Smelling Cigarette Smoke when There is None (11 Meanings)

Are you interested in the Meaning of Smelling Cigarette Smoke when There is None?  This guide is for you!

Do you sometimes experience tobacco smells in your house or office?

The first thing you need to check is if there are valid reasons for the presence of this smell.

If the source of the smoke seems inexplicable, it means your clairalience is fully awakened.

Clairalience is a spiritual gift that enables you to smell supernatural odors.

Smelling tobacco smoke when there’s none means your angels and divine guides want to connect with you.

They have something important to say about the direction of your life.


Spiritual Meaning of Smelling Non-Existent Cigarette Smoke

Smelling cigarette smoke when no exists means that your spiritual energies are on point. You’re able to connect to the angelic and spiritual realms unhindered.

Some people are blessed with the gift of clairalience. This is an elite group, considering that many people have no idea what’s happening in the spiritual world.

Even a fewer number of people have their gifts so developed that they can communicate to the Universe through the sense of smell.

The Universe wants you to understand there’s something special about you. From the very beginning, your life was earmarked for great and fortunate things.

Smelling about cigarette smoke when there’s none indicates your divine guides are reaching out to you.

They want you to open your mind’s eye to what’s happening around you. The gift of clairalience usually comes active when you’re about to enter a crucial phase.

This is your cue to get ready for significant changes.

Pay attention when a strong feeling or thought comes your way accompanied by strong cigarette smoke.

This thought or feeling has something to do with the massive changes about to occur in your life.

Smelling imaginary cigarette smoke indicates you’re on the right path to overcoming addiction. In addition, this phenomenon suggests that you’ll regain control of your life with the right mindset.

Why Do I Smell Cigarette Smoke All the Time?

You need to appreciate that only a special group of people have the gift of clairalience. This is important so that you can treat this gift with the weight it deserves.

All medical disciplines agree it’s abnormal to sense a non-existent cigarette smell. Some branches of science attribute this to hallucinations or certain mental disorders.

However, a firm spiritual believer will tell you this is not abnormal. On the contrary, it is unique and highly desired, but very much okay if your spiritual senses are acutely sharpened.

According to science smelling phantom cigarette odors should not raise any concern.

Suppose a medical expert clears you of any underlying health conditions. In that case, your sense of smell should return within a short period.

However, spirituality calls on you to take a different approach to this condition. For starters, you should look around for accompanying signs of communication from the divine realm.

Usually, the Universe will send you several signs to achieve the same agenda. This is more so if the message is essential and your angels don’t want you to miss it.

As such, when you sense phantom cigarette smoke, the first thing to check out for other spiritual signs.

This gives you a clearer idea of the direction your divine guides want you to follow. You’ll realize your angels want to conduct you through a critical phase of your life.

While sensing cigarette smoke is not abnormal spiritually, it does not happen to everyone. This means you should never take it for granted if you’ve been chosen to undergo this experience.

Clearly, something powerful and magical is going on behind the scenes.

Phantom Cigarette Smoke: Presence of a Powerful Spirit

Sensing phantom smoke indicates the Presence of a spirit. This could be the spirit of a dead loved one or any other spirit looking for a physical home.

This means you should be very careful how you interact with this Presence. Some spirits are evil and can wreak havoc on your home and personal life if you admit them into your space.

However, phantom cigarette smoke could be a sign of a benevolent spirit that’s genuinely interested in your life and growth.

This spirit would appear in the form of smoke if your dead loved one regularly interacted with smoke when alive.

Whenever this person is close by, your being will be filled with the unique aroma of the cigarettes they smoked.

All the same, you need to confirm this with other supporting signs. For example, do you often dream about this particular person?

Do you miss them? Are you still mourning their death?

Again the favor of the cigarette smoke will tell you whether you’re dealing with a benevolent spirit.

Your dead loved ones will appear in nice-favored cigarette smoke – such as mint, banana, and strawberry.

If the smoke smells harsh, you should guard yourself against spiritual attacks.

Symbolic Meanings of Smelling Phantom Cigarette Smoke

#1 – Freedom from Addiction

Smelling phantom cigarette smoke could signify your desire to be liberated from addiction. The addiction could be related to alcohol, drugs, or cigarettes.

It could also have something to do with your eating habits and lifestyle choices. By sending you this sign, the Universe wants you to know you can break free of this vicious cycle.

Dreaming about smelling phantom cigarette smoke is a strong warning of the dangers of addiction.

#2 – You Are Visionary

People gifted with clairalience are seers in their own right. You can discern and perceive what is hidden from most people.

You have access to spiritual secrets and mysteries your peers cannot.

In a way, the Universe has selected you for special duties and responsibilities. This is why you must listen attentively to the Universe for further guidance.

Your intuition and inner wisdom will guide you on the course you’re meant to take going forward.

#3 – You Dearly Miss Someone

Smelling non-existent cigarette smoke means you miss someone that passed on. Likely, this person was a smoker, and you smell their particular cigarette brand.

Or, it could be your dead loved one who liked a perfume that appears to you as cigarette smoke.

The Presence of this smell in your space tells you this person also misses you. They want you to know they’re safe, and are constantly thinking about you.

#4 – Presence of a Ghost

Your gift of clairalience is heightened when a ghost is passing by your house. You can sense this spirit through the phantom cigarette smoke that assails your ears.

Your intuition will alert you whether you’re dealing with a benevolent being. For example, if you feel uneasy and disturbed, you are likely dealing with an evil spirit.

Fortify your spiritual defenses by saying a quick prayer. If the smell is particularly strong, the Presence is eerily close by.

Position yourself at your family shrine and carry out some urgent intervention measures.

#5 – The Past Has Come to Haunt You

Phantom cigarette smoke indicates some negative experiences from your past have arisen. But, on the other hand, it could be that the issues in question have never been resolved.

For example, you are about to meet a person you wronged in the past, and your grudge is about to flare up a new.

The divine realm sends you this sign as inspiration to deal with grievous issues from your past. It indicates the futility of trying to keep the unresolved problems buried.

Unless you handle all issues conclusively, they will, at one time, rise to bite you when you least expect it.

#6 – Your Spiritual Senses Are Sharpened

The Universe wants to commend you for your efforts to sharpen your spiritual senses.

All your time in prayer and meditation exercises has been worth it.

You perceive phantom cigarette smoke in your surroundings because your divine guides want you to keep up the excellent work you have been doing.

Your spiritual sensitivity is heightened – meaning you’ll soon be able to handle the challenges slowing down your progress.

All your spiritual senses are on point when your clairalience gift is activated.

#7 – Disruption on Your Clairalience Abilities

The gift of clairalience is a unique ability to perceive spiritual smells. As noted earlier, only those with unique responsibilities possess this gift.

If you smell cigarette smoke with no credible source, someone may be working to stifle your spiritual abilities.

You’ll realize that your interpretation of spiritual signs is gradually getting flawed. This is because the Universe wants to alert you of any enemy in your vicinity.

This could be the work of an expert in the art of black magic. The best way to handle this is to raise your spiritual awareness.

#8 – Avoid Bad Company

Sensing phantom cigarette smoke reminds you that bad company ruins good morals. The Presence of phantom cigarette smoke in your space indicates you’re getting into bad company.

The divine realm reminds you that not everyone deserves your trust and confidence. You need to be careful about the kind of people you associate with

In other words, don’t compromise your values and beliefs for the sake of conformity.

#9 – Listen to Your Heart

Another message of smelling non-existent cigarette smoke is to listen to your heart. The Universe reminds you that you deserve to be happy.

As such, avoid engagements that make you sad and miserable. But, on the other hand, you don’t have to engage in suspicious activities just because your friends are doing it.

Neither do you have to subscribe to beliefs that contradict the desires of your heart. On the contrary, the gift of clairalience empowers you to live your life to the fullest, free of unnecessary entanglements.

#10 – You’re Becoming Worried

You perceive non-existent cigarette smoke because your mind is not at peace. By sending you this sign, the Universe wants you to overcome fear, worry, and anxiety.

These energies add no value to your existence. So regardless of how worried you get, your challenges do not lessen.

Live every day fully, because it is a special gift from the Universe. You need to eliminate the negative energies blocking your vision to achieve this.

#11 – A Sign of Good Memories

This is a positive sign if the phantom cigarette smoke is filled with beautiful scents and aromas. Your divine guides want to conduct you down memory lanes to some good things you have done.

This message is critical if you’re going through some hard times. The Universe wants you to appreciate that things have not always been bad.

You’ve found yourself in some sticky situation but eventually emerged on top of the game. In the same way, you’ll successfully resolve your current issues and regain your composure.

Smelling Phantom Cigarette Smoke: Is it a Bad Omen?

In modern times, cigarettes and cigarette smoke are associated with negative things.

Science has repeatedly shown that cigarette smoking is responsible for many health complications, including cancer.

At the same time, tobacco firms have been accused of engaging in exploitative and misleading commercial practices worldwide.

While they promise heaven, many believe that all that tobacco delivers is a bad smell, stained teeth, and health issues.

Conscious government agencies are actively involved in helping smokers kick the habit. Nevertheless, one is advised to stop smoking if one desires to improve their health.

However, a good number of people smoke for various reasons. Spiritually, tobacco smoke is associated with sound and negative energies – depending on how it is used.

For example, shamans have used tobacco smoke to create protection and alter negative auras. In addition, cigarette smoke has been a spiritual tool to cleanse and keep evil spirits at bay.

In some cultures, cigarette smoke is used for smudging. For example, it is blown on surfaces or towards someone to bless or counteract a curse.

As such, how you interrupt phantom cigarette smoke depends on your beliefs and cultural background.

The significance of this phenomenon also relies on your situation, feelings, and circumstances.

Generally, smelling cigarette smoke when there’s none indicates the Presence of a spirit. Listen to your intuition and inner wisdom for further details about this spirit.

It is common for people to perceive phantom cigarette smoke when they miss a loved one. This is because they associate the sweet smell of the smoke with the departed.


You’re lucky that you have the power of clairalience. Your spiritual sensitivity is heightened, and few things in the natural world will happen without your knowledge.

This does not mean that your search for spiritual awareness and enlightenment is over. On the contrary, sensing a non-existent tobacco smell indicates you are at an advantage.

The Universe says you can freely connect to the spiritual and angelic realm. So use this gift to improve your world.

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