Blood Moon Spiritual Meaning (Red Moon Meanings)

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Throughout history, different cultures have looked at the blood moon phenomenon with trepidation. To the ancient Aztecs and Mayans, for example, seeing a red moon meant that a sovereign would die.

This was a serious thing to these people, considering that their kings were the equivalent of deities.

In some African communities, seeing the blood moon meant that the whole tribe would be wiped out by pestilence, famine, or war.

This is one of the reasons some of these communities kept shifting their bases every decade or so.

In the modern world, however, Science has made us understand that a blood moon does not necessarily portend the death of someone important.

Neither is it the cause of the chaos we witness today in many parts of the globe.

What’s a Blood Moon?

According to Science, a blood moon occurs when a number of astrological factors come into play simultaneously.

The first is that there has to be a lunar eclipse. This eclipse occurs when the moon is hidden from the sun, meaning it cannot reflect its usual light.

The only light we see at this time from the moon is the one it reflects from the edges of the earth. The light from the earth looks red because the air molecules are stretched as they dissipate.

Because of the nature of this light wave, the moon appears reddish during the eclipse.

The second factor is that you must be at the right location to witness this phenomenon. Although lunar eclipses are quite regular, seeing a red moon is rare.

This is because the reddish glow of the moon can only be seen from certain locations at any one time.

This phenomenon looks totally different when viewed from any two points of the same geographical region.

Despite the explanation given by Science, the spiritual meaning and symbolism of the red moon are in no way lessened.

What’s the Spiritual Meaning of a Red Moon?

Different cultures and traditions have their views about the blood moon. Some, like the Native Americans, believe that the moon misses her companion.

She turns red because she needs love, care, and affection.

According to the Chinese, a blood moon is a sign that you need to face your shortcomings head-on. This is particularly true if you’ve recently had a streak of bad luck.

This community believed that the appearance of the lunar eclipse was caused by a dragon eating the moon.

This symbolized that unless one took action to turn their life around, the moon would continue being eaten and die in their lives.

The Chinese believe that healing and recovery will only come if you dive deeper into your soul and deal with the source of your troubles.

This can be done easily with the help of a shaman, psychic, mediums, or other spiritual leaders.

The Bible talks of the moon turning into blood in several verses.

Usually, these verses appeared when prophets were sent to warn the people that they would face dire consequences unless they changed their ways,.

The Incans believed that the moon turned bloody when it was attacked by the jaguar. This community held that the jaguar was on an offensive mission to finish the moon before turning to devour the earth.

The Incans offered sacrifices to cast the jaguar from the moon to stop this from happening. They also beat on pots, pans, and drums to create as much noise as possible to scare away this creature.

Like the Mayans and Aztecs, the ancient Babylonians believed that the red moon was an attack on their royalty.

They would put a proxy in his place to protect their king until the eclipse had passed.

Some Interesting Facts About the Red Moon

One of the most exciting happenings of 2022 was the appearance of the red moon.

This particular lunar eclipse, which took place on May 16th, was christened the Supermoon because it was visible to half the world’s population.

The last such Supermoon red moon phenomenon was witnessed in 1592CE.

As noted earlier, a red moon happens during a total lunar eclipse. This is because the moon receives light waves from the earth, making the lunar planet appear red.

The red glow has called this happening the red moon or blood moon.

Scientists project there won’t be any blood moon in 2023 and 2024, with the next expected date on March 14th, 2025.

The next one will be on March 3rd, 2026, and another on December 31st, 2028.

But these red moons will be nothing like the Supermoon witnessed in 2022, because they will only be visible in smaller areas of the globe.

The next memorable blood moon will happen on June 26th, 2029. This one will last a whopping 102 minutes, and scientists promise it will be a spectacle to behold.

What’s the Blood Moon Prophecy?

The term Blood Moon Prophecy is linked to two American preachers, Mark Blitz, and John Hagee.

The two men of cloth closely analyzed the lunar and solar eclipses between 2014 and 2015. They concluded they were associated with the Biblical end times.

For Christians, it was easy to follow the preachers’ prophecy, considering that the eclipses that happened during these years, though not singularly unique, were spectacular.

A total of 4 lunar eclipses took place between 2014 and 2015. This astronomical event became known as the tetrad.

The astonishing thing about the 4 eclipses is that each took place on a Jewish holiday. And, there was something else too…

There were six full moons between each of the eclipses. Contrary to what we are used to, none of these events was a partial eclipse.

The Preachers Mark Blitz and John Hagee turned to relevant biblical passages to connect the tetrad and the prophecy of the end of the world.

According to the two preachers, tetrads have been linked to great calamities in Jewish culture.

What Does the Bible Say About Blood Moons?

As noted earlier, Biblical prophets mentioned the moon turning into the blood when referencing God’s wrath and punishment.

For example, the Book of Joel 2:31 says: The sun shall be covered in darkness, and the moon turns blood red. So then, you shall all know that the great and dreadful day of the Lord is at hand.

Joel tries to relate God’s punishment against the wicked with the red moon.

He further emphasized this in Joel 3:15: The sun and moon turned black, and the stars lost their light.

Joel’s message is echoed in the Book of Revelation, which states that during the end times, the sun will turn black, and the moon will be blood red.

It is no wonder that the red moon is considered an ill omen in many parts of the world.

Are Blood Moons Ill Omens?

A good number of people across the world look at the appearance of the red moon in a negative light. Likely, this is born from the superstitious beliefs we inherited from our ancestors.

Others view blood moons as ill omens because of their religious teachings. We’ve already seen that some verses in the Bible equate the blood moon to end times.

Here’s another one… Matthew 24:29 – Immediately after the dreadful tribulations, the sun will turn black and the moon red and will not give its light. The stars will be hurled from heaven, and all the powers and kingdoms will be shaken.

It would be a tall order to convince anyone who takes these words literary that the blood moon does not portend danger or evil.

These views are not confined to the Bible. For example, Islamic teachings indicate that the moon will be eclipsed by the sun, and the two will be joined together on Judgment Day.

Some Moslems say special prayers during an eclipse, imploring Allah to protect them against evil powers in the heavens.

The Hindu culture indicates that the red moon is caused by Rahu, a vicious demon out to get revenge against the sun and the moon.

According to the narrative, the demon Rahu had taken a portion that would make him immortal. But, unfortunately for him, the sun and moon did not want this particular demon becoming immortal.

So, they cut off Rahu’s head.

In many parts of the world today, red blood is associated with evil and bad luck. In the Indian subcontinent, protective charms are taken out and worn whenever this event happens.

Food is also covered to prevent it from being contaminated.

Superstition from the British Isles indicates it is wrong to point at the red moon. Doing this would cause untold pain and suffering to one’s family.

In some African communities, babies and expectant mothers are not allowed outdoors during a blood moon event.

As late as 1950, it was wrong to hold outdoor celebrations during the red moon. Such celebrations had to be put on hold until the astrological event passed.

Are Blood Moons Good Omens?

Well, red moons are not taken in negative light everywhere. On the contrary, many people from all areas of the world respect – even revere – this phenomenon.

For example, a good number of Native American tribes have positive beliefs about the red moon.

For example, the Hupa and Luiseno tribes believe that a blood moon is a sign this lunar body is bleeding and needs our intervention.

Members of these communities would offer special prayers, sing, chant, and dance to help the mean recover.

In some Native American cultures, the red moon signifies a time for change. If the community had planned to migrate, for example, the red moon was the signal from heaven that they could move.

The Battamaliba people of Togo and Benin believed that the red moon indicates a fierce battle between the sun and the moon.

To help these two bodies resolve their differences, and to prevent future fights between them, these communities upheld peace amongst themselves and their neighbors.

The ancient Celts welcome lunar eclipses as a sign that the gods would favor them. They looked at the red moon as a sign of plenty in the families, animals, and fields.

According to the Celts, the red moon indicated that everyone would have enough to eat, barter, and store for the tough times ahead.

Tibetan and Japanese Buddhists regarded the red moon as a sign of good luck and fortune. Therefore, they believed that any prayers said during this cosmic phenomenon would surely come to pass.

Community members were taught to do good deeds during the red moon, as such acts would be paid back many times over.

The Wiccans believe they are truly blessed if the blood moon appears during the planting, weeding, or harvest season.

They trust that the work of their hands will not go to waste.

Should I Be Scared of a Red Moon?

With so many negative superstitions swirling around about the blood moon, this is a valid question. The good news is that researchers in many fields have looked into this matter in depth.

Some people associate the red moon will madness, ill luck, and sickness. However, research has found no basis to associate the red moon with negative things.

Blood moons are not responsible for strengthening werewolves. And neither do they cause floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, and typhoons.

And, most certainly, the red moons are not the cause of war, conflict, pestilence, and famine.

Research by the US Geological Survey and in Japan shows no significant increase in earth movement during the red moon.

So, while narratives of ravenous jaguars and dragons eating the moon can be quite scary, the Science behind the red moon is clear.

We know that vengeful demons don’t cause the blood moon phenomenon.

However, as with everything else to do with the cosmos, the blood moon wonder can be awe-inspiring.

If this occurrence motivates you to work on your spiritual growth, do so by all means. Sometimes, the Universe uses such phenomena to help us open our eyes to our true spiritual potential.

Don’t fear using the red moon as your spiritual guide to fulfill your goals and dreams. This astrological happening can help you focus on prayer, meditation, and other uplifting spiritual practices.

For some, the blood moon phenomenon helps them come to terms with their unexplored and unacknowledged thoughts and emotions.

You’re good to go if you get a spiritual message that resonates with your situation. This could be the path to finding meaning and fulfillment in your life.


Have you found your red moon spiritual connection and meaning? Then, you should take up this challenge to better understand and appreciate this cosmic phenomenon.

Listen to your intuition as you go about this. You may be surprised to discover that you needed to understand the red moon event better to connect with your inner self.

Indeed, the Universe communicates to us in diverse ways!

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