Spiritual Meaning of Tulips: Tulips Colors Symbolism

Interested in the Tulips Colors Meanings?  This guide is for you!

The tulip is one of the most charming flowers on our planet. This flower symbolizes the strength and health of our relationships.

Its asymmetrical nature indicates that relationships are not perfect. This does not mean, however, that you should not enjoy a healthy and happy love relationship.

Tulip flowers also represent perseverance and tenacity. They are the perfect gift for a couple’s 11th wedding anniversary.

There are up to 3,000 varieties of tulip flowers that come in many shades and colors. This article examines the spiritual meaning and symbolism of tulip flower colors.

What’s the Spiritual Meaning of Tulip Flowers?


The Universe uses the natural world to convey important messages to humans. For example, the tulip flower generally brings positive news concerning your life.

To decipher fully the direction the Universe wants you to take, pay close attention to the color presentation of the tulip flower.

Some tulip colors inspire you to face the future with hope and determination. Others urge you to pause your life to handle issues from your past.

Yet others encourage you to build meaningful relationships to achieve your goals and dreams.

The tulip flower indicates the need to stay optimistic about your life. This entails taking complete charge of your life and avoiding anything that could scuttle your goals and plans.

The message borne by the tulip color tells you what to focus on. Different colors indicate various things, depending on what’s happening in your life.

The color of the tulip may be a reminder of how fragile life is. This tells you not to take life too seriously. Instead, choose to live a day at a time, enjoying every moment you’re alive.

Secure your future by treating every detail of your life as meaningful.

What’s the Biblical Meaning of Tulips?

A white tulip tells you to let go of negative energies from your past. It indicates the sacrifice Jesus had to make to forgive your sins.

If Jesus died for your redemption, why do you find it so hard to forgive those who wronged you? To Christians, the tulip flowers represent God’s enduring mercy.

Seeing this flower calls on you to make amends. This is an excellent time to make it right with those who robbed you of joy.

It’s time to offer an olive branch to your enemies and detractors. You’ll discover you move faster and your efforts are more focused when you forgive others.

To achieve this, you should be ready to forgive yourself.

At the same time, this flower urges you to be receptive to others’ positive energies. Finally, be gracious enough to accept apologies from those who wronged you.

What’s the Symbolic Meaning of Tulip Flowers?

Beauty and Creativity

Seeing the tulip flower inspires you to work with nature to solve life’s challenges. This entails thinking outside the box and finding new ways of achieving your goals and dreams.

Discovery of Purpose

The divine realm brings you close to these flowers so that you can evaluate your purpose in this world. The tulip flower motivates you to think about your higher calling.

Do you know that your life in this world is not an accident? You were brought to serve a unique soul calling.

Acquaint yourself with your divine life purpose and serve it diligently.

Connection to the Divine

Everything that’s happening in your life is as per your divine plan. This is because you are a child of the Universe, with all the rights and privileges of accessing the Universe.

The presence of a tulip shows you have direct access to the angelic and spiritual realms.

Excellence, Not Perfection

A close look at the tulip tells you this flower is asymmetrical and not perfectly balanced. This indicates you don’t have to be perfect to be excellent.

Actually, no one on this plane is excellent. We all have our strengths and shortcomings; learn to work with yours.

Understanding the Tulip Flower Color Code

#1 – Blue Tulip Symbolism

Physical Healing

Having a blue tulip around attracts positive energies into your life. In addition, this flower is beneficial if you struggle to come out of a nasty experience.

Blue tulips indicate healing and recovery. It heals your physical wounds and motivates you to navigate the environment more easily.

Seeing a blue tulip indicates you’ll feel better from your physical pain. The Universe knows what you’ve gone through, and it’s working through nature to make your life more comfortable.

Emotional Healing

A blue tulip plant speeds up healing from emotional trauma. Consider keeping this plant around you if you have been emotionally hurt.

This flower will assuage your pain and open your eyes to the recovery options around you. In addition, the blue tulip has a soothing scent that’s good for your wounded feelings.

It revitalizes your emotions and makes you feel alive again.

If you have suffered trauma from your past, consider planting blue tulips around your house.

Spiritual Healing

The Universe uses the blue tulip to awaken your spirituality. If you are spiritually conscious, you know you can’t achieve much with your spirituality in tatters.

Seeing a blue tulip calls on you to tend to your Soul’s needs.

Create a habit of picking blue tulips for this activity’s uplifting energy.

#2 – Red Tulip Symbolism

Love is in the Air

Passion, enthusiasm, and drive. The Universe uses the red tulip flower to infuse these qualities into your love life.

You are about to enter the season of love, and you should open your mind and heart to this. A red tulip urges you to open your eyes to all the opportunities around you.

Conditions are right for you to create marital bliss.

Focus on Your Ambitions

Red tulips encourage you to pursue your ambitions passionately. Don’t allow anything – or anyone – to stand in the way of your goals.

Keep pushing determinedly forward, with your eyes firmly fixed on your objectives. Keep your aspirations in focus.

This will enable you to do a stellar job despite the many contradictions thrown at you.

#3 – White Tulip Symbolism

The beauty of the Soul

You have a beautiful, calm, and serene soul. This is a big plus, considering your goals and dreams. Maintain your Soul’s tranquility, enabling you to create the right influence in your world.

You have a soul that many would die for. This is another way of saying you should not allow anything to mess with your peace.

Let Bygones Be Bygones

Do you find yourself revolving around the same issues, and hardly moving forward? Likely, you are tethered to your bitter past.

The ghosts of pain, hurt, resentment, and anger won’t rest, and they keep rearing their ugly heads.

Seeing a white tulip tells you to keep at bay all negative energies from your past.

#4 – Yellow Tulip Symbolism

Brightness and Joy

The color yellow brings the concept of joy and happiness. Seeing or dreaming about a yellow tulip indicates the Universe wants you to be happy.

You’ll consistently receive an infusion of positive vibes from your divine guides.

Good Organization

The Universe wants you to put your life in order by sending you a yellow tulip. Things should happen in your life according to your divine plan.

Anything interfering with this order is bound to create chaos and confusion.

Clarity of Mind and Soul

You’re likely to see a yellow tulip during moments of loss and confusion. You feel that everything is gone, and you’re unlikely to recover.

Your divine guides want you to know that your purpose and mission on this plane are not done as long as you draw breath.

Have an Attitude of Gratitude

Giving out a yellow tulip signifies gratitude for something someone has done for you. So when the Universe sends this flower to you, it wants you to count your blessings.

Express your thankfulness for the small and big blessings in your life.

Hope and Optimism

A yellow tulip flower indicates things will be better. As such, don’t peg your present and future on past failures and mistakes.

You’ll rise from the ashes of failure and occupy your rightful place in the Universe.

#5 – Pink Tulip Symbolism

Love and Friendship

Seeing a pink tulip encourages you to create the right friendships. But, conversely, this is your cue not to expose intimate details about your life to everyone you come across.

To form strong relationships, associate yourself with those who want to see you grow. These people will keep challenging you to project the best version of yourself to the world.

Tolerance and Perseverance

A pink tulip reminds you there’s nothing like a perfect relationship. This tells you not to break your relationship over issues you can work through with your partner.

Understand your partner and friends from their point of strength, and not from their weaknesses.

#6 – Orange Tulip Symbolism

Enjoy Life

You were not brought into this world to spend all your days suffering and enduring pain. An orange tulip indicates you deserve the best things in life.

This should inspire you to keep working for the changes you want to see in your life.

Courage and Confidence

We often lose confidence because we’re scared to explore and discover what lies ahead. We are comfortable living in our comfort zones, hardly bothered to find out what we’re missing.

Seeing an orange tulip encourages you to move through life courageously and confidently. Dare to dream big.

#7 – Purple Tulip Symbolism

Wealth and Abundance

The color purple is closely associated with wealth and prosperity. So seeing or dreaming about a purple tulip signifies you’re headed for good times.

Your efforts will result in a remarkable increase in your wealth and fortune. Soon, your business will start turning very impressive profits.

Great and Fortunate Things

Purple is the color of royalty. The Universe sends you purple tulips to remind you of your purpose. You were brought into this world to accomplish great and fortunate things.

This should inspire you to shun mediocrity wherever you are.

Move with the Flow of Life

Don’t fight when you encounter it in your endeavors. This is because change is the only constant thing in life.

You’ll always encounter it. The good news is that embracing change opens excellent opportunities in your life.

#8 – Black Tulip Symbolism

Divine Protection

Black is the color of stability. It also indicates the mysteries hidden from the naked eye. The Universe says you are covered by divine love, support, and protection by sending you a black tulip.

This should give you lots of hope if you are going through a rough patch. Not even the most cunning evil forces will be able to touch you, moving forward.

Be Wary of Two-Faced Friends

Not everyone that claims to be your friend actually means it. Some will smile and dine with you, only to stab you in the back at the earliest opportunity.

Be wary of friends whose intention is to introduce you to questionable dealings.

#9 – Green Tulip Symbolism

Spiritual Growth

The Universe urges you to work for the growth and progress you’d like to witness in your spirituality. The kind of effort required here will be challenging at first.

Cleanse your mind and heart of all negative energy. This will enable you to tap into divine blessings easily.

Abundance and Productivity

A green tulip signifies growth in all areas of your life. This sign indicates you have everything you need to elevate your life to the next level.

Keep pushing hard to overcome any impediments on your path. The Universe assures you that your efforts will not be in vain.

You will reap handsome rewards from your work.

Should I Keep Tulips Indoors?

Keeping tulips in your house is beneficial as this helps elevate your vibrations. People will sometimes hurt you, which may tempt you to hold on to grudges and the attendant pain.

Keeping tulips in your house encourages you to have the right vibrations. As such, you’ll see the need to forgive even those who are not sorry for their actions.

You realize that holding on to negative emotions attracts negative life experiences.

Tulips are good remedies and other sleep-related challenges. You can keep the tulip in a flower vase or simply hang it on the walls.

This will ward off negative energies and attract positive ones. As a result, you’ll be able to live in peace and harmony with everyone in your home.


Tulips manifest in nature in a wide variety of shades and colors. Its mesmerizing beauty makes this flower special to many people.

But did you know there’s something magical about the colors of this plant?

Combined with its beauty and scent, the tulip color awakens your spirituality and gives you extraordinary life experiences.

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