Coughing up Blood in a Dream: 15 Spiritual Meanings

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Have you recently had a dream about coughing blood? This dream could mean various things, depending on the details it presents – such as when, where, who, and why.

Generally, it is taken that coughing blood in a dream signals you need to attend to an important matter.

You have an urgent decision to make concerning your personal and professional life, and this Universe wants you to prioritize this.

Since your rigidity is pushing important people away, it’s time you open your mind to different opinions and ways of thinking.

Spiritual Meaning of Coughing Blood


Something is Wrong

You dream of coughing blood in your dream because of a serious imbalance. It could be that you’ve failed to create the right work-life balance.

This could be a pointer that your family and loved ones are likely to suffer because of your indecision.

Alternatively, you could be making counter-productive decisions to the overall wellbeing of your loved ones.

Your Health is in Jeopardy

Have you been taking good care of your health? The Universe thinks not. Dreaming of coughing blood is a spiritual sign that you need to pay attention to your health needs.

Eat well, exercise regularly, and actively seek emotional and spiritual contentment. Remember, you have only one body, and it is irreplaceable.

A Warning from Your Higher Power

God is warning you of what’s likely to happen if you don’t listen to signs from the Universe.

Before this dream, you have received guidance and advice from the Universe, which has largely gone unheeded.

Are Dreams About Coughing Blood Signify Danger?

In the spiritual realm, blood equals life. This means that dreams about coughing blood can signify danger.

They indicate you have left an essential part of your life open to evil attacks.

It could also mean you’re fast losing your values and beliefs, something that might have been occasioned by exposure to negative energies.

The Universe sends you this dream to warn you about the possible loss of your health, wealth, spiritual sensitivity, and other sensitive aspects of your life.

You dream of coughing dream because you need to be prepared for any eventuality. Better still, you need to be proactive enough to avert any danger to yourself and your loved ones.

Turning a blind eye to dreams about coughing blood can have adverse outcomes. Instead, you need to carefully decipher what the Universe wants you to do and take immediate action to see it done.

At the same time, this dream indicates you’ve been ignoring other signs from the Universe. For example, your divine guides love you and would not like to see you fail.

They send you this dream so that you can pay better attention to what’s happening around you. What changes do you need to make to change the story of your life?

Have you aligned your thoughts and activities with your divine plan? This is what a dream about coughing blood wants you to focus on.

Hidden Symbolic Meaning of Coughing Up Blood in a Dream

#1 – Get Rid of Old Energies

Not all dreams about coughing up blood have negative meanings. This could be a sign of new beginnings.

The Universe wants you to eliminate anything clouding your vision and sense of judgment. You need to free your mind and heart to focus on things that truly matter.

You can’t pay sufficient attention to your future when you’re still reeling from the weight of past emotional baggage.

#2 – Watch Your Tongue

The Universe wants to warn you against engaging in loose talk. You dream of coughing blood because your words attract calamities in someone’s life.

Your divine guides want you to speak blessings instead of curses to your closest and dearest. So let people be blessed by their association with you.

When you dream about a coughing dream, the Universe wants you to make amends to anyone you’ve wronged through loose talk.

If you have recently used inappropriate words on someone, this dream urges you to take them back. However, you also need to be careful not to utter negative words going forward.

#3 – You Are at a Critical Phase of Your Life

This dream calls on you to pay attention to this moment in time. You’re going through an essential phase of your life, and you cannot leave anything to chance.

The Universe is keen on teaching you some life-saving lessons. So now more than ever, you need to pay rapt attention to signs from your angels and divine guides.

This stage determines how your future turns out. The Universe wants you to have the tools to brighten your future.

As such, every move you make must be well thought-out.

#4 – A Warning Sign

Never take dreams about coughing blood for granted. Most of these dreams warn you about something dangerous happening in your life.

It could be that your very life is threatened. Something about your life is totally out of line, and you need to take urgent remedial measures before it is too late.

When the Universe wants to warn you that something is seriously amiss, it’ll send you this dream. Take it as a heads-up to take urgent measures to put your life back on track.

#5 – Time Wasted in Never Recovered

Dreaming of coughing blood draws attention to the most important resource of all: time. The Universe wants to point out that you’re wasting too much time.

Likely, your focus is on things that don’t really matter. Instead, you should get your priorities right by focusing on things that make you grow.

This dream is your cue to let go of unnecessary things. Get in touch with your divine life purpose and diligently focus on it.

A dream about coughing up blood shows you need to be strict with time management.

#6 – Your Health is Paramount

How well are you taking care of your body? Do you know that your body is your most valued asset? Are you aware that this body has no spare parts?

Dreaming of coughing blood could be a pointer to negligence. You’re not keen to ward off health problems.

The Universe wants you to take care of your body. So whenever you cough up blood, pay close attention to the shape of your mental, physical, and emotional fitness.

Remember, your spiritual wellbeing should always be top of your priority. You can’t accomplish anything when your spirituality is in tatters.

#7 – Avoid Worry, Fear, and Anxiety

One thing about worry, fear, and anxiety is that no matter how much you indulge in them, they won’t change your life story.

You’re dreaming of coughing blood because you have allowed these energies to run your life. So what is it you’re not happy about?

The Universe wants you to tackle this thing head-on instead of worrying unnecessarily. Worry only breeds fear and frustration.

Take your worries and fears to your divine guides through prayer. Then, let your anxieties disintegrate through the power of meditation.

This will set you free to focus on your goals.

#8 – Be Confident and Courageous

A dream about coughing up blood points to your loss of confidence. The Universe is concerned that you’re slowly eroding the faith and courage that have brought you this far.

If you continue losing your confidence and courage, it won’t be long before you’re overwhelmed by situations.

Toxic people will take advantage of the situation to infect you with their negative mindset. Loss of courage and confidence will result in losing your beliefs, values, and principles.

#9 – Love is in the Air

Though this dream can be scary, not everything about it is negative. Instead, it indicates you need to be more adventurous in pursuing relaxation and pleasure.

Dreaming about coughing up blood indicates you’ll find someone to enjoy life with. This is likely your soul mate, someone you’re emotionally compatible with.

You’ll find warmth, love, and wealth if you are genuine in your emotions.

#10 – Learn to Express Your Emotions

Your inability to speak your thoughts out candidly could be your biggest undoing. The Universe uses this dream to warn you against nursing the pain in your heart.

The more you keep toxic emotions bottled up, the more dangerous they become. Learn to speak your heart and mind fearlessly.

The Universe uses this dream to emphasize the power of speaking out. You have every right to fully express your thoughts and emotions without fear of judgment.

#11 – Someone Wants to Trap You

A trap has been laid to snare you into losing focus. Fueled by jealousy and their own inadequacies, some people are determined to bring you down.

The Universe wants you to open your mind’s eye to detect negative energies directed toward you.

These people will capitalize on your weaknesses to tarnish your good reputation. So this is your cue not to divulge all details about your life to everyone you encounter.

Your secrets are yours to keep; avoid dishing them out like candy.

#12 – Focus on Your Growth

Do you know why you seem to be marking time around the same issues? It’s because your focus is on the past, not the future.

Evidently, your priorities are all warped. You need to critically examine what you need to cut off your life to start moving forward.

This is an excellent time to take a SWOT analysis to identify your strengths and shortcomings.

#13 – You’re Broken-Hearted

You dream of coughing up blood because of the emotional pain in your heart. If your partner left you unceremoniously, this could be the cause of your nightmare.

However, if your relationship looks good in real life, this dream warns about outside interference.

Someone is determined to ruin your chances of enjoying a long, loving relationship. They will identify the chinks in your armor and strike when you least expect it.

This is your cue to get closer and tighter with your partner. Take the time to iron out any kinks in your relationship.

#14 – Make Amends

You are constantly weighed down by grudges from your past. Likely, you wronged someone and have been too proud to admit you are in the wrong.

Alternatively, someone messed up with your opportunities, and despite their apologies, your ego won’t allow you to move on.

Dreaming up of coughing up blood indicates it’s time to move on. But, of course, this will not happen unless you’re gracious enough to make amends.

Reach out to those you wronged (and those who wronged you) and let them know you’re willing to let bygones be bygones.

15 – Time to Heal

Additionally, dreaming about coughing up blood clots indicates you should commence a healing process.

Likely, you’ve gone through serious trauma that has hurt you to the core. However, the Universe wants you to know that mourning has a shelf life – you can’t keep lamenting forever.

It’s time to heal your wounds and embrace the life ahead. But, remember, clots form when the healing process is underway.

Dreaming of Coughing Up Blood Clots

Coughing up blood clots in your dream indicates you are worried about your future. Perhaps, you have been working hard but with little or nothing to show for it.

Your efforts seem not to take you in the desired direction; you’ve been stuck in the same position for too long.

The Universe sends you this dream so you can get in touch with the realities of your life. For example, are you pursuing the right ideals?

Do you know the scope of your engagement with the issues you’re handling? Are you positively motivated, or do you go through life for the sake of it?

Dreaming about coughing up dreams jolts you into having a focal point of reference. Know why you came into this world.

To fully appreciate your life, you need to know where you are coming from and going. In other words, the Universe wants you to stop surviving and start thriving.

This is possible if you embrace a positive mindset. The difference between your desired destination and failure is attitude.

While a positive attitude leads to growth and success, a bad attitude results in pain and suffering.


As with all dreams, you need to pay attention to the context of this dream to appreciate its significance fully.

The Universe communicates to us through dreams to help us better understand our lives. When you dream about coughing up blood, take this as a sign from the Universe.

It has something to do with the serious questions you’ve been asking yourself about life. This dream speaks to your thoughts, feelings, and life experiences.

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