Breasts Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Are you interested in Breasts Dream Meaning? Then this guide is for you!

Dreaming about breasts is not something new. Most people have had this dream at one point or another.

If your dream was particularly impactful, you must be wondering what it means. You know deep down that there’s something more to this dream than meets the eye.

Your instincts are right. This dream points to your raw energy and resourcefulness. It draws attention to your ability to help yourself and those around you.

Many look up to you for some form of nourishment. This dream calls on you not to let them down; take this responsibility seriously.

You’ll realize that in helping others meet their needs, you are effectively serving yours.

Having a breast dream could also indicate worry and anxiety. This can be related to the anxiety seen in a mother who urgently needs to suckle her child.

Perhaps, you are lagging behind in your schedule and you feel anxious about it.

It could be that you have fallen short of your target, and this worries you about the overall performance of your projects.

This dream reminds you to use your resourcefulness to rise out of adversity. Look within for the answers you need.

Here’s a look at some common breast dreams and their meanings:


Some Specific Breasts Dream Meanings

#1 – Dream of Breastfeeding

This dream points to your ability to solve the problems in your family. You have what it takes to help your loved ones make meaning of their lives.

You are likely to have this dream as a reminder of your duties and obligations to your family. If you are a parent, you must remember your duties and obligations to your children.

#2 – Dream of Bleeding Breasts

You feel the weight of your responsibilities in your family on your shoulders. You are fatigued, and you feel unable to keep taking care of your loved ones.

This dream warns you that going on this way will lead to burnout and failure. You must learn to work with others to achieve your goals and dreams.

Let your loved ones know what you are going through and what they can do to help you.

#3 – Dream of Breasts Leaking Milk

This dream indicates that someone well known to you is becoming exploitative. Perhaps, your employer wants you to give more but they are unwilling to compensate your proportionately.

Or, it could be that you are doing all the giving in your relationship – your partner is hardly giving anything in return.

This is your cue to let your feelings known. Discuss with the concerned party how improvements can be made.

#4 – Dream of Kissing Breasts

You feel sexually energetic, and you are looking for creative ways to release this energy. If you have a stable sexual partner, this shouldn’t be hard.

If you don’t, you’ll have to get a bit more creative to achieve your goal.

#5 – Dream of Big Breasts

Again, this is a sign of sex drive. You are looking for ways to relieve your unfulfilled sexual desires. This dream encourages you to go for quality instead of quantity.

More sex is not necessarily better.

#6 – Dream of Touching a Woman’s Boobs

If you are single, this is a sign that you are looking for a suitable partner. You desire a partner that’s particularly good in bed, besides other qualifications.

If you are in a relationship, this dream shows your desire to bring back the passion and fire of romance in your bedroom.

Well, you need to act on this desire to make it a reality.

#7 – Dream of Breasts of Different Sizes

This dream points to the imbalance in your work-life pursuits. These two areas of your life are symbiotic, and neither is more important than the other.

As such, you do yourself a disservice by sacrificing your personal life at the altar of work and making money.

Create the right balance in life to grow holistically.

#8 – Dream of a Third Breast

Your fascination with material wealth could be a cover for emotional dissatisfaction. Perhaps, things have not been going very well for you in the romance department.

It could be that you feel abandoned and rejected by your loved ones. You cover for this by buying expensive things.

This dream encourages you to work on your relationships. Start by fixing your life, then work on your relationship with your loved ones.

Later, fix your attention on your associations with other people from your community.

#9 – Dream of Sour Breast Milk

This is a sign that your plans will go awry. Although you have the best of intentions, you may not achieve the results you seek.

Having this dream calls on you to go back to the drawing board. Are you sure you are pursuing the right cause?

Have you set your priorities right?

#10 – Dream of Breasts Oozing Black Blood

You feel overwhelmed by the work you have to do for us. Although you have the will, you feel under-equipped for this role.

The truth is that this battle is in your mind. You feel inadequate because you constantly think of failure.

This dream suggests the need to change your attitude. Embrace a positive mindset, and all kinds of opportunities will open up for you.

#11 – Dream of Exposed Breasts

Someone is stalking you in real life. They are fueled by ulterior motives to gather intimate information on your life.

This dream urges you to be cautious about whom you interact with. More importantly, watch out what you post on social media.

Something innocent can be taken out of context.

#12 – Dream of Abnormally Large Breasts

You miss a mother’s love.

This feeling is further heightened if you didn’t have enough of your mother in childhood, or if you stay far away from her.

If your mother is alive, try to create meaningful connections with her. Make it a habit to find out how she’s doing and what you can do to make her life better.

#13 – Dream of Abnormally Small Breasts

This dream indicates that what you are pursuing as your source livelihood may not be enough to cater to your needs and those of your loved ones.

You have to think outside the box to come up with better ways of making money. Probably, all you need is good advice on how best to manage your money.

#14 – Dream of Saggy Breasts

The consequences of making the wrong choices are finally catching up with you. This dream calls on you to remain strong in the days ahead.

Your focus and positivity will be tested to the core. When this happens, remain true to your values and beliefs.

Have faith in your ability to handle the negative energies spewing from your past.

#15 – Dream of Hairy Breasts

The future holds much promise for you and your loved ones. Your business and financial dealings will flourish.

This dream indicates that your interactions with family, friends, and colleagues will bring much joy. To cap it all, you are likely to enjoy a long, healthy life.

#16 – Dream of Breasts with Sores

A woman dreaming of small breasts shows she’s battling with self-esteem issues. Perhaps, something has happened to make her lose confidence in her abilities.

This dream reminds you that failure is not meant to crush you. Rather, it should give you precious lessons on how best to handle adversities.

A man dreaming of small breasts is a sign of financial distress. Things in your business and at work are not going according to plan.

This dream asks you to come up with new strategies for financial success.

#17 – Dream of Breasts Being Ripped Off

This dream can be quite harrowing. It is a sign of a big loss. Likely, you will lose someone close to you. It could be that a friend or relative that has been suffering will not make it.

Or, it could be that you’ll lose massive investments to cons. Whatever the case, this dream calls on you to keep your eyes peeled.

You’ll get the opportunities to set things right in your life.

#18 – Dream of Stranger Touching Your Breasts

This dream is similar to that of someone other than your spouse touching your breasts. It also carries the same message as dreaming of your spouse touching someone else’s breast.

This dream signifies unfaithfulness. You may want to look closely at what’s happening in your life. You may be shocked that the signs of infidelity have been there all along.

This would be a good time to broach this matter with your partner.

#19 – Dream of Covering Your Breasts

You have strong feelings for someone close, but you are trying to hide it from them. You probably fear how they will react when they learn of your feelings.

This dream could also indicate that you are trying to hide sexual fantasies from your partner. You are afraid of how they will react if you suggest unconventional activities in bed.

#20 – Dream of Glowing Breasts

You desperately want to be noticed. You’ll go to great lengths to attract the object of your desire. People with this dream tend to dress exaggeratedly.

They also flirt a lot and are likely to have multiple sexual partners.

#21 – Dream of a Breast Tumor

Dreaming of a breast tumor or breast cancer means that some issues impede your growth.

It could be that conditions have changed at work, and this line is no longer a viable source of livelihood for you.

It could also mean that your love relationship is on its deathbed. There’s little hope that you’ll be able to revive it.

#22 – Dream of Breast Reduction Surgery

Based on the way things are going, you are slowly succumbing to peer pressure. You are trying to change yourself to conform to societal stereotypes.

You pay too much attention to what others want you to be and look like. In the process, you may lose your individuality.

#23 – Dream of Breast Implants or Augmentation

This dream shows a severe loss of self-confidence. You are so scared of failure that you can’t attempt things on your own.

You have this feeling that your failures are more pronounced than your successes.

This dream calls on you to work on your emotional strengths.


Dreaming about breasts brings to your mind the notions of nurture, nourishment, support, and protection.

This dream can also be a barometer for some aspects of your sexual health.

Relating this dream to what’s happening in your life enables you to understand your feelings better.

Also, allow your heart to guide you on the actions to take concerning these feelings.

Some dreams about breasts indicate the warmth you are missing – or the love you want to give.

It’s common for new mothers (and even fathers) to dream about breasts. This dream reminds you of your role in bringing up the newborn.

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