Mercury Retrograde Spiritual Meaning (+ Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide)

Interested in Mercury retrograde spiritual meaning? This guide is for you!

Mercury Retrograde – that dreaded period when the red planet seems to spin backward. Science tells us that this is an optical illusion because Mercury has a shorter orbit than Earth.

Because of the shorter time it takes around the sun, Mercury speeds past Earth about 4 times a year. As a result, it creates a trail of dust that leaves us confused and seeking explanations.

Spiritually, Mercury is associated with communication and war. Yet, this planet is a constant reminder that if we express ourselves well, peace and harmony will reign on Earth.

However, if we disregard others space and deny them the chance to enjoy life, chaos follow.

Mercury Retrograde depicts a period of chaos and madness to most people. However, the spiritually enlightened are always ready to flow with the forces of the Universe.

Understanding the meaning of Mercury retrograde gives you an excellent chance to live harmoniously with everything around you.

Fighting this cosmic phenomenon does not.

What is Mercury Retrograde?

Have you been overtaken by a fast-moving car on a busy highway? Your car seemed to move backward as the other vehicle overtook you, right?

Actually, your car was moving forward, but at a much slower speed than the other car, and you perceived it was moving backward.

That’s close to what happens with Mercury Retrograde.

Observed from the Earth, Mercury seems to move in reverse about 40 days every 1½ years. This is an optical illusion referred to as Mercury retrograde motion.

A lot of myths and misconceptions are built around Mercury Retrograde. For example, some people associate this period with untethered madness.

They believe that every decision they make leads to pain and misery. Therefore, people dread this period because they believe this is the time everything in their lives is turned upside down.

However, spiritual experts will tell you that is not the case. If your affairs seem to come undone during the Mercury Retrograde, you have allowed them to.

Although you will likely face many challenges during this time, you can harness the energy generated by the cosmic bodies to do some good.

To rise above the curse of Mercury Retrograde, you need to view this phenomenon positively. Your most significant growth potential appears when you face great challenges.

Do you believe that Mercury Retrograde presents a period of unfettered madness? Then, take this opportunity to align yourself with the cosmic forces to grow and reflect on your life.

As others complain of delays, disruptions, and communications problems, take the time to reflect on your life.

Take stock of where you’re coming from, and evaluate whether you’re still on track to your goals.

How is Mercury Retrograde Related to Spirituality?

In astrology, Mercury Retrograde occurs whenever the planet Mercury passes between the Earth and the Sun, moving backward.

This occurs about 3 or 4 times a year. Many spiritual branches teach that this phenomenon has a special connection to the divine.

This is given credence by the fact that it is abnormal to see planets moving backward. Therefore, whenever you see a Mercury Retrograde, know that something mystic and divine is taking place.

Although science has an exhaustive explanation of the Mercury Retrograde, it does not in any way weaken the spiritual significance of this phenomenon.

This period allows you to examine your life and determine the areas that need adjusting.

Spiritually, this is a period of pain, suffering, and uncertainty for some. However, to others, this period provides an opportunity to recalibrate their lives for the goals and dreams to be conquered.

As such, you should not run away from this phenomenon (you can’t!). Instead, get ready to tap into the energies that come with it.

What’s the Spiritual Meaning of Mercury Retrograde?

#1 – Get in Touch with Nature

The Mercury Retrograde reminds you to connect with nature. Likely, you have been too much on social media that you’ve forgotten the natural world.

Take a break from technological systems and turn your attention to the healing power of nature. This is a good time to rediscover your love for nature walks and the beach.

The Mercury Retrograde forces you to turn your attention to what truly matters.

#2 – Embrace Change

Change can be uncomfortable and even painful. Unfortunately, you may have to make lots of changes to your life during the Mercury Retrograde.

Move with the flow and embrace the changes as they come. The best way to go about this is to align yourself with the cosmic energies sent your way.

You’ll realize that what seems to scare others benefits you and your loved ones. This is because you are open to change.

When others look at the retrograde as a time of madness, you see it as an opportunity to pull down the weak links in your life.

If you focus on the positive during the three weeks of the retrograde, they will pass in a blur. You’ll hardly feel the discomfort and challenges some people talk about during this period.

#3 – Be Spiritually Sensitive

Mercury Retrograde is a spiritual event. As such, it’s likely to affect your spiritual faculties. Through this phenomenon, you are being called upon to be spiritually awake.

Your spiritual senses will be heightened, and you stand to gain a lot by tapping into the positive vibes from the Universe.

You’ll achieve remarkable spiritual growth over this period with the right effort.

#4 – Keep Moving Forward

Movement is the key to overcoming the challenges you’ll experience during this period. As such, keep pressing on, no matter what.

The Universe uses the Mercury Retrograde to provide you with an opportunity for a huge breakthrough.

By looking at Mercury’s movement, you learn you can do things unconventionally to achieve your goals and dreams.

You don’t have to stick to doing things the same way. Instead, try a different approach to problem-solving for better results.

#5 – Slow Down on Decision-Making

Avoid making big decisions at this time. This is not a good time to start a new project or embark on a massive expansion of the old ones.

The Mercury Retrograde teaches us an essential lesson on patience. Don’t be hasty; take the time to understand the implications of what you’re about to do.

It’s okay to put off projects until a more opportune time.

#6 – Pay Attention to Details

Have you been approached with a lucrative contract during this period? Good for you! However, don’t sign any documents in a rush.

Take the time to go through the finer details. As they say, the devil is in the details. You’re like to make a catastrophic mess if you merely skim through the details.

More importantly, read between the lines. For example, do the clauses in the document mean what you think they mean or is there another intended meaning?

Seek clarification where wording seems vague.

Control your excitement if this is a significant contract you’ve been presented with. Use breathing techniques to ensure you stay on top of things.

#7 – Persistence Pays

Through this event, the Universe teaches you to be persistent. You stand a good chance of elevating your life if you don’t give up.

This cosmic activity gives you all the reasons you need to keep going. It provides you with the opportunity to expand your territories.

Work hard to triumph during moments of adversity. Allow this event to strengthen you and give you the energy and motivation to achieve your goals and dreams.

#8 – Take Stock of Your Life

You need to pause and review your life. The Mercury Retrograde indicates you’ve been moving too fast for your own good.

Are you okay with the milestones you have accomplished? Could you have done better? What could you have done differently?

What about where you’re headed? Are your goals still intact? Can you still visualize your dreams and aspirations?

Make the changes necessary to move your life in the right trajectory.

#9 – Let Others Speak

Mercury Retrograde has a way of messing up our communication. For example, once you start speaking, you may become insensitive to the needs of others.

You’ll keep talking, hardly allowing others to have their say.

This event is here to teach you the importance of turn-taking in a conversation. Learn to allow your spouse or children to express themselves.

Encourage healthy discourses at your place of work.

Use positive words when it’s your turn to speak. Treat your audience with respect, dignity, and consideration.

#10 – Prepare for the Worst

As it is often said, to be forewarned is to be forearmed. Mercury Retrograde urges you to mentally, emotionally, and spiritually prepare for the worst.

This is not meant to scare you. On the contrary, it inspires you to align your resources according to your needs.

You appreciate the need to use your resources well. However, when you prepare for the worst that can happen, you inadvertently avert the worst of it from ever touching you.

#11 – Avoid Arguments

You should not embrace any negative energy during the Mercury Retrograde. In particular, avoid arguments, as this will mess up all aspects of your communications.

Don’t say anything misconstrued as hate speech, as this will wreak havoc on your chakras.

#12 – Emotional Balance

Because of the intensity of this cosmic activity, you’re likely to be stressed and emotionally unbalanced around this period.

Take this as a test on how to keep well-balanced in adversity. Suppose you remain emotionally strong for the duration of the Mercury Retrograde. In that case, nothing can stand in the way of your progress.

How Do You Survive the Mercury Retrograde?

Preparing for a Mercury Retrograde

Here are a few things you can do before Mercury starts spinning backward:

Have a Positive Mindset

For some, Mercury Retrograde is a time when everything can go wrong. For others, this is a time for learning and growing.

It all depends on the mindset. Maintain a positive attitude as you anticipate this period. This is the only way you’ll benefit from experiencing the Mercury Retrograde phenomenon.

Weigh Your Words

This is not the time to speak carelessly. Remember, the planet Mercury deals with communication. Much misinformation and miscommunication happen before and during the retrograde.

Don’t be among those who’ll spread falsehoods during this time. Don’t slander anyone or use hurtful words that would kill the noble efforts of an honest person.

Regardless of how much you want to say something, think before you utter any words. Let your words be full of love, concern, and consideration.

Instead of spewing hate and sowing seeds of discord, be an agent of compassion, peace, and harmony.

Avoid Making Big Decisions

Set aside the big plans you had for your projects. Avoid making decisions about long-term projects; this is simply not the right time.

Instead, spend more time reflecting and evaluating your life’s progress.

Stay Grounded

You shouldn’t involve yourself in anything that could upset your emotional balance. Mercury Retrograde is not a period for drama.

Don’t be anxious and worried about money and other material things. Instead, slow down and relax, taking it one day at a time.

What to Do During the Mercury Retrograde

Deal with Setbacks

You may experience challenges in various aspects of your life during this period. If it can be rectified, don’t waste time but handle it immediately.

Don’t allow any setbacks you encounter during this period to go unaddressed. Any failure during a Mercury Retrograde may be hard to correct later.

As such, avoid procrastination.

Learn to Relax

This is not a good time to occupy your mind with what-ifs. What can go wrong will go wrong, but you’ll have the opportunity to rectify it.

Focus on the here and now; stop losing sleep about the past or tomorrow.

Reflect on Your Life

This period gives you a golden opportunity to take stock of your life to see whether you’re still on course.

Do some thorough self-evaluation to determine the areas of your life that need to be overhauled.

Be Patient and Compassionate

This is a very sensitive period because almost everyone is going through some form of hardship. So be kind to yourself and others.

Be kind and considerate to everyone – if many do this, peace and harmony, and not chaos, will prevail.

What to Do After the Mercury Retrograde

Don’t Be Hasty

After the Mercury Retrograde, it may take some time for normalcy to resume. So take it slow and gradually pick up the pace as the cosmos brightens and things resume their normal swing.

Evaluate Your Work

Where were you before the retrograde started? How much work did you get done during the retrograde?

Was everything done to perfection, or are there some areas you’d like to redo? Check whether your standards have been diluted before moving on.

Benefits of the Mercury Retrograde

As you may have already deduced, there are numerous benefits associated with the Mercury Retrograde.

Although some people consider this a period of pain, suffering, and uncertainty, it has deep-seated spiritual benefits.

These include:

  • Jolts you out of your comfort zone.
  • Gives you an opportunity to reflect and introspect.
  • Allows you to take stock of your life.
  • It’s a time of enhanced creativity and productivity.
  • Time to mend your relationships and get your work life back on track.
  • Allows you to slow down from the bustle of your life and relax.
  • Sharpens your ability to think fast under challenging conditions.
  • Inspires you to keep working toward your goals.
  • Affirms that you can succeed by not following your own path.
  • Encourages you to keep moving despite the hurdles on your way.

As others worry about the approach of the Mercury Retrograde, prime yourself to reap the energy unleashed by this cosmic activity.

Embrace the challenges that come with this astrological event. Therein lies your most significant opportunity for growth and expansion.

Although Mercury Retrograde may cause discomfort and inconvenience, don’t hide from this event.

This could be your once-a-lifetime opportunity to unleash your hidden skills and talents.


The Mercury Retrograde reminds you that attitude is everything. No matter how dire a situation is, you can make something good out of it if you maintain a positive mindset.

To many, this astrological event represents delayed progress. To others, the Mercury Retrograde indicates an opportunity to change for the better.

It encourages you to blend and thrive in life’s changing situations.

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