Sex Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Are you interested in Sex Dream Meaning? Then this guide is for you!

Although sex dreams are quite common, there’s no one meaning that fits them all. The meaning of each dream must be treated on its own merit.

You need to interpret this dream metaphorically to fully understand its meaning.

The meaning of your sex dream hinges on the details it presents. You need to break it down to a beginning, middle, and end to decipher it correctly.

What feelings does the sex experience arouse? Does the dream end in happiness or sadness?

You’ll realize that most dreams about sex have something to do with your emotional state and what’s happening in your life.

Here’s a look at some common sex dreams and their meanings:


Some Specific Sex Dream Meanings

#1 – Dream of Having Sex with Your Teacher

There’s something you admire about this teacher that you’d like to have. This teacher has some qualities that are worthy of emulation.

You desire to express the authority to take charge of your world. Before you achieve this, you need to take charge of your own life first.

#2 – Dream of Having Sex with a Stranger

Dreaming of having sex with someone you barely know indicates that you have allowed unscrupulous people into your inner circle.

You trust people who shouldn’t be anywhere near you in the first place.

This dream challenges you to evaluate whether you are surrounded by the right people. You need to get away from any form of toxicity.

#3 – Dream of Having Sex with an Ex

Dreaming about sleeping with your ex indicates you miss the cozy moments you shared with this person.

This could be a sign that things are not going well in the romance department.

It could also mean that there’s an emotional burden you are struggling to deal with. You are looking to old friends to help you handle what you are going through.

#4 – Dream of a Sex Orgy

Dreaming of having group sex is common, and it isn’t necessarily sexual in meaning. This is a sign of your creativity and passion in carrying out your duties and responsibilities.

Having this dream indicates your desire to collaborate with others to achieve your goals and dreams.

Although you have been doing pretty well on your own, you can go further by working with like-minded individuals.

#5 – Dream of Having Sex with a Celebrity

There’s something about the celebrity in your dream you’d like to acquire. You are projecting your thoughts and desires on this celebrity in your dream.

Likely, you admire their character or the way they run their life.

This dream also urges you to work hard for the material comforts you desire to see in your life. There’s no shortcut to success.

#6 – Dream of Having Mind-Blowing Sex

Some powerful, mind-blowing sex can actually give you an orgasm in your sleep! Having this dream points to a great desire to access something important in real life.

Relate this dream to what’s going on in your life to understand its meaning. What is your biggest desire right now?

What is that one thing that would take your life to the next level if it were granted to you?

This dream reminds you that your dreams are valid.

#7 – Dream of Having Sex in Public

Pay close attention to who you are having this sex with, and where it is taking place.

Dreaming of having sex in public generally means that you are afraid of being embarrassed should some of your private details become public.

You have a lot to hide in your closet, and this is giving you sleepless nights.

This dream could also mean you crave public recognition. It could be your desire to be recognized for the qualities exuded by the person you are sleeping with.

#8 – Dream of Violent Sex

Dreaming that you are sexually molested could be a sign that you are in danger of being sexually violated.

Or, it could be that you were violated in the past and you feel bad about it.

Either way, this dream shows you need help as a victim of sexual abuse. You need to talk to a close confidant or a trauma expert.

They will help you to isolate the catalyst to your dream so that you can deal with it.

#9 – Dream of Having BDSM Sex

BDSM stands for bondage, discipline, sadism, and masochism. The meaning of this dream depends on whether you are the dominating partner or the submissive one.

You need to take into account your feelings about this dream to get its full meaning. Generally, this dream shows that you are pushing yourself too hard, you need to relax a bit.

Take some time off to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

It could also mean you want more control of your life.

This dream encourages you to wrestle your life from the emotional baggage that has been slowing you down.

#10 – Dream of Having Sex in the Bathroom

This is a pointer to your need for spiritual cleansing. Your soul hungers and thirsts for spiritual nourishments.

This dream suggests your need to reconnect to your place of worship. You need to take spiritual practices (such as meditation and prayer) more seriously.

If you are not well versed with spiritual matters, consider starting with small steps. Get help to connect with the spiritual essence of your life.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover that everything about your life has a spiritual connotation.

#11 – Dream of Having Sex with an Alien

This is a sign that you are attracted to goals and dreams that many people consider too daunting. You are intrigued by an assignment if it has baffled everyone else.

This dream indicates you are an achiever. Your thoughts are out-of-this-world; you have a way of getting answers to the most difficult of tasks.

This dream motivates you to rise to the occasion whenever you have a tough assignment. Nothing is too big for you to accomplish.

#12 – Dream of Having Sex in the Kitchen

Generally, the kitchen is associated with the provision of the family’s nutritional needs.

Dreaming of having sex in the kitchen, therefore, indicates your desire to make something better of your life.

You have the resources to create an impact in your community. This dream challenges you to come up with projects that demand the use of your skills and talents.

#13 – Dream of Having Sex on Public Transport

Dreaming of having sex in a bus or train may have nothing with a desire to be an exhibitionist. Rather, it means you are too self-conscious around other people – more so strangers.

You often chose to keep quiet for fear of embarrassing yourself in expressing your opinions.

This dream asks you to be more courageous in speaking out your thoughts and feelings. Be assertive enough to express your desires in real life.

You deserve to be happy, and you shouldn’t allow any form of fear to deny you this.

#14 – Dream of Having Poor Sex

Although this dream is more common amongst males, it can happen to females. Having this dream is a sign that you feel weak and powerless in an important area of your life.

It could be that you have lost control of your life. For example, do you feel you are in charge of your family?

Do your children obey you, or do they behave as though you don’t really matter? You are likely to experience this dream if things are not very good on the home front.

#15 – Dream of Having Sex with a Close Friend

You desire to connect with someone you consider important in your life. Likely, they moved away, and it has been a while since you swapped anecdotes.

This dream also reveals there are no secrets between you and someone close to you. You have come to love and trust them over time.

If the circumstances were favorable, you’d even consider marrying this person.

#16 – Dream of Having Sex with an Underage Person

Dreaming of having sex with a child or any other person considered inappropriate means you face many temptations daily.

This dream calls on you to be strong enough to deflect the trials and temptations that may derail you from your goals and dreams.

Your mind is making this association to alert you that you’ll have yourself to blame should anything go wrong.

As such, you must adequately prepare to tackle the challenges ahead.

#17 – Dream of Your Partner Having Sex with Someone Else

Dreaming that your partner is cheating on you shows you crave your partner’s attention. It could be that they have dedicated too much time to something else, and you feel neglected as a result.

This dream encourages you to broach this matter with your partner. Share with them your feelings and thoughts about their new engagements.

They probably have no idea the pain they have been causing you.

#18 – Dream of Sex with Your Boss

This dream shows your desire to grow professionally, but you lack someone reliable to show you the ropes.

Likely, the few people you’ve met have not been very helpful. Some are as clueless as you, while others won’t help for fear of the competition you’ll give them.

This dream asks you to reach even further for the mentorship you need.

#19 – Dream of Having Oral Sex

This dream urges you to use your communication skills to make your life easier and more enjoyable.

You have a convincing tongue. Use it to your advantage by making people buy into your ideas and support your causes.

#20 – Dream of Being Unable to Have Sex

In this dream, you are unable to have sex despite being ready for it. It could be that your partner turns you down at the eleventh hour.

This indicates the circumstances in your life are about to change unfavorably. You’ll have to take quick action to repurpose your efforts towards your goals.

This will not be too hard on you if you are guided by a positive mindset.


Dreams speak in a symbolic language as opposed to a literal one.

Dreaming about sex may have nothing at all to do with your being intimately involved with someone. Dream experts advise that you look at the symbolism of this dream to benefit from its meaning.

Your dream draws your attention to the state of your mind and emotions. It wants you to address certain behaviors you have been exuding of late.

Having this dream asks you to handle the issues denying you peace and happiness. You’ll realize that by taking charge of your life in this manner, life becomes more enjoyable.

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