22 Spiritual Meanings of Hair in Dreams (Is it Good or Bad Luck?)

Are you interested in Hair in Dreams Meaning? Then this guide is for you!

If you’ve been having hair dreams recently, you’re in luck. You have finally reached a level you can take notice and respond to divine messages.

Dreaming about your hair is a unique sign from the Universe. You’ll likely see this signal as one that tells you to move in a particular direction through life.

Take some time to reflect on how this dream reflects your thoughts and feelings. You’ll notice the particular things in your life that the Universe wants you to address.

What’s the Biblical Meaning of Hair in Dreams?


The Bible speaks about hair as a symbol of divine connection. Therefore, dreaming about hair indicates you have a special connection to the angelic and spiritual realms.

According to the Laws of Moses, Levites were not supposed to shave their hair. Instead, these descendants of Levi were meant to dedicate their lives to the service of Yahweh.

They were to serve as priests to the rest of the Israel Nation. Keeping dreadlocks identified them as God’s special servants.

Christians believe that dreaming of hair indicates extraordinary divine power. This is best illustrated by Samson.

From his birth, Samson’s parents were forbidden from shaving his hair. Instead, he was meant to keep dreadlocks to signify his special mission and purpose amongst his people.

Dreaming about hair means you have a unique ability. This calls on you to reflect on why you were brought to Earth.

It reminds you that as a Christian, you are a Co-creator with God. Therefore, you have a divine calling to spread love, peace, and divine light.

Samson lost his strength when he confided in Delilah that his power came from his dreadlocks. Without his hair, the Philistines were able to bind him with chains.

Dreaming of losing your hair or dreadlocks signals you’re under spiritual attack. This is a reminder from heaven to pay closer attention to your spiritual needs.

Hair dreams also point to acts of charity, submission, repentance, and remorse. For example, Mary Magdalene, whom many thought unworthy, wiped Jesus’ feet using her hair.

What’s the Spiritual Meaning of Hair in Dreams?

#1 – Spiritual Connection

Dreaming about hair indicates you have a special connection with the angelic and spiritual realms. The Universe sends you this sign to alert you about a situation in your life.

Pay close attention to your predominant thoughts around this time. You’ll notice the Universe wants you to reflect on happenings that have a bearing on your future.

Also, this dream urges you to discover what could be blocking the connection to the Universe. For example, why do you constantly feel out of sync with your life?

#2 – Listen to Your Intuition

A hair dream reminds you of your intuition and inner wisdom. These are special tools you can use to connect to the spiritual world.

Whenever you feel lost and confused, turn to your intuition for guidance. The Universe constantly sends you the advice you need through this channel.

Your intuition and inner wisdom give precise details about what’s happening in your life and how you can deal with it.

Dreaming of hair draws attention to the power of your intuition.

#3 – Take Care of Yourself

Listen to your body. Don’t keep relentlessly pushing yourself in pursuit of the ever-elusive material possession.

Dreaming of hair reminds you there’s nothing as important as holistically taking care of your body. Strive to attain the right emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual balance at all times.

This will position you correctly to tap into the positive vibes from heaven.

#4 – Enhance Your Spiritual Practice

Your hair covers the crown chakra – that particular point in your body that connects to the divine.

In many cultures, monks and other religious adherents shave their hair to enhance concentration in spiritual practices.

It is thought that unkempt hair can be a distractor during chanting and prayer.

Hidden Spiritual Meanings of Hair in Dreams

#5 – A Fresh Start

Dreaming of baby hair indicates the start of a special journey. The Universe wants you to move on to the next phase of your life.

This dream indicates it’s time for a new beginning. This is meant to inspire you after going through setbacks and encountering life’s hiccups.

Dreaming of hair signifies all’s not lost. You can correct your errors and regain your footing.

#6 – Embrace a Positive Mindset

Because your hair covers your head, hair dreams have a lot to do with what goes on inside your head.

What’s the state of your mind? Do you maintain your calm and sobriety in tough times? The Universe wants you to embrace a positive mindset, particularly when battling adversity.

It’s easy to lose focus if you’re not guided by a positive attitude. So when this dream comes your way, work on your attitude.

#7 – Reach Out for Support

Dreaming of hair indicates that the Universe has placed special people to guide you on your life path. It’s particularly important to remember this when someone has betrayed or abandoned you.

Sometimes, you feel lonely because you need to connect with your destiny helper. Dreaming of losing your hair urges you to make a move.

Reach out and accept the guidance offered by trusted friends. Dreams of growing hair tell you to nurture a close relationship with your mentors, spiritual leaders, healers, and friends.

#8 – Be More Receptive

The Universe is concerned about your attitude toward other people. Dreaming about matted hair indicates unbecoming behavior towards your family and friends.

The Universe sends you this dream to nudge you in the right direction. You have to become less cold and more receptive to others’ needs to achieve your goals.

You see, you’re not an island. You need to closely collaborate with others to make your dreams a reality.

#9 – Peace and Happiness

Dreaming of blue hair indicates you’re on the right path. Blue means peace and contentment. Dreaming of combing or washing blue hair shows you have a positive attitude about your life.

Shaving blue hair in your dream indicates you’re working on your infirmities. You have found a way to change your weaknesses into strengths.

You’re deliberately making a move from being complacent to being satisfied with the work of your hands.

#10 – Wisdom and Experience

In some cultures, having white hair is synonymous with being wise and experienced. Most native Africans have black hair young age, and it turns to white in old age.

Dreaming of white hair shows you have attained a certain level of admirable maturity. The Universe uses this sign to nudge you towards bigger and better goals.

With your wealth of knowledge and experience, you can attempt to scale greater heights of success. In addition, you have the divine wisdom to handle issues many people find elusive.

#11 – You’re Responsible

Dreaming about beards indicates you’re wise beyond your years. Others have identified you as a great source of wisdom and knowledge.

In some Eastern cultures, renowned spiritual leaders keep long beards to signify their accomplishments.

These people are regarded as the ultimate authority in matters of faith. Therefore, keeping beards is highly encouraged in some sects of Shintoism, Buddhism, Sikhism, and paganism.

Dreaming of beards shows you can handle responsibilities way better than most people your age.

#12 – Renewal of the Mind

Dreaming of washing your hair shows your determination to eliminate toxic energies and influences. This is a good thing considering you need to create room for positive energies to come in.

To dream of cleaning your hair shows you are on the right path to spiritual awakening. You have rightly identified the source of your setbacks and diligently work to correct them.

#13 – You Are Beautiful

In almost all cultures, having long hair is considered a sign of beauty in women. However, a woman dreaming of long hair could mean she’s battling low self-esteem.

The Universe wants to assure you that you’re beautiful. The ideal body shape is what you allow your mind to conceive.

This dream urges you not to allow other people’s opinions ruin your happiness. You’re good to go if you’re healthy physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Your attitude should reflect who you are and not what others want you to be.

#14 – Your Health is Your Wealth

Losing hair is a sign of ill health. For example, it is common for cancer patients to lose hair before or during treatment.

Some people dread going bald because of the negative connotations associated with it.

Dreaming about hair loss is a powerful message that you need to keep a close watch on your health. The ultimate measure of wealth is good health, as this is the source of joy, peace, and happiness.

When you’re in good health, you can pay attention to all the other aspects of your life.

#15 – A Warning Against Negligence

Dreaming of your hair falling off means you have become negligent. As a result, you no longer take your responsibilities seriously, which is likely to negatively affect your overall growth and progress.

The Universe wants you to pause and take stock of your life. Where did the rain start beating you? Dreaming of hair falling off warns you that things may get ugly unless you regain your bearing.

#16 – To Err is Human

The Universe wants you to go easy on yourself. So you don’t have to chastise yourself too much for past mistakes and failures.

After all, all humans do make mistakes. However, your past errors should not define your present or future.

Dreaming of combing your hair shows you’ll get another opportunity to regain your footing. Learn from your mistakes to make better decisions concerning your future.

Once you identify the areas you need to rectify, you’ll quickly regain your lost glory.

Someone Doing Your Hair Dream Meaning

#17 – Embrace Your Femininity

Whether male or female, dreaming about someone doing your hair indicates the need to embrace your feminine side.

Basically, this means you should be more receptive to people’s needs. But, unfortunately, many around you suffer from a lack of care and affection.

The divine realm wants you to know you’re uniquely positioned to help them.

#18 – Embrace Your Masculinity

As noted earlier, hair has a lot to do with what happens in your mind, because it covers the crown chakra.

Dreaming of getting a haircut signals the need to create the right mental and emotional balance. Listen to logic as much as you do to your feeling.

Although being caring and affectionate are essential aspects of your personality, take care not to be taken advantage of.

Don’t be swayed to compromise your principles for anything.

#19 – Good Luck and Fortune

Dreaming of having your hair done for a vital occasion indicates good luck and fortune. The Universe wants to assure you that the path you have embarked on leads to success.

This should motivate you to keep going. Where possible, double your efforts to enhance your growth and progress.

Long Black Hair Dream Meaning

#20 – You’re Under Attack

To dream of someone shaving your long black hair at night means you’ll likely be betrayed by someone you love and trust.

This message is similar to dreaming about pain when your hair catches fire.

The Universe wants you to avoid situations that jeopardize your goals and dreams. For example, avoid being involved with people that constantly make you hurt and depressed.

Avoid visiting places that leave you exhausted, confused, and feeling lost.

#21 – Back to Your Roots

Seeing long black hair in your dreams is a pointer to your rich cultural heritage. Furthermore, this dream urges you to respect and uphold the ways of your forefathers.

Take a good look at your cultural history and identify the nuggets of wisdom and culture you can borrow.

#22 – You’re a Seer

Dreaming of long, flowing, black hair means you’re a spiritual seer. If you are unaware of this, the Universe wants you to unlock your gift.

The best way to go about this is by tuning your thoughts and actions to your divine plan. Then, tap into positive vibes from heaven by eliminating all doubts and uncertainties.

Hair in Dreams: Is It Good or Bad Luck?

Dreaming about hair indicates good luck, growth, progress, and fortune. If the hair is healthy, you are on the right track.

However, seeing sickly, matted, unkempt, or weak hair signifies trouble. The Universe sends this signal so that you can take action before things get worse.

Dreaming of hair is a good omen if your dream makes you happy.

This is another way of saying you must evaluate your situation, circumstances, thoughts, and feelings to correctly interpret your hair dream.

Dreaming about hair is a good omen because it reminds you of your spiritual connection. Furthermore, it indicates that if you desire to renew your strength, you have all the divine support.


Hair is an essential aspect of your body. Dreaming about your hair opens your mind and heart to many spiritual messages.

When the Universe sends you this divine code, your angels know you’re unlikely to ignore it. This is because your dream has a lot to do with what’s happening in your personal and professional life.

Dreaming about hair calls on you to be more receptive to your environment.

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