field of your outer energy. As such, you need nothing but loads of positivity on the inside.

#26 – Euphoria

When heavenly bliss lands on you, this is what you experience. It indicates that your early plane is being transformed, affecting you in every way conceivable.

A euphoric moment indicates a breakthrough. The chains holding you to an ugly past have been broken, and you can focus on the unimpeded journey to your twin.

#27 – Excessive Sleep

To successfully complete this journey, you have to rewire your entire system. This entails letting go of old thinking patterns and habits.

You have to discard old beliefs and embrace positive ways of looking at life. Because your life is about to take off to greater heights of consciousness, you’ll have a great desire for sleep and relaxation.

Allow your body to sleep; this recharges your systems and prepares them for the spiritual journey ahead.

#28 – Hearing Sounds

You need unique hearing gifts to respond to any challenges you’ll encounter as you seek to reunite with your twin.

You’ll receive heightened clairaudience and psychic abilities. As you keep pressing forward in this journey, you become acutely aware of your surroundings.

Also, these sounds give you the choices you should make whenever you are in a dilemma.

Listen attentively to what your Guides are saying so as not to miss a step.

#29 – Headaches

You get this symptom because you are ascending quite fast. Your mind, spirit, and body are trying to cope with your Higher Self.

Many changes are taking place within you as you keep upgrading from one level to the next.

#30 – Heartburn

This happens because the Heart Chakra activation is ongoing. As a result, you’ll experience shortness of breath, tightening of the chest muscles, and general anxiety.

Not to worry; you’re about to meet your soul mate or twin flame. If you have been looking forward to this meeting for long, such changes in your body are understandable.

#31 – Hormonal Imbalances

The energies generated during the twin flame ascension journey may disorient several of your chakras.

This creates a hormonal imbalance that could force you to change many of your routine activities. But, again, this is okay; just move with the flow because this is the direction you’re meant to take.

When you’re finely tuned to your Guides, you’ll know that nothing in your life happens in vain.

#32 – Memory Loss

Do you experience a few short moments of memory loss? Do you feel that something spiritual is happening in your life?

Don’t worry; you’re not losing your memory. Instead, your mind is gearing to take in fresh energy much needed to complete the journey to your twin.

#33 – The Flu

Flu that keeps recurring requires a more profound interpretation than you’ve been giving it. This signifies that something deeply spiritual is taking place in your life.

The flu could be mild or severe, but keeps recurring. You are in the process of healing, and the flu indicates your body is expunging dense energies.

#34 – Nausea

The twin flame ascension is an intense process that may cause your body to develop unpleasant symptoms.

Nausea is one such symptom. It indicates the pain and suffering you’ve been subjected to is coming to pass.

The healing process has commenced in earnest.

#35 – Taste and Lifestyle Changes

Do you feel a powerful urge to change your style of living? Has your taste in food, clothes, cars, houses, and other material things changed recently?

The twin flame ascension journey encourages you to aim for a healthier, more productive life.

#36 – Periods of Depression

Since you’re not a perfect being, you’ll make the occasional mistake that will throw you off track. In addition, happenings in your surroundings will distract you, and you’ll lose sight of your goal.

You may be depressed when you keep moving off the right path.

Suppose you can convert this negative feeling into positive action. Then, you’ll soon be back on track and moving toward the reunion with your twin.

Twin Flame Ascension Completion

You’ve worked hard and been faithful to your soul calling and divine life mission. Your efforts have borne fruit, and you’re at the spiritual enlightenment and awakening threshold.

Then, what next?

At this point in your journey, you are in tune with your Higher Self and have aligned yourself with your higher purpose.

If you have not reunited with your twin flame, you are about to. Your twin flame is that person that knows you like no other in the Universe.

Simply put, this is the one person created just for you. So embrace this person in your life and start your journey as spiritual beings together.

You’re both at that point where you understand entirely all matters spiritual. As such, nothing can put you down, regardless of what comes your way.


No one can indeed say how long the twin flame ascension journey will take. Every person goes through different experiences once they embark on this journey.

The best you can do is open your mind and heart to learning. The faster you embrace and internalize new spiritual concepts, the more quickly you ascend to higher consciousness.

Additionally, you can enhance your journey by exuding positivity everywhere you go. By releasing positive karma to the world, you get all the support you need to reach the pinnacle.

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