Do the Dead Know we Miss and Love Them?

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Since early times, humans have known that death is not the end of life. The thought of turning into nothing and disappearing forever was too scary to be taken up by most cultures.

And, a lot was going on in nature to prove that death was only the end of one phase of life, and the beginning of another.

With time, the notion of life after death was taken up by most cultures and emerging religions.

So, where do the dead go? Do our dead relatives see what we are doing? Do they sense our feelings for them?

Can they reach out to us when they want to?

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Do the Dead Know We Miss and Love Them?

Spirits operate at a high vibration and frequency than we do. This means they are full of pure energy.

We use our voices here on earth to communicate with each other.

With all their energies and powers, spirits don’t have eyes, ears, and mouths. They cannot talk to us as we talk to each other.

So how do the dead get in touch with us? They use their vibrational energy to tap into our soul energy.

Our souls can readily find a spiritual channel to communicate with our dead loved ones.

However, the living must make conscious efforts to reach out, and to create the connection necessary for the spirit being to tap into their soul.

This is another way of saying that the relative of the dead must be willing and be in a position to reach out to the vibrational energies of the dead.

This is easy to achieve if the two beings – the living and the dead – shared a kindred spirit when they were both alive.

Strong shared emotions such as love make it possible for both spirits to connect at the same spiritual portal at the same time.

The more you love and miss someone, the easier it gets to connect with them.

Communication is only established when the soul of the living taps into the vibrational energy emitted by their dead loved one.

What Does the Bible Say About Communicating with the Dead?

The Bible strongly condemns the occult, spiritism, and mediums. Nonetheless, it proves that it is possible to contact the dead.

In biblical times, as it is today, mediums helped people get in touch with their dead loved ones.

They would summon or awaken the spirit of the dead, and then help the living tap into its vibrational energy.

During the time of King Saul, wizards, witches, diviners, and sorcerers were denied state recognition. They were so persecuted that many of them were forced to operate underground.

At one point, Saul wanted to consult God about a looming war with the Philistines.

However, God refused to answer him through all the established channels – prophets, Urim, and dreams.

Saul had no option but to seek help from the Woman of Endor, a medium who had been one of the victims of his purges.

After assuring this woman that he wouldn’t hurt her, he asked her to conjure the spirit of Samuel. King Saul had been made a monarch by Samuel, but the two had since fallen out before Samuels’ death.

The woman successfully used her powers to summon Samuel, who had a conversation with the king.

From such incidences, the Bible clearly indicates it is possible to communicate with the dead.

When is My Deceased Loved One Likely to Communicate with Me?

The sooner you attempt to contact your loved one soon after death, the easier it is to awaken their spirit and invite them to the portal.

Most mediums recommend that this exercise should be carried out within the first two days of death.

After this, the soul of the dead tends to hibernate, where they withdraw further and further away from the physical realm.

It becomes harder to summon the dead for a meeting after a month, because the person has made the full transition to the world of spirits.

However, if the dead went through pain and suffering caused by another person, they tend to linger close to the physical realm for a while.

After the first few days, the spirit of your loved ones moves to the healing chamber. Here, it requires considerable expertise and effort to recall your dead relative’s spirit.

Additionally, your deceased loved one may try to connect with you during a special occasion, such as the anniversaries you shared together.

You can try to reach out to them during their birthday, wedding, or death anniversaries.

Does My Deceased Loved One See Me from Heaven?

When a person dies, their spirit is freer – this makes their vibrational power increase tremendously. They can remember everything they went through during their life in the physical realm.

They remember the people they loved and the relationships they had.

This means that if your loved one is looking down on you from heaven, they can see you quite clearly. However, your loved one will act under the guidance of the angels once in heaven.

Some people believe that any prayers you say through the departed will eventually reach heaven.

This is because if your loved one is in heaven, they are in close proximity to the powers that be, so to speak.

Since the early days of Christianity, the faithful are encouraged to say some of their prayers through their saints.

Saints are the righteous people that ascended to heaven after death.

This concept can be seen in one form or another in a good number of religions – Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism, and many others.

Most cultures believe in giving their dead loved ones a befitting send-off. For some, they hope this translates into favor once the dead enters the gates of heaven.

What Does the Spirit World Say About Speaking to the Dead?

The physical and the spirit realms are constantly communicating. At any one given time, messages are moving back and forth between these two worlds.

As such, it is possible to speak to the dead on the Other Side. However, you need to be spiritually strong to manage this.

This means that if your spiritual needs have been neglected for some time, you may have to fortify them first before you attempt to send a message to your loved one.

Once you have recouped lost spiritual energy, the channels will easily yield to you, and you can pass your message to the dead.

How Can I Reach a Dead Loved One?

#1 – Set Up Your Electronics

You can make it easier for the vibrational energy from your dead loved one to reach you by tuning your electronic gadgets.

The dead can tap into your electronics and manipulate their frequencies and energy to get a message across.

#2 – Meditations and Self-Reflection

Self-reflection allows you to consolidate your internal strength.

Meditation allows you to use these energies to raise your vibrational levels to effectively communicate with your dead loved one.

#3 – Consult a Psychic Medium

A psychic medium is well versed in the ancient art of reaching out to the spirit world.

They have tools at their disposal that enables them to open the portal or channel, and help you navigate through it.

#4 – Keepsakes from the Dead

Try using an item of sentimental value. This could be something that your loved one liked to wear when they were alive.

It could also be an item that was bequeathed by the person when they were alive. Try wearing this item or keeping it about you all the time.

#5 – Invite Your Dead Loved one to the Table

In the African culture, an important meal could not be taken before pouring some of it as a libation to the dead.

In many cultures, one can try inviting the dead to a preset place at the table as a way of trying to reach out to them.

Although you may not see them physically, your relative can send you a message to show you that they were already there with you.

Do Our Dead Loved Ones Call on Us?

As noted earlier, dead people have higher vibrational energy and frequency than the living. They are not encumbered by the limitations and constrictions of a physical body.

As such your dead loved one can call on you in any form or shape.

  • They may appear as inanimate objects such as a feather or a beauty accessory
  • You may see their reflection in a mirror
  • They may call on you in your dreams
  • You may see them as a butterfly or any other insect
  • They can communicate to you through the pet they left behind
  • You may smell them in something that reminds you of them
  • They may talk to you out of nowhere
  • You may sense their presence in a room as you enter
  • They may come to you as a friendly apparition
  • Although this is rare, they may appear to you physically

When your dead loved one makes an appearance, this is proof that they miss you. They are not done with you yet; they’ll stick around to help you excel.

Final Thoughts…

We live right in the middle of the spirit world. It is not in some isolated place out there; we are part of it, and it is part of us.

This means that although we can’t see our dead loved ones, we interact with them in many ways.

Some of the dead loved ones want to hang around us because they want to assist us with our plans and projects.

Others come close because they miss and love us – just like we miss and love them!

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