Rain Symbolism and Meaning

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To many, the rain presents dark and gloomy experiences and memories. Nobody likes being out in the rain, especially on those dark, windy nights.

But, a good number of people have had good experiences in the rain. Think of children playing out in the rain, for example. Don’t they seem to have all the fun in the world?

A lot of romantic escapades have happened under the rain, as well. Indeed, such scenes form the staple of romantic settings in art, movies, and literature.

So, although rain may symbolize tragedy, gloom, and sadness, it can also be a symbol of love, romance, rebirth, and rejuvenation.


What Does Rain Symbolize in the Bible?

In the Bible, rain symbolizes devotion. This is a pure form of love that is exchanged between God and humans.

In Christendom, people talk of showers of blessings to refer to God’s love for humanity. This love is evident in the Bible, John 3:16 – for God so loved the world that He sent His only begotten son…

In some Christian literature, the rain is described as God’s cleansing agent. Christians pray for God to shower them with rainwater to wash away their sins, so that they can become as white as snow.

Here, being white as snow is attaining that pure state that every Christian works for.

God also used rain as a punishment and deterrent against sin. For example, in the first book of the Bible, Genesis, the account of the Great Flood is recorded.

The people had refused to listen to God’s word despite his best effort to send strong messengers to them.

However, there were a select few who heeded God’s commands. These were mainly members of Noah’s family.

God wiped out the sinners in a deluge that lasted 40 days and 40 nights, sparing only the righteous.

In this respect, rain is also taken by Christians to mean change and transformation.

What Does Rain Symbolize in Roman and Egyptian Mythologies?

In Greco-Roman mythologies, rain is both a blessing and a curse, depending on what the gods willed it to be.

Zeus, the Father of the Gods, was in charge of rain, thunder, and lightning.

He often used the rain to bless the farmers so that they could produce enough to feed the other classes of society.

At times, Zeus sent blood rain to punish the people for their wickedness. The Romans and the Greeks considered blood rain a bad omen and a precursor to ominous events.

In ancient Egypt, the goddess Tefnut was highly respected as she was in charge of rain, water, and moisture.

This was quite a responsibility for this deity considering that Egypt is largely a desert. Tefnut worked very closely with Khunum, the god of fertility and procreation.

The two collaborated with Horus, the god of war, thunderstorms, and weather to determine the fate of the mortals.

Egyptians believed that without the input of these gods – especially the goddess of rain and water – all the people would starve to death.

What Does Rain Symbolize in Hinduism?

According to Hindu mythology, Indra was the deity in charge of rain, lightning, thunder, weather, and the sky.

He was also responsible for rivers. This was a very important god to the ancient Hindu farmer. He had the power to bless and curse the farmer, depending on how the mortals conducted themselves.

At times, Indra would withhold the rain and bring drought to make the people mend their ways. If this did not work, he would cause war.

Offerings and sacrifices accompanied by prayers for abundance were made to this god before the start of every rainy season.

It is to Indra that people prayed to avert floods or mitigate their effects.

If the people had excellent weather during the planting, weeding, and harvesting seasons, they knew that Lord Indra was happy with them.

They would show their appreciation by making extra offerings at the temple.

Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism of Rain

Rain is seen as both a good and bad omen. Here’s a look at how rain is generally perceived.

Fertility and Increase

Since time immemorial, many cultures from across the world have depended on rain-fed agriculture. This means that low rains translated to drought, poor harvest, and starvation.

Rebirth and Renewal

A parched piece of land suddenly becomes alive, green, and lush after a few hours or days of rain. Literally, rain gives new life to animals and vegetation.

Unpredictability and Volatility

Sometimes, rain comes and goes as it pleases. It may delay as you expectantly wait for it, or may come too early before you are ready to receive it.

Meditation and Introspection

All outdoor human activities seem to come to a standstill when it starts raining. This symbolizes that you need time to think about your inner being.

Rain teaches you to retreat into yourself and think harder about the course you are taking.

Loss of Joy

In contrast to sunny weather, rain appears overbearing, depressing, and gloomy. It has a negative effect on people’s moods.

Inner Joy and Calmness

When it’s raining, all tension seems to drain out of the body. It is replaced by calmness and inner peace.

Many people take advantage of this to listen to music, meditate, or simply sleep.

Strength and Willpower

As long as it’s raining, you can’t do much. If you wanted to have some good times with nature, rain acts as an obstacle.

It is a testament to your mental strength and willpower if you manage to work your way around this obstacle and achieve your goal.

Change and Cleansing

Most traditional religions consider rain as an agent of change through cleansing. Rain symbolizes the process one has to go through to discard early pleasures and embrace spiritual growth.

It is a sign of repentance and forgiveness.

Common Superstitions About Rain

  • It will rain on your wedding day if you eat with oversized utensils
  • People born on rainy days talk too much, and they tend to lie a lot
  • Encountering a knot of snakes means there’s going to be a flood before long
  • In ancient times, slipping on cow dung on your way to fetch water meant it would rain heavily
  • An inverted pan or cooking pot with a piece of rope or string inside would ‘tie up’ rain
  • If it rains when there’s sunshine, the monkey/jackal/leopard/ frog was getting married
  • If donkey or horse steps on a frog, it would rain for days
  • Rain with a rainbow across the sky meant that the gods or spirits had come to visit

Typical Rain Symbolism in Literature, Arts, and Movies

#1 – Romance

Scene settings of romance in the rain can have thousands of computations.

For example, think of two love birds, tightly in each other’s embrace and kissing, oblivious of the pounding rain around them.

Or, the love-struck lover running out of the house despite the rain outside to fall into the embrace of her lover, who’s coming from an overseas military tour of duty.

Scenarios depicting romance in the rain usually have the protagonists too engrossed in each other to care about the rain.

#2 – Cleansing

A gruesome crime has just taken place, and either the protagonist or the villain feels the need to stand or sit in the rain and soak it all in.

The rain seems to wash away what has just happened, to cleanse not only the blood, but the very feelings that resulted from the crime.

This indicates that rains get rid of all kinds of toxicity and negativity in our world.

#3 – Determination

Despite the heavy rain, the protagonist keeps trudging on – they have to get to their objective before nigh fall or an appointed hour.

Or, it could be that the protagonist is running away from some adversities. They don’t mind the rain as long as they keep putting distance between them and their tormentors.

In these kinds of scenes, the protagonist is likely to fall down several times, but this does not deter them.

#4 – Foreboding

The setting of this kind of scene is likely to be on a lonely street, house, or in the forest. It is dark and raining either heavily or ever so lightly.

Something traumatic is about to happen. The filmmakers accentuate this by their choice of eerie music.

#5 – Rest and Relaxation

This offers a wide range of scenarios to choose from. For example, the protagonist is seated somewhere, maybe in a room full of quiet people.

The character is taking coffee or some other drink, there’s soft, low music in the background, and it is raining lightly on the outside.

Our protagonist seems to be calm and thoughtful, probably musing over some past or future events.

#6 – Relief and Tranquility

In this scene, the rain represents calm after the storm.

Our protagonist has overcome all the hurdles on the way, all the battles are won, and the escape plan has been perfectly executed, albeit with a lot of challenges.

We find the protagonist resting, trying to recoup lost energy. It’s raining outside, or even on him, but he doesn’t seem to notice or care.

This scene conveys a great sense of relief that our guy has sailed through successfully.

What Does Rain in Dreams Symbolize?

To dream of walking in the rain means repentance. You desire to establish a stronger relationship with the angelic and spiritual realms.

Dreaming of holding an umbrella in the rain indicates your emotional wellbeing. How secure do you feel, emotionally?

This is a pointer to your emotional needs.

To dream of walking hand-in-hand with your lover in the rain is an indication that your love relationship is destined for great things.

To dream of having a fight with your partner in the rain points to possible cracks in your relationship. Possibly, there’s something you can do before things turn ugly.

To find yourself in a rainstorm in a dream is not bad at all. It suggests a pay rise, promotion, or upward mobility at your workplace.

To dream of being locked out of a place or activity by a heavy downpour indicates you’ll encounter dome hardships in your personal or professional endeavors.

Final Thought…

Rain can be either a good or bad omen depending on your cultural background, or what you are going through.

To some, rain stands for fertility, expansion, romance, and growth. To others, this natural phenomenon stands for sadness, obstacles, or randomness.

Either way, rain has a big impact on your life. It would be a good idea to understand how its symbolic meaning applies to you.

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