16 Characteristics of a Twin Flame Friendship

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What happens when twin flames meet? A soul that had been separated gets reunited. Twin flames are not two souls, but one that split into two bodies.

This differs from soul mates, two separate souls that come together. Instead, something more extensive and more significant happens when twin flames come together.

Unlike other friendships and relationships, the twin flame union is so powerful that it can move the heavens and shake the stars.

What is a Twin Flame Friendship?


You are likely to meet your soul mate in this lifetime. It’s also possible that you have more than one soul mate.

You interact with some of your soul mates in this life, and encounter others in a different lifetime. Meeting your soul mate is a powerful experience.

It fills your mind, body, and soul with an indescribable energy.

A twin flame is a special kind of soul mate. Unlike other souls mates, your twin flame can only be one – whether in this life or in any other.

This is because your twin flame is not another soul joining you. Instead, the second half of your soul had been split from you and joined another body.

The coming together of twin flames does not unite two people. Instead, it is the unification of two halves of the same soul.

As such, a twin flame friendship is your most fulfilling friendship in the Universe.

When the two halves of the soul come together, your life becomes complete in every aspect of the world.

However, this is not to say that the unification of twin flames is always easy. Actually, a good number of twin-flame friendships start on a rough note.

For example, some twin flames do not recognize each other right away.

Because of the different evolutionary levels each person had attained when the soul was separated, you may experience resistance as you try to form a relationship.

However, the friendship becomes complete once you accept and acknowledge each other for who you are.

This friendship becomes firm and unshakable, and it won’t be long before everybody recognizes your union for what it is.

You become a power couple.

Characteristics of a Twin Flame Friendship

#1 – You Change Together

When the twin flames settle in their relationship and set out their goals and objectives, each knows what they need to do for the success of this union.

Moreover, they are determined to help each other make the necessary changes. The twin flame relationship is all about teamwork.

The two work as one, aiming for the same goals and dreams. Their fusion is complete, and no one can put them asunder.

#2 – Deep Longing When Apart

Twin flames cannot bear to be away from each other. They feel entirely empty and rudderless when not together.

This is because they are supposed to work together at everything. Therefore, separating their energies makes life an uphill task.

This is especially true when they hit the separation phase of a twin flame journey. Then, each partner yearns for the other until a reunion occurs.

#3 – Are Always There for Each Other

Twin flames find it natural to be there for each other in good and bad times. They are keen to listen to each other needs to ensure that everything in the relationship is as it should be.

Twin flames are good at reading each other’s body signs. This means you can tell when your partner is not having the best time of the day.

#4 – Mirror Each Other’s Strengths and Weaknesses

This is a problematic area for a twin-flame friendship. Imagine seeing your shortcomings in the other person?

Remember, your twin flame is your Mirror image. This means your strength and weaknesses are similar to theirs.

The good side about this is that you fully understand each other motivations. You don’t have to explain your thoughts, feelings, or actions to your partner – they understand you just as you are.

#5 – Safety and Relief

The journey to unite with your twin flame can be challenging. It is often complicated and painful because of your period apart.

However, once this journey is complete, you feel complete safety and relief. This means every effort you put into making your relationship work is worth it.

You recoup all the spent mental and emotional energy within no time.

#6 – Your Union Feels Eternal

Twin flames feel like they have been together for eternity. Yet, even when you have been together for only a few years, you think you’ve known each other since the beginning of time.

The deep connection you share makes this relationship complete and wholesome.

You are satisfied in each other company, and neither of you is likely to seek solace in untoward extra-curricular activities outside the relationship.

#7 – The Power of Synchronicity

A twin flame friendship enjoys a series of coincidences that works in its favor.

Strictly speaking, these happenings are not coincidences per se, but well-placed events choreographed by the highest forces in the Universe.

When twin flames come together, they share an energy level bigger and more powerful than their individual gifts.

This energy starts a series of events that, though seemingly unrelated, brings good luck and fortune into the relationship.

#8 – They Enjoy an Unspoken Deep Connection

The twin flames’ emotional connection is solid because they deeply understand each other’s motivations, strengths, and weaknesses.

Nothing in your personality can shock your partner. They already know how you’re likely to react in a given situation.

Conversely, you know where they’re coming from and going.

#9 – They Rely on Each Other Fully

Do you know why one twin flame feels lost and confused in the absence of the other? It’s because they rely on each other 100%.

They have a connection like no other in this world. But unfortunately, it’s not only hard to build this relationship, but nearly impossible to sustain it.

#10 – Shared Values and Principles

Twin flames have similar interests, values, and principles. Likely, they enjoy the same movies and TV shows. They go to the same sports and engage in a similar exercise regime.

There could be subtle differences here and there, but these further show the strength of your connection.

For example, while he loves acting, she is an influential director. If he is into playing soccer, she is a superb track athlete.

These natives enjoy hanging out in the same social joints.

#11 – They Are Fiercely Loyal

Infidelity and cheating are out of the question in a twin-flame friendship.

These individuals are fiercely loyal to each other in good and bad times. Nothing can move them to compromise their vows to each other.

Each is 100% sure they cannot betray their partner. This is because crossing your partner is the same as betraying your own soul.

#12 – They Are Found Together

You’re likely to see the other whenever you spot the first twin flame. After that, this pair spends more time together than they do with any other person.

They are always there for each other. But, unfortunately, their connection indicates they can’t get enough of each other.

Should anything separate them for whatever reason, they fight tooth and nail to get back together.

#13 – Respect and Dignity Rule the Friendship

YourYour chief concern in this relationship is your partner’s emotional safety and security. Twin flames treat each other with lots of love and respect.

They are keen to shield each other from emotional pain and distress. Yet, because of their strong emotional bonds, twin flames share their joys and pain.

Even when they are not physically together, harming either adversely affect the other.

#14 – Their Bond is Unbreakable

Twin flames do not allow a third party to interfere with the good things they have going. Actually, nothing is likely to break this friendship.

The bonds that tie you are stronger than any force trying to separate you. So even when you have a different opinion, you can make this difference work in your favor.

#15 – Shared Sense of Humor

Twin flames see humor and fun in the same aspects of life. This is more so because of their shared values and principles.

Without even saying a word to each other, you know when to get serious and when to play and make fun.

16 – An Expert Psychic Confirms It

Although this is not a characteristic per se, it is the surest way of telling you’re in a twin flame friendship.

An expert spiritual advisor will guide you to look for the right signs in your relationship. Then, they will open your eyes to the benefits and challenges of such a relationship.

Take care, however, that you don’t fall into the hands of unscrupulous people masquerading as psychics.


Is your partner your twin flame? Have you gone through the intense, fiery, and transformative process of engaging your soul’s mirror?

We hope the above characteristics will help you understand the nature of your relationship. Then, use them to evaluate if your friendship qualifies as a twin flame union.

Twin flames intuitively know the changes each needs to make to contribute fully to the relationship. These partners have total trust and faith in each other.

Most importantly, they selflessly support each other in life’s journey.

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