Red Dragonfly Spiritual Meaning & Symbolism

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When the red dragonfly comes into your life, you can rest easy. This insect signifies the Universe is closely monitoring your progress.

True to its red color, the red dragonfly inspires passion and enthusiasm. This clearly indicates the Universe wants you to move through life zealously.

In many cultures, this insect inspires courage and confidence. For example, the Japanese Samurai warrior class got much of their inspiration from the red dragonfly.

What’s the Spiritual Meaning of the Red Dragonfly?


This insect has been closely associated with such stellar qualities as love, strength, and bravery.

Like their Japanese counterparts, the Native American warriors looked to this insect for inspiration in times of war.

The red dragonfly is a symbol of tenacity and success. This insect comes into your life to urge you to keep moving forward regardless of the circumstances.

This animal spirit guide indicates that your efforts have the Universe’s blessings. As such, everything you touch will bear good fruit.

The divine realm sends you this sign for healing. The red dragonfly helps you to restore lost energies and fortunes.

You’ve got a good friend in this spirit animal if you want to rise from the pain and shame of failure.

We all make mistakes, and your mistake is not something out of the ordinary. You’re good to go as long as you’ve learned your lessons from what has happened.

Seeing the red dragonfly tells you to re-discover yourself. Remind yourself of your plans and goals. Go back to the beginning and re-discover your reason for being on this plane.

This should motivate you to scale the heights of success, regardless of what you’ve been subjected to.

Why Do I Keep Seeing a Red Dragonfly?

Embrace Change

The divine realm wants you to understand that change is for your own good. Therefore, it’s an act of futility to run away from change.

Being the only constant thing in life, change is bound to happen. But you’ll thrive if you embrace it will both arms.

Use Your Talents

The red dragonfly signifies you hardly use your skills and talents. Although you have a world of opportunities, you’re too busy with other pursuits to make much progress.

Seeing this insect encourages you to put your natural gifts to good use.

Learn to Be Patient

As the old adage goes, patience pays. The red dragonfly enters your life to emphasize the same thing. The Universe wants you to wait for the fruits of your labor patiently.

Good things take time to mature. So when the red dragonfly comes into your life, know that the season to reap your blessings is coming up.

Be Perseverant and Enduring

You will encounter hurdles and impediments moving from one stage to the next. Every growth phase will come with its fair share of setbacks and challenges.

The Universe wants you to show strength in adverse times. So bravely bear the growing pains you have to go through.

You emerge stronger, wiser, and more mature at the end of every challenge.

Good Luck and Fortune

The red dragonfly indicates growth in your fortunes. It’s a clear sign that the work of your hands is blessed.

This insect urges you to keep working hard. Every ounce of effort you put into elevating your life counts.

Hidden Symbolic Meanings of a Red Dragonfly

#1 – Trust Your Intuition

Your angels and other divine guides will often use your intuition to reveal the Universe’s secrets. For example, if your angels want you to know of a plot being hatched against you, they send you inner urgings.

You’ll feel the urge to watch your steps more closely. You’ll also keep a close eye on certain people in your life.

The red dragonfly encourages you to form a habit of listening to your intuition and inner wisdom.

#2 – Love is in the Air

The red dragonfly enters your life to alert you that it’s the season for love. The red color stands for passion.

This animal guide calls on you to ignite the fires of love and romance in your relationship. Successful relationships do not just happen.

They are nurtured by both parties through good and challenging times.

#3 – You’ll Receive New Opportunities

Through this insect, the Universe announces it’s your season to blossom. Everything you touch will bear good fruit.

You are under the powerful light of divine love and favor. The angelic realm is constantly sending you great opportunities to usher you into the next level of growth.

This is your cue to fully open your eyes to understand your life’s direction.

#4 – A Sign of Rebirth and Rejuvenation

You may not have done as well as you wanted in the last phase of your life. But the Universe wants you to know it is not over until it is done.

The angelic and divine realms are giving you another chance to prove yourself. This is the time to rise from the ashes of failure and claim your rightful place in the Universe.

Shrug away all the fatigue and doubts and get to work.

#5 – A Sign of Loyalty

When a red dragonfly crosses your path, you’re being called upon to uphold the virtues of loyalty and faithfulness.

Be faithful to your partner and relationship. Don’t give your loved ones any reason to doubt your commitment.

Also, be faithful to your life’s calling. Constantly remind yourself of your divine purpose to keep track of your progress.

But most importantly, stay loyal and true to your values and beliefs.

#6 – Change is Inevitable

By sending you this spirit guide, the Universe has realized your desire to transform into a better version.

You have realized that change is inevitable, and it would be futile to resist it. The red dragon calls on you to keep moving. Life loses its flavor when you become stagnant.

#7 – Wealth and Abundance

Dreaming of seeing the red dragonfly regularly indicates you’re on the right path to achieving your goals.

The Universe has placed on your path an abundance of blessings in your material and spiritual life. This powerful insect bears the assurance that you will never lack anything.

With all the love, protection, and support you get from the Divine source, how can you ever fail? Therefore, such an eventuality is out of the question.

This should motivate you to go through life with the confidence of a champion.

#8 – Be Responsible

The Universe has placed much responsibility upon your shoulders. For example, you have a rich array of gifts and abilities.

These talents are not yours to keep. Instead, they are meant to help you positively impact your world.

Take up this divine mandate proudly. After all, isn’t it said that to whom much has been given, much is expected?

#9 – Create Stability and Security

The red dragonfly is very much concerned about your future. What kind of life do you envision for your family?

Where do you see yourself in the next, say, 5 years? What about 10? How would you like to spend your sunset years?

Through the red dragonfly spirit guide, the Universe wants you to appreciate that the future is in your hands.

What you do today directly contributes to building your tomorrow.

#10 – Communicate Effectively

The red dragonfly enters your life to teach you the art of effective communication. Take care to express yourself coherently to others.

Good communication is not just about saying nice things. You need to say those things nicely and coherently.

It’s also about how you use your non-verbal cues of communication.

Effective communication opens doors of opportunities in your life. You get to understand hidden things about your world.

#11 – Be Creative and Innovative

A red dragonfly represents your creative energy. This spirit guide inspires you to devise innovative solutions to the problems in your world.

The red dragonfly pushes you to put your best foot forward. This entails that you take risks by moving out of your comfort zone.

You’ll only awaken your creative potential by meeting new challenges head-on.

#12 – Courage and Confidence

As noted earlier, many cultures correlate the red dragonfly with courage and confidence. People with the red dragonfly spirit stop at nothing to achieve their goals and dreams.

You keep pushing forward firmly, with only one goal on your mind: success.

#13 – Take Care of Your Health

Your angels and other divine guides are concerned about your health. You could have neglected your health in favor of material pursuits.

You are so concerned about making money that you forget your health should come first.

The appearance of the red dragonfly tells you that your health should come first. Never replace your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual needs with anything else.

By taking good care of your body. You lay a good foundation for success in all sectors of your life. Your health comes first; everything else follows.

#14 – Mysteries of the Universe

Your angels and the Ascended Masters want you to appreciate your role in the Universe. You occupy a hallowed space in the order of things.

When the red dragonfly flies into your life, take it as confirmation you’re a child of the Universe. Your divine guides want to reveal the secrets that will keep you safe.

They want you to learn from this powerful insect some basic survival tactics. These lessons will serve you well when your world gets threatened by internal or external forces.

The red dragonfly teaches you to maneuver out of the tightest situations.

#15 – Eliminate Negative Energies

Red dragonflies are very good at eliminating pests in gardens. In addition, they protect us from different types of menace, such as mites and mosquitoes.

This symbolically means the need to get rid of negative energies. Any baggage from your past needs to go, for the future has many promises.

Meaning of Red Dragonfly Landing on You

The red dragonfly lands on you to signify good luck and progress. The Universe wants you to know you’re headed for great and fortunate times.

A red dragonfly landing on your head conveys divine blessings. The Universe is working with you to make your dreams come true.

This insect guides you to identify and appreciate the realities in your life. This means getting to know where you’re coming from and going.

A red dragonfly landing on your shoulders signifies optimism. Your angels urge you to look to the future, hopefully, and expectantly.

Although things may not be as you’d like, everything will fall into place at the right time.

This spirit guide indicates you’re at the right place; everything you have encountered is as per your divine plan.

This should motivate you to move forward courageously. Be determined to overcome the adverse circumstances around you.

When the red dragonfly lands on you, know you’ll blossom regardless of the situation on the ground.

Meaning of Red Dragonfly Following You Around

The red dragonfly follows you around to remind you of your goals. But, unfortunately, you could have missed several vital turns because your focus is on the wrong things.

Through this spirit animal, the Universe wants to convince you to stick to your core mandate. However, paying attention to the wrong things will force you to deviate from your divine path.

If this happens, you’ll lose all the gains you have made in the recent past. Since your angels don’t want you to suffer this fate, they send the red dragonfly to the rescue.

This insect urges you never to entertain thoughts of failure. Don’t allow past failures and mistakes to dissuade you from your chosen path.

As stated earlier, you came into this world to accomplish great and fortunate things.

Meaning of a Posthumous Visit from a Red Dragonfly

It’s not uncommon for the dead to communicate with their living loved ones from the other side. If a red dragonfly visits you after the death of a loved one, take this event seriously.

It means your departed loved one is reaching out. They don’t want you to be sad anymore; be happy because they are in a safe place.

At the same time, a posthumous visit by a red dragonfly indicates the spirits of your forefathers are watching over you.

Walk through life’s ups and downs confidently. You’ll make it beyond your wildest dreams with the help, love, and support you receive from your loved ones from the Otherworld.


Looking at this insect, you cannot help but wonder about its unique appearance. You’ll feel special when the red dragonfly enters your life as your spirit animal.

Red dragonflies don’t live for long. So this is your cue to enjoy and cherish life to the fullest. Every moment you’re alive should count.

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