14 Black Rose Spiritual Meanings: Relationship & Love

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Black roses do not exist in nature. Instead, they are created when florists and plant developers darken some other types of roses.

Plant specialists do this by dipping the stem of some rose flower selections in colored water.

The considerable rise in demand for the black rose flower is because of its symbolic and aesthetic appeal.

In addition, the black rose is used for many spiritual activities and religious rituals.

What’s the Spiritual Meaning of Black Roses?


The black rose is recreated from other rose flowers for specific spiritual and aesthetic purposes.

For example, you can have a black rose for the Feng Shui arrangement of your home. It is believed that this flower attracts some desirable energies.

It is an important spiritual symbol to have around on certain occasions.

There’s no specific area to which the use of black rose flowers is confined. While some people find it an appropriate symbol for funerals, others are happy to use it for joyous occasions such as weddings.

It can also decorate birthdays, graduation, and naming parties. Modern trends indicate it’s the red rose is rising in demand at bachelor and baby-shower parties.

In the case of funerals, you can use black roses if the deceased had a liking for black symbols.

In ancient times, black flowers were used to appease and placate the deceased’s spirit as it journeyed to the other world.

For example, some members of the Egyptian nobility were offered black flowers as gifts upon death.

This ensured they would not avenge the entire nation if their death had been caused out of malice.

Black roses are used to signify spiritual solidarity.

For example, family members may be asked to keep a black rose with them wherever they go. This show they are united in eliminating dark energies from their homes.

As noted earlier, black roses don’t exist in nature. However, a rose flower may be referred to as a black rose if it is of a dark shade of purple or red.

Most red roses are created by adding a black dye colorant to other roses. This signifies the depth of knowledge and wisdom we receive from the Universe.

Biblical Meaning of Black Roses

Most things appearing in black are looked at suspiciously in many cultures. In the Bible, a black rose signifies the dark personal challenges that keep us hidden from the grace of God.

This flower is indicative of hatred, resentment, and anger. The Bible uses the black rose to urge us to overcome our spiritual infirmities and walk in love.

Whenever Christians see a black rose, they remember that love conquers all. Love is kind and understanding.

It keeps no record of evil, only focusing on the positive attributes of those you encounter in life’s journey.

Christians look at the black rose as a sign of the mysteries and mysticism of the divine realm.

This plant encourages us to seek to understand God better.

Some Christians use the black rose to signify the passion and death of Jesus Christ. They wear a black rose carnation on Good Friday to symbolize mourning.

Jesus died on this day and was buried in a tomb. But on the third day, he rose from the dead. This signifies that humankind had received the divine redemption they yearned for.

Christians shift from a black rose to a white or red one to mark the resurrection of Christ.

In this context, the black rose signifies sacrifice, pain, suffering, and redemption. White or red roses represent salvation and new beginnings.

Black Rose Encounters and Omens

What does it means when you encounter a black rose all the time? Is there anything good you get from this encounter?

Or does seeing a black rose all the time portend evil?

You Are Confused

You are struggling to unravel the mysteries of nature manifesting all around you. A black rose indicates you often feel lost and confused.

You may be at a loss on where to get the answers you seek. This sign calls on you to dig deeper. At the right time, the Universe will give you access to all the knowledge and wisdom you require.

Your Relationship is in Jeopardy

An encounter with a black rose indicates things are not so rosy in your love life. It is a warning sign that you need to make some changes before things fall apart.

Be Wary of False Friends

Have you vetted every person in your inner circle? Seeing a black rose indicates that some of your friends are deceitful.

Although they wine and dine with you, they’ll readily stab your back when you least expect it.

Weed out from your life anyone that does not want to see you grow.

You Have Support

Receiving a black rose from someone indicates this person understands what you’re going through.

They empathize with your pain and suffering, and you can depend on them to support you during this period.

A black rose could signify you are safe and protected from negative energies and dark forces.

Embrace a Positive Mindset

When someone throws a black rose at you, it indicates the need to work on your mindset. Likely, you have allowed forces of darkness to make camp in your life.

As such, you tend to focus on the impossibilities in every situation. However, a Black rose calls on you to embrace a positive mindset, which is the key to gaining control of your life.

Black Rose Meaning in Love

Generally, red roses are associated with love. However, black roses may signify love and romance in some unique circumstances.

For example, if you want to remind your partner of the struggles you’ve fought against and won, you may gift them a black rose.

Such a gift takes your partner down memory lane, and they appreciate you more for always standing with them.

A black rose can also attract positive energies into the relationship. Again, this is because this plant carries the spiritual qualities of the black color.

For example, it is solid, firm, dependable, and mysterious. This is how your relationship should be.

You should have absolute faith in your partner with the knowledge you can depend on them at all times.

At the same time, this symbol urges you to keep your intimate matters…intimate! So you don’t have to share with all and sundry about what’s going on in your love life.

Learn to handle the intimate details of your relationship from the glare of the public.

All the same, a black rose can be a warning symbol in a relationship. For example, if you dream of receiving a red rose instead of a black one, this indicates danger.

It could be that something threatening is going on just beneath the surface. Be more proactive by interrogating the strength and health of your relationship.

Similarly, a withered black shows things are out of place. Someone is working behind the scenes to scuttle the plans you have laid down with your partner.

A dead black rose speaks of outside interference more than anything else.

Hidden Symbolic Meanings of the Black Rose

#1 – A Divine Call

Seeing a black rose indicates the Universe is highly interested in your life. Your divine guides use this symbol to awaken your spiritual sensitivity.

Perhaps, you have locked up your soul, and it never enjoys the freedom of being in divine love and light.

A black rose tells you to stop living in darkness. Instead, allow positive energies from the Universe to minister to your soul.

#2 – Stay True to Your Calling

Are you in touch with your divine life purpose? The presence of a black rose warns you of the dangers of deviating from your true calling.

You are reminded that you came into this plane to spread love, peace, and light. Taking any other direction will result in pain, frustration, and failure.

#3 – Cleanse Your Atmosphere

The Universe sends you a black rose so that you can open your eyes to what’s happening around you.

If you notice that you can’t decipher much, your spiritual paths are clogged by negative energies.

You have allowed toxic people to be your buddy. As such, you wallow from one bad situation to the next.

It’s time to cleanse your atmosphere by eliminating unwanted energies.

#4 – Keep Your Secrets Safe

A black rose symbolizes hidden mysteries. The Universe wants you to know that not everything about your life is for public consumption.

Learn to keep your secrets hidden. Learn from your angels and divine guides. Not everything about them is revealed – they reveal themselves only to those mature enough to accept their guidance.

#5 – Resolve Your Confusions

Seeing a black rose could be a sign you feel lost and confused. By sending you this symbol, the divine realm wants you to resolve the issues in your life from their root cause.

Eliminate the doubts in your life because you deserve to be happy.

#6 – Divine Protection

Your prayers have been heard in the highest places in heaven. The Divine Source assures you of protection against bad luck and other things that scare you.

Seeing a black rose indicates you are well covered. This is your cue to move through life confidently. If you believe in yourself, no force will be strong enough to kill your dreams.

#7 – Fresh Start

A black rose urges you not to peg your life on your past. The past is gone forever, and you should let it rest.

The Universe says it’s time to rise and shine by sending you the black rose symbol. So open your eyes to the brand-new opportunities around you.

It’s time for new beginnings.

#8 – Never Give Up

A black rose reminds you that the road to success is not easy. You’ll encounter your fair share of ups and downs.

The Universe wants you to hold on in the face of adversity. So don’t allow worry, anxiety, and depression to slow down your progress.

You have to go through growing pains to achieve your goals and dreams. So never give up when the going gets tough.

#9 – Tend to Your Relationships

Have you been so busy that you don’t get enough time to be with your partner? Has your relationship stagnated because you’re never available?

While your work is essential, it can’t be more crucial than your personal relationships. A black rose asks you to pay close attention to your relationships.

Be there for your partner and loved ones whenever they need you.

#10 – Your Marriage is in Trouble

A black rose could symbolize a spiritual attack against your marriage. Someone is not happy with the good thing you have going in your marital life.

You need to guard your partner and relationships against unwanted energies. Get closer to your partner to understand what’s happening in their private life.

If they are experiencing some hard times, they need your support now more than ever.

#11 – You Are Kindhearted

A black rose flower signifies you are kind, compassionate, and empathetic. You are driven by the desire to improve your world by tending to the needs of the less fortunate.

Seeing this symbol regularly shows you care a lot for those around you. But unfortunately, not everyone is endowed with this gift.

However, the Universe wants you to use this blessing wisely. Therefore, don’t put yourself in a position where you can be taken advantage of.

#12 – Speak Boldly

Changing any selection of a rose into a black rose shows your desire to express your feelings.

As the colorant gradually changes the hue of the rose to black, you may feel bad that you have bottled your thoughts and emotions.

The Universe indicates you don’t have to chastise yourself for past errors. But moving forward, feel free to express yourself boldly.

#13 – A Dangerous Journey

The presence of a black rose may indicate you’re about to embark on a dangerous journey. Other signs will help clarify whether this journey is spiritual or physical.

Either way, you need to fortify yourself spiritually against any eventualities.

#14 – Tread Carefully

The appearance of a black rose tells you to take extra care in your thoughts, words, and action. You’re about to enter a phase where you’ll be prone to making mistakes.

Keep your wits razor sharp to spot any loopholes and hardships.


The Universe uses a black rose as a powerful spiritual symbol to talk to us. So when you encounter this plant, pause and interrogate what’s happening in your life.

You’ll realize the black rose appears in response to a situation in your life. It gives you answers to the challenges you’re going through.

The black rose symbol is used as a teaching, guiding, and warning aid. It helps you open your mind’s eye to the unknown mysteries of the Universe.

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